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kamen rider ghost


Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Black RX

  • Jul 18, 2023
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Ji Ning vs Kamen Rider Ghost

  • May 26, 2023
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Showa Kamen Rider Upgrades: V to V

  • Mar 17, 2023
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Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Skyrider

  • Mar 2, 2023
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Toutetsu Yuuma vs Kamen Rider Ghost

  • Kisaragi_Megumi
  • Jan 15, 2023
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Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Stronger

  • Jan 11, 2023
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Kamen Riders LS Revision

  • Jamesthetaker
  • Dec 30, 2022
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Potential Problem with KR Ghost Small Planet pulling calc.

  • Dec 17, 2022
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Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: X

  • Nov 3, 2022
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Kamen Rider Revision: Memories of the People

  • Aug 3, 2022
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Balthasar Gelt vs Kamen Rider Ghost

  • DaReaperMan
  • Aug 1, 2022
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Eye Open! Ore - Kamen Rider Ghost Revision

  • Jul 29, 2022
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Kamen Rider Ghost: Scaling Revision (and Ex-Aid as well)

  • Jul 23, 2022
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Kamen Rider Ghost Revision

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Kamen Rider Ghost: Immortality Revision

  • Jul 15, 2022


Kamen Rider Misc Revisions

  • Jun 24, 2022
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Heisei Gen Final Riders?

  • NoMoreTalking
  • Jun 3, 2022
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Kamen Rider Specs Revision Part 14.1: Ghost (FINALLY)

  • May 24, 2022
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Just a question about the Ghost tier

  • Apr 10, 2022
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Ghost's possible speed of light:

  • Feb 17, 2022
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Kamen Rider AP Problem

  • Apr 11, 2021
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Ghost Rider vs Kamen Rider Ghost

  • Apr 8, 2021
  • ghost rider (marvel comics) kamen rider kamen rider ghost marvel comics

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Hino Eiji Rendered

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Eiji Hino ( 火野 映司 , Hino Eiji ? ) is the main protagonist of Kamen Rider OOO . He is a 21-year-old homeless traveller who was the son of a politician. When traveling to Africa, he befriended a little girl named Ruu and attempted to use his fortune to help her struggling village. Unfortunately, this would drag Eiji into the civil war that this village was involved in. During the situation, he failed to save Ruu from being tragically killed. Eiji was then held for ransom which his parents ended up paying for, as well as using the situation as a means to gain support for their public platform.

From that point on, Eiji took on the life of a nomad, travelling around the world, taking part-time jobs as to continue his journey before returning back to Japan. Eight century old monsters known as the Greeed have recently been released from their seal, attempting to gain their complete forms by feeding of the greed from humanity. One of the Greeed, named Ankh, ends up teaming up with Eiji for mutual gain. From that point forward, he fought as Kamen Rider OOO ( 仮面ライダー OOO オーズ , Kamen Raidā Ōzu ? ) , wielding the power once used by an ancient king in order to achieve godhood. In contrast to the old king, Eiji uses the power of OOO to protect people.

Powers and Stats

Tier : 9-A | Low 7-B | 5-B | At least 5-B , higher with Grand of Rage and Lost Blaze | High 4-C | 2-C | 2-C , far higher as Tajador Eternity

Key: Eiji Hino | The Revival of Greeed, the Birth of OOO, and the Scramble of Medals (Episodes 1-16) | The Man of One Hundred Million, the Other Ankh, and the Purple Medals (Episodes 17-38) | The Bond of Allies, the End of the World, and the Greed Towards Tomorrow (Episodes 39-48) | Post-Series | Heisei Generations FINAL | OOO 10th: Core Medal of Resurrection

Name: Eiji Hino, Kamen Rider OOO | Eiji Hino and Ankh (Ankh possessed Eiji's body as both transform into Tajador Eternity), Kamen Rider OOO

Origins: Kamen Rider

Gender: Male

Age: 21 at the beginning of Kamen Rider OOO. 32 (Eiji; at the time of his death), Over 810 year old (Ankh) as Tajador Eternity

Classification: Human, Kamen Rider, Kyoryu Greeed (formerly), Temporary researcher of Kougami Foundation. Human (Eiji), Greeed (Ankh), Kamen Rider as Tajador Eternity

Powers and Abilities:

  • Universal Rider Abilities
  • Medal Abilities
  • PuToTyra Combo
  • Super TaToBa
  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
  • Martial Arts (Eiji has proven himself to be a highly skilled fighter, even while not transformed. Could go up against a variety of opponents over the course of his time as OOO)
  • Weapon Mastery (Eiji has skillfully wielded each and every weapon in his arsenal as OOO, having no trouble utilizing them effectively against his opponents the first time he uses them. Accurately shot the Kamakiri Yummy using Shingo's gun [1] )
  • Vehicular Mastery (Eiji is an adept motorcycle driver, easily evading enemies and explosions while operating the Ridevendor as well as using it to his advantage in combat)
  • Accelerated Development (Battle; Physical Statistics and Stamina: Throughout the series, Eiji has consistently overcome obstacles that came as a result of his transformations. While the aftermath of using Complete Combos once exhausted him, he grew to the point where he wouldn't be tired at all after using any of them. Putotyra was originally a form he could barely control, being forced into the form by the Purple Medals themselves which stuck him in a raging state, though even before Eiji gained complete control over the form, he was able to call upon these Medals consensually and even detransform from Putotyra when Ankh reached out to him. As OOO, he continues to become stronger throughout the series, being able to catch up with the Greeed who continue to gain more power overtime)
  • Transformation (Using the OOO Driver with his O Scanner and Core Medals, Eiji will transform into Kamen Rider OOO)
  • Summoning (Eiji can summon Candroids from the Ride Vendor)
  • Electricity Manipulation (The Denkiunagi Candroid can release electric shocks)
  • Supernatural Willpower (Refused to attack Ankh even when his body was possessed by Goda, causing his body to stop moving)
  • Limited Resurrection (Eiji could use his own death to reconstruct Ankh's Core Medal, bringing him back to life)

All previous abilities, plus:

  • Explosion Manipulation (His attacks have a tendency of causing explosions)
  • Spatial Manipulation and Durability Negation with Medajaribur ( Can use Medajaribur to fire waves of energy and slice through not only targeted opponents, but the fabric of reality itself )
  • Regeneration (Mid-Low; The OOO armor has a quick regeneration function. He can repair light damage in a blink of an eye)
  • Damage Reduction (OOO armor minimizes damage dealt to it)
  • Summoning (While OOO could originally only summon the Medagabryu from the ground as Putotyra, he later displayed the ability to do in other forms),
  • Energy Projection (The Medagabryu allows him to perform the Strain Doom blast)
  • Void Manipulation (The Medagaburyu Axe has the ability to damage, if not completely destroy, the Core Medals of the other Greeed. The Core Medals itself are forms of artificial life and manifestations of desire, the Purple Core Medals are antithesis to and can completely erase other Core Medals)
  • Enhanced Senses (With the Taka Eye , OOO can identify a human 8km away and distinguish objects 0.02 mm close to him. He also has night vision and can see invisible enemies. His Taka Shield can detect the slightest movement vibrations of the atmosphere. It also grants enhanced hearing and enables him to see inside Greeed or Yummy, such as pinpointing the location of a specific Core Medal within a Greeed's body. With his Stag Beetle Sonar, he can hear a footstep 10 km away, can see 6 km away, and can have 360 vision. OOO's Lion Sonar gives him enhanced hearing and can hear high frequency sounds. He can grasp the topography and internal structures of buildings. OOO's Face Archer with the Sai Sonar can detect gravitational and vibration waves which makes him easily detect enemies from the air and underground. The Shachi Eyes have Night Vision and can sense vibrations in water. The Shachi Sonar can sense water vibrations and movements in water. With the Cobra Head, OOO’s vision is 2x that of a humans and can detect enemies with infrared rays. It also has night vision and can detect enemies even if they are hiding)
  • Electricity Manipulation (The Kuwagata Medal allows him to project lightning from its horns)
  • Light Manipulation (The Lion Head is capable of emitting an incredibly bright light that can blind opponents )
  • Water Manipulation (The Shachi Medal allows him to shoot out streams of water as well as the movement of water such as pressure and tidal current)
  • Underwater Breathing (Type 2; The Shachi Medal grants OOO this)
  • Sound Manipulation (Can emit sonic waves with the Shachi Sonar)
  • Statistics Amplification (The Peacock Bracelets stores energy sent from the O Lung Circle. It can be used to temporarily amplify OOO’s punching power. OOO's Mantis shoulder and knuckles convert energy into power to his arms and swords respectively, which in turn are a good counter to danmaku )
  • Forcefield Creation and Energy Manipulation (Burakawani’s Energy Shell can extend up to 10 meters)
  • Electricity Manipulation (Unagi's electricity has the same power as lightning bolts)
  • Durability Negation (If OOO hits his opponent with the Striker Nail , it sends an impact inside the opponent’s body)
  • Statistics Amplification (The Feather Drive sends energy to the feet of OOO. It can be used to temporarily amplify OOO’s kicking power. When the Cheetah Legs' speed is directed at an enemy, it can turn into power )
  • Damage Reduction (The Cheetah's ankle has a shock absorbing mechanism. OOO’s octopus legs are made of tissues that absorbs external shocks)
  • Heat Manipulation ( Cheetah's Ramjets generates heat and steam that feels as if the body is melting)
  • Stealth Mastery (Cheetah's Ag Soles make it so that OOO's steps are muted)
  • Statistics Amplification (By lining up the Elephant Legs , OOO's leg strength and weight increases several times)
  • Body Control (OOO's octopus legs can change it's cartilage tissue so he can move them like a mollusk)
  • Flight (OOO can swim through the air with the Tako Medal)
  • Purification (Type 1) and Attack Reflection (The Caiman Drive can detoxify toxins and excretes them the same way it entered the body)
  • Elasticity (The Tako Legs can extend themselves)
  • Surface Scaling (The Tako Legs can scale surfaces)

Previous Medal abilities depending on the Combo, plus:

  • Limited Self-Sustenance ( Beak Shell stores Oxygen so that OOO can withstand low oxygen conditions)
  • Higher Enhanced Senses (The Taka Sharp Eyes give OOO an improved ability to grasp three dimensional space and can detect enemies easily while he is flying. He has more than 3x the senses of base Taka Head)
  • Extrasensory Perception (OOO is stated to have extrasensory perception as Tajador)
  • Higher Heat Manipulation (Latorartar can emit heat powerful enough harm opponents from a distance and vaporize large bodies of water [3] )
  • Duplication (Gatakiriba can quickly spawn a vast amount of clones, all of which are just as strong as OOO himself. On top of this, the clones can even transform into the other Complete Combos)
  • Gravity Manipulation and Earth Manipulation (Using Sagohzo, OOO is able to trap enemies in the ground as well as pull them towards himself with these two abilities)
  • Enhanced Void Manipulation and Black Hole Creation (When using all seven of the Purple Core Medals within his body to perform the Lost Blaze Giga Scan, OOO could rip a hole in space and time, create a black hole upon impact, destroying Maki as well as sucking all the Core Medals into the other point in time)
  • Energy Projection and Homing Attack (Tajador can create energy peacock tail feathers to direct at opponents)
  • Elemental Intangibility (The Shauta Combo gives OOO the ability to liquefy his body)
  • Flight (As Tajador)

All universal abilities, plus:

  • Berserk Mode (Enters this state while using Putotyra, though late into the series, Eiji has tamed this rage)
  • Statistics Amplification (OOO’s Triceratops Gauntlets can amplify energy sent from the Line Drive)
  • Ice Manipulation (The Ptera Medal allows OOO to create freezing winds that can encase opponents in ice)
  • Limited Durability Negation (OOO’s sharp claws can tear through the bonds of Cell Medals)
  • Vibration Manipulation (OOO’s roars can become shock waves that damages the opponent)
  • Enhanced Senses (OOO can see ultraviolet lights and Infrared Rays with the Ptera Eyes . With the Amber Quartz , OOO can detect signs of life within a 15km radius. With the Aerodactyl Shield , OOO can detect flows in the atmosphere as well as movements of air currents)
  • Elasticity (The Tricera Medal allows OOO to stretch his shoulder mounted horns on command)

All civilian abilities, plus:

  • Transformation (He can change between his Greeed and human form)
  • Enhanced Senses (He can sense the Yummy monsters in this form)
  • Inorganic Physiology (Type 2) (The Greeed body is made of Cell Medals, thus lacking any organic parts)
  • Immortality (Type 1, 3 and 8; Should a Greeed be destroyed, they can still be revived as long as their main Core Medal remain intact)
  • Absorption (Greeed can consume Cell Medals to become stronger as well as heal themselves)
  • Regeneration (Varies, depending on how many Cell Medals one has, Low-High at most) (Greeeds can regenerate from a single Core Medal if they have enough Cell Medals)
  • Creation ( A Greeed himself, Eiji can create Yummies by placing a Cell Medal into inanimate objects. He never demonstrate this ability, though )
  • Body Control ( Eiji hypothetically can turn his body into a mass of Cell Medals, them reforming it back to his original state. Giving him some form of regeneration as long he have enough Cell Medals in his body )
  • Air Manipulation (He can fire a purple wind-like attack)
  • Limited Telepathy (Due to absorbed the Purple Cores, Eiji now shares a connection with Maki. The two can detect each other's presence, and Maki has even been able to forcibly activate the power of Eiji's purple Cores simply by looking at him and activating his own)
  • Possession ( If a Greeed's body is destroyed but the Medal containing its consciousness remains the Greeed is able to act autonomously and possess human bodies )

All universal abilities as well as those granted from the Taka Head, Tora Claws, and Batta Legs to a higher degree, plus:

  • Absorption and Damage Reduction (OOO's Supreme Armor can absorb external energy such as heat and electricity to reduce damage. The Batta Legs have a strengthen impact absorption and repulsive force)
  • Statistics Amplification (OOO's Batta Heel Pin converts energy and amplifies it into leg strength. By directly pouring energy produced by O Lung into the Tora Claw Solid at the same time of attack, OOO's power can explosively increase)

All universal abilities and Greeed abilities, as well as those granted by the Taka Head, Kujaku Arms, and Condor Legs to a far higher degree, plus:

  • Multiple Selves (Type 1, 2, and 3: Eiji and Ankh share a body while fighting as Tajador Eternity. Their minds, souls, and physiologies are essentially one due to this)
  • Soul Manipulation and Intangibility (Even as OOO continues to fight, Eiji can freely move out of his body in spirit form to deliver attacks)
  • Shockwave Creation (Blows delivered by Tajador Eternity and Eiji's spirit often create shockwaves
  • Higher Fire Manipulation (Tajador Eternity's flames were hot enough to where Goda was greatly pained by them, with the latter possessing each of OOO's heat resistant attributes)

Attack Potency : Small Building level (Comparable to his durability) | Small City level (Soundly defeated the Luna Dopant, who could harm and restrain Double [4] ). Medajaribur's OOO Bash ignores conventional durability | Planet level (Was capable of harming and "helplessly defeating" Dragon Gara before using all of his Complete Combos to destroy him, the latter of which had gained the power of "True OOO", planning to destroy and recreate the Earth, with his power being enough of a threat for each Greeed to lend Eiji their Core Medals as to avoid the destruction of the planet [5] [6] ). Medajaribur's OOO Bash ignores conventional durability | At least Planet level (Stronger than before), higher with Grand of Rage and Lost Blaze (One-shot Maki, who could defeat OOO using Putotyra. Lost Blaze destroyed both Maki and the Medal Vessel [7] ). Medajaribur's OOO Bash ignore conventional durability | Large Star level (Once attaining the form of Super Tatoba, OOO could easily damage Super GingaOh who was capable of harming a beginning of series Fourze . Went on to destroy Super GingaOh alongside Fourze [8] ). Medajaribur's OOO Bash ignores conventional durability | Low Multiverse level ( Helped destroy the Enigma Machine, which was responsible for the physical merging of two universes and would have survived the process of destroying the worlds [9] ). Medajaribur's OOO Bash ignores conventional durability | Low Multiverse level (Stronger than before), far higher as Tajador Eternity (Far stronger than before. Completely overpowered and stomped Kamen Rider Goda, whose power well surpassed even that of the Greeed-Absorbed King OOO, who effortlessly defeated normal OOO even before absorbing the Greeeds [10] ). Medajaribur's OOO Bash ignores conventional durability

Speed : Massively Hypersonic+ combat speed and reactions (Should be comparable to Emu Hojo . While he can't match the speed of his Rider forms, he is still capable of avoiding attacks from Yummies and Greeed) | Speed of Light combat speed and reactions (Kept up with the Luna Dopant, who is comparable to Double in speed), FTL as Latorartar (Even when only using the Cheetah Legs, OOO can blitz opponents that can keep up with him simply by running back and forth at them [11] ) | FTL (Faster than before), higher as Latorartar | At least FTL (Faster than before), higher as Latorartar | At least FTL (Faster than before. Can keep up with Kamen Rider Poseidon, who can swim at the speed of light and react fast enough to make accurate turns while doing so), higher as Latorartar | Massively FTL+ (Easily took on each of the Greeed recreated by the Kaisei Mogami, which overwhelmed Cross-Z ), higher as Latorartar | Massively FTL+ (Faster than before), higher as Latorartar, far higher as Tajador Eternity (Fought Goda and was easily superior to King OOO, who outsped and defeated Goda OOO's Latorartar)

Lifting Strength : Peak Human | Class T (Scaling to Double ) | Class T | At least Class T | At least Class T | At least Class T | At least Class T

Striking Strength : Small Building level | Small City level | Planet level | At least Planet level , higher with Grand of Rage | Large Star level | Low Multiverse level | Low Multiverse level , far higher as Tajador Eternity

Durability : Small Building level ( Survived being slammed into a metal wall hard enough to shatter it [12] ) | Small City level | Planet level | At least Planet level | Large Star level (Took several hits from Super GingaOh even before transforming into Super Tatoba [8] ) | Low Multiverse level | Low Multiverse level , far higher as Tajador Eternity

Stamina : Superhuman (Overtime, Eiji gained a far greater stamina, meaning each time he would use a Complete Combo, it would tire him out less than before to the point where it wouldn't tire him out at all. The O Lung Circle supplies and circulates enormous energy to the whole body. The potency of this is higher when using the Tajador Combo. The Wani's armor prevents fatigue even when the body is overworked)

Range : Extended Melee Range; Tens of Meters with ranged abilities; Tajaspinner and Medagabryu; Medajaribur's OOO Bash can cut and ignore distance

Intelligence :

At least Above Average (Eiji is far more clever than he lets on, such as being able to outsmart both Ankh and Date on occasions. In an altered timeline where he never becomes OOO, Eiji was able to become a politician of the National Diet of Japan)

Gifted (Adapts to most situations, choosing perfect Medal Combos for a fight. While in the past, this was up to Ankh, he was able to learn a good deal from his selections. As a result, Eiji has shown great combative flow, switching fighting styles to suit each Combo, even when making several different form changes in succession. Easily took on and defeated Kyosui Izumi [4] , a member of NEVER, which was a mercenary team that could casually defeat terrorist groups as well as psychic-powered soldiers. Fought against the Greeed on a consistent basis. While detransformed, Eiji was still capable of effectively fending against a group Pseudo-Yummies. Stopped a middle-eastern war by using his Combos to destroy the soldiers' firearms and tanks, stop their missiles, and take down the airforces all without taking a single life in the process)

At least Gifted (Has both Eiji and Ankh's intelligence. Ankh was capable of learning a language and adapting to human technology in a matter of days, as well as having a great wealth of knowledge given his experience as a Greeed. He's also once served King OOO during his reign, making him a skilled warrior like other Greeeds. Ankh is stated to be the most cunning one amongst the Greeeds)

Weaknesses: If a particular section of OOO receives a significant amount of damage, the power of that section will be disrupted. If it takes further damage, the power will cut off completely and the section's corresponding Medal will be forcefully ejected from the OOO Driver, canceling the transformation. Early on, full Combos (that is, three from the same set) are incredibly taxing on Eiji's body, fatal fatigue is risked when using more than one full combo. If the power of the Purple Kyoryu Medals becomes too much he'll turn into a mindless Greed Monster. However, as time went, these weaknesses are no longer an issue for him.

Standard Equipment :

  • OOO Driver : A transformation belt with three slots for three Core Medals: The right for a Head Medal that forms the helmet, the middle for an Arm Medal that forms the torso armor and gauntlets, and the left for a Leg Medal that forms the waist and leg armor. With the exception of Putotyra Combo, Burakawani Combo, and Super Tatoba Combo, OOO has access to about 125 interchangeable combinations with the 15 basic Core Medals at his disposal.
  • Taka Medal : A Hawk-based Head Core Medal that gives the user enhanced senses and improved accuracy to locate an enemy's weak point.
  • Tora Medal : A Tiger-based Arm Core Medal that arms the user with the Tora Claws.
  • Batta Medal : A Grasshopper-based Leg Medal that increase the user's leg strength to jump great distances.
  • Kamakiri Medal : A Mantis-based Arm Core Medal that arms the user with the Kamikiri arm blades.
  • Cheetah Medal : A Cheetah-based Leg Core Medal that enables the user to move at great speeds.
  • Kuwagata Medal : A Stag Beetle-based Head Core Medal that enables the user to generate lightning.
  • Lion Medal : A Lion-based Head Core Medal that enables the user to generate bright flashes of light.
  • Kujaku Medal : A Peacock-based Arm Core Medal that arms the user with the Tajaspinner. This also enables the user to fire projectiles made of energy.
  • Condor Medal : A Condor-based Leg Core Medal that enhance the user's kicking damage with talon-like attachments to enhance his kicking damage. Ankh found one during the events of Movie War Core.
  • Sai Medal : A Rhinoceros-based Head Core Medal that arms the user with a harden head.
  • Gorilla Medal : Gorilla-based Arm Core Medal that arms the user with the Gorilla Bagoon gauntlets.
  • Zoh Medal : An Elephant-based Leg Core Medal that enables the user to generate tremors.
  • Shaichi Medal : An Orca-based Head Core Medal that allows the user to sense and emit sonic waves, shoot out streams of water, and dive underwater for up to 3 hours.
  • Denki Unagi Medal : An electric Eel-based Arm Core Medal that arms the user with the Unagi Whips.
  • Tako Medal : An Octopus-based Leg Core Medal that allows the user to cling on any surface or convert his waist into a mass of tentacles to block attacks or form a drill.
  • Purple Core Medals : A set of dinosaur-themed Core Medals, able to destroy other Core Medals as they are their antithesis. They are composed of the Ptera Medal , which enables both flight and ice generation, the Tricera Medal arming the user with shoulder-mounted Wind Stingers, and the Tyranno Medal' s Tail Divider thigh armor and Legsteranail claws. These Medals can only be used for the Putotyra Combo.
  • Orange Core Medals : A set of reptile-themed Core Medals that ended up in Japan in the possession of the Tokugawa Clan. They are composed of the Cobra Medal , which enhances the user's eyesight with infra-red perception, the Kame Medal that arms the user with the Gora Guardner arm-shields, and the Wani Medal that augments the user's kicking power with the Saw Deadscyther blades.
  • Super Core Medals : Created in the not so distant future by the Kougami Foundation, these Core Medals are enhanced versions of the Taka, Tora, and Batta Core Medals. Used as a set, they enable OOO to stop time. These Medals can only be used for the Super Tatoba Combo.
  • Eternity Medals: An evolved set of the Taka, Kujaku, and Condor Core Medals. They were formed when Eiji and Ankh fought together for one last time. These Medals can only be used for the Tajador Eternity Combo.
  • Cell Medals : Silver medals that come from the Greeed and make up the body of a Yummy. Each one is a manifestation of human desire carrying lots of power. Eiji uses Cell Medals in order to utilize the Ridevendor, Candroids, and the Medajilbur's Triple Scanning Charge.
  • Medajalibur : Personal sword-type weapon that OOO uses in his OOO Bash attack. The attack not only allows him to slice through not only an opponent but also cause a 4-second cut on the fabric of reality itself.
  • Tajaspinner : Tajador Combo's primary weapon, a buckle-like gauntlet that gives the user's fire attribute attacks and can hold seven O Medals, usually Cell Medals or Core Medals for a more potent attack, to unleash a Giga Scan attack.
  • Medagabryu : Putotyra Combo's primary weapon, able to between Axe Mode and Bazooka Mode and able to shatter Core Medals.
  • Burahngi : Burakawani Combo's flute.
  • Ridevendor : OOO's motorcycle that can reach up to 610.0 km/h, its speed increased when it assumes Toridevendor mode.
  • Candroids : Animal themed support robots that take the form of soda cans until they are opened. Each Candroid serves a different usage and are useful to Eiji for a variety of tasks.
  • Tajanityspinner : Tajador Eternity's primary weapon. It is an upgraded version of the Tajaspinner.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Finishing moves are known as "Scanning Charge" attacks, "Giga Scan" for Tajador.

  • OOO Bash (オーズバッシュ, Ōzu Basshu ). By inserting three Cell Medals into the Medajaribur and scanning them with the O Scanner, OOO can perform the Triple Scanning Charge. This attack slices through his target as well as the fabric of reality itself. When reality is restored back into place, the target is destroyed.
  • Tatoba Kick (タトバキック Tatoba Kikku). After jumping high up through the Batta Legs, OOO descends with a drop kick through the three rings that are formed, which are in the primary colors of the Taka, Tora, and Batta Medals which surround him in auras depending on the Core Medals.
  • Gatakiriba Kick (ガタキリバキック Gatakiriba Kikku), where after splitting into several duplicates, OOO jumps into the air and performs a series of flying sidekicks on the target.
  • Gush Cross (ガッシュクロス Gasshu Kurosu). Projects three yellow rings in front of OOO before charging through them with the Cheetah Medal's speed before delivering a cross slash on the target with the Tora Claws infused with the Lion Medal's energy projection.
  • Sagohzo Impact (サゴーゾインパクト Sagōzo Inpakuto). OOO manipulates gravity to lift him into the air and weights himself down to hit the ground with a powerful stomp, trapping a Yummy in the ground that forms around it while the reformed ground moves toward OOO where he delivers a powerful double-handed punch and headbutt at the same time. The damaged ground reforms after the Scanning Charge.
  • Octo Banish (オクトバニッシュ Okuto Banisshu). Where OOO liquefies his lower body to propel himself upward, then use the Unagi Whips to drag the opponent upward while OOO goes back down using the Octo Legs to perform a corkscrew kick that drills through the opponent.
  • Prominence Drop (プロミネンスドロップ Purominensu Doroppu). After deploying the Kujaku Wings and Raptor Edges, OOO flies into the air and performs a flying drop kick on the target.
  • Blasting Freezer (ブラスティングフリーザ Burasutingu Furīzā). When activated, OOO uses his Tricera Shoulders' Wind Stingers to stab his opponents in the shoulders to hold them in place, while he uses his Ptera Head's External Fins to freeze them immediately after, and the Tyranno Legs' Tail Divider to finish them off by smashing them into frozen shards.
  • Warning Ride (ワーニングライド Wāningu Raido). OOO projects three orange rings in front of him before dashing through them in a foot-first slide before unleashing a powerful kick with the Saw Deadscythers, which generate a giant energy crocodile head to bite through the target.
  • Super Tatoba Kick (スーパータトバキック Sūpā Tatoba Kikku). A more powerful version of the Tatoba Kick.
  • Eternitynence Drop (エタニティネンスドロップ, Etanitinensu Doroppu ). OOO jumps into the air and performs a flying kick, with energy peacock feathers sprouting from his back. As he passes through three red energy rings, he also manifests energy hawk wings and four mechanical condor talons. After the kick strikes the enemy, the talons crush them.

Complete Combos: Combos that embody the full power of their corresponding Greeed. That being said, they do not invalidate the usage of Random Combos, as Eiji has learned that even the synergy of differing Medals can be equally useful in combat:

  • Tatoba: OOO's primary form that uses the Taka, Tora, and Batta Medals.
  • Gatakiriba: OOO's insect based form that uses the Kamakiri, Kuwagata, and Batta Medals. Eiji first used this form in Episode 6.
  • Latorartar: OOO's jungle cat based form, as well as his fastest. It uses the Lion, Tora, and Cheetah Medals. Eiji first used this form in Episode 9.
  • Sagohzo: OOO's heavy mammal based form. It uses the Sai, Gorilla, and Zoh Medals. Eiji first used this form in Episode 12.
  • Tajador: OOO's bird based form. It uses the Taka, Kujaku, and Condor Medals. Eiji first used this form in Episode 20.
  • Putotyra: OOO's dinosaur based form, as well as his 2nd most powerful. It uses the Ptera, Tricera, and Tyranno Medals. Eiji first used this form in Episode 32.
  • Shauta: OOO's aquatic creatures based form. It uses that Shaichi, Unagi, and Tako Medals. Eiji first used this form in Episode 24.
  • Burakawani: OOO's reptile based form. It uses the Cobra, Kame, and Wani Medals. Eiji first used this form during The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals (Middle of Series).
  • Super Tatoba: An upgraded form of OOO's Tatoba. It uses the Super Taka, Super Tora, and Super Batta Medals. Eiji first used this form during Movie War Mega Max (Post-Series).
  • Tajador Eternity: An evolved version of OOO's Tajador, as well as his most powerful form. It uses the Taka Eternity, Kujaku Eternity, and Condor Eternity Medals. Eiji first used this form during OOO 10th: Core Medal of Resurrection (Post-Heisei Generations FINAL).

Note: Eiji Greeed's abilities are only relevant to his The Bond of Allies, the End of the World, and the Greed Towards Tomorrow key, though he cannot use Grand of Rage or Lost Blaze in this form.

OOO Putotyra Combo - POWER TO TEARER!

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