Ghost Rider vs. Lucifer Morningstar

By: Author Sion Fawkes

Posted on May 26, 2023

Ghost Rider vs. Lucifer Morningstar

Ghost Rider and Lucifer are two of the most powerful demonic heroes in Marvel and DC, respectively. However, they approach their fights differently, with Ghost Rider taking a more aggressive stance, while Lucifer is more conniving.

So if these two entities met in a battle, who would win? Keep reading to find out.

Ghost Rider has the ability to make others feel pain for the sins they committed, while Lucifer Morningstar can create cycles of torment on his opponents. While Ghost Rider can consume one’s soul, Lucifer can keep this attack at bay through his ability to control demons.

Who is Ghost Rider?

Who is lucifer morningstar, ghost rider vs. lucifer morningstar: side-by-side comparison, ghost rider vs. lucifer morningstar: who wins.

Ghost Rider - skull face in fire

Ghost Rider ( Johnny Blaze, as we will call him in this bio ) spent most of his early life taking part in stunt shows–first with his parents, Barton Blaze and Naomi Kale, and later with his adopted family, Crash and Monica Simpson.

When Crash was diagnosed with cancer, Blaze developed an interest in the occult, and he made a deal with the demon Mephisto to cure his adopted father.

However, Crash died in a stunt not long after. Upon Blaze confronting Mephisto, the demon claimed that the deal was for Crash to survive cancer, not to continue living.

When Crash’s daughter, Roxanne, confessed her love to Blaze, the act forced Mephisto to retreat. However, Mephisto had already fused the demon Zarathos with Blaze, transforming the latter into Ghost Rider.

DC Comics Lucifer Morningstar is overpowered

Lucifer Morningstar (originally known as Samael) was once one of God’s sons, but he rebelled when his dad started to create the human species. Because of his jealousy, God cast him from Heaven.

In ancient times, he met Lillith, created an army, and presided over a society of demons, who he ruled for millennia. During his rule, he met and befriended many corrupt historical figures before deciding to settle on Earth.

Lucifer moved to Los Angeles, where he became a nightclub owner and a civilian consultant for the LAPD.

Ghost Rider’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Ghost Rider’s motorcycle is considered his weapon of choice, given its ability to spit flames and outmaneuver pretty much anything and anyone. With it, there is hardly a soul Johnny Blaze can’t beat, even the strongest opponents.

Ghost Rider motorcycle

The bike is just one relic that Blaze uses, as he also wields a chain that he can transform into an array of weapons . If he wants to use it to unleash his trademark flames, Ghost Rider can, but he can also use the chain as a staff, among other weapons.

He can manipulate sins and souls by looking into and absorbing them. If he consumes sins, Blaze’s actions could lead his opponent into suffering an emotional breakdown.

But if he absorbs their soul, he leaves nothing more than a lifeless shell that used to be an opponent.

Besides his bike and chain, Blaze also has superhuman abilities like strength, speed, durability, agility, self-healing, and immortality.

His ability to summon, configure, and project fire can cause pain to any opponent, but if Blaze unleashes his Penance Stare , even the most cold-hearted supervillains will regret their sins given the agony they will feel.

Ghost Rider riding his motorcycle out of a fire

Supernatural awareness could be one of Johnny Blaze’s most distinguished strengths, as it alerts him the second danger lurks nearby. This would give Blaze an immediate leg up in a fight, as he would have more prep time as opposed to if he didn’t possess the ability.

Nicolas Cage (Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider) in Madame Tussauds Wax museum

Ghost Rider can’t use his abilities inside a church or any sacred place . Doing so forces him to return to his Johnny Blaze form, and his powers diminish.

Blaze has remarkable regenerating powers, but if he’s hit hard enough, an opponent can at least stagger him for a few seconds. This could give them enough time to land a finishing blow on Blaze, but they need to be quick.

Celestial beings can be strong enough to defeat Johnny Blaze . While this gives him an advantage over heroes like the Hulk, Spider-Man, or Iron Man, he would have a tough time taking on those like Thor or Scarlet Witch, and even Lucifer.

Lucifer Morningstar’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Lucifer: All powers from the TV series

Lucifer Morningstar has super strength, speed, healing, invulnerability, and durability. As an archangel, Lucifer can also fly, and this ability enhances his already superior speed.

Besides these basics, angelic attraction could be his most distinguished power .

This lets him lure anyone, friend or enemy, his way. In a battle, he could hoodwink an adversary and immediately swoop in for an easy victory.

Lucifer can also coerce anyone into telling him anything. During a fight, he can use this tactic on an opponent to make them confess exactly how they plan on destroying him.

This would force an opponent to improvise for a new way to gain the upper hand, and that would give Lucifer prep time to overpower an enemy and win.

He can also tempt an opponent into doing anything he wants them to, which gives him a major advantage if he’s facing a powerful opponent.

He’s strong enough to control any demon he wants , going as far as to freeze them or order them to torment others. Morningstar can also create new cycles of torment, forcing victims to relive their worst moments day in and day out.

Lucifer can also shapeshift into his devil form , and while this power doesn’t physically give him an advantage over an opponent, he could use it as an intimidation tactic to throw them off their game.

If this occurs, Lucifer can use his opponent’s split second of fear and hesitation to defeat them with his super strength.

If someone he cares about is nearby, like Chloe Decker, Lucifer can be vulnerable. But if no one else is around during a one-on-one battle against someone like Ghost Rider, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Lucifer tells Chloe she makes him vulnerable [subtitles], 4K 2160p, Lucifer S04 E02, HQ

However, his vulnerability to angelic weapons can give an opponent a huge advantage over Lucifer. And while Ghost Rider is by no means an angel, demonic weapons can also destroy Lucifer, and that could play into Johnny Blaze’s hands.

Ghost Rider versus Lucifer Morningstar

You’re getting two demonic figures with completely different fighting styles. Ghost Rider has an array of weapons to use against Lucifer, but the latter can use his ability to charm anyone into doing his bidding.

In this fight, look for Blaze to use his aggression, but expect Lucifer to counter with his cunning ways to gain the early advantage.

Since Johnny Blaze is fused with Zarathos, he’s vulnerable to Lucifer’s control. This would prevent Ghost Rider from using any weapon that could harm or even kill Lucifer.

Ghost Rider would be vulnerable to using a weapon, like the chain, on himself. In short, once Lucifer takes control of Ghost Rider’s mind, this one is over.

While Ghost Rider has an array of demonic powers that would let him defeat nearly anyone in the Marvel or DC Universes, he’s not powerful enough to take on the Devil.

When you look at Lucifer’s strengths at first glance, he appears weaker than the average hero. And to him, that’s okay, because it’s exactly what he wants his opponents to think.

While angels and other holy creatures could defeat him, or even gods like Thor, there isn’t a single demon out there who can overpower him. Unfortunately for Ghost Rider, he’s part demon, and this battle would be over shortly after it begins.

Sion Fawkes

Sion Fawkes has been covering  Star Wars since January 2022, expanding his expertise in  Star Wars Canon,   Legends, and MCU . When not writing, you can find Sion in the gym or running trails. He also likes watching sports and listening to audiobooks.

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true form ghost rider vs lucifer

Character » Lucifer appears in 35 issues .

Demon. Ghost Rider villain.

Summary short summary describing this character..

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z

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Marvel Preview

Marvel Preview

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This Lucifer is not to be confused with Satan or any other Demon bearing a similar name.

Lucifer has kept his true history a mystery throughout the years via the art of deceit. It is believed that he was an angel who assisted in banishing The N'Garai from Earth and later led a group of followers in a rebellion against God during the great war in Heaven.    Following his defeat, Lucifer and his lieutenants Beelzeboul , Kazann , Malachi , Pazuzu , Xaphan and others were all cast down to Hell as punishment. During this time, he became the demon known as the Prince of Lies and the ruler of one of the many dimensions that have come to take on the name "Hell."   In Hell, Lucifer looked nothing like the angel he once was. He and all of his Lieutenants had degenerated into demon's, some through instruction, others adapted more naturally. But they had all over time changed into twisted creatures of evil.   Many of the other Hell-Lords have taken on the appearance or even claimed to be the true Devil to play off his reputation. But nevertheless Lucifer is still credited as the one who originally created Zarathos , the demonic entity who acts as the source of the Ghost Riders' powers.   It was only in recent times Lucifer himself has emerged. His servants in the mortal world manipulated Johnny Blaze into damning his own soul to hell so Lucifer could torment him. Lucifer tricked Johnny Blaze into escaping Hell along with Lucifer.  The stress of the journey broke Lucifer into 666 pieces which inhabited the recently deceased.    This version worked to arrange their own deaths while causing as much mayhem as possible. Each time one died its power would be absorbed by the rest until Lucifer fully reformed on Earth. Ghost Rider hunted down and slew most of these versions himself. In the end the Deceiver himself was deceived.   

Lucifer vs. Mikaboshi

Blaze tricked Lucifer into thinking he was at full power when one of his hosts was still alive, but brain dead, engaged Ghost Rider in battle only to realize that he had naught but a modicum of his true might.    Thus, before he could fully manifest his true form, an ally of Ghost Rider killed the last host body with relative ease and sent Lucifer howling back into the darkest depths of Hell.   Recently, Lucifer was defeated in a battle against The Chaos King and his army of Alien Slave Gods, who had stormed Hell as part of their incredibly successful campaign to conquer The Underworlds. Powerless before Chaos King's might, Lucifer was stripped of his powers and slaughtered without mercy or remorse.

Powers and Abilities

As a Hell-Lord Lucifer possesses a vast array of demonic powers only a small fraction of which have been seen. Most commonly he employs his powers to project hellfire. He is completely immortal and always reforms in Hell whenever his physical form is destroyed.

Despite his vast power Lucifer is trapped in hell and cannot leave it under his own power. He had to trick Johnny Blaze into freeing him. Lucifer's metaphysical essence was said to be too great for Earth resulting in his fragmenting.  His fragments could not commit suicide due to that being a sin would have condemned that fragment to Hell, making it impossible for him to ever truly reform.

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true form ghost rider vs lucifer

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Lucifer (Marvel)

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Lucifer , also known as Satan , Prince of Darkness or simply The Devil , is one of the main villains of the Marvel Comics series Ghost Rider .

He was created by Allyn Brodsky, Don Heck, Roy Thomas , Gary Friedrich, Mike Ploog, Daniel Way, and Javier Saltares, and first appeared in Tower of Shadows #4 in March of 1970.

It was later revealed that despite his alleged status as the Devil, he is actually a lower demon who merely took the name from the true Lucifer, The One Below All , much like his fellow demon Mephisto .

  • 2.1 Early Years
  • 2.2 Ghost Rider
  • 2.3 Escaping Hell
  • 3 Powers and Abilities
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History [ ]

He is based on the Lucifer of mythology and just like his counterpart is a fallen angel and one of the rulers of Hell. He is a major recurring villain in the Ghost Rider series and He was a former servant of The One-Above-All until he went rogue making him the True Devil in the series so far. He fought Ghost Rider a couple of Times and he was revealed to be less integeleanct than the other Helllords like Mephisto. Still he manage to trick Ghost Rider at one point where he would be free until Ghost Rider drags him back to hell with him.

He also tortured Zakiedl, a fallen angel for betraying him. For many years Lucifer with the help of other Hellords tried to collect Johnny Blaze's soul for many years back in the 1700's and had been defeated a couple of times. In the Chaos War he was apart of the event and was killed by the promidal darkness caused by Amatsu-Mikaboshi.

Biography [ ]

Early years [ ].

Lucifer was originally an Angel of the Multiverse, who was created by God (or the One Above All), and according to one story, he was responsible for leading an army of angels to banish N'Gari from Earth. Some point afterward, Lucifer accused the One-Above-All of loving humanity more than angels, and led a rebellion against him with some angels and his lieutenants. His revolt failed, and as punishment for his attempted takeover, Lucifer and his lieutenants were cast down into Hell. Lucifer and his lieutenants became demons, but the former rose to claim domination over the realm and became known as "The Devil".

Ghost Rider [ ]

Lucifer appeared before Johnny Blaze when he summoned the devil to save his adoptive father, Crash Simpson, from cancer. Lucifer removed the cancer from Simpson, but Crash died soon afterward in a motorcycle accident and his soul was sent to Hell. Lucifer returned to Blaze to bring his soul with him to Hell, but behind the scenes, the rebellious Archangel, Zadkiel decided to use that situation as an opportunity. Zadkiel was summoned by Johnny's adoptive sister, Roxanne Simpson, and bonded the Spirit of Vengeance named Zarathos to Johnny, making him the Ghost Rider.

Escaping Hell [ ]

After Johnny was killed, Lucifer tortured his soul and would trick the Ghost Rider into thinking he could escape. Knowing that the Ghost Rider would be able to escape to Hell since he had the power, Lucifer tricked Blaze into taking him to Earth. However, when Lucifer arrived to Earth's plane, his body exploded into six hundred and sixty six fragments which possessed corpses. When one of the possessed bodies died, the fragment of its strength would increase the power of the other fragments. Lucifer planned to have the Ghost Rider kill all of the bodies to increase his power, and have a complete form on Earth.

Lucifer and the Ghost Rider fought until Blaze tricked the devil, as Johnny and his current girlfriend, Dixie, had one of the hosts brain dead. Dixie was in charge of killing the host however the owner of the motel became suspicious of her and called the cops. They were filled with horror when they saw Lucifer's host in Dixie's room. Lucifer was defeated, and the final host was killed by the police officers who also killed Dixie as well, sending the demon back to hell. Dixie's death was manslaughter when she was killed by a bullet as Lucifer was being shot.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

Lucifer is one of the strongest demons in the Marvel universe, and is well known master manipulator, trickster and deceiver.

Relationships [ ]

  • The One-Below-All
  • Infernal Armies of Hell
  • Fallen Angels
  • Lilin Blackout
  • Ghost Rider (formerly)
  • Jack Daniels
  • His 666 Avatars

Enemies [ ]

  • Ghost Rider
  • The One-Above-All
  • Superheroes
  • Johnny Blaze
  • Owner of Daniel's Truck Stop
  • Daniel Ketch
  • Harry O'Connor

Gallery [ ]

Lucifer possessing the dead body of Steve Levin's corpse, being "Jack O'Lantern".

  • It's believed that Lucifer and Mephisto are two different individuals.

Navigation [ ]

  • 2 Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • 3 Miss America

Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-TRN666) vs Lucifer Morningstar (Depowered)

Created by Dark_Wing

Cosmic Ghost Rider

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Lucifer Morningstar

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Marvel's Hottest: Ghost Rider's Powers and Abilities, Ranked

Buckle up (and put a helmet on!) because we're ranking fifteen of Ghost Rider's most incredible and infernal abilities.

With fire and flair, the spirit of vengeance burns the road with a flame-fueled ride. One of the most intimidating and powerful members in the Marvel canon, Ghost Rider bursts from the panels on the prowl for the souls of wrongdoers with a sinister skeletal smile. Whether we're talking Johnny Blaze, Robbie Reyes, Daniel Ketch or Alejandra Jones, this skeleton sin-eater is one scary superhero.  With the studded leather jacket, flame-spitting motorcycle, and signature stare, this hero is easily a few steps away from Marvel's more friendly roster. Yes, we can all agree that the character is pretty gnarly for someone associated with the likes of Captain America, The Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, but there's no denying Ghost Rider's got some serious style. We're just glad the character is one of the good guys.

But what exactly does Ghost Rider do that makes the character so awesomely fearsome? A flaming skeleton on a motorcycle could be something ripped off of a Meat Loaf album cover, what separates the entity from Scorpion at a Sons of Anarchy convention? Well, for one thing, Ghost Rider has quite an array of supernatural skills that even give Doctor Strange a run for his money, a monster mode of transportation, and don't even get us started on that scare factor. Ghost Rider has some pretty impressive powers and we're going to go through them all today. Say your prayers, dust off your leather, and hold on tight to those handlebars as we take a long ride and look deep into those soul-burning sockets as we rank the best powers of the Ghost Rider.


We know what you're thinking, "A motorcycle isn't a superpower." You're right, a motorcycle isn't a superpower. But the ability to summon a flame-spitting, trail-blazing, nightmare motorbike from the underworld? We'd consider that a little bit above average.

Ghost Rider's bike is like Thor's hammer or Cap's shield, they just aren't the same without it. With a name like Ghost Rider, you pretty much need some impressive form of transportation. Some might say that a metallic, flaming, skeletal motorbike with wheels of fire is overkill, but we prefer to think of it as appropriately bombastic.


Nowadays, these traits are pretty standard with most superheroes. But consider this observation if you will, Johnny Blaze, the first Ghost Rider, was a professional stunt rider before he was bestowed the infernal alter-ego. You could make the argument that Blaze already had a jumpstart on the physicality portion of the superhero checklist. Either way, the increased attributes are a welcomed plus to the arsenal.

That all being said, Ghost Rider certainly packs quite a literal punch, being able to send enemies yards away with a skeletal fist is pretty impressive in conception. Its attributes are divinely given, so it makes sense for them to be stronger than average. After all, it's not like a flaming demon of vengeance to go down easily.


This one is practically a given, but we have to include it. When most superheroes get their powers, they don't change much in the looks department. Characters like Peter Parker or Tony Stark still look like themselves after their inciting incidents, but characters like Bruce Banner and, obviously, Johnny Blaze take that notion and toss it out the window.

The transformation from man to rider is without a doubt one of the most incredible sequences to grace Marvel Comics. Seeing Johnny Blaze (or anyone for that matter) burst into a flaming skeleton consumed in Hellfire is a pretty unforgettable sight. Bruce Banner can keep his green roid-rage, literally erupting as a spirit of fiery vengeance is easily the more impressive stunt.


The comic book world has no shortage of empaths, just look at Mantis, Professor X, and Raven. But whereas those empathically gifted individuals use their powers to communicate or detect peril, Ghost Rider's variation of this ability is used to scope out potential targets. Like a supernatural sense of smell, the Ghost Rider can detect the condition of a person's soul, judging them with ethereal flames.

Ghost Rider's empath abilities allow him to detect and decipher the sinful from the righteous. Whether the character is in its spirit form or not, they are still able to detect an impure soul. Ghost Rider is drawn to these energies, particularly strong in the Nicolas Cage-led adaptation, as if hankering for wicked souls to burn.


Since the character's power comes from paranormal means, it's a given fact that Ghost Rider has a general understanding of the occult. Though not as practiced and studied as a certain sorcerer supreme, the knowledge of beings and planes both divine and infernal is present in nearly every version of the character. As the saying goes, experience really is the best teacher.

This knowledge of the occult allows Ghost Rider to manipulate certain spells whether common or demonic. This is shown in dealings with Mephisto or other lesser demonic entities that cross its path. But no matter what Ghost Rider's up against, it'll have a leather-clad leg up on monsters and demons from other dimensions.


Similar to Spider-Man's Spidey Sense, Ghost Rider possesses a supernatural sense that alerts him to the presence of any supernatural being or entity that enters the entity's home plane. Whether they be a demon, ghost, or other entity good or evil from an ethereal plane or dimension, Ghost Rider will know. Perhaps "spirit sense" would be a more appropriate title?

Similar to its empathetic abilities, Ghost Rider's superior senses are able to detect any supernatural occurrence near him. When paired with its empath skills, Ghost Rider can determine whether or not the entity is friend or foe. This makes him formidable against nearly any nonhuman or noncorporeal enemy.


Wolverine's not the only one around here with incredible healing skills. Ghost Rider doesn't take a fall very easily, but certain obstacles like holy magic and the like can cause him to stumble. Thankfully, the character is packing a heck of a healing factor. The dude can even regenerate missing limbs if need be. That's pretty impressive for a walking skeleton, wouldn't you agree?

If shot, severed, or otherwise mutilated by mortal means, Ghost Rider can easily put himself back together and get back in the game. The entity might be a little more than ticked off when they get back up, but all the better for beating the bad guys with, right? These dry bones might be a bit more difficult to connect.


As mentioned before, it's incredibly difficult to hurt Ghost Rider, no matter what version. The character is impervious to most dark magic, bulletproof, fireproof (obviously), and all with the ability to pull itself back together. Believe us, not all of the Marvel mainstays can say that.

Bullets melt within its flames -- most blunt instruments won't phase the Rider, and anything non-magical won't even leave a scratch. The Spirit of Vengeance has had its entire skull shattered and even walked away from a massive Hulk beating! When your durability has even the god of thunder and Sorcerer Supreme casting a watchful eye, you know you've got some skills.


Now we're getting into some really bad mojo: Ghost Rider's soul manipulation. Along with the being's empathic abilities, of course able to detect and identify a damned soul from an innocent one, Ghost Rider possesses the ability to bend and control the noncorporeal essence of just about anything. We can't name too many other Marvel members with this ability.

Not only can Ghost Rider perform a Soul Read to see into the sins or innocence of another, but the character can actually consume an impure soul, leaving the body a lifeless husk. It's starting to sound like the Spirit of Vengeance might have influenced a certain group of specters from Azkaban. All joking aside, we are in a slight shock that a "good guy" has this incredibly sinister ability.


No, this is not the same thing as the previously mentioned soul manipulation! Ghost Rider also possesses the ability to interact and purify the sins of a mortal soul, regardless of whether they are damned or innocent. Though this act is a great deal more benign than the one prior, it can still leave some damage

Like an enhanced Soul Read, Ghost Rider can look inward and see all the past sins committed by a mortal soul. After doing this, the character  can purify the host by consuming the sins. This act will make the soul innocent, but it leaves the host emotionally altered. They can be drained of all emotion or have a complete breakdown. Either way, it's no picnic.


Scorpion's not the only one with a flaming skull and chain-whip. Let's just say Ghost Rider has the upgraded version. This chain of perdition is a great deal more than a way to round up some souls. Depending on the mind of the ghostly wielder, its potential can be incredibly deadly.

Because the weapon is linked to the Ghost Rider's mental abilities, the chain can be manipulated into a number of different weapons. It can be the standard fiery whip and lasso, a bo staff, and even a collection of shuriken. Easily one of the most versatile weapons in the Marvel canon, this piece of flaming metal is certainly a deadly asset in Ghost Rider's arsenal.


Being consumed by infernal fire and flames, this ability should come as no surprise. Ghost Rider can summon and manipulate streams of Hellfire to whatever the situation might call for. The Spirit can form it into weapons, projectiles, or use it for a shield. Basically, Ghost Rider is a scarier version of the Human Torch, minus the flying ability.

Ghost Rider's fire conjuring allows the character to imbue weapons with a fiery blaze, channel the flames from its hands like a shotgun, and cause it to rain down from the sky upon his foes. Like the chain, the conjuring ability is limited only by the character's will and imagination. The sky is literally the limit for these fearsome flames.


Of course, we can't talk about Ghost Rider's fire conjuration without addressing the character's fire projection. We're not talking about conjuring images or portals with the flame (though the character can do the latter!). We're talking spewing a fountain of Hellfire out of its eye sockets and mouth like an infernal dragon.

Not only is this attack the stuff of nightmares, but it certainly leaves the target more than a little toasty. Demons and mortals alike have all felt the burn of Ghost Rider's blazing breath, and it's always quite the spectacle. As amazing as it is, we'd imagine Johnny Blaze packs a few mints on hand to take care of that sulfur smell afterward.


Aside from gods, demigods, and other divine characters in the Marvel Universe, we can't name many superpowered humans granted immortality. We've already mentioned how outright impossible it is to do permanent damage to him, but sometimes fans forget the exact extent. Not only is Ghost Rider incredibly invulnerable, but the character is also impeccably immortal.

According to Ghost Rider lore, since the riders were created by God, only God can destroy them. That's quite a factor to put on the superhero resume. Even the mighty Thor lost his divine powers at one point, so seeing a character this powerful really gives some perspective. Perhaps a bit OP, but when dealing with the likes of Mephisto and other demonic threats, it certainly couldn't help to have some life insurance.


Admit it, you all knew this one was coming. The Penance Stare is Ghost Rider's coup de grace of superpowers. It's a devastating finishing move that leaves its victims burnt to a crisp on the floor. There are few Marvel characters that can boast this chilling ability.

For those few unfamiliar, Ghost Rider's Penance Stare forces its victim to feel all the pain their sins have caused others, damning them for all eternity. Just reading that is enough to give us shivers. Superman might have the Phantom Zone, but feeling other people's pain for... forever is leagues more severe than imprisoned in a cheap CGI effect. The Penance Stare is without a doubt the darkest of all Marvel abilities.


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  1. can someone get me a history lesson on true form ghost rider ...

    history lesson is full of retcons. true form is likewise not really a thing. og lore, johnny blaze makes deal with devil, devil leaves out details and johnny feels cheated, johnny manages to not have to give his soul up thanks to his pure hearted girlfriend, devil feels cheated and binds him to a demon so johnny can survive long enough for the ...

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    Ghost Rider has the ability to make others feel pain for the sins they committed, while Lucifer Morningstar can create cycles of torment on his opponents. While Ghost Rider can consume one's soul, Lucifer can keep this attack at bay through his ability to control demons. Contents [ show] Who is Ghost Rider?

  4. Ghost Rider: 5 DC Heroes He Can Beat (& 5 He'd Lose To)

    9 LOSE: Superman. Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. The Man of Steel's god-like powers would make a formidable match for Ghost Rider, and arguably, he would leave the Spirit of Vengeance in the dust. He has also been capable of wielding the Spear of Destiny, something which would be able to damage Ghost Rider.

  5. Ghost rider vs Lucifer morning star : r/whowouldwin

    Lucifer has created his own reality matching the size of DC's, meaning he was able to casually create a 6th dimensional multiverse, with near endless realms/universes within it. The only character anywhere near this level of power in Marvel would be a fully powered Molecule Man or Pre-retcon Beyonder.

  6. Ghost Rider vs Lucifer Morningstar

    Ghost Rider vs Lucifer Morningstar Created by tamyo2016 login to vote 13 / 8.2% Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze Earth-616 11M SHDb uStats Intelligence 60 Strength 75 Speed 50 Durability 100 Power 100 Combat 80 Tier 7 Official Superhero Database stats. | Class: 10,610,438 login to vote 144 / 91.1% Lucifer Morningstar Samael Vertigo 5.4T SHDb uStats

  7. Lucifer (Character)

    1 appearances No recent wiki edits to this page. History This Lucifer is not to be confused with Satan or any other Demon bearing a similar name. Lucifer has kept his true history a mystery...

  8. Ghost Rider vs Lucifer Morningstar (Arrowverse)

    Ghost Rider vs Lucifer Morningstar (Arrowverse) Ghost Rider. Lucifer Morningstar (Arrowverse) Created by HolyJoe. login to vote. 12 / 66.7%. Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze Earth-616. 11M. SHDb.


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  10. Lucifer Morningstar (DC/Vertigo) vs True Form Oblivion (Marvel)

    He's just below the "god" of any universe so there's nothing above him. He had a hand in CREATING oblivion in some instances. 0. Dreamxd26 • 2 yr. ago. Lucifer is not close to be the second strongest being in all of fiction. There's a lot of character that can beat Lucifer Morningstar. 5. True_Paragon • 2 yr. ago.


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    Lucifer Morningstar Vs Ghost Rider | All Forms | #shorts ghost rider vs luciferlucifer vs ghost riderghost riderluciferghost rider vsghost rider vs lucifer m...


    GHOST RIDER (ALL FORMS)🔥 VS LUCIFER 😈 | #shortslucifer vs ghost rider alllucifer vs ghost rider all dormslucifer vs ghost rider all formslucifer vs ghost r...

  15. Lucifer (Marvel)

    Lucifer, also known as Satan, Prince of Darkness or simply The Devil, is one of the main villains of the Marvel Comics series Ghost Rider. He was created by Allyn Brodsky, Don Heck, Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, Mike Ploog, Daniel Way, and Javier Saltares, and first appeared in Tower of Shadows #4 in March of 1970. It was later revealed that despite his alleged status as the Devil, he is ...

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    marvel studiosmarvel DCmarvel legendsmarvel moviesmarvel movies in ordercwIRONMANspidermanthorDr strangemarvel studios angel riderghost rider marvel studiosm...

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    Who will win in a fight between Lucifer Morningstar and Team Ghost Rider? Menu. Register Sign in. Searching..... Lucifer Morningstar vs Team Ghost Rider. Created by RajinKabir. login to vote. 32 / 80% Lucifer Morningstar Samael Vertigo. 5.4 T. Lucifer Morningstar Samael Vertigo. 5.4 T. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. 0. Strength. 0. Speed. 0 ...

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    Superhero Battle match: Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-TRN666) versus Lucifer Morningstar (Depowered). Who will win in a fight between Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-TRN666) and Lucifer Morningstar (Depowered)?

  20. Marvel's Hottest: Ghost Rider's Powers and Abilities, Ranked

    Like a supernatural sense of smell, the Ghost Rider can detect the condition of a person's soul, judging them with ethereal flames. Ghost Rider's empath abilities allow him to detect and decipher the sinful from the righteous. Whether the character is in its spirit form or not, they are still able to detect an impure soul.

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    814 Likes, 116 Comments. TikTok video from USER IS DEAD (@starboyedits1): "Lucifer vs Ghost Rider #marvel #dc #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #lucifer #ghostrider". Burn - Official Sound Studio.

  22. Lucifer Vs ghost rider all forms

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