Published on: Jun 04, 2019

Marco Louis. I was born in beautiful rural areas of Cape Town, Southern Africa. I am currently a professional makeup artist but my experience spans across many industries within fashion and art over the last 10 years.

How do you incorporate creativity in your free time?
I love observing. I think it is the driving force of any creative. To be able to absorb your surroundings, be present and live these moments in your creative work. It is also good to gain an understanding of what people enjoy in order to best service the needs they may have. Your story telling ability will turn any mundane activity into a visual feast when it comes to any art. So with this, I really enjoy spending my free time outdoors or socializing.

What artists, bloggers and photographers do you admire?
I have always been an admirer of photographer Mario Testino. He’s images have such a deep, real, almost sinister feel to them. I enjoy the way they make me feel. It is also known that he is master collaborator. With bloggers being such a big focus in modern times. I spend much of my time getting to know the top ones in all my regions. Joy Kendi, a Kenyan blogger, is one of my favorites. I enjoy her whimsical manner of writing and creating content and in reality, she is just as delightful, and honest.

What are some of your favorite tools to use, and why?
My CANON Camera. I like to think of her as my right hand man. She allows me to paint with light. And what is more
sublime than that! It is also a great tool for makeup artists. It is one thing to be able to do makeup for natural light and a whole new ball game to do it for photography. I like to dissect elements like textures using photography to be able to find better ways to convey them. Gloss textures in black and white for example, breathtaking!

How do you keep up with industry trends?
I am fortunate to be on the ground in the industry in Africa as well as attend international fashion weeks annually. With this I can marry the two and work with what we have to move the African industry forward. My right now I honestly believe that we have the ability and talent, as well as resources to drive our own trends. #AFRICAHASRISEN

What is the biggest creative challenge you have faced in your career?
Logistics. Our continent is so diverse. With so many different ideals on beauty. My regions span across West and East Africa, so I practically live in the sky. Sometimes this can get lonely. But I believe it is a small price to play.

What makes you unique?
I honestly believe that in my industry and life, is has been how I have managed to adapt to any circumstances/mediums/ people. Living in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as Nigeria and Kenya for example. With most experiences I have learnt one thing. Instead of comparing them, try to mix them into one big beautiful life lesson. You will enjoy the version of yourself you see once you learn to enjoy diversity.