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photo of How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Yacht?

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Yacht?

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Aug 09, 2021 Updated On Dec 12, 2023

If you're new to owning a boat and want to experience the luxury lifestyle, buying a yacht is the perfect way to indulge yourself while also creating unforgettable memories on the water. From anchoring at a secluded island in the Caribbean to cruising the coastline enjoying the fall colors, yacht ownership opens up limitless possibilities to explore the beauty of Mother Nature. It can also create quite the adrenaline rush if a sportfishing boat is more your style. There are many benefits to hiring a professional yacht broker when you plan on buying your first yacht including having someone on your side when evaluating the right price, for the right vessel.

So how much does it cost to buy a yacht on average? In 2021, the average selling price of a yacht is approximately $640,000, with prices ranging from $300,000 to over $15,000,000. This average selling price represents all pre-owned boats from 40-feet to 100-feet, power (not sail), and sold in the Southeastern United States, including the large Florida market. The data collected for this sales price was from the boating industry's MLS system.

This 50-foot flybridge yacht (seen below) was sold around the average selling price mentioned above and is a good example of what you can expect when spending over $500k . It features several bedrooms for overnight trips, a galley, a nice flybridge seating area, and a lot of comforts you would find at home.

50-foot flybridge yacht sold

A yacht can mean vastly different things to different people depending on their style of boating, where they live, what they plan to do on the boat, and the amount of equipment they choose. A 50-foot yacht can vary in price by several hundred thousand dollars depending on how new it is, its engines, brand, and amenities. Having a conversation about your needs and budget with a professional yacht broker can answer all of these questions and take the guesswork out of your search. 

While the average price of a yacht sold in the Southeast this year is $640,000, buyers can find yachts for less if they are willing to go a bit older and/or a bit smaller.

  • According to the list of 2021 sold boats, the average selling price for yachts between 40 and 50 feet was $329,000.
  • Yachts under 40 feet are generally called cruising boats and can still feature a lot of the same amenities found on larger vessels.
  • How much does a small yacht cost? Examples of active boats on the market right now show a sizeable difference in price depending on the length and year. For example, a 2021 40-foot Intrepid boat is listed for over $800,000 , while a 2011 Intrepid 40 is listed for under $400,000 .

(Seen below: This Cabo 40 would be considered a smaller yacht and is listed for under $375,000.)

40-foot cabo yacht for sale

The larger, newer, and more extravagant yachts can cost $5 million and higher. Forbes.com identifies a superyacht as a vessel ranging from "79 feet to more than 590 feet in length." The average selling price in 2021 for yachts over 100-feet, according to the industry MLS database, came in at just under $1 million. Of course, there were several superyachts that were between $10 million and $50 million on the list.

A prime example of a superyacht would be " ANTITHESIS ", a Horizon Yachts 136 that had an asking price of $7,990,000 at the time of sale. This superyacht featured 5 luxury staterooms, a pilothouse with full electronics suite, a jacuzzi, sauna, 2 water-makers, 2 generators, and a lot more top-end equipment. Yacht owners looking to cruise long distances or possibly turn the vessel into a yacht charter business would be interested in a boat of this stature.

( Seen below: This Horizon 136 required massive engines that gave it a range of over 1,400 nautical miles. )

horizon motor yacht

The cost of a yacht is not the only cost to consider. Purchasing your new boat is the largest upfront expense, however, there are also the costs of owning a yacht that need to be considered. This is again where hiring an experienced, professional yacht broker can really pay dividends and take a lot of the stress out of the process. Things like insurance, storage, routine maintenance, captain and crew salaries, all need to be factored in to your expectations. We dive into this a bit more in our articles Why Are Boats So Expensive? and What Should I Spend On A Yacht?

Despite the potentially high cost of yacht ownership, it is still an excellent investment in your well-being and will bring countless joyful memories. There is no other recreation in the world that brings families and friends together, while enjoying the wonders of the ocean.

( Seen below: CHIMERA is a 60-foot Hinckley sailing yacht listed for over $1 million. )

While the purchase of sailboats still account for less than 10% of all boats sold, sailing is still a popular past-time which has some very passionate enthusiasts. According to Trade Only Today , in 2019 and 2020 there were more than 1,100 sailboats sold in the United States. As you begin to figure out exactly what type of boating you want to enjoy, as well to learn the advantages and disadvantages of different boat types, you can begin to narrow down the selection process.

Below is the average cost to purchase a small yacht broken out by type :

  • Sailboats Over 40': $193,000
  • Sailing Catamarans - All Sizes: $361,000
  • Power Catamarans - All Sizes: $304,247
  • Downeast Yachts - Over 35': $532,240
  • Sport Fishing Yachts - Over 40' and in Southeast: $815,500

With so many factors to determine how much it costs to buy a yacht and maintain it, it is in the best interest of boat buyers of this magnitude to speak with a certified professional yacht broker. "Pricing a yacht in this market can be a difficult thing," said Brian T. Franc , CPYB and manager of United's Emerald Coast Division. "Pre-owned prices are definitely inflated due to lack of inventory, but there are still some great opportunities if you are fast and have someone watching the market daily on your behalf. As someone who has been in the yacht brokerage industry for almost 30 years, I can tell you that working with a professional makes a difference. We can tell almost immediately whether a boat is over-priced, what it will likely sell for, and whether or not it is the right boat for your needs.

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yacht prices

Gulet Expert

Yacht Price: An In-Depth Guide to Understanding and Managing Costs

Key takeaways:.

– Yacht prices vary greatly based on type, size, age, and luxury level.

– Owning a yacht involves additional costs including maintenance, insurance, and docking fees.

– Financing options are available for prospective yacht buyers.

– Valuation and negotiation play crucial roles in the yacht purchasing process.

Table of Contents

I. introduction, ii. understanding yacht pricing, iii. yacht cost breakdown, iv. cost of yacht ownership, v. financing and valuation of yachts, vi. yacht charter and purchase options, vii. conclusion, introduction.

Welcome to the opulent world of yachting

Welcome to the opulent world of yachting, where the sparkling seas beckon and the allure of the high seas whispers the promise of luxury and leisure. For many, the dream of owning a yacht symbolizes the ultimate in success and lifestyle achievement. However, this dream comes with a need for a deep understanding of what that gleaming vessel will cost – often beyond the sticker price.

Whether you’re an experienced mariner or a novice to nautical adventures, grappling with the concept of yacht prices can be daunting. This isn’t simply about the upfront cost of the purchase; it’s a broader topic encompassing ongoing expenses, market valuation, and the intricate details of yacht financing.

In this comprehensive guide, we will embark on a voyage through the complexities of yacht pricing. From unraveling the initial costs of various types of yachts to navigating the treacherous waters of depreciation, maintenance, and insurance, our journey will arm you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions in the world of yacht ownership. Whether you’re contemplating purchasing a sleek sailing yacht or a majestic motor-powered mega yacht, understanding the intricacies of pricing is paramount.

So, hoist the sails and prepare to delve into the fiscal voyage of yacht ownership, as we chart a course through the monetary seas, ensuring you don’t encounter any unexpected storms along the way. Welcome aboard!

In this comprehensive guide

Stay tuned as we explore the first segment of our course in “ Understanding Yacht Pricing “ , where we’ll break down the costs and factors that determine the price of your potential marine investment.

Understanding Yacht Pricing

When embarking on the journey to purchase a yacht, understanding the breakdown of costs is essential. Prices can vary significantly based on brand, size, amenities, and whether the vessel is new or pre-owned. Here’s a brief look at the key components that factor into the price of a yacht:

Yacht Cost Breakdown

Table 1: price range by yacht type and size.

  • Sailing Yacht
  • Motor Yacht
  • Luxury Superyacht
  • Size Range (feet)
  • New Yacht Price Range
  • $100,000 – $10 million
  • $500,000 – $20 million
  • $10 million – $300+ million
  • Pre-Owned Price Range
  • $50,000 – $5 million
  • $250,000 – $15 million
  • $5 million – $150+ million

Note: Prices are approximate ranges and can vary based on additional factors.

This table provides an overarching view of the potential costs associated with different types of yachts, which helps in setting expectations for prospective buyers. Now, let’s look at the recurrent costs associated with yacht ownership.

' title=

Cost of Yacht Ownership

Owning a yacht is associated with several continuous expenses that maintain the vessel’s operational status and value. Below is a table outlining the typical annual costs you can expect once you’ve acquired your yacht.

Table 2: Annual Yacht Ownership Costs

  • Expense Category
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Crew Salaries (if needed)
  • Dockage & Storage Fees
  • Fuel & Operational Costs
  • Estimated Annual Cost
  • $1,000 – $1 million+
  • $30,000 – $1 million+
  • $10,000 – $500,000
  • $5,000 – $500,000
  • $50,000 – $1 million+
  • Percentage of Yacht Value
  • 1% – 10%
  • 5% – 50%
  • 1% – 3%

Note: Costs can vary based on yacht size, usage, location, and other factors.

By examining the tables above, it is apparent that the initial acquisition of a yacht is merely the entry fee into the world of yachting. The ongoing expenses can often amount to a significant percentage of the yacht’s original price each year.

' title=

Q: What factors affect the price of a yacht?

A: The price is influenced by size, brand, age, design, amenities, and whether the yacht is custom-built or mass-produced. Additionally, the vessel’s condition, market demand, and the seller’s motivation play roles in pricing.

Q: Are there any hidden costs in yacht ownership?

A: Yes, beyond the purchase price, owners should account for maintenance, insurance, crew salaries, docking fees, and operational costs like fuel.

Q: Is financing available for purchasing a yacht?

A: Financing options include marine loans, leasing, and sometimes even seller financing. Each option comes with specific terms and requirements.

Q: How significant are the ongoing costs of owning a yacht?

A: Annual costs can range from 1% to 10% (or more) of the yacht’s value, depending on size, usage, and other factors.

Q: Can I charter my yacht to offset ownership costs?

A: Yes, chartering your yacht can provide income, but it also entails additional wear and management considerations. Consult with a yacht management company for guidance.

Key Takeaways

  • Yacht prices are variable and are impacted by numerous factors including type, size, and luxury amenities.
  • Ownership costs extend beyond the purchase price and include recurring expenses associated with maintenance, crew, insurance, and operational fees.
  • Financing options are diverse and should be carefully considered to match the buyer’s financial situation.
  • Professional guidance from brokers, financial advisors, and legal experts is crucial in navigating the complexities of yacht ownership.
  • Due diligence and comprehensive research can help minimize financial risks and ensure a rewarding yacht ownership experience.

Whether considering a purchase or simply dreaming about it, understanding yacht pricing is critical for anyone stepping into the maritime luxury market. Always take the time to gather information, plan ahead, and consult professionals to ensure your yachting experience is smooth sailing.


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How Much Does a Yacht Cost: A Comprehensive Breakdown for Buyers

Yachts embody luxury, status, and freedom, leading many to wonder about the costs associated with such an extravagant purchase.

Buying a yacht is a significant investment that involves not only the initial price but also ongoing expenses such as maintenance, fuel, insurance, and crew costs.

yacht prices

The price of a yacht varies greatly depending on factors such as size, brand, age, and features. Understanding these factors will help potential buyers make informed decisions.

Smaller yachts often start at a few hundred thousand dollars , while larger or more luxurious models may cost millions. Meanwhile, superyachts and mega yachts can carry price tags in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is important to remember that additional ownership costs, like annual operating expenses , must be considered when calculating the true cost of yacht ownership.

Key Takeaways

  • Yacht costs vary greatly based on size, brand, age, and features
  • Additional expenses such as maintenance, insurance, and crew should be factored in
  • Assessing all costs involved helps gain a clearer picture of the true cost of yacht ownership

Types and Sizes of Yachts

When considering the cost of a yacht, it's important to understand the various types and sizes available in the market.

In this section, we will explore some of the main categories of yachts, including sailing yachts vs. motor yachts and the range of sizes from small to superyachts.

Sailing Yacht Vs. Motor Yacht

There are two main types of yachts: sailing yachts and motor yachts.

Sailing yachts rely on wind power and sails for propulsion, making them more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, with smaller sailboats starting around 23 feet in length. Some popular designs include sloops, cutters, and ketches.

Meanwhile, motor yachts use engines for propulsion, offering more speed, power, and maneuverability. These yachts typically range from around 30 to 100 feet, although larger motor yachts can also be classified as superyachts. Motor yachts are often equipped with a luxurious interior, offering the utmost comfort and entertainment for guests.

Small Yachts to Superyachts

Small Yachts (10,000-$100,000):

Small yachts generally range from 23 to 40 feet in length. These yachts are more affordable and easier to maintain, making them attractive to first-time buyers. They can be both sailing yachts and small motor yachts. Examples of small yachts include sportfishing boats, family cruisers, and day sailers.

Midsize Yachts ($100,000-$1,000,000):

Midsize yachts typically range from 40 to 60 feet in length. The price of a midsize yacht can vary greatly, with used models going around $200,000 while new ones can go up to a million dollars. They offer more space, better amenities, and improved performance compared to small yachts. Midsize yachts can also be classified as sailing yachts or motor yachts.

yacht prices

Large Yachts ($1,000,000 and up):

Large yachts typically range from 60 to 100 feet in length. These luxurious vessels come with a higher price tag, often costing multiple millions of dollars. Large yachts offer plenty of space for entertaining, as well as state-of-the-art technology and amenities. They come in both sailing and motor yacht varieties.

Superyachts ($10,000,000 and up):

Superyachts are the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication, typically measuring over 100 feet in length. They feature extravagant amenities, such as helipads, swimming pools, and even movie theaters. The price of a superyacht can be astronomical, at times exceeding $10 million or more.

Cost Factors for New and Used Yachts

When determining the cost of a yacht, whether new or used, several factors come into play. These include the age and condition , size and style, brand and model, and location and availability of the yacht.

Each of these factors plays a significant role in the overall cost, so understanding them can help buyers make an informed decision.

Age and Condition

The age of a yacht naturally impacts its price. A brand-new yacht typically commands a higher price than a used one. However, the condition of a used yacht can also greatly influence its value. A well-maintained, used yacht in excellent condition may be more expensive than a newer model with issues or wear and tear.

Size and Style

The size and style of the yacht also play a crucial role in determining the cost.

Generally, larger yachts come with a higher price tag. For example, the average price of a yacht in the United States for vessels 46 to 55 feet was $467,899, while the average price for yachts in the 56 to 79 foot category was $1.18 million.

The style of the yacht, such as a sailboat, power catamaran, or luxury yacht, can have a significant effect on the price as well.

Brand and Model

The yacht's brand and model also contribute to its price. Some yacht brands are known for their luxury, craftsmanship, and performance, which can lead to a higher cost.

On the other hand, more affordable brands may offer similar amenities and functionality at a more budget-friendly price.

It's essential to research different yacht brands and models to find the one that best suits your preferences and budget.

Location and Availability

The location of the yacht, along with its availability in the market, can influence the overall cost.

In some regions, yacht prices may be higher due to factors such as demand, local taxes, or shipping costs. Additionally, if a specific model is in high demand or limited supply, its price may be elevated due to scarcity.

Initial Purchase Price

Buying New Vs. Pre-Owned

When considering the initial purchase price of a yacht, one of the first decisions a buyer faces is whether to buy a new or pre-owned yacht.

New yachts typically come with the latest technology, design, and customization options, but they also come at a higher price.

On the other hand, pre-owned yachts can be significantly more budget-friendly, but may require more maintenance and lack the latest features.

The average price of a yacht in the United States for vessels 46 to 55 feet was $467,899, while the average price for yachts in the 56 to 79-foot category was $1.18 million. These prices can vary depending on whether the yacht is new or used.

The Buying Process

The process of buying a yacht typically involves researching the market, selecting the right size and type of yacht, identifying suitable yachts, negotiating the price, and completing the purchase.

Working with a professional yacht broker can be beneficial in streamlining this process for the buyer as they can provide expert guidance in selecting the right yacht to fit the buyer's needs and budget.

Costs to Consider

In addition to the initial purchase price, there are various other costs that should be taken into account when buying a yacht. These include:

  • Insurance : Buyers should consider the cost of insuring the yacht. Insurance fees, among other factors, are influenced by the size and value of the yacht.
  • Marina fees : Docking the yacht at a marina will incur fees, which can range from a few thousand dollars for smaller yachts to tens of thousands for larger ones.
  • Maintenance : Maintenance costs can make up around 10% of the initial purchase price. For used yachts, be prepared to spend on essential repairs and upgrades as needed.
  • Fuel : The cost of fuel is influenced by the yacht's size, engine type, and cruising frequency.

Operational and Maintenance Costs

Crew Expenses

One of the significant expenses associated with owning a yacht is paying the crew salaries .

The number of crew members and their respective positions will vary depending on the size and complexity of the yacht. For example, a 180-foot superyacht may have an annual crew expense of around $1.4 million.

It is essential to account for additional crew-related costs such as insurance, training, and uniforms.

Fuel and Propulsion

Another considerable aspect of yacht ownership is fuel costs. The amount of fuel consumption will largely depend on the yacht's size, propulsion system, and usage patterns.

For instance, a larger yacht may incur around $400,000 for fuel annually.

It is also worth considering the potential expenses for any necessary upgrades or maintenance of the propulsion systems to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Repairs and Upkeep

Maintaining the yacht's appearance and condition requires regular maintenance and repairs . These expenses can quickly add up. Annual maintenance costs for a superyacht could reach up to $1 million.

This includes expenses for cleaning, teak oils, wax, and polish to keep the yacht looking immaculate. It is often recommended to allocate around 10% of the yacht's value to cover annual maintenance costs.

Dockage and Storage

Mooring fees, marina fees, and storage are additional factors to consider when estimating the operational costs of a yacht. Dockage costs typically depend on the yacht’s size and the chosen location.

On average, a superyacht may have an annual dockage expense of around $350,000 .

Additional Ownership Costs

Yacht insurance is a significant cost that should be factored into your decision to buy a yacht. The cost of insurance can vary based on the size, type, and value of the yacht.

For example, a 180-foot superyacht may have insurance costs upwards of $240,000 per year .

Obtaining quotes from various providers is essential. Remember that rates can fluctuate based on factors such as the yacht's condition and the owner's boating experience.

Taxes and Registration

Owning a yacht also comes with local and federal taxes and registration fees. Tax rates can vary depending on the state or country where the boat is registered.

In the United States, some states have a sales tax for yacht purchase, while others have an annual personal property tax. Make sure to research the applicable taxes and registration fees in your area to include them in the overall cost of ownership.


Another factor to consider when purchasing a yacht is depreciation. Over time, the value of most yachts will decrease, much like automobiles.

The rate of depreciation may differ based on the yacht's make, model, and age. To account for this potential decrease in value, make sure to have a proper maintenance plan in place and be prepared for the potential resale-value drop.

Extra Amenities and Upgrades

Finally, extra amenities and upgrades can significantly impact the cost of owning a yacht. Additional features such as upgraded electronics, specialized navigation systems, enhanced entertainment systems, or custom interior finishes can add considerably to the base cost of ownership.

Also, consider ongoing costs associated with these amenities, such as maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Budgeting for these additional expenses is critical to ensure your enjoyment of the yacht without financial strain.

Real Cost of Yacht Ownership

Owning a yacht is a luxury many people dream of, but it comes with significant costs. This section will discuss the real cost of yacht ownership , looking at the rule of thumb for annual costs and investment considerations.

Rule of Thumb for Annual Costs

When estimating the cost of owning a yacht, a general rule of thumb is that annual costs will be around 10% of the initial purchase price. This includes expenses such as maintenance, fuel, insurance, and crew salaries.

For example, a 180-foot superyacht could have an annual budget of $1 million for maintenance, $400,000 for fuel, $240,000 for insurance, and $1.4 million for the crew.

Another example is a 50-foot yacht , which may have ongoing costs between $35,000 and $85,000 per year.

  • Maintenance and Repairs: The cost of maintaining a yacht can range from $1,000 to over $1 million per year, depending on the size and complexity of the vessel.
  • Dockage: Yacht owners should budget around $350,000 annually for marina fees.
  • Fuel: Depending on the size and type of yacht, fuel expenses can be substantial, averaging around $400,000 per year for a large vessel.
  • Insurance: Insurance premiums for yachts can range from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $240,000 per year.
  • Crew Salaries: Crew salaries can account for the largest portion of yacht ownership costs. A large yacht may require a crew with an annual budget of $1.4 million.

Investment Considerations

When thinking of purchasing a yacht as an investment, potential owners should consider several factors.

Yachts depreciate in value over time, making them a less attractive investment compared to traditional assets such as stocks and real estate.

Additionally, the high cost of ownership may make yacht investment less viable for some individuals.

Keep in mind that while some owners charter their yachts to offset costs, this strategy may not fully cover annual expenses. Moreover, chartering exposes the yacht to additional wear and tear, which can result in higher maintenance costs.

Life on Board

Amenities and Comfort

Life on a yacht offers a unique blend of luxury and comfort. Yachts often come equipped with a variety of amenities to make living on board as enjoyable as possible.

One common feature is the cabin , which provides comfortable sleeping quarters and private spaces for relaxation. Some yacht cabins even have their own ensuite bathrooms for added convenience.

A well-designed galley is essential on a yacht, providing the space and facilities needed to prepare meals and store provisions.

Modern yacht galleys often come equipped with high-quality appliances and ample storage space to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

On larger yachts, additional amenities may include swimming pools , outdoor lounges, and spacious deck areas for sunbathing and relaxation. Some superyachts also feature helipads , allowing for easy access to transport and travel to and from the yacht.

Entertaining and Lifestyle

A yacht is not just a floating home, but also a platform for entertaining and socializing. The deck space on a yacht offers a fantastic setting for outdoor gatherings, while a well-appointed cabin cruiser can serve as an ideal venue for more intimate events.

Entertaining on a yacht often involves a range of activities, from casual get-togethers to formal dinners with friends, family, or business associates.

A key factor in this lifestyle is the yacht's finish – the quality of the materials, furnishings, and décor that contribute to an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

With such an array of amenities and entertainment options, life on a yacht combines the best aspects of comfort, luxury, and a captivating lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for a small yacht?

Small yachts can cost anywhere from $100,000 to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on factors such as size, brand, age, and amenities.

On average, a new, small yacht may cost around $200,000, but prices can vary significantly based on the specific yacht .

What are typical rental costs for yachts of various sizes?

Rental costs for yachts can vary greatly depending on factors like size, type, and location.

Typically, smaller yachts can be rented for a few thousand dollars per day, while larger, luxury yachts may command tens of thousands of dollars per day.

Some yachts may also require a minimum rental period and may charge additional fees for things like fuel and crew.

What is the purchasing price for a luxury yacht?

Luxury yachts generally fall within the multi-million-dollar price range, with some costing tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

The exact price of a luxury yacht depends on several factors, such as the yacht's features, size, customizations, and brand.

What is the cost associated with owning a 50-foot yacht?

The cost of owning a 50-foot yacht includes the purchase price, maintenance, insurance, docking fees, and fuel costs.

While the purchase price can vary greatly, annual costs can be estimated at approximately 10% of the yacht's value, which may include maintenance, repairs, insurance, docking fees, and other related expenses.

What are the expenses involved in buying a 100-foot yacht?

In addition to the purchase price, which can range from a few million to tens of millions of dollars, owning a 100-foot yacht incurs several ongoing costs.

These expenses include insurance, crew salaries, maintenance, docking fees, fuel, and provisions. It is important to budget for these costs, as they can add up to a significant amount each year.

What can one expect to pay for a 70-foot yacht?

The purchase price of a 70-foot yacht can range from several million dollars to well over $10 million, depending on factors such as age, brand, and features.

In addition to the initial purchase price, there will be ongoing costs such as insurance, maintenance, crew salaries, docking fees, and fuel, which need to be considered when budgeting for yacht ownership.

yacht prices

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Average Yacht Prices | 40, 50, 60, 70, 100 feet + Helpful Examples

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How much do yachts cost? Let’s look at yacht prices per size.


Note: We will look at yachts that are a few years old. Very few people buy brand-new yachts as the price comes down a lot after only a few years.

How much is a small yacht? Let’s start at 40 feet length.

40 Foot Yacht Cost

A 40-foot yacht can be found used for around $200,000 and new models can cost as much as a million dollars. There are always lots of used yachts for sale around 40 feet in length, which makes them more attractive to first-time buyers.

Technically, a yacht begins at 23 feet. However, yachts that size will more often be referred to as boats.

A 40-foot yacht is a great option for looking for relative simplicity and plenty of comfort and capability. This size is great for day trips in the Caribbean dedicated to speed boating or simple cruising.

The size remains manageable, but the vessel can be updated with extra living spaces and amenities as desired, with a more affordable price than larger options.

The maintenance prices will remain lower as well.

Make sure you are considering the age of your yacht. Even if it is on the smaller end, it will be more expensive if it is new and custom-built to your wants.

Even if you think a 40-foot yacht is the cheapest option, these small factors make for a sliding price scale.

You might find that a smaller, new, custom yacht is more expensive than an older, simpler, larger yacht. One benefit of an older yacht is that it should have the improvements and equipment that make it comfortable to operate and will not have those additional costs.

For  sailboat prices specifically, check out this article .

Our Pick: Viking 42 Convertible: Cruise and Fish (2014)

Price: $895,000

yacht prices

  • Cushioned seats
  • Underwater lights
  • Flybridge fiberglass hard-top
  • Recent engine and service
  • Joystick control
  • Cockpit shade with poles, freezer, and step-up box
  • Custom chairs
  • Coach roof overhang to provide shade
  • home theater setup
  • Freshwater wash area
  • Cockpit freezer and drink box
  • Forward-facing viewing windows in deckhouse

Here’s a great example of a yacht with differing ages and year models. It has twin diesel engines, 600 hp each, and cruise at 35 mph (pretty fast!).

Yacht Price Examples for Three Other 40-50 Foot

  • 42-foot Grand Banks 42 Classic; trawler-cruiser style yacht; twin diesel, 350 hp each, cruising speed is 13 mph. Price: $370,000 for 2004; $124,500 for 1986; older ones for less
  • 45-foot Sea Ray 450 Sundancer or Sedan Bridge; single or twin diesel, about 1,000 hp total; cruising speed about 26 mph Price: $472,000 for 2012 twin-engine
  • 41-foot Back Cove Downeast; single diesel 715 hp; cruising speed is 26 mph Price: $619,000 for 2016

50 Foot Yacht Cost

50-foot yachts are  normally owner-operated, so you wouldn’t need to pay for a crew. Now we are around the size of 2-bedroom yachts.

They can provide more living space giving the owner flexibility for more guests and making it a more permanent residential option. With more space comes the opportunity to install more amenities as well.

The biggest difference between the 40-foot vessel and the 50-foot is the accommodations.

Expect three-cabin layouts, which give plenty of space for rest. The opportunity to create guest rooms, owners’ suite, and entertainment spaces are better with these yachts.

Our Pick: Hatteras GT54 Convertible Sportfish

yacht prices

The price for the 2017 model of this used yacht starts at $2,249,000. 

This yacht is 53′ 10″ long and weighs 75,000 pounds! It has twin diesel engines, 1,300 hp each, cruising speed of 35 mph.

It has a 1200-gallon fuel capacity with three staterooms. It sleeps up to 6 people, so it is perfect for entertaining without being so large to the point where maintenance becomes very difficult. It is known for its great propulsion rates and is very smooth and agile.

It specializes as a fishing boat but allows plenty of room for guests. In addition to the three staterooms, it has a large salon deck, a spacious galley, and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

Yacht Price Examples for Two Other 50 Foot

  • 51-foot Azimut Magellano 50; express cruiser; twin diesel engines, 425 hp each, cruising speed 16 mph Price: $670,760 for 2013
  • 52-foot Carver C52 Command Bridge; twin diesel engines, 600 hp each; cruising speed 18- 26 mph Price: $1,149,000 for 2017; $1,750,00 for 2021 with bow thrusters, gyro-stabilizer

How much is a large yacht? Let’s  step up to 60 foot.

60 Foot Yacht Cost

Now we’re looking at 2-bedroom yacht prices. A yacht in this range approaches the upper end of the owner/operator criteria.

This means that owners need to decide whether they can handle this size yacht on their own or if they need to hire outside help from a crew.

If you’re thinking of buying a boat this size, the cost may not be an issue, but understand that adding crew members adds substantial extra expenses! Crew salaries start at around $3K /mth for junior members and $10K for captains and experienced crew members.

This size is great for longer travels beyond day trips and adds more and more space for extra amenities. Hosting guests becomes easier.

Here are some examples:

Our Pick: Hatteras M60

yacht prices

The average base price for this model is around $2,995,000.

The Hatteras M60 is great for someone who wants the luxury of a larger yacht but still wants to be an owner-operator. The deck’s layout below and above is spacious, with a large salon and a full master suite. It can be customized to order with hardwood floors or specific carpeting and amenities like TVs, a bar, a full kitchen, etc. It is a motor yacht, meant for pleasure cruising.

It has twin diesel engines, 1135 hp each; cruising speed is 28 mph.

Yacht Price Examples for Two Other 60 Foot

  • 64-foot Schaefer 640; express cruiser; twin diesel engines, 625 hp each; cruising speed 25 mph Price: $1,299,000 for 2017
  • 60-foot Sunreef 62 Sailing Catamaran; twin diesel engines 110 hp each; cruising speed 10 mph Price: $990,000 for 2009

70 Foot Yacht Cost

We’re now looking at 3-bedroom yachts. Once you reach this size yacht, it is almost guaranteed you will need a crew to help operate it. A crewed yacht is very different from an owner-operated yacht.

This is just shy of the superyacht category, so if you settle on this size, know you are almost there!

As previously mentioned, as the yacht size gets larger, so do the number of factors that make the purchase more layered and complex.

When yachts reach this size, the interior layout begins to change more drastically. They often have a spacious main deck perfect for dining and entertaining guests, whereas below, the yacht would likely have four or more cabins and crew quarters.

With more rooms comes more cost and more opportunity to customize the space to make it your own.

Here are some great options for this size:

Our Pick: Hatteras GT70 Convertible Sportfish

yacht prices

The 2017 GT70 model runs around $4,500,000, but keep in mind the extra costs of maintenance, furnishing, and a cabin crew to help it run. It’s great for a long vacation and far-away destinations.

The GT70 convertible sportfish is known for its speed and agility, and high propulsion power. It has twin diesel engines, 1900 hp each; cruising speed over 30 mph.

It is 70′ 6″ with 2,140-gallon fuel capacity. The inside is lavish, with a galley, a huge salon, and five staterooms.

Yacht Price Examples for Two Other 70 Foot

  • 75-foot Hatteras Motor Yacht; sport cruiser; twin diesel, 1800 hp each; cruising speed 28 mph. Price: $4,375,000 for 2017
  • 74-foot Ocean Alexander Motoryacht; twin diesel, 1150 hp each; cruising speed 24 mph. Price: $1,895,000 for 2011

100 Foot Yacht Costs (and up):

You are officially in the superyacht range.

These yachts come in all styles and shapes, allowing for cruising along coastlines or focusing on watercraft and speed boating.

Since this is likely the peak size boat for practical use, you can expect a lot of additional costs for hiring a crew, maintenance, docking, as well as stocking your boat full of amenities. 

You’re likely to spend the bulk of your costs furnishing this size boat as bigger yachts typically are sold without furniture. The previous owner will want to hold on to designer furniture and other expensive interior.

Check out these great  examples of 100-foot yachts .

Our Pick: 143′ 04″ Virtus 44

yacht prices

This model cost around $20,189,000.

This mega yacht is anyone’s dream.

It is home to a fully integrated beach club with room for a pool deck, floor-to-ceiling windows in the main salon, a hot tub on the top deck, five staterooms, an 8-person crew, and room to sleep ten guests.

It has room for water toys and other gadgets, with a layout that keeps them purposefully hidden from the outside world. It has a 12-knot cruising speed and 16-knot max speed,

Other 100+ Feet Yachts Price Examples

  • 98′ 5″ AB 100 Price: $8,843,260 for 2018
  • 161′ 04″ Acico Nassima Price: $17,933,000 for 2012

How Much is Yacht Insurance?

Insurance on a yacht is around 1% of the purchase price per year. It can go higher if you have lots of expensive designer furniture. This can add up over the years. It’s often cheaper to insure a sailing yacht but the price range is still within the 0.7-1.3%.

What Other Expenses Do Yacht Owners Face?

Harbor fees is another expense for yacht owners. It’s also a yearly fee that varies but as a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around $100 per foot per year, depending on how popular the marina is. You will also have to be on a waitlist if you want a good location.

How Much Does a Luxury Yacht Cost?

A super yacht fall under the category of “luxury yachts” or “mega-yachts”.

The world’s largest private vessel belongs to the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Azzam. It is 590 feet long and costs $600 million to build!

It is outliers like these that increase the price average for yacht owners, perhaps scaring potential owners when they start their research.

As a luxury yacht price guide, however, we need to look at averages.

Currently, the average superyacht costs $275 million. This does not even account for maintenance costs, either.

Superyachts are large and luxurious, needing a professional crew to help them run. They are designed to emphasize comfort, speed, and longer expeditions – depending on the yacht builders.

They might have:

  • swimming pools,
  • water toys,
  • diving and fishing poles,
  • fully furnished rooms,
  • helicopter landing pads,
  • and smaller support vessels

Just to name a few amenities. They are truly the epitome of the elite.

What Size Boat is Considered a Yacht?

The normal yacht length starts at around 23 feet, and can extend hundreds of feet.  If the boat meets 23 feet, it can be considered a yacht.

A boat does not need luxury features to be considered a yacht.

It can be minimal and stripped of the “extra” stuff to fall into the yacht category, so long as it meets the size and length criteria.

11 Things to Consider Before You Purchase

When making this purchase, the yacht size you buy needs to reflect what you hope to get out of the vessel.

Some important questions to ask yourself before you buy are:

  • What does your perfect day on the water look like?
  • How long will your average day on the water be?
  • Will it be more boating/watercraft focused or long cruise focused?
  • Will you use the yacht for fishing?
  • Will you be on the yacht every day of the week or just on weekends?
  • How many people do you hope to fit on the yacht?
  • Do you plan to stay on the yacht overnight?
  • Where will you dock the yacht?
  • How much boating experience do you have?
  • How fast do you want the yacht to go?
  • How important is it to have extra amenities like furnished rooms, water toys, electronics, etc.?

These questions will guide you to understand the size you really need and will be able to realistically maintain versus what your most ideal yacht would look like.

When Do You Need a Full-Time Crew?

At length over 50 or 60 feet, you may need a full-time captain or crew. 

A full-time crew person will be needed to keep all the varnished woodwork looking good and all the little things maintained.

Sometimes, you must be honest with yourself about what you want and what you actually need. Be self-aware about your abilities (or lack thereof) in taking care of a specific size yacht.

If you don’t know much about boats and navigation, you will need more help to use your vessel.

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide gives you a good starting point as you begin your yacht price research process.

Important Things to Consider As Well

Although there are many factors to consider when understanding a yacht’s prices, it is an exciting purchase nonetheless and should be enjoyed as much as possible.

At the end of your research, you’ll be the owner of a beautiful yacht you can use for leisure, cruising, sports craft, fishing, or all of the above.

Although this article is a good starting point, we would also recommend getting in touch with a  yacht broker who can help you find your best fit , model, year, and the price is given your personal budget. 

They are great sources of knowledge in addition to personal research.

Make sure you are as patient as possible in this process to make sure you are covering all your bases, but most importantly, enjoy the process!

Here’s How Much Yachts Cost on Average:

Yachts start around $300,000 for smaller 40-foot models and can go as high as several hundred million dollars for superyachts.

These are the main contributing factors to the price of a yacht:

  • The size of the yacht
  • The age of the yacht
  • The brand and  type of yacht

In general, the larger the yacht is, the more important the quality of the build becomes.

Also, potential owners need to understand the cruising speed and propulsion of different yachts.

The yacht type is also broken down into two categories:

  • Mediterranean Style Open style expresses yacht with maximum space for sun, little-to-no shade on the deck.
  • Hard-top express Semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed space on deck for the operator
  • Flybridge yachts

An express yacht is often referred to interchangeably as an  express cruiser  or  sports cruiser .

It has a single deck above the hull with a living space below.

They are much sleeker, too.

A flybridge yacht is often referred to as a sedan bridge or sport bridge, and it is typically used for fishing. It has additional space above the main deck.

Since the flybridge area has more space on the second deck, the main deck is normally made up of enclosed spaces and rooms.

It can have an open-air layout but can also have a hard-top.

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Yacht Prices

Yacht prices, the difference a flag can make

When it comes to buying a luxury yacht, there’s a lot to know about yacht pricing. Here at Worth Avenue Yachts, our team of brokers will help you with everything you need to know, but here’s a general yacht pricing guide to get you started on your yacht-buying journey.

Yacht prices vary by size, builder, age...

Luxury yacht prices, like the yachts themselves, differ enormously. According to 2014 sales data , the average yacht price for a second-hand yacht for sale is €7.9 million ($8.4 million), but prices of super yachts can start at around $1.5 million for a small or older yacht and rise to a $600 million, which is how much Azzam, the largest yacht in the world at 590 feet cost to build.

Classic yachts prices guide

The size of the yacht and age of the yacht are the obvious starting points for yacht pricing, but many other factors also come into account. The yacht builder, or ‘brand’, can have an extraordinary impact on the asking price- for example, a 200 foot yacht from two different yacht builders can easily see a difference in pricing of around 20 million dollars. Yacht brands also differ in how they hold their value or depreciate relatively rapidly- this is where the wide industry knowledge of your yacht broker will be of enormous value to you when considering what the resale value should be.

Yacht prices also depend on if a yacht is custom built

Also affecting price is whether something is completely custom-built, semi-custom, or chosen from an existing identical range. As the global fleet of superyachts is growing rapidly, with over 10,000 yachts afloat today, there are increasingly good deals to be found on second-hand yachts as existing yacht owners upgrade. You’ll also often find sharp reductions in second-hand yacht pricing announced in the lead-up to yacht shows, making these yachting events a great time to shop around, view lots of different boats and get a good deal.

Which should you buy? Luxury yacht prices explained.

In the US, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is the largest event of this kind, while the Monaco Yacht Show is the flagship yacht show of the Mediterranean. There are many other yacht shows around the world; see our events page for details. Yacht pricing is  also affected by global economic fortunes: the yachting industry is now rebounding after the financial crisis but there are still some excellent bargains out there.

The yacht designer’s name- exterior and interior- also affects yacht pricing tremendously: yachts by certain designers such as Bannenberg & Rowell and Espen Oeino will generally attract much higher prices than lesser-known designers. The yacht’s history will also affect resale value accordingly- yachts which have been well-maintained and lightly used will obviously hold a higher second-hand value. The range of the yacht (i.e., how big its fuel tanks are so the distance it can travel) also affects pricing, as does the brand of machinery, electronics and AV systems the yacht carries.

Yacht flag, it can make difference to the yacht's price.

A yacht’s flag registry and tax status will also affect yacht pricing- some yachts will be advertised as ‘tax paid’, representing a good deal for some. Additionally, there are some tax restrictions affecting yacht purchases in certain countries. For instance, in the US a bill has just been introduced to end the prohibitive import taxation on US buyers buying foreign-flagged yachts located in US waters, and that will be watched with interest as it will positively influence yacht pricing for US buyers if it passes.

As you can see, many factors can influence yacht pricing, and it is constantly in flux due to economic and legislative factors. Your yacht broker is up-to-date with industry knowledge and where to find the good deals, so get in touch with a yacht broker at Worth Avenue Yachts to find out more about yacht pricing, alternatively fill in this contact form and we will be in contact shortly.

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How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

11th jul 2023 by samantha wilson.

Rightboat logo

We hear the question, “How much does a yacht cost?” on a regular basis, and it’s a difficult one to answer. Much the same as with houses, the prices vary in a surprising way depending on size, style, age, and finish (not to mention location). We’re talking millions of dollars in price difference for yachts, as well, because there are yachts of many different sizes with all the same variations. But first, let’s tackle the more fundamental question, “What is a yacht?’

What Classifies as a Yacht?

To begin with, a yacht can be a sailing yacht or a motor-powered yacht. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “any of various recreational watercraft: such as a) a sailboat used for racing; b) a large usually motor-drive craft used for pleasure cruising.” Size is not technically part of the definition, but in modern practice, size has a whole lot to do with it.

Many in the industry classify a boat as a ‘yacht’ from 40 feet up to 70 feet, although there are others who will include vessels as short as 33 feet. Not too many years ago, yachts as small as 80 feet (24 meters) were considered superyachts, but with the proliferation of much larger yachts, 130 feet (40 meters) is a more common yardstick. Beyond that are megayachts, variously defined as beginning at 165 feet (50 meters) or 200 feet (60 meters). 

The point is, there are no hard-and-fast rules, and what may be one person’s pretty little 20-foot sailboat may be another’s luxury sailing yacht. And any shiny, private vessel 40 feet and up will be called a yacht by almost everyone.

While size is the main determining factor in labeling boats as yachts, amenities aboard also play a role. For example, yachts frequently have cabins and heads below allowing for overnight stays, as well as a galley, and plenty of deck space for leisure. 

The term ‘yacht’ has become synonymous with luxury, especially with the boom in huge superyachts across the world. But a yacht doesn’t have to be fancy. A sprightly 30-foot trawler yacht might look to some like a luxury palace, but Jeff Bezos and the guests aboard his brand new $500 million sailing yacht Koru would probably see it differently. 

Cost of Buying a Yacht

Looking for an average price across all types of yachts isn’t helpful either, with sizes of yachts varying from 30 to 300 feet. And that doesn’t take into account whether a boat is new or used.  Broadly speaking, in the United States you can often buy a small used sailing yacht for $15,000 or less, and you can expect that figure to go up to $50,000 or $100,000 for a small motor yacht. A larger motor yacht, or even a new 40-foot day boat, can easily run up to $1 million or more. Superyachts, of course, will cost multiple millions of dollars. 

Cost of Owning a Yacht

The cost of owning a yacht goes far beyond the initial purchase price, and even if you’re in the market for a small yacht, you’ll need to factor in the annual costs which include:

  • Marina fees: These will vary depending on your location and the size of the boat. Expect to pay from $5,000 for a yacht at the smallest end of the scale up to tens of thousands for larger yachts.
  • Insurance: As a general rule, you can expect to pay around 0.5 percent of the value of the boat annually. Check out our guide to boat insurance for more information. 
  • Maintenance and repairs: As a rough estimation you can expect to spend around 10 percent of the value of the boat on upkeep each year. This might be lower if it’s a new yacht.
  • Fuel: This will vary depending on how far you cruise and how large the yacht is.
  • Crew: Yachts up to 70 or 80 feet often don’t require a crew, but the larger the yacht, the more crew it will need. Crew salaries range from $3,200 per month for junior crew to $10,500 per month for captains and chief engineers. In general, a yacht of 80 to 100 feet in size will require a crew of between two and eight, while yachts between 100 to 200 feet will require between 8 and 20 crew members.
  • Depreciation: Brand new boats depreciate the most and the quickest, with most depreciating by 40 to 50 percent of their initial price over the first 8 to 10 years.

Read more about the Real Costs of Boat Ownership as well as Top Tips to Lower the Costs . 

yacht marina

Types of Yachts per Cost

When we talk about yachts and their values, we usually refer mostly to the length of the yacht as that tends to be the identifying factor, but the style, engine size, and finish also play a huge role in determining how much they cost. Here we take a look at the average price differences between new and used yachts in the United States at varying sizes. 

How much is a small yacht? (25 to 40 feet)

A small yacht around 40 feet (often referred to as a cabin cruiser) is often considered an entry-level yacht, but a big step up from much smaller day boats. These are likely to have cabins, heads, and a small galley, and most offer the chance to spend weekends onboard. Prices will vary widely depending on whether it’s a used or new boat, and depending on the model, finish, and engines. New and recent-model yachts around 38 to 40 feet may cost anywhere from $250,000 to over $1 million, while the price of older models is often substantially lower. The average price in the United States for all new and used yachts sold between 36 feet to 45 feet was $238,000 according to the Boats Group Market Index of 2022.

When we’re looking at smaller yachts around 25 to 30 feet, these are unlikely to have cabins and so are considered day cruisers. Motor cruisers between 25 and 30 feet range from $70,000 for an almost-new model to well over $100,000 for a brand new one. Of course, yachts with smaller engines and simpler layouts will have considerably lower price tags, but those with premium finish and accommodations may cost much more—for example, a new Ranger 29 (pocket trawler) starts at over $350,000. See our guide to the different types of boats for a better understanding of what is available and what might be right for you. 

How much is a medium-sized yacht? (40 to 70 feet)

Mid-sized yachts that fall within the 40- to 70-foot category vary in price from around $250,000 to well beyond $4 million, a figure that depends on the size, model, finish, engines, and extras, as well as whether it’s a brand new boat or used. According to the Boats Group Market Index of 2022, the average yacht price in the United States of vessels 46 to 55 feet was $467,899 with 2,273 boats sold, while the average price for yachts in the 56 to 79 foot category was $1.18m with 997 sold in 2022. 

Yacht prices vary a lot depending on whether the yacht is new or used. As an example, the base price for a new Viking 58 is $4.1 million, a three-year-old model can be purchased for $3.5 million for, and a 10-year-old model for $600,000. Check out our new and used luxury yachts for sale on Rightboat for more comparisons. 

woman on a yacht

How much is a sailing yacht?

Long before the combustion engine was invented, yachts (or sailboats) graced our oceans for centuries. While these days we tend to think of yachts as the luxurious motor vessels that far outnumber their sailing counterparts, sailing yachts have their own class. As we’ve seen with motor yachts, the size, age, and finish of a sailing yacht will determine the price tag, with prices ranging from $5,000 to several million dollars—and much more for superyachts. The largest sailing yacht in the world is Sailing Yacht A , which cost an estimated $600 million and measures 470 feet in overall length. 

When referring to larger sailing yachts—and by larger we are talking about 100-foot yacht prices—there is a “rule of thumb” estimate of $1 million per 3 feet in length. So a 100-foot yacht may cost in the region of $30 million. But sliding back down the length ladder, it’s possible to pick up a small, used sailing yacht for a fraction of that. A 55-foot yacht that has been sailing for a few years may sell for around $700,000, whereas a new one could easily retail for $2 million or more. An older (30 to 40 years) sailing yacht of 30 to 35 feet might cost only about $25,000 while a brand new one might cost $250,000 and more. See what you can get for your money with our sailing yachts for sale on Rightboat. 

How much is a luxury yacht or superyacht?

Superyachts are some of the most luxurious vessels on the sea, and they don’t come cheap. As mentioned, yachts above 78 feet (24 meters) are accepted by many as superyachts; when they range up over 165 or 200 feet, some in the industry refer to them as megayachts. This term is still debated in some quarters, so you may hear yachts over 300 feet referred to as superyachts too.

Superyachts require a full time crew to manage them, and this adds considerably to the overall cost of running such a large vessel. Given that, how much does a superyacht cost? The costs vary, with some estimates of up to $1 million per foot of length to build a new top-of-the-line custom superyacht. Used superyachts will cost less than a new build, and you may be able to buy a 10-year-old, 90-foot superyacht for around $2.5 million—although most owners will engage in a significant and costly refit every 10 years. Models less than five years old will be closer to the $4 million mark, while a brand new one will cost around $9 million. Check out our listings for superyachts for sale all across the world. 

luxury yachts

How much is a megayacht?

When we reach megayacht status, prices skyrocket along with the length of the vessels and the volume of the interiors. The largest megayacht in the world is currently Azzam, 590 feet long at a cost of $600 million to build. Yachts in this class are the most luxurious in the world, and feature large swimming pools, helicopter pads, huge guest and crew accommodations, beach clubs, and much more. The upkeep of vessels of this size can run to $20 million or more for the crew fees, fuel, mooring fees, insurance, food, and maintenance. If you want to set eyes on the world’s most astounding superyachts and megayachts check out our superyacht travel guide to where you might find them, or use our search to discover megayachts for sale . 

Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.


More from: Samantha Wilson

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How much does a yacht cost | ultimate breakdown guide.

 October 14, 2019

Complete guide to “How much does a yacht cost?” including superyachts and megayachts. Includes the cost of owning and operating a yacht. Yachts and superyachts are symbols of success. They appeal to wealthy individuals but are also extremely useful business assets. In this article, we’ll explore how much does a yacht cost. Also, we’ll answer how much does a superyacht cost and how much does a mega yacht cost. Then we’ll identify additional yacht costs such as fees and taxes. Next, we’ll give example breakdowns of the price of yacht and the price of a superyacht. Finally, we’ll explain how Assets America ® can help fund your transaction, and then answer frequently asked questions regarding the cost of yacht. Note that we’ll devote a separate article to yacht operation and maintenance costs. This article focuses on how much does it cost to buy a yacht.

How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

To know the context for how much does a yacht cost, we define some important terms.

Yacht Terms

  • Yacht: A sailing or powered watercraft between 39 and 78 feet in length, accommodating up to 6 guests.
  • Superyacht: A luxury yacht ranging in size from 78 to 200 feet in length, accommodating 6 to 12 guests.
  • Megayacht: A luxury yacht greater than 200 feet long holding more than a dozen guests.
  • Cabin Cruiser : A luxury powered boat between 23 and 38 feet in length.
  • Day Sailing Yacht: Small yachts, often with a retractable keel, daggerboard , or centerboard and no cabin.
  • Weekender Yacht: Medium-sized yachts, typically up to 31-feet long. Usually, they have lifting keels or twin keels allowing shallow-water operation for two-to-three-day journeys. Normally, weekender yachts have a simple cabin sleeping two to four passengers along with a small galley.
  • Cruising Yacht: The most common private yacht, with good handling, onboard comfort, sufficient interior space, and capable performance. Typically, they have a teardrop-planform hull with a deep single-fin keel.
  • Luxury Sailing Yacht: Larger yachts powered by wind and engines, with many luxury features.       Typically, yacht makers construct these boats with fiberglass hulls and plenty of automation, lighting, navigation aids, hot water, and more.
  • Racing Yachts: Yachts optimized for fast sailing, with heavy and deep bulb keels, tall masts, and large sails.

Average Cost of Yacht

New yachts over 100-feet long have an average price of a yacht equal to $1 million per 3.3 feet in length. In other words, a 100-foot yacht will, on average, cost more than $30 million. Older yachts below 85 feet are less expensive. For example, an 84-foot yacht originally built in 2002 and renovated in 2015 sold for $1.45 million.

The average price of a yacht that is preowned, entry-level, and in the 30 to 35 foot range, is about $100,000.

How Assets America ® Can Help

Whether you need to borrow $20 million or $1 billion to acquire your yacht, Assets America ® can most assuredly help.  We can arrange short-term or long-term financing for the purchase or refit of yachts, superyachts and megayachts. We can provide financing much more rapidly than most typical funding sources do, and we can arrange financing even if your bank declines.  Call us today at 206-622-3000 for a confidential consultation, or simply fill out the below form and expect and prompt response!

Apply For Financing

How much does a superyacht cost.

Superyacht prices are high but variable. For example, the world’s most expensive superyacht (the History Supreme) has a price of $4.5 billion. And at only 100 feet, it is too small to qualify as a megayacht, even though it certainly has a mega-price! On the other hand, a world-famous golfer purchased a 155-foot superyacht for $20 million, a sweet deal. The average price of a superyacht is $275 million.

How Much Does a Megayacht Cost?

The most expensive megayacht, measuring in at 536 feet, cost $1.5 billion. A 1990, 344-foot megayacht can be yours for $210 million. So, the prices of megayachts can vary greatly. In other words, there is no clear answer to how much does a mega yacht cost.

Video:  Million Pound Mega Yachts for Sale – Documentary 2019

Additional Costs of a Yacht

A few states don’t have sales tax: Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon — and to some extent Alaska. If you buy a yacht in any other state, you’ll owe state sales tax. On a $1 billion yacht purchase, a state like Texas with 6.25% sales tax will collect $62.5 million. You can buy a yacht in a state without sales tax and use it in another state. However, you will eventually have to pay a use tax. Florida caps yacht sales tax at $18,000, but California has no cap.

Municipalities that charge local sales tax could add a percentage point or two to your tax bill.

Most states also assess property taxes on yachts. Marinas may assess a tax on boat slips. Some states will refund fuel taxes on yachts since they don’t use roads.

Yachts with bathroom, eating, and sleeping facilities qualify as second homes. You can deduct the interest on the yacht’s mortgage, but national tax law caps the deduction at $750,000.

A yacht purchased for business purposes is a capital asset that you can depreciate. This would apply to a charter, rental, or fishing yacht that you use to generate income. If you buy a used business yacht for $1 million or less, it might qualify as Section 179 property. If so, you can deduct the full price in the year of purchase.

There are some minor fees you may have to pay when you acquire a boat. For example, you may have to register your yacht with the International Registry, which has fees of $550 to $1,500. Also, you may pay an annual tonnage tax, a ship radio station license fee, and certificate of insurance. Other fees include those for :

  • An annual Maritime Security and Compliance fee
  • Private Yacht Limited Charter Compliance Certificate
  • Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
  • Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) Document
  • Annual Yacht Service
  • Intended Registration and Vessel Under Construction Registration

Cost Breakdown

When you want to know how much does a yacht cost, you need to know the cost factors. A yacht’s price directly ties to its construction costs, which include:

  • Design: The design requires expertise in marine and mechanical engineering. For example, the designers must undertake many stability and hydrodynamic studies. Also, the design must be esthetically pleasing.
  • Construction: It can take many months to construct a large yacht. You must factor in materials, equipment, and labor. Luxury-yacht buyers may want expensive and/or rare materials. One yacht, the infamous History Supreme, contains dinosaur fossils and meteorite stone! But less outlandish materials, such as fine woods and precious metals, still contribute to high construction costs.
  • Engine: The number and power of yacht engines can greatly impact cost. Naturally, all things being equal, a sailing yacht should cost less than a comparable motor yacht. It requires huge power to propel a large megayacht, and an elaborate engine room to operate those engines.
  • Interiors: Large yachts have many rooms, including galleys, heads, bedrooms, meeting rooms and more. In addition, electronics are important cost items.

FAQs — How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

How much does a 50-foot yacht cost.

A 50-foot yacht is a good candidate for weekend duty. A 2014 convertible sportfish costs just under $2 million. An example price of yacht (51-foot 2013 Azium Magellano 50) is $670,760. A 52-foot 2017 Carver C52 Command Bridge sells for $1,149,000.

What is the cost to build a yacht?

Mid-level yachts cost about $25 to $35 per pound to build. Higher-level-yachts have average construction costs pf $45 to $65 per pound. The top vessels built with exotic materials and hi-tech systems can cost $80/pound to build.

How much does a 60-foot yacht cost?

A 60-foot yacht is about the largest size that an owner operates. A new Hatteras M60 can easily cost around $3 million. However, you can get a 2007 60-foot Sunreef 62 for $735,000.

How much does a 100-foot yacht cost?

Superyachts in this range contain many amenities. You can buy a new 100-foot AB 100 for just over $8.8 million. But let’s face it, you can spend hundreds of millions on big yachts. Your only limits are your imagination and most importantly, of course, your wallet!

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yacht prices

The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer


There are an estimated 6,000 superyachts — vessels that are more than 100 feet long — at sea in 2024

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

As summer reaches its peak across the Northern Hemisphere, it’s hard to imagine a better way of spending a vacation than channeling your inner ship captain and sailing across the ocean.

In recent years, yacht companies have reported a boom in sales — far from the decline that many in the industry feared, due to both the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic realities of the Russia-Ukraine War.

“I spent my days [in 2020] doing worst-case scenarios and drawing up the budgets to go with them,” Giovanna Vitelli, chairwoman of Azimut|Benetti, the world’s largest yacht manufacturer, told the Economist in 2023.

Instead, her company reported a 23% growth in production value in 2023 —a reality that is not unique to just one yacht manufacturer. The luxury yacht market is expected to grow in value from $7.67 billion in 2023 to $17.33 billion by 2032, according to a recent report from Fortune Business Insights .

Analysts attribute the ships’ rise in popularity to the increasing number of extremely wealthy individuals . Yachts have long been considered a status symbol — a reality that has only increased as wealth becomes concentrated in the hands of a small group of high status individuals .

There are an estimated 6,000 superyachts —vessels that are more than 100 feet long — at sea as of this year. This is nearly quadruple the number of yachts seen in the ocean just three decades ago, according to Bloomberg .

Aside from an increase in popularity, the yacht industry has seen other changes in recent years. Increasingly, those in the market for a luxury ship are turning to alternate means of powering their vessels, as critics point to the excess emissions traditional yachts produce simply for recreational use.

In their 2024 report, Fortune Business Insights highlighted the growing trend of electrification as a significant area of growth in the coming years.

“A tough regulatory environment for traditional yachts and rising fuel prices will pave the way for the solid growth of electric yachts in the future,” the report reads. “Huge investments from various manufacturers and government support measures will accelerate the demand for electric yachts.”

Read on to learn more about the most luxurious yachts available for chartering in 2024.

Carinthia VII

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

Originally constructed in 2002, the award-winning Carinthia VII was recently remodeled and reimagined specifically for private charters. The 319-foot ship spans six decks and can accommodate up to 12 guests in eight staterooms. Among the ship’s amenities are two bars, a fully equipped gym and an outdoor projection screen that allows for an “immersive cinematic experience like no other.” The cost of chartering the Carinthia VII is $1,525,700 during both the winter and summer seasons.

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

The Lady S yacht boasts a number of exciting water toys, including jet skis, water skis, wakeboards and kayaks for athletic guests on the 305-foot ship. For those who prefer more indoor-oriented activities, however, you can also catch a film on the ship’s IMAX Dolby cinema — the first of its kind on any yacht in the world. Accommodating 12 guests, in seven cabins, the cost of chartering the Lady S begins at $1,743,328 a week.

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

The interior of the Ahpo yacht seems more reminiscent of a luxury hotel than a simple ship. Accommodating 16 guests and 36 crew members, the vessel features a full-size gym, a winter garden and a spa complete with a Himalayan salt sauna. The 378-foot long yacht was first manufactured in 2021 by the German shipyard Lürssen. Excited sailors can charter the Ahpo from superyacht broker Edmiston, beginning at $2,833,376 a week.

500EXP Para Bellum

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

This 154-foot-long yacht can accommodate up to 12 travelers in its six cabins, along with up to 10 crew members. The ship was specially designed to enable “guests a 360-degree experience and relationship with the sea” through its unique stern and sundeck that allow travelers to safely stand “almost at sea level,” according to its Italian manufacturer San Lorenzo . Interested travelers can rent the ship for $359,609 a week.

The Renaissance

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

The Renaissance lives up to its grandiose name by going beyond traditional private yachts and bridging the gap between a personal vehicle and a full-on cruise ship. The 367-foot long ship features five decks and can accommodate 36 guests in 19 cabins. The Renaissance’s amenities include a 19-seat movie theater, a sushi-bar, and a full spa deck featuring a wellness area, plunge pools and a hair salon. The cost of chartering the ship from Burgess Yachts ranges from $3,269,280 to $3,814,160 a week.

yacht prices

8 Experiences That Make A Windstar Cruise Worth The Price

I n December, I had my first cruise with Windstar. Boarding the Star Legend in St. Maarten, my husband and I set sail on a romantic and adventurous itinerary with a cruise brand known for offering exceptional vacations and a reputation to back that claim. We had a week of sailing through the Caribbean, soaking up the sights in Antigua, the BVI, and St. Bart’s to create memories that will last for a lifetime and really get to know the Windstar brand. As an avid cruiser, this cruise’s price tag was a bit higher than my previous cruises. But, let me tell you how that extra bit more than makes up for it with these eight experiences that make a Windstar cruise worth the price tag.

Windstar hosted me as a guest to familiarize myself with this brand. As always, opinions and reviews are 100 percent my own and unbiased. 

1. Smaller Crowds

It might surprise you that the Windstar yachts only hold about 200–310 passengers. Not only is this a big difference in the mega cruise ships that often make you feel like a herd of cattle going through long buffet lines and waiting to disembark the ship at port, but it allows you to get to know the other cruisers. It also allows the crew to know you — your cruise preferences and your name. While I have met friendly cruise staff on each of the 50+ cruises I’ve taken, this was more like we were all just guests of Windstar, not crew and cruisers.

I especially think that, in the craziest of times we have faced since 2020, this is one of the most appealing cruise offerings possible. The Windstar team has assumed extra sanitation measures and are held to the highest standard of safety practices. This was apparent from the personalized service of staff members making up our buffet plates to the onboard doctor that was a seamless and pleasant transaction for the guests.

2. Windstar’s Stylish Yacht & Rooms

There are no cruise boats or ships with Windstar, only yachts and sailboats. I took the Star Legend , a small, incredibly picturesque yacht. The Legend was small enough to learn my way around in a short time, without wasting precious vacation time. Still, it was big enough to cuddle up for a warm-weather nap, read a good book, have an intimate conversation, or watch as we sailed through the mesmerizing blue waters.

Speaking only for the Star Legend , this yacht offers all-suite rooms. We even had a full-size closet, perfect for storing suitcases, hanging our clothes, and keeping our main room straight. Features in our stateroom that rated highest were L’Occitane en Provence toiletries, cozy robes, a comfortable couch, a heavenly bed, premium Egyptian cotton sheets, and a fully-stocked mini-fridge.

3. Lesser-Known Ports Of Call

I’ve studied cruise itineraries for over 20 years, and the ports of call for large cruise ships rarely change. I was shocked to see the remote destinations that Windstar Cruises travel to. My husband and I took the St. Maarten cruise that went to the British Virgin Islands, and though we had been to Virgin Gorda with others, Tortola and Jost Van Dyke were two places I’ve seldom seen on other itineraries. And we also had the chance to go to Gustavia (St. Bart’s), the island of all things luxury and exuberant.

If you are jonesing for a one-of-a-kind cruise, I’ll let you know that Windstar Cruises visits Tahiti , Kobe, Bordeaux , and Honfleur , not your typical cruise ports. 

Pro Tip: Cruise lines can change the itinerary for the passenger’s safety and best experiences. This is common practice, so please roll with the punches should it happen. Often the passengers are unaware of the entire situation unfolding that causes these decisions.

4. Windstar’s Exceptional Food

When the general public talks about cruises, they tend to think of huge, overflowing buffets with mediocre food, but lots of it. And that makes many cruisers perfectly happy. I tend to lean toward quality over quantity, so the high-end food choices — many locally sourced — on Windstar Cruises made me a happy girl. Our meals were terrific!

Indulge in delightful breakfasts with an array of made-to-order eggs, fluffy pancakes, and decadent eggs Benedict. The buffet caters to all tastes, featuring a variety of Indian delights, smoked meats, comforting food favorites, soups, and sandwiches for lunch. With 24-hour room service, unlimited ice cream, and a charming coffee shop serving tempting mini-sandwiches and sweets, your culinary desires will be satisfied.

I was shocked (mic-drop here) that the main dining room — the basic one for those of you new to the cruise world — is the only cruise line at sea endorsed by and is the Official Cruise Line of the James Beard Foundation . Yes, you read that right. The foundation was created in part to recognize the efforts of those putting America’s culinary skills a cut above the rest, and that is apparent with the chef-inspired dishes on these ships. Windstar Cruises brings people to plates on the high seas that are “180 degrees from ordinary.”

5. Star Legend’s Specialty Restaurants

As if the food wasn’t remarkable enough, there are specialty restaurants on a Windstar cruise. The Star Legend had the lovely Spanish restaurant, Cuadro 44, and Candles, a classic steakhouse. Cuadro 44 offers coastal Spanish tapas, wines, and exotic seafood in a vibrant, energetic setting, while Candles is a more romantic restaurant with white table cloths, candlelight, and al fresco dining. 

Now get this… they are included in your cruise fare. You pay no additional fees to dine in these restaurants that serve high-end items like Ibérico ham, lamb chops, Galician-style octopus, and jumbo prawns.

Fun Fact: Cuadro 44 only holds 38 passengers, so this small-scale dining experience is highly desirable.

6. Adventurous Cruise Excursions

I’ve been told that Windstar caters to a more active group of travelers. The website boasts 2,500 one-of-a-kind tours, and that is mind-boggling. I found many of the Windstar cruise excursions to be on the moderate to strenuous side of the scale, but there was still plenty for others to enjoy, too. From scuba diving to visiting private islands, there was a wide range of activities and experiences.

Windstar also offers many custom tours, including a carefully-curated excursion for your family and friends, or even a solo trip, to see the sights you wish to visit with an English-speaking guide in a private car or van. These guides are also fully bonded, insured, and licensed.

Check into the culinary shore excursions onboard Windstar Cruises, as well. These opportunities take cruise passengers to local wineries, breweries, and even hands-on cooking classes to learn from the locals and eat and drink with goods from the region you are visiting.

7. Ratio Of Cruise Staff To Cruise Guests

My cruise ship could potentially hold 312 passengers. On this particular sailing, there were only around 158 passengers, which meant running at half capacity for guests. This meant no lines, no packed swimming pools or hot tubs, and nearly 1.25 cruise staff per passenger. 

I swear, I don’t know how the Windstar staff does it, but they would remember every name, drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) choice, favorite things, and where we were from. Often, we didn’t have time to think we needed something before a smiling face showed up with said item in hand. I kept thinking of the Ritz Carlton tagline, “My pleasure Mrs. Pittman.”

Fun Fact: For even more excellent cruise concierge service, allow Windstar to help you book your air travel, pre and post hotel and tour reservations, and even your itinerary for a fantastic vacation.

8. A Unique Beach Barbecue Dining Experience

Something new to my cruising experiences happened on the Windstar Star Legend . It was supposed to be two things, but one got postponed and then canceled due to inclement weather. But, the one that did take place was incredible, and I think you will agree.

In a port where we had to tender (take small boats) to the shore, Windstar set up a beach barbecue for all of its guests to enjoy for lunch. Virgin Gorda was the perfect setting for the festive tables, steel-drum musicians, paella and bbq meats buffet, and tropical backdrop. The amount of effort that went into shuttling all things necessary (plates, glassware, utensils, food, beverages, linens, etc.) to the shore for us to have a memorable lunch honestly brings tears to my eyes. What a fantastic brand and staff that braves, in our case, extreme waves and weather conditions for a quick dining experience that creates such a heartwarming memory. It was well-appreciated.

Windstar, if you made that macaroni and cheese because I mentioned it, thank you. They canceled the deck barbecue mentioned above due to the weather, but I heard from repeat passengers that this is one of their favorite Windstar offerings.

Pro Tip: I like to bring a few cards from home and leave a tip for my favorite cruise staff, along with a personalized message to thank them for enriching my vacation.

For more premiere cruising options , check out our recent coverage:

  • Epic 3-Year World Cruise Sets Sail This November — What You Need To Know
  • 6 Tips For Choosing The Best Yacht Charter Experience
  • 6 Best Antarctica Expedition Cruises To Add To Your Bucket List

This article originally appeared on TravelAwaits

Macklin Holloway / Shutterstock.com

Ace earns Brown a new boat; Kelce talks Swift; notes from Friday's ACC celebrity golf

Portrait of Jim Krajewski

His fifth career ace came at a perfect time for Tim Brown: on a course next to a lake.

The former Los Angeles Raiders receiver made a hole-in-one on hole No. 12 Friday at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament at Edgewood Tahoe.

He didn't realize it was in the hole at first but soon found out he won the MasterCraft boat on display nearby, worth an estimated $225,000.

His ace on the 143-yard No. 12 hole was Brown's first in the celebrity tournament. He has played in the ACC for 24 years.

"I didn't hit it the way I wanted to. I was trying to hit it up to the right and I pulled it a little bit. I was starting to complain and noticed the ball was going at the hole. Of course I didn't think it was going to go in," Brown said. "But then the crowd up there went crazy, and I didn't even know about the boat. I saw the boat there. And Marcus Allen said, ‘Man, you just won a boat.’ I was like, ‘What?’ We really went crazy after that, getting up on the boat dancing doing the whole thing. It was a great moment."

Brown finished with 17 points for the round and is tied for eighth place in the 90-player field.

Brown also made an ace on the par-3 course at Augusta a few months ago. He also had aces at TPC Sawgrass and at Pebble Beach, among other courses.

Brown said his father always had a boat, called "Lucky Lady," which now sits in his mother's driveway. He said the new boat could replace that one.

Jerry Rice, who played for the San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Raiders and Seattle Seahawks, was nearby and saw Brown's ball go in the hole.

"He came over and hugged me. But it was — it's not really a real hug. It was a 'that should have been me' hug," Brown said smiling. "But, no, Jerry, we shared these types of things before. So that was great."

Brown won the Heisman Trophy at Notre Dame and is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"In my office I have the Heisman. I have the Hall of Fame bust and I have the ball from TPC Sawgrass that I made. And my boy's like, ‘Look, man, I know this football thing is special, but that golf ball, what you did, that may be the best things you've ever done,’" Brown said. "Doing it in this situation in a tournament with a prize, it's second to none. You can't throw out the Heisman and Hall of Fame, but these rank high, no doubt."

Brown said he does not drink, but he would buy rounds of lemonade Friday night, as is customary when people make a hole-in-one.

Travis Kelce talks football, golf and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce, who is making his sixth appearance in the ACC, said he feels fortunate to be invited back every year.

"It must be those karaoke contests that keep me coming back, because it's definitely not been my golf," Kelce said. "I get to play with my brother and The Miz, the Cleveland crew, we'll have some fun out there, and the crowd looks electric. It's always a blast out here in Tahoe."

This NFL season, Kelce will try to help the Kanas City Chiefs accomplish something that has never been done: win three straight Super Bowls.

Kelce said the Chiefs have the players to do it.

"We've got Xavier Worthy. We've got Marquise Brown. We've got some dawgs. We have some unbelievable talent, some great coaches, and obviously the front office that brings it all together. We've got the full arsenal over there in Kansas City," he said. "You've got to revamp the team every single year. You've got to remold the team. Hopefully out in Saint Joe (St. Joseph, Missouri, site of Kansas City’s training camp) we can get a head start on that. And through the course of the season, as you saw last year, we got better as the season went on. It's going to be a long haul if we get a chance to do it. I'm excited to get back into the football world. It's been a crazy offseason for me, so I'm ready to get back to work."

Kelce has become more well-known than he was during the first part of his NFL career, due to his dating Taylor Swift.

He said the year he has been with Swift has been the best of his life.

"It's been the funnest year of my life. I can definitely say that. I said that after the Super Bowl when I played my brother and meeting my brother at the mountaintop was the peak of my life," Kelce said. "And it just keeps going up and up from there. Who knows, man, who knows where this thing goes if I get a chance to win another one."

His brother, Jason Kelce recorded the longest drive on the par-5 hole No. 16 at Edgewood Tahoe Resort, with a distance of 322 yards. Kelce will receive $5,000 to go toward a charity of his choice.

Charles Barkley's Friday round at Tahoe celebrity golf tournament

Charles Barkley had a good round on Friday, finishing with three points after getting two birdies and sitting in a tie for 48th place with Davante Adams, Chris Harrison and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

"It's the best I've ever probably played anywhere, probably," Barkley said. "But I played really well. I was really confident. I played great today, and I'm really looking forward to the next couple days."

Barkley said his the greens at Edgewood did not seem as fast as in previous years.

"I made great shots, obviously, and my caddie was great today, gave me some good reads," Barkley said. "And like I say, these greens, they don't seem like they're as fast as they were last year. But they're in perfect shape. Shout-out to my coach who's got me playing great golf."

Leaders at American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament

Adam Thielen recorded 24 points and sits alone atop the leaderboard after Friday's first round. Mardy Fish is in second with 23 points, followed by Derek Lowe and Joe Pavelski (21 points each), Mark Mulder and Dell Curry (19 points each), John Smoltz (18)m and four golfers with 17 points each, Annika Sorenstam, Jake Owen, Joe Mauer and Brown.

Leaderboard: Find all the scores from Friday's round at the ACC

Pavelski was on No. 12 when a bear and two cubs ran across the field nearby Friday morning.

"That was cool to see the momma with the cubs. You don't always see that on a golf course. It's pretty cool," Pavelski said. "You leave them alone. That was cool."

The course was packed with fans Friday, and tournament officials said it was sold out, as is Saturday's round.

"Everybody here kind of knows how it just keeps growing," Pavelski said. "That's the big thank-you to American Century, what they do, what the guys show up and do and the products you put out there and the amount of fun.

“But as an athlete for myself, hockey, it's all about the fans, playing, the atmosphere, how much they care about the game, how much we care about the game."

Thielen is in his eighth year playing the ACC and his best finish was a tie for fourth in 2022.

He tries to practice as much as he can while raising three children.

"I love the game of golf so I try to work on it as much as I can. I don't get to play a whole lot with three young kids," Thielen said. "But try to get time in a simulator, try to work on my game as much as I can, especially leading up to this week."

Dell Curry said his son Steph Curry, the defending ACC champion, was watching the round while preparing for the Paris Olympics.

"Steph's last words before he took off: 'You guys represent, play well.' He's been locked into the round, the scores all day. I'm proud of Seth. Seth played well. I think I gave him way too many points. I've got to pick my game up," Dell Curry said.

He said that to win the annual Curry family bet and win the title belt back from Steph, he needs to score 50 or more points and finish in the top 15. Seth has to score at least 20 points and finish in the top 35.

Modified Stableford scoring

The tournament, which is being televised through Sunday on NBC, Golf Channel and Peacock, uses a modified Stableford scoring system — 3 points for a birdie, 1 for a par, 0 for a bogey and minus-2 for a double bogey or worse.

Saturday : NBC, Peacock,  11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. PT (Live) Sunday :  NBC. Peacock  11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. PT (Live)

Tickets: Tickets are sold out for Saturday. Tickets are available for Sunday at americancenturychampionship.com.

India TV News

  • You Are At:

Boat to launch new smart ring in India at one-tenth the price of Samsung Galaxy Ring

Boat smart ring active will soon launch in india at an introductory price. it will feature a stainless steel body and support health monitoring features..

Boat Smart Ring Active

Boat Smart Ring Active India price and availability 

The Boat Smart Ring Active will be available in three color options and five sizes. It is set to launch in India on July 20 and can be pre-booked starting from July 18 on Amazon, Flipkart, and the official Boat India website. The special launch price for the product is confirmed to be Rs. 2,999, and it will also come with a portable magnetic charging case. The Samsung Galaxy Ring costs approxiametly Rs 34,000 in India. 

Boat Smart Ring Active features

The Boat Smart Ring Active will feature a stainless steel body and has been teased to support auto health monitoring. This includes tracking heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2), sleep, and stress levels through multiple sensors. 

The existing Boat Smart Ring model enables navigation in short-form video apps, music playback, and camera controls. It offers up to seven days of battery life, has a 5ATM water resistance rating, and can be used to activate SOS calls.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Ring is available in nine sizes , ranging from five to 13, and comes with a sizing kit to help you choose the right fit from these options. It has 8MB of memory and is equipped with a PPG (Photoplethysmography) sensor to detect irregular heart rhythms. Additionally, it includes a temperature sensor and accelerometer to provide wearers with insights into their well-being. The Galaxy Ring is compatible with the Samsung Health app.

ALSO READ:  Samsung Galaxy M35 5G with 6,000mAh battery launched in India: Check price, specifications, availability

Read all the Breaking News Live on indiatvnews.com and Get Latest English News & Updates from Technology

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Ollie Pope, Ben Duckett display bazball as England post huge total on opening day of 2nd Test vs WI

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How to remove AI videos from YouTube?

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Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya

'Hardik Pandya knew about this divorce': Cricketer's old clip trends after separation with wife

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Obama, Pelosi warn Biden of diminishing path to victory against Trump: Reports

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Bangladesh violence: 32 killed, internet shut down | Why are students protesting against job quotas?

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Haqeeqat Kya Hai: Shocking statement of former DGP regarding PM Modi's security

Coffee Par Kurukshetra: Will Yogi continue to lead Uttar Pradesh?

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Yoga, 18 July 2024: Swami Ramdev's yogic punch...ends dengue terror

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Damaged coaches of Dibrugarh Express

PM Modi meets BJP staffers at party headquarters ahead of key elections

Char Dham Yatra

Uttarakhand to bring strict laws against unauthorized religious trusts in names of Chardham

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'Kavach anti-collision system be installed expeditiously': Kharge on Gonda train derailment

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Budget 2024, Railway

Budget 2024: Will FM Nirmala Sitharaman restore railway fare concessions for senior citizens?

Budget 2024, Black Budget, Dream Budget

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Budget 2024

Budget 2024: Tourism industry seeks uniform 12 per cent GST rate on hotels

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also present was

Budget 2024: PM Modi holds meeting with prominent economists to gather their views, suggestions

Halwa ceremony FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Halwa ceremony marks final stage of Budget preperation process at North Block | WATCH

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US Elections 2024

Trump rally shooting: FBI struggles to unravel mysteries left by attacker Thomas Crooks

Air India Delhi San Francisco fligh

Air India's Delhi-San Francisco flight diverted to Russia due to THIS reason | DETAILS

Trump's pporters and attendees wearing bandages over their ears in tribute to Trump during the Repub

New trend ALERT! Trump-style ear bandages are new fashion at Republican National Convention

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Bad Newz Movie Review

Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic announce divorce, call it a ‘tough decision’ l Read Post

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Stree 3: Dinesh Vijan confirms script ‘already written’ with Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor

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Akaay Kohli's first appearance with parents Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma in London | Watch

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Nick Jonas calls himself 'lucky' in his lovely birthday post for Priyanka Chopra | See Photos

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Sensex breaches 81,000 mark, Nifty scales 24,800 peak on gains in IT, FMCG shares

Stock markets update

Stock markets: Sensex falls over 250 points, Nifty dips 76 points to 24,536 in early trade

Air India, Vistara

Air India introduces VRS and VSS scheme for non-flying permanent staff ahead of merger with Vistara

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Muharram Holiday 2024: Will stock market be closed today on July 17? Check here

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Want to stay healthy and infection-free during monsoon pregnancy? Follow these steps

Irregular sleep

Irregular sleep for a week can lead to increased diabetes risk: Study

One spoon of coriander seeds can cure serious diseases.

One spoonful of coriander seeds can cure many serious diseases, know when and how to consume it


What is Glioblastoma? Know symptoms, risk factors and treatment for this type of cancer

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How to Charter a Boat

If you want to sail off into the sunset, at least temporarily, you need to understand how to get aboard first.

An illustration of the bow of a boat with three women with flowing hair and cocktails looking over a man playing a guitar and then off in the water, four other vacationers are sunbathing on inner tubes.

By Lauren Sloss

This time of year, it’s an inevitable thought: Life would be that much better out on the water. Specifically, on a boat.

Even if you have neither a boat nor boating experience, it’s never been easier to make your nautical dreams come true — whether you want a day trip on your local lake or a fully staffed multiday voyage in a far-flung locale. Here are the initial questions that will help you plan an adventure on the water.

Whom are you traveling with?

Thinking about the size and dynamic of your group is an important first step, even if you are simply going on a day trip. Will children be on board? How old? What about elderly parents?

Dan Lockyer, the chief commercial officer of Dream Yacht Worldwide , strongly encourages travelers to determine group size — and, ideally, get people committed — before booking.

“The location that you want to go to, the time of year that you want to go, the type of boat that you want will entirely depend on the makeup of the group that you’re sailing with,” Mr. Lockyer said.

Do you want to captain, or do you want a captain?

Different charter companies specialize in certain locations, types of boats, itineraries and services. Some companies offer the opportunity for a “bareboat” charter, in which you rent the boat and take on the navigation and provisioning yourself, while others exclusively offer fully staffed options, including a captain and a cook.

If you want to captain the boat yourself, almost all outfits require some kind of proof of sailing or boating experience, often in line with local regulations.

Edward King, 45, an executive at a streaming company based in San Francisco, is experienced in sailing the city’s waterways. But on vacation, he said he would prefer to let a captain and crew take the lead.

Mr. King said he appreciates a captain who is familiar with both the local waters — “they’ll know how to avoid sailing into a certain sandbar,” he said, — as well as the local attractions.

In contrast, Matt Blake, 38, a software engineer based in Oakland, Calif., was eager to grow his sailing experience during a recent trip to La Paz, Mexico, with his fiancée. He hired a captain but made clear that the captain was there to help and teach.

Where do you want to go?

“Do you want something that’s more culturally oriented? Nature oriented? An adventure trip?” asked Mary Curry, the voyage product director of Adventure Life , which offers small group tours and private trips on land and on water around the world.

That answer can determine your destination. Popular cruising grounds include the Caribbean, Croatia, Alaska and French Polynesia, but the sky — or the sea — is really the limit. For help narrowing your focus, travel advisers often have relationships with charter companies or outfits around the world, and sailing publications offer recommendations.

Kyla Malkani, who has had experience with charters working as a destination wedding planner, recommends consulting the concierge of waterfront hotels, particularly for short-term or day rentals.

“A lot of times they will have either their own fleet or they will have some sort of connection at a dock,” said Ms. Malkani, 37, who is based in Washington, D.C., and is currently working as a content creator and freelance event planner.

What kind of boat?

Where you want to travel and for how long will likely determine the kinds of boats that are available to you. Crucial at this point, too, is an understanding of the boat’s layout and amenities.

“You definitely want to choose the right kind of boat,” said Ms. Malkani. “If you want more adventure, a sailboat is nice. If you’re looking for a luxury party environment, a yacht is best. And if you’re looking for something smooth, for older people or with kids, a catamaran is great.”

David Barclay is a luxury travel adviser who has also chartered boats for his own vacations.

“You want to match what the travelers want to what the boat offers,” he said.

Perhaps a group of friends might not mind a catamaran with functional but not luxurious marine bathrooms, but a multigenerational group might prefer more high-touch amenities.

When should I book?

Often, charter trips are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that require a great deal of advanced planning.

“You may have a specific place you want to go, or a specific time of year you want to travel,” said Mr. Barclay. “And some places just aren’t good at certain times of year.”

Naturally, you don’t want to be at sea in the Caribbean during hurricane season, or in the Mediterranean during winter storms. But you also might want to avoid peak cruising seasons, too.

The first three weeks of August are quite popular, said Mr. Lockyer. “If you have some flexibility and can travel in early July, you’ll get the same sort of great weather, a greater selection of boats and the anchorages won’t be as crowded.”

How much does it cost?

Charter costs are incredibly variable, dependent on all of the factors coming into play: your boat type and size, your destination, your group size, the amount of crew you’d like and the amenities on board. That said, costs could range anywhere from $2,000 for a day on a sailboat to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a multiday mega-yacht charter. Have a budget in mind when beginning your research process.

What if I didn’t plan far in advance?

While advanced planning is encouraged, and often necessary for bigger boat trips, it’s possible to book a boat last-minute.

Boatsetter , an Airbnb-like platform for boats, is a good resource for last-minute bookings, especially for day trips, and even has an Instant Book option for down-to-the-wire bookings.

“If it’s for a special event, or around major holidays, you may want to book a month or two in advance. But for general bookings, you can find options within a week or two,” said Kim Koditek, Boatsetter’s head of brand strategy and communications, of the company’s overnight offerings, which appear on their platform under the luxury yacht charters category .

Ms. Malkani has used Boatsetter for some of her charters, most of which have been booked with a specific goal in mind.

“I’m a sunset chaser,” she said. “My husband and I just really love being on the water, and we always try to squeeze in some sort of boat day activity when we’re traveling.”

For more travel advice, visit our collection of Travel 101 tips and hacks.

Come Sail Away

Love them or hate them, cruises can provide a unique perspective on travel..

 Cruise Ship Surprises: Here are five unexpected features on ships , some of which you hopefully won’t discover on your own.

 Icon of the Seas: Our reporter joined thousands of passengers on the inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas . The most surprising thing she found? Some actual peace and quiet .

Th ree-Year Cruise, Unraveled:  The Life at Sea cruise was supposed to be the ultimate bucket-list experience : 382 port calls over 1,095 days. Here’s why  those who signed up are seeking fraud charges  instead.

TikTok’s Favorite New ‘Reality Show’:  People on social media have turned the unwitting passengers of a nine-month world cruise  into  “cast members”  overnight.

Dipping Their Toes: Younger generations of travelers are venturing onto ships for the first time . Many are saving money.

Cult Cruisers: These devoted cruise fanatics, most of them retirees, have one main goal: to almost never touch dry land .

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The global authority in superyachting

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Sailing Yachts For Sale

While they may be far outnumbered by their motor yacht peers, sailing yachts are unique in terms of regatta capabilities and eco-friendly performance. Most buyers of a sailing yacht for sale wouldn’t swap their bluewater cruisers or regatta winners for anything. After all, there's nothing quite like sipping ice-cold mojitos to the soundtrack of a sail flapping gently overhead.

That's why we have invited a mix of some of the most elegant, traditional, modern and enjoyable sailing yachts for sale to be showcased on BOAT – to help those aspiring owners to find their perfect match. Owning a sailing yacht comes with numerous benefits, freedom and flexibility to set sail whenever and wherever. Plus, the eco-friendly credentials never go out-of-date.

Here, we take a look at some of the standout sailing yachts for sale with BOAT International, including sailing yachts from legendary names such as Royal Huisman , Perini Navi , Nautor's Swan and Jongert .

Yacht Features

Propulsion System

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The City of Portland is providing extra security for Commissioner Rene Gonzalez after he said...

Commissioner Gonzalez gets 24-hour security from Portland after he says he was threatened

Congresswoman Andrea Salinas met with local leaders in Washington County on Thursday to hear...

Rep. Salinas meets with Washington Co. leaders to talk post-M110 plans

After a woman was killed in 2022 in a Portland street racing crash, her family filed a lawsuit...

Mother of woman killed in street racing crash sues City of Portland, state, local agencies

Oregon’s governor is hoping to bring hundreds of millions of additional dollars to schools...

Governor Kotek unveils $515M schools funding proposal

The second of two suspects in a Salem shooting last week was arrested on Wednesday, according...

Police: 2 motorcyclists fire into air near officers investigating motorbike theft in Salem

A man killed in a shooting on Sunday was identified by the Portland Police Bureau on Thursday...

Man killed in NE Portland shooting identified


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    Browse thousands of yachts for sale by professional yacht brokers with new, used, sailing, power and super yachts. No prices are shown on the web page, only request or contact information for each yacht.

  2. Yachts for Sale

    Find your dream yacht from a collection of luxury yachts and megayachts for sale from all over the world. Filter by type, length, price, year, features and more to compare and contact brokers.

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    Browse a selection of superyachts for sale over 30m in various lengths, types, prices and locations. Find your dream yacht with Fraser's expert brokers and search features.

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    Fraser Yachts offers a wide range of new and brokerage yachts for sale, from 0 to 200+ million pounds. Find your dream yacht with Fraser Yachts, a world leader in yachting for over 70 years.

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    Browse thousands of boats for sale in the US, from yachts to fishing boats, by price, year, length, make and more. Find your dream boat or sell your current one on YachtWorld, the world's largest yacht marketplace.

  6. Luxury Yachts for Sale / Mega Yachts for Sale

    IYC is a global brokerage firm that offers a wide range of superyachts, megayachts, motor yachts and sailing yachts for sale. The web page does not provide any price information for the yachts, but shows photos, features and contact details of the sales team.

  7. How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Yacht?

    While the average price of a yacht sold in the Southeast this year is $640,000, buyers can find yachts for less if they are willing to go a bit older and/or a bit smaller. According to the list of 2021 sold boats, the average selling price for yachts between 40 and 50 feet was $329,000.

  8. Luxury Yachts for Sale & Private Yacht Charter

    YATCO is a comprehensive and trusted yachting database of new and used yachts and boats for sale and charter. Search by price, length, builder, type, and more, and find featured yachts and events.

  9. Power Motor Yachts for sale

    Motor Yachts listed for sale on YachtWorld offers a diverse price range, from $32,245 on the more modest side to an astonishing $27,722,149 for the most expensive yachts available. It is important to take into consideration the expenses associated with ownership when evaluating your budget and the listed price of a yacht available for sale.

  10. Yacht Price: An In-Depth Guide to Understanding and Managing Costs

    New Yacht Price Range. $100,000 - $10 million. $500,000 - $20 million. $10 million - $300+ million. Pre-Owned Price Range. $50,000 - $5 million. $250,000 - $15 million. $5 million - $150+ million. Note: Prices are approximate ranges and can vary based on additional factors.

  11. How Much Does a Yacht Cost: A Comprehensive Breakdown for Buyers

    Yacht insurance is a significant cost that should be factored into your decision to buy a yacht. The cost of insurance can vary based on the size, type, and value of the yacht. For example, a 180-foot superyacht may have insurance costs upwards of $240,000 per year. Obtaining quotes from various providers is essential.

  12. Luxury Yachts For Sale

    World's largest portal for luxury yachts for sale and yachts for charter. Browse yachts and superyachts for sale with an extensive list of yacht brokers, v…

  13. Average Yacht Prices: 18 Helpful Examples (Size 40'-130')

    A 40-foot yacht can be found used for around $200,000 and new models can cost as much as a million dollars. There are always lots of used yachts for sale around 40 feet in length, which makes them more attractive to first-time buyers. Technically, a yacht begins at 23 feet. However, yachts that size will more often be referred to as boats.

  14. Yacht Prices Guide

    Luxury yacht prices, like the yachts themselves, differ enormously. According to 2014 sales data, the average yacht price for a second-hand yacht for sale is €7.9 million ($8.4 million), but prices of super yachts can start at around $1.5 million for a small or older yacht and rise to a $600 million, which is how much Azzam, the largest yacht ...

  15. NADA Guides

    You can use Boat Trader's Boat Price Checker, which provides real-time market data, for the most accurate pricing information for both new and used boats. Back in 2015, NADA Guides was purchased by J.D. Powers and was then rolled into their suite of valuation tools. As a comprehensive vehicle-listing website it published blue-book type ...

  16. How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

    When referring to larger sailing yachts—and by larger we are talking about 100-foot yacht prices—there is a "rule of thumb" estimate of $1 million per 3 feet in length. So a 100-foot yacht may cost in the region of $30 million. But sliding back down the length ladder, it's possible to pick up a small, used sailing yacht for a fraction ...

  17. How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

    New yachts over 100-feet long have an average price of a yacht equal to $1 million per 3.3 feet in length. In other words, a 100-foot yacht will, on average, cost more than $30 million. Older yachts below 85 feet are less expensive. For example, an 84-foot yacht originally built in 2002 and renovated in 2015 sold for $1.45 million.

  18. How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

    To give you a better understanding of yacht prices, we will provide a breakdown of different yacht segments, including small yachts, mid-size yachts, and larger yachts. But, as a point of reference, the 2023 US Boats Group market index revealed that the average price of a yacht was approximately $1.5 million (56-79 feet).

  19. Yachts for Sale

    World's largest selection of brokerage boats for sale by professional yacht brokers with new, used, sailing, power and super yachts for sale. Close. Close. I'm a boater! Email me yachts and information. ... *This price is based on today's currency conversion rate. Buy / Sell. Advice on buying and selling boats:

  20. Power boat, Sailboat Prices & Personal Watercraft Values

    Boat Prices and Values Research new and used boat pricing, specs, photos and more for anything from power boats to personal watercraft Start Here. Browse by Boat Type Find prices and values for all boat types below. Power Boats Sailboats Personal Watercraft Outboard Motors ...

  21. The most luxurious yachts to rent

    The luxury yacht market is expected to grow in value from $7.67 billion in 2023 to $17.33 billion by 2032, according to a recent report from Fortune Business Insights.

  22. 8 Experiences That Make A Windstar Cruise Worth The Price

    2. Windstar's Stylish Yacht & Rooms. There are no cruise boats or ships with Windstar, only yachts and sailboats. I took the Star Legend, a small, incredibly picturesque yacht.The Legend was ...

  23. Mark Zuckerberg's $300 Million Mega Yacht Causes a Stir in Italy

    It cost Zuckerberg around $300 million to buy, and an additional $30 million per year in running costs. While specific details about the interior amenities of Mark Zuckerberg's mega yacht are scarce due to the yacht's privacy, it is believed that it has multiple opulent guest suites, a master bedroom with a private balcony, and lavish ...

  24. Kelce talks Swift at celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe

    He didn't realize it was in the hole at first but soon found out he won the MasterCraft boat on display nearby, worth an estimated $225,000. His ace on the 143-yard No. 12 hole was Brown's first ...

  25. boAt Smart Ring Active India launch set for July 20; price revealed

    The boAt Smart Ring Active comes in at a much lower price than its predecessor, launching at Rs. 2,999. This will make it the most affordable smart ring in the Indian market, attracting buyers who ...

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    Find new or used boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  27. Boat to launch new smart ring in India at one-tenth the price of

    Boat Smart Ring Active will soon launch in India at an introductory price. It will feature a stainless steel body and support health monitoring features. Written By: Om Gupta New Delhi Updated on ...

  28. How to Charter a Boat

    How much does it cost? Charter costs are incredibly variable, dependent on all of the factors coming into play: your boat type and size, your destination, your group size, the amount of crew you ...

  29. Sailing Yachts For Sale

    Here, we take a look at some of the standout sailing yachts for sale with BOAT International, including sailing yachts from legendary names such as Royal Huisman, Perini Navi, Nautor's Swan and Jongert. Discover the finest luxury sailing yachts for sale worldwide with BOAT International, featuring sailing superyachts from the world's best builders.

  30. 1 dead and 2 missing after boat capsizes off Oregon coast

    A person is dead and a man and an 11-year-old boy are missing after a boat carrying five people capsized near Astoria on Saturday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.