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Design and performance

Neel trimarans are unique sailing boats that brilliantly combine unequalled comfort on board and incredible sailing pleasure. a good balance due to the experience, know-how and skills of a team of passionate people..

Try to win a cruise on a NEEL 43 thanks to our Instagram giveaway!

Try to win a cruise on a NEEL 43 on our Instragram!

A NEEL trimaran, the perfect sailing boat for an unforgettable adventure

A NEEL trimaran, the perfect sailing boat for an unforgettable adventure

NEEL-TRIMARANS and its dealer network are organising the PRIVATE DAYS in La Rochelle from March 2nd to March 4th 2023

NEEL-TRIMARANS and its dealer network are organising the PRIVATE DAYS in La Rochelle from March 2, to March 4, 2023

NEEL 43 elected among the top 10 boats of 2023 by SAIL Magazine 3

NEEL 43 elected among the top 10 boats of 2023 by SAIL Magazine

Le NEEL 43 nominé pour de prestigieux prix

NEEL 43 nominated for two prestigious American awards


The latest Lombard-designed addition to the range is even more innovative and impressive, and with a marked move towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials. The NEEL 43 is available in a limited edition performance version.

The neel 47 successfully combines the benefits of cruising or blue water yacht : safety, performance and comfort living..

trimaran yacht manufacturers

With its racy, modern silhouette, elaborately designed hull and sleek lines, the NEEL 52 exudes power, speed, and elegance. Moving inside and on the deck is smooth and safe.

The neel 65 evolution, the flagship of the fleet, offers unequalled comfort and navigation in "sport-chic" mode..

trimaran yacht manufacturers

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The Complete List of Trimarans

The Complete List of Trimarans

There is no single trimaran that is best for everyone. Where some prefer luxury cruisers for long trips with family and friends, others might opt for a high performance racing tri for thrilling rides at breakneck speeds. With the recent spike in trimaran popularity, these days there is a perfect tri for every sailor. So to help prospective trimaran owners decide which boat is just right for them, we here at WindRider have put together a comprehensive list of the best trimarans on the market today! Read through for simple at-a-glance trimaran comparisons of boats both big and small, exhilarating and relaxing, and for all price points.

Jump to a specific sailing trimaran: Neel Weta Corsair WindRider Dragonfly Catri Astus Hobie Sea Pearl Farrier Sea Cart Multi 23 Triak SeaRail Warren Lightcraft Diam Radikal Challenger

trimaran yacht manufacturers

Known for their award-winning luxury trimarans,   NEEL   is based in La Rochelle, the capital city of sailing in France. NEEL trimarans are built for fast cruising with an average cruising speed of about 10 knots, and are even configured to facilitate that sustained speed under motor propulsion. The NEEL 45 was notably named Cruising World’s Most Innovative Vessel in 2013, and by all accounts is an easy-to-sail, high performance boat that is just plain fun.

At a glance:

Models: NEEL 45, 65

Length: 45’ – 65’

Cost:   $$$$$

Use: Luxury cruiser

trimaran yacht manufacturers

A fan favorite,   Weta trimarans   are fast, stable, and remarkably easy to rig. This single-sailor tri has a capacity of up to three, and the ease with which it can be transported and stored makes this a great, versatile boat for beginners. The Weta was named Sailing World’s 2010 Boat of the Year, and one ride is enough to know why: simply put, the Weta is an absolute ton of fun to sail regardless of skill level.

Models: Weta

Length: 14’5”

Cost:   $$ $$$

trimaran yacht manufacturers

The high-end   Corsair trimaran   definitely holds its own in the categories of versatility, performance, and convenience. Boasting a rigging time of 30 minutes from trailer to sailor ,   the Corsair 42 – whose convenient folding amas makes trailering possible – is a simple option even for single sailors, though cabin space is suitable for two adults. These boats are wicked fast, capable of reaching speeds of 20+ knots, and were made for skilled sailors seeking solid construction and high performance vessels, not for beginners.

Models: Pulse 600, Sprint 750 MKII, Dash 750 MKII, Corsair 28, Cruze 970, Corsair 37, Corsair 42

Length: 19’8” – 37’

Cost:   $$$$ $

Use: Sports cruisers

trimaran yacht manufacturers

Built for the sailor who wants to maximize the joys of sailing while minimizing any hassle, WindRider trimarans are notoriously fast, very safe, and a blast to sail from start to finish. With several models that can hold between 1 and 6 riders, including adaptive designs to allow participation from sailors of all levels of mobility, there’s something to suit every sailor’s needs. The WindRider 17, an exhilarating ride perfect for families or camper sailors, has been known to reach speeds of up to 20mph. This easy day sailor goes from trailer to sailing in under 30 minutes and is sure to fit in perfectly with whatever adventures you have planned.

Models: WR 16, 17, Tango, Rave V

Length: 10’11” – 18’3”

Cost:   $ $$$$

Use: Day sailor

trimaran yacht manufacturers

The Danish-built   Dragonfly   trimarans come in a variety of models ranging from 25’ – 35’, all known for their spry performance, comfortable ride, and ease of use. Every model comes equipped with the unique “SwingWing” feature, a motorized system that can unfold the amas even while the boat is already underway – making it accessible to marinas and slips, and even makes trailering possible. Perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice their comfort for high performance, the Dragonfly can breeze along at 13 knots while remaining one of the quietest compact cruisers out there.

Models: Dragonfly 25, 28, 32, 35, 1200

Length: 25’ – 39’

trimaran yacht manufacturers

Designed for both safe cruising as well as for high speed racing,   Catri trimarans   will make your day. Especially noteworthy is the Catri 25, a stable yet wildly fast foiling trimaran with accommodations for up to 6 people. With profiles optimized for speeds of 25+ knots when foiling, this is no beginner’s sailboat. The special attention paid to stability in the foil design allows the Catri to be a single sailor vessel, even at foiling speed, with no special physical abilities. Whether you’re taking a small crew for longer rides at shuddering speeds or bringing the whole family along for a shorter, but still thrilling sail, the Catri is truly one of a kind.

Models: Catri 25

Length: 25’

Use: Cruiser/racer

trimaran yacht manufacturers

A popular brand of trimaran in Europe,   Astus   has recently made its way to the US market to the delight of sailors on this side of the pond. Designed to offer maximum pleasure with minimum hassle, all models of Astus trimarans are fast to set up, quick on the water, inherently stable, and always a joy to sail. Their outriggers are mounted on telescopic tubes for easy stowage and towing, and can even be extended and retracted on the water for access to narrow passageways and monohull slips in marinas. With models in all sizes and price points, Astus trimarans are a great option for any sailor.

Models: Astus 16.5, 18.2, 20.2, 22, 24

Cabin: Some models

Length: 16’ – 24’

Use: Sport cruisers


trimaran yacht manufacturers

Great for beginners and adventurers alike, the   Hobie Mirage Adventure Island   series is nothing if not just plain fun. With the option to use as a kayak or as a very basic trimaran, the Hobie is transportable, versatile, unintimidating, lightweight, and wonderfully affordable. The pedal system known as “Mirage Drive” allows a person to pedal the kayak using their legs for an extra kick of movement in slow winds. Amas tuck close to the main hull for docking or car-topping, adding serious ease and convenience to the exhilarating experience of the Hobie.

Models: Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, Mirage Tandem Island

Length: 16’7” – 18’6”

Use: Convertible kayak/trimarans

trimaran yacht manufacturers

Best known for its use in camp cruising excursions, the   Sea Pearl   offers a roomy main hull and particular ability to sail in very shallow waters, making beaching and launching a breeze. The lightweight Sea Pearl trimaran is easy to tow, and the larger-than-expected cabin opens this vessel up for overnight adventures with plenty of storage space. The simple design makes the Sea Pearl notoriously low maintenance, and the ease it takes to rig and sail it add to the overall delight of owning this boat.

Models: Sea Pearl

Length: 21’

Use: Camper cruiser

trimaran yacht manufacturers

Quick, lightweight, roomy, and trailerable,   Farrier trimarans   are made for versatility to fit every sailor’s needs. Different Farrier models are available in plan or kit boat form for those who appreciate building their boat themselves, but of course, also as the full production sail-away boat for the rest of us. Single-handed rigging and launching takes under 10 minutes from start to finish, minimizing hassle and getting you on the water fast. All non-racing Farrier designs use a minimum wind capsize speed of 30 knots or more to ensure safety for all those aboard. Add the roomy cabin and high speed capabilities to the equation and you’ve got a boat that is great fun for everyone.

Models:   F-22, 24, 25, 82, 27, 28, 31, 9A, 9AX, 9R, 32, 33, 33R, 33ST, 36, 39, 41, 44R

Length: 23’ – 39’4”

Cost:   $$$ $$

Use: Sport cruisers/racers

trimaran yacht manufacturers

One of the biggest names in the game,   SeaCart   is internationally noted for its high performance trimarans that far exceed expectations for a production boat of its size. The SeaCart trimaran performs as brilliantly off the water as it does on with its super-light and efficient harbor folding system, making light work of trailering. Notoriously easy to manage and maintain, the SeaCart 26 One Design is the ultimate day racing trimaran, designed for both course and inshore/coastal distance racing. Absolutely worth the international buzz it has garnered, the SeaCart is a thrill from beginning to end.

Models:   SeaCart 26

Length: 26’

trimaran yacht manufacturers

A high performance racer class, the   Multi 23   is a lightweight, powerful trimaran known for its wicked speed of up to 25 knots. Multi trimarans of both available configurations were designed to give beach cat thrills and speed without any of the stability or seaworthy concerns. Open ocean sailing is no issue for the Multi’s big bows, which do their job to keep her stable. Built for sailors with a need for speed, the Multi makes a perfect weekend boat for racers, especially those with a taste for boat camping.

Models:   Multi 23

Length: 23’

trimaran yacht manufacturers

Another dual outrigger sailing kayak/canoe design,   the Triak trimaran   was designed to be effortless and fun, especially for beginners. Paddle the kayak with sails furled, use the foot pedals for an extra kick of momentum, or sail with just the mainsail – the only boat in its class to feature an asymmetrical spinnaker – for exhilarating speeds and a blast on the water. Car-top the Triak anywhere for a quick sail or plan for a week long expedition, but always count on having a great time on this easy little boat.

Models:   Triak

Length: 18’

Use: Convertible kayak/trimaran

trimaran yacht manufacturers

SeaRail trimarans   are known for being affordable, light weight, trailerable trimarans that offer the perfect combination of exciting and relaxing experiences to a wide range of sailors. Whether it’s day sailing with your family, resort or camper sailing, SeaRail trimarans are ideal leisure vessels. Leave the hassle to the other boats – the SeaRail takes you from trailer to sailor in 15 minutes. But don’t let its reputation as a leisure tri fool you: if speed is what you want, rest assured that the SeaRail can deliver that as well.

Models:   SeaRail 19


trimaran yacht manufacturers

Warren Lightcraft trimarans , another example of a convertible kayak-to-sailboat option, are known for their aesthetically pleasing designs that are also, as the name implies, very light for simple transportation and ease of use. Convert the kayak into a fast, high performance sailboat in just minutes, fly around on the waves all day long, then simply car-top the 68lb Warren for a maximum enjoyment, low-hassle day on the water. Perfect for sailors and paddlers of all skill levels, the Warren Lightcraft is the best of both worlds and an absolute joy to sail.

Models:   Warren Lightcraft

Length: 15’6”

trimaran yacht manufacturers

Built strictly with racing in mind,   the Diam 24   is a light, powerful one-design class trimaran and a notoriously exceptional performer. Boasting blistering speeds of up to 30 knots, Diam trimarans are not intended for beginners. For racers who crave the very best in terms of intense speeds, smooth handling and impeccable performance, the Diam is the red-hot one-design racing tri for you.

Models:   Diam 24

Length: 24’

trimaran yacht manufacturers

For the sailor who prefers the finer things in life, the   Radikal 26   delivers. Perfect for bringing the whole family out for a day on the water, this high performance, trailerable sailing trimaran strikes the most luxurious balance between quicksilver speeds and a smooth, comfortable ride. The Radikal 26 trimaran is as convenient to transport and set up as it is pleasant to sail, with a folding system that minimizes rigging hassle and also makes this a trailerable tri. Built for a fast and comfortable sail rather than a hold-onto-your-seats thrill, one-the-water safety and overall pleasure makes the Radikal 26 what it is.

Models:   Radikal 26

Use: Sport cruiser

trimaran yacht manufacturers

A solidly-built, single-handed trimaran, the Challenger also doubles as an adaptive design – meaning it is made to accommodate sailors of all levels of physical mobility. Best suited to lakes, the Challenger is a very safe, seaworthy boat for sailors of all ages and experience levels. Add to this the ease of owning, transporting and maintaining the Challenger trimaran and what you get is a simple, fun sailboat perfect both for beginners and those seeking a cheap thrill alike.

Models:   Challenger

At a glance comparison:

Astus 16.5, 18.2, 20.2, 22, 24 16’ – 24’Sport cruiserSome models
Catri 25 25’Cruiser/racerY
Challenger -Day sailorN
Pulse 600, Sprint 750 MKII, Dash 750 MKII, Cruze 970, Corsair 28, 37, 42 19’8” – 37’Sport cruisersY
Diam 24 24’RacerN
Dragonfly 25, 28, 32, 35, 1200 25’ – 39’Luxury cruiserY
F-22, 24, 25, 82, 27, 28, 31, 9A, 9AX, 9R, 32, 33, 33R, 33ST, 36, 39, 41, 44R 23’ – 39’ 4”Sport cruisers/racersY
Mirage Island, Mirage Tandem Island 16’7” – 18’6”Convertible kayak/trimaransN
Multi 23 22’RacerY
NEEL 45, 65 44’ – 65’Luxury cruiserY
Radikal 26 26’Sport cruiserY
Sea Pearl 21’Camper cruiserY
SeaCart 26 26’RacerY
SeaRail 19 18’Day sailorN
Triak 18’Convertible kayak/trimaranN
Warren Lightcraft 15’6”Convertible kayak/trimaranN
Weta 14’5”RacerN
WR 16, 17, Tango, Rave V 10’11” – 18’3”Day sailorN

Did we miss one? Let us know. Tell us what you sail and what you like about each boat in the comments below.

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The Mug race is a very popular sailboat race in North East Florida. It has been organized for well over a half decade by the Rudder Club. It is...

WindRider Supports Adaptive Sailing in Sandusky Ohio

trimaran yacht manufacturers

WindRider is proud to support the ongoing efforts of   Adaptive Adventures , who in conjunction with the   Sandusky Sailing Club   in Sandusky, Ohio, will be bringing a new Adaptive Sailing program to Sandusky Bay and the local region. The...

WR17 Sailing Adventure in Saskatchewan Canada

ELBOW RUN 2015 -   The Lake Diefenbaker Experience

We extend an invitation to all WindRider enthusiasts to join us for our third Lake Diefenbaker WindRider Experience. This is a 5 day sailing/camping trip, offering excellent day time sailing along with communal...

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Seawind 5-Pulse-600-sailplan

Folding System

Legendary ability, unbeatable reliability.

Folding and unfolding a Corsair trimaran takes only a minute. With just 4 bolts to remove, it is easily managed by one person, and is normally done while afloat. Simply raise (to fold) or press down (to unfold) the inboard end of one cross beam. It can be done from the safety of the cockpit and only a little force is needed due to the folding system’s carefully balanced geometry, and the movement of the floats being mostly horizontal.

The solid aluminium folding struts have absolute control over the folding motion and prevent flexing or racking. A stainless steel bolt on the inboard end of each beam secures the floats for sailing. Crucially, wingnets remain attached during the folding process – their frictionless fixing allows them to tension themselves appropriately through the folding process. The system is so simple and balanced that Corsair trimarans can even be folded while motoring.

trimaran yacht manufacturers


Corsair Marine trimarans are especially weight-conscious, and sit low on their trailers meaning they have excellent trailering characteristics. They are equally easy to launch, giving you more time on the water, and the ability to expore many more remote cruising grounds or participate in regattas far from home. Some Corsair trimaran models go from trailer to water in 25 minutes, and with practice even the largest boat models can be done in 40 minutes.

Corsair 880 Trimaran | 2022 Boat Review by Multihulls World

Corsair 880 Trimaran | 2022 Boat Review by Multihulls World

Corsair 880 – Drive Out, Fold Out, Thrill Out, Chill Out

Corsair 880 – Drive Out, Fold Out, Thrill Out, Chill Out

Australian Debut of the Corsair 880 at the Sydney International Boat Show

Australian Debut of the Corsair 880 at the Sydney International Boat Show

  • Folding Corsair Trimarans: Legendary Ability, Unbeatable Reliability
  • 5 Reasons Why The Corsair 760 Trimaran Won Multihull Of The Year
  • Corsair Range Brochure
  • Corsair Community
  • Find A Dealer

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Aerial view of a Sunreef Yachts luxury catamaran sailing on the blue ocean waters.

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The 210 Sunreef Power Trimaran is the avant-garde of superyacht design and the ultimate expression of engineering expertise. An ambitious 210ft three-hulled concept, it fully utilizes the space within and between the hulls to reach a living area of nearly 1000m². The vessel’s outdoor social area features an immense flybridge, a cockpit opening onto the saloon as well as terraces at the front and aft.

The power trimaran’s upper deck features an aft terrace giving access to a grand dining room, an internal navigation station, a gym space, and the captain’s cabin. The main deck stretches over 510m² of entirely customizable surface. The saloon features a main lounging space placed amidships and four relaxing scenic areas with floor to ceiling glass windows.

The optional layout comprises six guest cabins, all fitted with large double beds, each facing retractable private balconies. The primary tender for up to 12 is stowed in the foredeck along with the crew dinghy. Placed forward is the stately master suite with panoramic widows, twin dressing rooms, an office and access to a private front terrace.

The lower level of the 210 Sunreef Power Trimaran is entirely devoted to the crew. Accessed through the water toys garage storing two jets skis and sea bobs, the central hull houses a fully equipped galley, dining and sleeping quarters, a laundry and large storage areas. All three levels of the trimaran are connected via an elevator and a spiral staircase.

For more information about the 210 Sunreef Power Trimaran, reach out to our customer representatives today.



Advanced composites


64 m / 210 Ft

Length overall

23.5 m / 77.1 Ft

Beam overall

Sunreef Yachts

Naval architecture

4 x 1635 HP

1.6 m / 5.41 Ft



Sunreef Yachts Introduces Its Very First Concept Luxury Trimaran – the TRIMARAN 210


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The call to travel, designed by experts and enthusiasts, they bring together all the qualities of yachts designed for demanding owners: elegance, performance, comfort, great autonomy, safety and remarkable sea passage. their modern and refined lines ensure a unique and timeless look..

LEEN 51: Discover the new model of the LEEN-TRIMARANS’ range

LEEN 51: Discover the new model of the LEEN-TRIMARANS’ range

Testimony - The 1st transatlantic crossing of the LEEN 72

Testimony – The 1st transatlantic crossing of the LEEN 72

Launching of LEEN 72 #1

Launching of LEEN 72 #1

Manutention majeure sur le LEEN 72

Major handling on the LEEN 72

Delivery of the LEEN 56 #1 and departure of the trimaran for Alaska in cargo 5

Delivery of the LEEN 56 #1 and departure of the trimaran for Alaska in cargo

trimaran yacht manufacturers

This new LEEN 51 trimaran is more than just a motorboat. This hybrid trimaran is a true concentrate of power and dynamism.

trimaran yacht manufacturers

The LEEN 56 combines all the advantages of the travel yacht, dynamic appearance, outstanding seaworthiness and optimised interior volume. This trimaran exudes balance and serenity.

trimaran yacht manufacturers

The LEEN 72 combines brilliantly and intelligently, a unique line and a strong character. The bridge offers protection and security in all aspects. as well as a huge comfortable and bright living space.

trimaran yacht manufacturers

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Rapido Trimarans



trimaran yacht manufacturers

(For more photos of the Rapido 50, visit our photo gallery .

General Details

  • Length overall (LOA): 15.24m (50 ft)
  • Length of waterline (LWL): 15.2m (49.9 ft)
  • Beam overall (BOA): 10.24m (33.6 ft)
  • BOA (folded): 5.8m (19.0 ft)
  • BOA (float to float CL): 9.29m (30.5 ft)
  • Average light displacement (subject to final options): 8,550kgs (18,850 lbs)
  • Freeboard: 1.67m (5.5 ft)
  • Daggerboard up: 0.67m (2.2 ft)
  • Daggerboard down: 3.52m (11.5 ft)
  • Mast Height above DWL: 24.98m (82 ft)
  • Headroom in cockpit area (no ceiling liner): 2.01m
  • Headroom in saloon (ceiling liner): 2.0m
  • Headroom in forward cabin and head area (ceiling liner): 1.91m
  • Storage volume of floats (at greatest dim.): (L) 4.6m x (W) 1.1m x (H) 1.5m
  • Storage volume under cockpit (at greatest dim.): (L) 1.7m x (W) 2.4m x (H) 1.0m
  • Download the Rapido 50 General Specifications (10 January 2022)
  • SA Main: 97m2 (1,044sqf)
  • SA Solent: 57.5m2 (619sqf)
  • SA Staysail: 27.9m2 (300sqf)
  • SA Reacher: 150m2 (1,615sqf)
  • SA Asym Spin: 230m2 (2,476sqf)

General Information

360 degree virtual tour.

Click here to watch 360 degree tour of the Rapido 50.

Rapido 50, 3D Virtual Tour

The Rapido 50 – The World’s Ultimate  Folding  Cruising Trimarans

Every exceptional product needs a source of inspiration. For the all-new Rapido 50, that source has been the Rapido 60 which has proven herself to be an exceptional trimaran for:

  • Podium performances
  • Fast passage-making
  • Classic cruising
  • Couples; and

Critically, the Rapido 60's DNA can be found throughout the Rapido 50. But where the Rapido 50 sharply differentiates herself is that she has the ability to fold the floats to slip into single berths at marinas.

Video above: Multihulls World magazine has announced that the Rapido 50 has won the Multihull of the Year Award for 2022 in the 45'-55' category. The award was announced at the Multihull Show at La Grande Motte on 20 April 2022.

Advantages of the Rapido 50’s folding system

Folding floats :

  • Access to single marina berths
  • Access to all marinas
  • Reduced marina, hard stand and shipping costs
  • Keeps floats in upright position (no barnacles or algae on sides)
  • Maintains stability of trimaran in folding position and during folding

Folding mechanism :

  • High tech design by world-acclaimed multihull designers, Morrelli & Melvin
  • Patented Design (concept by Paul Koch, Australia Patent Application No. 2019902014)

Summary of Rapido 50

The Rapido 50 sets a new standard in the market place. Upon its launch in October 2020, it will generate an enormous amount of interest and attention. Its benefits include it being:

  • Easier and safer to handle with self-tacking jib, roller furler head sails and spreaderless mast
  • CE A Certification for safer ocean crossings
  • Better weight distribution with heavy items (eg engine) in the middle of the boat
  • Functional interior finished to Rapido 60 standards
  • High tech, infused carbon foam sandwich construction with beams, daggerboards, ruddercase and blade made from prepreg carbon and cured in autoclave
  • Folding floats (reduced fees for marina, hard stand and shipping)

Download these pdf files

  • Rapido 50  Interior Arrangement (24 July 2018)
  • Rapido 50  Sail Plan (29 August 2019)
  • Rapdio 50 General Specifications (5 November 2020)
  • Rapido 50  General Arrangement ,  click here (24 July 2018).

Further details – Rapido 50

  • Email Paul Koch
  • Contact your nearest Rapido Trimarans' Dealer


Trimarans are safe, powerful and fast as demonstrated by the fact that they consistently win races and hold the solo speed record for circumnavigating the world.

Safety at sea is the No. 1 priority and this thinking is reflected throughout the design and construction of the Rapido.

The Rapido has some truly amazing living spaces which provide more open, private and intimate areas than monohulls or catamarans.

stable and comfortable

Trimarans are comfortable on all points of sail.

The combination of safety, performance and comfort put the Rapido in a league of its own. The enormous trampoline nets add fun and excitement as you watch the blue water rush underneath you – or as you lounge on the nets while gently floating over a reef. You will be instantly hooked.

look inside the   50

50 in action.

See more Rapido Trimarans videos (You Tube)

View all Rapido 50 photos

– in the media

Below is a list of articles which have appeared in various publications regarding Rapido Trimarans.

  • Sailboat Review, Rapido 40, A sailor’s dream boat , by Mark Pillsbury, Cruising World magazine, 6 May 2024
  • Rapido host much anticipated launch of first Rapido 53XS , Sails magazine, 1 May 2024
  • Rapido 53XS – a peak speed of 24 knots during initial sea trials , by Emmanuel van Deth, Multihulls World, 19 April 2024
  • Rapido 53XS, the new 16m globetrotter of a trimaran , by Aldo Fumagalli, Vela magazine, 24 January 2024
  • First look – Rapido 53XS, a 20 knot cruiser , by Toby Hodges, Yachting World, 29 December 2023
  • Video. Sailing Bliss: Unveiling the Rapido 40 Trimaran – GIDDY UP!!! , by Naval Gazing at Camp David, December 2023
  • Video. The Rapido 53XS: Tour, review and ideas , by Naval Gazing at Camp David, December 2023
  • Rapido 53XS Review , by Yachting World, 9 November 2023
  • Video. Der Kat-Jäger: Carbon-Trimaran Rapido 40 aus Vietnam (“The cat hunter: carbon trimaran Rapido 40 from Vietnam”) by Yacht TV, 12 October 2023
  • Cruising World announces Rapido 40 as Boat of the Year 2024 nominee , Cruising World, 26 September 2023
  • Rapido 40 carbon trimaran from Vietnam – the test , by Michael Good, German Yacht Magazine, 21 September 2023
  • C-foils on a fast cruising trimaran? This looks rapid!, Rapido 40 tour, Yachting World magazine video by Toby Hodges, 8 September 2023
  • Rapido 40: The Alternative Trimaran , by François-Xavier de Crécy with photos by Ludovic Fruchaud, LE MONDE DU MULTICOQUE #24 by Voile Magazine. July, 2024.
  • The Rapido 40 is a 20 knot cruising tri , George Day, Cruising Compass, 24 May, 2023
  • Boat Review of Rapido 40, Zuzana Prochazka, Sail Magazine, 4 May 2023
  • Rapido 40: ultra fast cruising in complete safety on three hulls , Maxime Leriche , SailboatNews.com, 25 April 2023
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  • Rapido 40 – Fast, foldable and worry free!,  Multihulls World magazine, No. 189, May-July 2023
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  • Rapido, changing the game , by Zuzana Prochazka, Sail Magazine, 23 March, 2022
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  • Harnessing the wind , by Kevin Green, Multihulls World, September / October 2021 issue, 6 page spread on Rapido Trimarans.
  • Sailing La Vagabonde choose Rapido 60 to sail world’s oceans , video announcement by SLV to their 1.59 million subscribers, You Tube, 8 June 2021
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  • (French)  Rapido 40, un trimaran repliable de 12 m , Bateaux.com, 29 August 2019.
  • Rapido 60 – The most exciting production multihull in the world?  (or  click here  for selection of quotes), Multihulls Magazine, Summer (July) 2019.
  • Rapido , Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, June 2019 (pp23-24)
  • Ineffable’s Steve Bourne: I’m a nutter for sailing , Daily Herald, 26 February 2019.
  • Rapido 60′ the fastest production multihull in the world? , International Multihulls World, December 2017
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Dragonfly 40

The all-new Dragonfly 40 is a cutting edge design with focus on easy handling and shorthanded sailing. Spacious cockpit and a stylish, modern interior. Setting new standards for comfortable and safe family offshore sailing. World Premiere boot 2020 Düsseldorf.

Dragonfly 25

The all-NEW Dragonfly 25 is a high-performance trailer-sailer, easy handling for camping and racing sailors looking for an exhilarating lightweight trimaran which retains comfortable accommodation for weekend cruising with family and friends

Dragonfly 28

The Dragonfly 28 sets new standards for the possibilities of a sailing boat. The perfect boat does not exist - but the Dragonfly 28 is very close to this ideal. New facelift design for all Dragonfly 28 models. The Dragonfly 28 comes in both a Touring and Sport version, and, introducing 2016 the new Dragonfly 28 Performance version

Dragonfly 32 Evolution

Discover the evolution of a popular model. Introducing high volume wave piercing floats for fast and relaxed sailing. Quality combined with performance secures an outstanding experience.

45 years of Trimarans

Quorning Boats offers an excellent range of our prize winning Dragonfly trimarans.

From ultimate freedom in versatility and performance to ocean crossing cruising, safety and comfort, it's your freedom of choice...

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This year, our...

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A huge thank you to everyone who joined us on the water onboard...

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trimaran yacht manufacturers

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trimaran 880

Overall length : 8.8 m Width : 6.8 m Draft : 0.45, 1.6 m

This is the legitimate heir to the trimaran revolution started by the Hall-of-Fame F-27 way back in 1986. The pinnacle of trimaran design, this all-new built from the ground up Corsair has full boat systems, ...


trimaran PULSE 600

Overall length : 6 m Width : 4.5 m Draft : 0.22, 1.2 m

A new one design 20' Corsair - more compact and affordable than ever before, to appeal to modern sailors and families who can now join the growing Corsair community. GET YOUR PULSE RACING IN EVEN THE LIGHTEST OF WINDS The Pulse 600 ...


trimaran 760

Overall length : 7.4 m Width : 5.46 m Draft : 0.3, 1.6 m

... 24' Corsair yet. SLIDING POPTOP COMFORTABLE CRUISING TRIMARAN The 760 offers a comfortable cruising interior with compact galley and pop top to add headroom. This compact cruising trimaran has been ...

foiling sailboat

foiling sailboat

Overall length : 4.2 m Width : 2.4 m Sail area : 11 m²

AWARD WINNING BOAT THAT’S TWICE THE FUN Airborne foiling or sailing with a daggerboard. Foiling is a sport that is here to stay. Foiling has been around for years but until now it helped to be an expert sailor and not too large if ...


trimaran EXPLODER 25

The trimaran was designed by Ryszard Partycki, on the basis of Wojciech Kaliski's concept. The yacht’s design assumes three forms of its exploitation. The first of them is “beach” sailing, with 3-4 crew members on trapezes, ...


trimaran F-22

Overall length : 7 m

... now readily available, so plans have been withdrawn from sale in order to concentrate on ramping up production. Folding trimarans are more complex craft and difficult to build at low cost, particularly when combined ...


trimaran TRI-STAR 104'

Overall length : 31.74 m

... TRI-STAR 80, giving her a large spacious interior for owner or chartering, plus great sailing performance. TRI-STAR 104' Trimaran by Ed Horstman Length Overall 104'0" 31.74m Beam Overall 60'0" 18.3m Draft ...


trimaran TR 36 Performance

Overall length : 11.18 m Width : 8.26 m Displacement : 2,946 t

... Composites, have performance at the top of your shortlist, then the TR36 high performance trimaran is exactly what you are looking for. The main hull of the trimaran has a 1 : 10,4 width to length ratio. ...


trimaran TC 627

Overall length : 6.3 m

... conditions. The boat can be easily demounted by two people and put on a trailer to take home. A fun high performance sailing trimaran designed for sailing excitement and trailerablility. The floats feature wave piercing ...

foiling sailboat

foiling sailboat F101

Overall length : 5.4 m Width : 2.55 m Sail area : 9 m²

Foiling World started gathering experience about dinghy foiling 10 years ago when Alan started teaching foiling on International Moths. It soon became apparent that Moths were not the best place to start your foiling journey! Out of this ...


trimaran TRIS 10

Overall length : 11.4 m

Comfort and safety Is a sailing trimaran specifically designed for cruising and places particular focus on space, speed, comfort and safety


trimaran 43

Overall length : 43'00" Width : 24'07" Draft : 4'11"

... marked move towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials, NEEL- TRIMARANS has confirmed its determined commitment to respecting the environment. The NEEL 43 is a trimaran that is both fast ...


trimaran 40

Overall length : 13.4 m Width : 8.84 m Displacement : 6.14, 4.75 t

The Rapido 40 – The World’s Ultimate Folding Cruising Trimaran ! The countdown is on! The all new Rapido 40 Trimaran will be launched in December, 2020, with the first going to Thailand. Another four ...


trimaran 20

Overall length : 6 m Width : 2.4 m Draft : 1.2, 0.3 m

Little brother of TRICAT 25 Evolution, the TRICAT 20 is a brand new trimaran design for day sailing or costal cruising.Its shallow draft will allow you to sail easily near the coast and enjoy privileged anchorages.The ...


trimaran 703

Overall length : 6.99 m Width : 5.95, 2.44 m Draft : 1.16, 0.38 m

LIBERTIST 703. 7 Meter Cruiser-Racer Trimaran , Perfect for Inland and Coastal Water Sailing. The 703 can serve as a safe vessel for amateur racing, as well as a comfortable boat for a several-day trips for a maximum ...


trimaran Astus 14.5

Overall length : 4.3 m Draft : 0.15 m Sail area : 5 m²

... the Astus team is pleased to unveil the latest addition to the range: the Astus 14.5, a navigation support in a canoe or trimaran version, light and easily transportable. Objective: offer a more compact boat and regain ...


trimaran FREEFLY-15

Overall length : 4.5 m

The FREEFLY-15 is a trimaran developed independently by Far East Boats. The high-tech carbon fiber material used in the cross beams greatly improves the sailing performance of the boat. The removable floats make the boat ...


Overall length : 9.2, 9.3, 12.2 m Width : 10.97, 6.8, 9.9 m Draft : 1.75, 2.4 m

Trimaran for Open-30: Customer orders trimaran for the sailing races in the open ocean, so folding pantograph mechanism is not designed. But the trimaran can disassembled for ease transportation.

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16 Best Trimarans For Sailing Around The World (And a Few For Daysailing)

trimaran yacht manufacturers

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

Trimarans are growing in popularity worldwide, due to their light construction and high stability these multihulls are even faster than catamarans. Trimarans are still one of the lesser-known boat types so in this article ill be checking out some of the most popular models.

The best trimarans include: 

  • The Neel 43 
  • The Neel 47 
  • Dragonfly 28 
  • The Pulse 600 
  • Corsair 37 

These tris are built with your safety in mind while also packing powerful speed and a wide array of comfort features to optimize your sailing experience , some are even foldable making them possible to load on a trailer and transport to the sailing destination of your choosing.

In this article, I have created a list of the 16 best trimarans in the market and their unique features. You’ll also learn the best options for different purposes such as circumnavigation, weekend sailing, racing, and more. 

Table of Contents

What Is a Trimaran?

trimaran yacht manufacturers

A trimaran is a multi hulled sailboat with three individual hulls; the main hull ( vaka ) and a pair of outrigger hulls ( amas ). These smaller outrigger hulls are attached to the main hull using beams. 

While trimarans have a rich history dating back nearly four millennia, these types of sailboats have only gained popularity in the late 1900s and early 2000s. 

Trimarans are primarily used as personal boats for sailing enthusiasts or racing. These sailboats draw their versatility from their lightweight design, making them faster and easier to handle at sea when compared to single-hulled boats (monohulls). Additionally, the three hulls also contribute to better stability, making it very hard to capsize (although more likely than a cat according to this study)

Trimarans come in various sizes, and some can be as small as 19 feet (5.8 meters) in length, while others go up to 60 feet (18meters). They’re also used for different purposes. Most trimarans are used for racing and recreational purposes, although some units are still used as ferries.

As with all things, to find out which is the best we need to understand what it will be used for. There is a big difference in requirements between a boat used for day sailing compared to offshore around the world sailing.

The list below highlights the best trimarans for different purposes.

Best Trimarans For Cruising, Liveaboard and Sailing Around The World

The Neel 43 is a French trimaran best suited for cruising. Its key features include: 

  • Easy maneuverability on the open sea by only a small number of crew members 

This unit is also built for comfort, ideal for more extended travels. This 43-feet (13-meter) trimaran is also made with recyclable and bio-sourced materials, highlighting the manufacturer’s commitment to environmental consciousness. 

This trimaran has a base price of  €329,000 excluding VAT. This translates to approximately $370,138. 

2.Neel 47 Possibly The Best

Named the best full-size multihull for 2020, the Neel 47 is a strong contender for one of the best trimarans in the market. This 47-foot (14.3-meter) long trimaran features optimized exterior and interior ergonomics for a unique design and look. 

Still on design, the Neel 47 is ideal for couples looking to take a weekend off or spend some time as liveaboard. It has a spacious owner’s cabin and two bedrooms. It also features a spacious living room and kitchen and is optimized to ensure comfort for a couple. 

The Neel 47 also has two basic guest cabins so your friends or children can tag along on your sailing adventure. Accordingly, this unit is ideal for those looking to explore the sea for the sheer joy of sailing. 

The Neel 47 comes at a 571,139 euro ( $643,600 ) price tag, excluding VAT. 

3. Rapido 60 The Fast and Comfortable Circumnavigator

The Rapido 60 offers a blend of performance, safety, and luxury, making it one of the best options for bluewater sailing. Measuring 59.3 feet (18 meters) in length, the Rapido 60 is an imposing unit. It’s made from lightweight sandwiches and carbon materials that provide speed and strength, allowing it to stand up to strong ocean currents. 

The Rapido 60 also has spacious living spaces and is built for comfort at all points of the sail. Its design also optimizes safety. While it’s an ideal option for circumnavigating, it’s also an excellent choice for racing due to its speed. 

This is also the same boat that The Youtube channel La Vagabond just purchased.

The Rapido 60 retails at $1,400,000 . 

4. Rapido 40

The Rapido 40 measures 39.4 feet (12 meters) in length and is ideal for cruising around the world. The Rapido 40 features twin “C” foils, which provide added lift, enhancing its speed and performance whether you are sailing downwind or upwind. 

Because it has C foils, this trimaran doesn’t have a central daggerboard, increasing interior space. Accordingly, it’s an excellent option for couples looking to cruise and enjoy great performances .

The Rapido 40 is made from high-tech all-carbon materials for a lightweight yet sturdy design. This material is also used for the countertops and furniture, and the cork flooring adds a touch of style.

This trimaran retails for $595,000 , making it a cheaper option than the Rapido 60. 

5. Dragonfly 40

The Dragonfly 40 measures 40 feet (12 meters) in length. It features high-comfort standards, making it one of the best trimarans in the market for taking your family for a cruise. Because of its larger size, it has a better capacity, being capable of accommodating six to eight people, so you can bring your family and friends along. 

It’s easy to navigate and extremely safe. With a maximum speed of 24 knots (44.5 km/h), this trimaran also provides fast speeds to make your cruise even more exhilarating. 

The Dragonfly 40 retails from €509,000 exclusive of VAT, which rounds up to $572,000 . 

6. Dragonfly 32

The Dragonfly 32 is a high-performance cruiser. Like the Dragonfly 28, this unit features a contemporary design for racing. This trimaran can accommodate five to seven crew members. 

Although slightly longer than the Dragonfly 28 with its 32-foot (9.8-meter) length, the Dragonfly 32 has a max speed of 23+ knots (42.6+ km/h), making it one of the fastest trimarans for racing. This unit also has comfortable accommodation, which makes it an ideal option for a weekend cruise with family and friends. 

The Dragonfly 32 has a base price of $350,000 . 

7. Corsair 37

Thanks to a variable draft with a retractable rudder, the Corsair 37 is an ideal choice for shallow water exploration. This 37-foot (11.3-meter) long trimaran features advanced foam-cored construction designed for safety, making it virtually unsinkable. 

The carbon hulls minimize weight, this makes for a lightweight ocean exploration sailboat with blistering speeds. One of its selling points is that this trimaran has previously been used for Arctic expeditions, possibly marking it as one of the better options for circumnavigation and offshore sailing in the northern waters. 

This trimaran has a base price of $189,000 but can go up to $204,125 .

Best Trimarans For Day/Weekend Sailing

8. dragonfly 28.

The Dragonfly 28 is a 28-feet (8.75-meter) long sailboat that can accommodate up to five people. It comes in two versions: 

  • Touring version: This version is ideal for families.  
  • Performance version: This is built to provide optimal performance for the sports enthusiast within you. 

It clocks a maximum speed of 22+ knots (22+ km/h) and is beam-folded. It’s an excellent option if you want a high-performance, comfortable yet smaller unit for your day or weekend cruise. 

The Dragonfly 28 starts at  €188,280 inclusive of VAT, which comes to around $211,600. 

9. Dragonfly 25

Like other trimarans under the Dragonfly brand, this 25-foot (7.62-meter) trimaran is great for both racing and short term cruising. However, this high-performance boat delivers easy handling, making it perfect for couples looking to take a ride out over the weekend and seasoned sailors looking for an exhilarating racing adventure. 

The Touring version features a lightweight build and offers comfort and accommodation to keep you, and the few guests you can fit, comfortable during the ride. This trimaran also has a Sport version, which is optimized for racing. 

The Dragonfly 25 retails from EUR 86,800 . 

10. Pulse 600

The Pulse 600 trimaran is a compact sailboat. It’s made from lightweight, carbon-reinforced construction and vacuum-formed materials for optimal speed. This trimaran is an ideal option if you are looking for speed. 

It also features ample deck space, greater stability, and volume than most trimarans of similar size and build. 

This trimaran measures 19.8 feet (6 meters) in length and can be sailed single-handedly by one person with minimal effort. The Pulse 600 has a base price of $38,800 , which places it in the lower price range. 

The F-22 is one of the smaller trimarans in the market. Developed in New Zealand, the F-22 is a folding trimaran built for speed. The hulls are made from narrow fiberglass tied together using fiberglass beams and aluminum, minimizing bulk while optimizing speed. 

The F-22 is roomy and is not as pricey as other models in the market. This trimaran has two main versions: 

12. 2019 Weta Trimaran

The 2019 Weta trimaran is a 14.5-foot (4.4-meter) trimaran featuring a carbon frame, centerboard, rudder foil, and rudder shock. The hull is made from fiberglass and foam. The Weta is built for strength and speed based on these lightweight materials. 

The 2019 Weta trimaran is easy to sail and is worth considering whether you want to take a quiet sail, race with your friends, or take kids to a sailing lesson. It has a simple design and is easy to set up independently. Thanks to its collapsible design, this trimaran is easily stored away with minimal space demands. 

13. WindRider 17

The 17.4-foot (5.3-meter) WindRider 17 is one of the more versatile trimarans in the market. It packs high performance for a low cost. This trimaran has a light rotating mast to boost performance, and a full-battened mainsail optimizes visibility. 

This sailboat is made from rotomolded polyethylene, which is more durable than fiberglass and demands less maintenance.

The WindRider 17 has a comfortable interior and can fit six adults. This is an ideal choice for social sailing for a couple or a family and friends. It’s easy to ride, and a shallow draft allows easy maneuverability. 

14. Astus 22.5

If you’re looking for something small but still comfortable, this 22.5-foot trimaran is for you. Built for speed and maneuverability, the Astus 22.5 has optional foils to optimize speed. The modern design, coupled with the spacious interior, can fit up to four beds. Accordingly, this trimaran is suited for family outings. 

This trimaran also has a foldable design, collapsing to only 16 feet (4.9 meters) for easy storage. 

15. Multi 23 Trimaran 

The Multi 23 trimaran has a contemporary design, featuring a vinyl ester and PVC foam core construction. The section below the waterline is made of solid glass for a sturdy base.

The beams are made of lightweight carbon, and the trimaran features a 33-foot (10-meter) aluminum rotating wing mast for optimal harnessing of the wind. While ideal for weekend excursions with family, once rigged with the asymmetrical spinnaker will get your heart pumping.

This trimaran packs high performance at a lower cost than most other options in the market. It’s a good choice if you are looking for a high-performing unit without spending an arm and a leg. 

16. Challenger Class Trimaran

The Challenger Trimaran 15 is the best choice for persons with disabilities. It’s designed to provide disabled sailors an opportunity to explore their passion for sailing without worrying about aspects like safety or operation. 

A man named Geoff Hold circumnavigated the British Isles in 2007, becoming the first disabled person to achieve this feat. He had quadriplegia. 

Living up to its name, the Challenger can withstand harsh weather conditions while blending performance with speed. 

Final Thoughts 

Admittedly, no trimaran is best for everyone. But whether you are looking to race with your friends, take your loved ones or friends for a cruise over the weekend, or circumnavigate the ocean, you can rest assured that these lightweight trimarans will deliver speed, safety, and comfort to make it worth your while. 

These brands are innovatively designed and feature intricate safety mechanisms that make them virtually unsinkable. Give them a shot and begin your ocean adventure. 

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Well maintained Conser 47 for sale. Reasonably priced at 195,000 US$. Located in Deltaville, VA, USA.

Experienced owner owned RUNAWAY since 2002 and has since then made some major improvements and modifications, including a professionally built extension (50′) to the yacht’s twin transoms. Runaway is a documented and inspected US Coast Guard vessel.

Watch the video of this 2001 Conser 50′ catamaran

Runaway is a performance cruising boat and can easily hit double digit speeds under sail. Her Salon has a 10’ U shaped couch. She has a large cockpit with twin helms. There are 2 cabins accessible from the Cockpit each with a Queen size birth and Full size birth over the Engine Compartment. Each Hull has a Bathroom with a Shower Stall and a separate Electric Head with sink and mirror.

Equipment Includes: 40 Gal Holding Tank with Macerator There is a twin sink, a Princess three burner propane stove with oven and a microwave including a Double sink Kuuma 6 Gallon Water Heater AC/DC Refrigerator / Freezer Cruisair 16,000 BTU AC/Heat unit Spectra Newport 400 MKII Watermaker

Electronics: Runaway has Raymarine Electronics. An Axiom 12 + Chartplotter, Raymarine AIS, SX-10 auto pilot with 2 ST70 controlers, ST70 wind, ST60 Depth, Icom 802 SSB with Antenna system, Twin Compasses, Twin ST70 Rudder Indicators. She has an EPIRB, a 60 amp Battery Charger, Inverter and electric Horn. 4 Solar Pannels with Charge Controler Full AC/DC Electrical panel with breakers and 30 Shore AC with disconnect and Ground Fault Isolator.

Rig, Rigging and Sail Inventory: Elliot Patterson Mainsail GPLdt-21 and 14 w/ 2 reefs 7 full battens, Doyle Stack Pack with Lazy Jacks for Main. Doyle Roller Furling Jib GPL21 LS with Tri-Radial Panel Layout/ UV Cover and partial Battens on a Schafer 3100 Roller and a Dimension-Polyant 284PR (6.5 oz.) Pro-Radial with Full Radial Panel Layout Gennaker w/ UV Cover on a Gleistein12mm Torsion Line with a Harken Unit1 Roller Furler. There is also a Tri Radial Asymmetrical Spinnaker. All Harken Winches and Jammers. 2 x 54 on Mast 2 48 in Cockpit all Self Tailing. Winslow Offshore Lite 10 Person Life Raft with Insulated Floor Runaway has a 6 / 1 main sheet, a 2 / 1 Jib Sheet, a 2 / 1 Spinnaker Halyard, a 2 / 1 Main Halyard, 2 / 1 Main Travelers and 1 Delta 20 kg Anchor with 150’ Rope, swivel and 10’ of 5/8” Chain and 1 Delta 15 kg Anchor with 150’ of rope and 50’ of 3/8” chain. There is also a 36” Galerider Drogue and an 18’ Fiorentino Offshore Para-Ring Parachute Anchor.

Engines and Propulsion Details: Volvo MD2030 with S120 Sail Drive and Volvo 2 Blade Folding Prop. New Boot installed in May 2021. 2003 Engine Volvo MD2040 with S120 Sail Drive and Volvo 2 Blade Folding Prop. New Boot Installed in May 2021. 2012 Engine Volvo Exhaust Risers on Both Engines.

More Details: Extra Cleats and boarding Ladder on the Sterns. Sunrise Offshore 3/8″ Polyester Open Net Manual Tiller for Rudder Runaway is very fast Cruising Catamaran. She is currently being surveyed, having the bottom painted with Micron 66 and having a full rigging inspection. Located in VA, USA.

Why Aeroyacht

Superyacht design award, pre-owned multihulls, information library.

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Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Nautitech 46 Price Drop

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

McConaghy Chase ZERO Hydrogen Powered Yacht

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

McConaghy Multihulls Nominated for Design Award – McConaghy 75 and MC83 Power

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

The Stunning Interior Design of the McConaghy Multihull Range

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Nautitech Spareparts – Order Simple and Quick

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

For Immediate Delivery – Nautitech 44 Owner Version

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Yannick Bestaven’s NEEL 47 Trimaran

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Conser 47/50′ FOR SALE

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Planet Sail tests a McConaghy Multihull

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Charles Caudrelier wins Arkea Ultim Challenge

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Nautitech 48 – Control of the Wind

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Boat Test: Nautitech 48 Open catamaran

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

NEEL 52 Trimaran VIDEO – Sailing at 17 knots

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

McConaghy MC63 Power Tourer – showing her pace

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Nautitech 48 Open catamaran – Video

Helpful tips from aeroyacht.

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale


Catamaran books by gregor tarjan.

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale


Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

trimaran yacht manufacturers

Trimaran Motor Yachts

Blue Coast 53m trimaran Galaxy

Trimaran Blue Coast 174 Galaxy

Futuristic full-custom made trimaran mega yacht with transatlantic range. 53m, 2.600hp, 2.300nm at 20kn. manufactured in an european shipyard., mega power trimarans.

BLUE COAST YACHTS is the brand, designer, manufacturer and shipyard for luxurious, fast and futuristic "full-custom" made mega power trimaran yachts up to 60m in length for worldwide ocean cruising.  

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drettmann yachts bremen

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The global authority in superyachting

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trimaran yacht manufacturers

Drettmann Yachts Bremen

At Drettmann Yachts GmbH, each of our vessels is a testament to dedication and passion. We believe that every yacht is unique and holds a special place in the hearts of its owners. With our extensive experience and unwavering enthusiasm, we personally cater to the individual needs of our clients worldwide. We understand that a yacht represents more than just a dream - it embodies a way of life.

As a third-generation German family business, Drettmann Yachts has established long-standing relationships with renowned shipyards across different continents. Over the years, we have successfully matched our clients with the perfect yacht, ensuring their satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering focus on quality sets us apart in the industry.

Yachts for sale


Drettmann DMY 21M


Drettmann Elegance 64

Kaufen Drettmann

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Yachtmakler Bremen ist ein innovatives, junges Unternehmen und wurde im Jahre 2013 vom Inhaber Thomas Thiel gegründet.

Thomas Thiel wurde am 07.04.1977 in Rostock, als jüngster Sohn einer Seefahrerfamilie geboren. Die enge Verbindung zum Wassersport wurde ihm bereits durch seinen Vater und die Nähe zur Ostsee in die Wiege gelegt.

Nach seinem Schulabschluss begann Thomas Thiel seine kaufmännische Ausbildung bei der Deutschen Bahn AG, welche er erfolgreich abschloss und sogleich von seinem Arbeitgeber in verantwortungsvolle Aufgaben eingeteilt wurde. Bereits kurz nach Abschluss seiner Ausbildung wurde er zum Gesamtjugend- und Auszubildenenvertreter der Deutschen Bahn AG und setzte seine Laufbahn bei der Deutschen Bahn AG später in Bremen fort.

Doch schon nach einigen Jahren zog es Thomas Thiel zurück zu seinen Wurzeln und er begann als Bootsverkäufer bei der Marina Oberweser. Dort lernte er nicht nur die Fähigkeiten des Verkaufs, sondern eignete sich auch das Wissen über Motorboote, Segelboote, Bootsmotoren und die technische Ausstattung der Schiffe an.

Bei der Marina Oberweser verkaufte er so über 100 Neu- und Gebrauchtboote, u. a. der Marke Quicksilver.

Im Laufe der Zeit änderten sich die Ziele von Thomas Thiel und er machte sich im Jahre 2013 endgültig selbstständig und gründete seine Firma, YACHTMAKLER Bremen mit eigener Bootsvermietung und kleiner Flotte in der Bremer Überseestadt.

Thomas Thiel wurde Partner von der Werft Jeanneau und sammelte dort großartige Erfahrungen mit den Motor- und Segelyachten von der Marke Jeanneau.

Auch übernahm er die Vertretungen der Hersteller Christo Mare Motoryachten und Symphonie Segelyachten und ist Ihr Ansprechpartner in Norddeutschland für diese edlen Bootsmarken.

Ende 2014 begann er die Zusammenarbeit mit dem renommierten Unternehmen Drettmann Yachts GmbH in Bremen. Diese positive Zusammenarbeit brachte neue Erfahrungen auch im Bereich von Neu- und Gebrauchtbooten ab 50 Fuß.

Im Jahre 2021 wurde dann der neue Firmensitz in Bremen Hemelingen, Arberger Hafendamm 3, 28309 Bremen, verwirklicht. Neben einem schönen Büro ist nun auch eine Hallenfläche vorhanden. Als autorisierter, offizieller Fachhändler für die Marken JEANNEAU, Zodiac und Yamaha Motoren bietet die YACHTMAKLER Bremen GmbH alle Services an.

Auch wurde 2021 die neue Marke BOOTSTEPPICH24.DE by YACHTMAKLER Bremen GmbH gegründet und ist bereits erfolgreich mit hochwertigen Bootsteppichen am Markt aufgestellt.

Thomas Thiel: „Ich stehe zu 100% und mehr hinter meinem Beruf als Yachtmakler – es ist mein absoluter Traumberuf. Bei meiner täglichen Arbeit treffe ich viele sehr interessante Menschen und die Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden in meinem Metier Wassersport erfüllt mich. Für mich steht der Kunde immer an erster Stelle. Ich achte darauf meine Kunden von Beginn an bis zur Übergabe des Bootes persönlich zu begleiten. Auch nach Abschluss eines Projektes stehe ich meinen Kunden steht’s mit Rat und Tat zu ihrem neuen Boot zur Seite. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Projekt!“

Vielleicht mit Ihnen???

Kontakt aufnehmen

Nutzungsbedingungen für das Kontaktformular

Die auf der Jeanneau-Website (nachfolgend als „Website“ bezeichnet) gesammelten Informationen dienen zur Verarbeitung durch SPBI S.A. – Service Communication Jeanneau, als für die Verarbeitung Verantwortlichen zu Zwecken der Bearbeitung Ihrer Auskunftsanfrage sowie dazu, Sie besser kennenzulernen.

Die mit einem Sternchen gekennzeichneten Informationen sind für die Bearbeitung Ihrer Anfragen obligatorisch.

Gemäß den geltenden Bestimmungen für den Schutz von personenbezogenen Daten verfügen Sie über folgende Rechte:

  • Recht auf Zugang und Berichtigung, Löschen und Übertragbarkeit der Sie betreffenden Informationen;
  • Recht auf Beschränkung und begründeten Einspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten;
  • Möglichkeit zum Erteilen von Anweisungen an uns für den Umgang mit den Sie betreffenden Daten (Archivierung, Löschen, Weitergabe an Dritte usw.) im Todesfall.

Sie können von diesen Rechten Gebrauch machen, indem Sie sich an die folgende E-Mail-Adresse wenden: [email protected] .

Ihr Einspruch kann aber in der Praxis und fallweise Auswirkungen auf Ihre Informationsanforderung haben.

Weitere Informationen zur Verarbeitung erhalten Sie in unseren allgemeinen Nutzungsbedingungen .

Die Bearbeitung Ihrer Anfrage erfordert die Übertragung der in den Pflichtfeldern dieses Formulars eingegebenen persönlichen Daten an den von Ihnen ausgewählten Händler, damit dieser sich mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen kann. Durch Klicken auf die Schaltfläche „BESTÄTIGEN“ bestätigen Sie Ihr Einverständnis mit der Übertragung dieser Daten.

Ihre Route berechnen

Weitere Niederlassungen des Händlers

Gruendl bootsimport, gruendl bootsimport - neustadt, sunshine yachts.

drettmann yachts bremen

Drettmann Yachts! Mit über 10.000 verkauften Schiffen und Yachten sowie 1.500 Neubauten seit 1970 sprechen wir bei Drettmann Yachts eine deutliche Sprache. Wenn Sie Interesse an einer Yacht haben, können Sie sich auf unsere Expertise, Erfahrung und unser herausragendes Engagement verlassen.

The new representative company building in Bremen-Hemelingen becomes the geographic and entrepreneurial centre of Drettmann Yachts. There are up to 80 yachts available to be discovered by buyers, which can also be test-run directly on the Weser. The sellers have the possibility to have their yachts brought up-to-date in the own shipyard.

Explore an exquisite selection of luxury yachts for sale at Drettmann. Find your dream yacht with top-notch service and comprehensive advice. View now!

MOCEAN II. Sanlorenzo • 2020 • €12,900,000. Drettmann Yachts Bremen specialises in luxury yachts and superyachts. View full profile and all current yachts...

Drettmann Yachts in Bremen. 32 m Drettmann Motor Yacht (DMY) Für Claudia und Albert Drettmann ist keine Yacht wie die andere - und jede von ihnen eine Herzensangelegenheit.

Drettmann Yachts | 1.507 Follower:innen auf LinkedIn. Your one stop shop for all yachting needs. Bremen based, family owned boat dealer. | German family owned business in third generation!...

Drettmann Yachts - A CLASS OF ITS OWN. For Claudia and Albert Drettmann, no two yachts are the same - and each one is a labor of love. With a great deal of experience and passion, they personally fulfil individual requests from cus-tomers around the world. They know that a yacht is much more than a dream comes true for its

Drettmann Yachts GmbH. Arberger Hafendamm 22, Bremen, 28309, Germany. Drettmann Yachts offers a wide selection of pre-owned yachts, technical service and comprehensive consulting. Wouldn't you love the chance to rule the waves from on board your own yacht?

Finden Sie eine breite Auswahl an neuen und gebrauchten Motor- und/oder Segelbooten, die bei Drettmann Yachts GmbH in Bremen gegenwärtig zum Verkauf stehen.

Drettmann Yachts, Bremen. Gefällt 1.418 Mal · 22 Personen sprechen darüber · 220 waren hier. German family owned business in third generation! Brokerage, new build and charter yachts. ⚓️

Bremen. Ein neuer Investor rettet den Bremer Yachthändler Drettmann. Aus dem Zusammenschluss mit "Sunrise Yachts" entsteht die neue Firma "Drettmann Yachts", die weiter von den bisherigen...

Drettmann Yachts in Bremen. 32 m Drettmann Motor Yacht (DMY) For Claudia and Albert Drettmann, no two yachts are the same - and each one is a labour of love. With a great deal of experience and passion, they personally fulfil individual requests from customers around the world.

50 Jahre Yachtverkauf: Deutsche Yachten-Mitglied Drettmann Yachts aus Bremen feiert Jubiläum. Begonnen hat die Geschichte von Drettmann Yachts relativ unspektakulär und wie so viele Unternehmen - in einer Garage.

Drettmann Yachts, Bremen, Germany. 1,419 likes · 32 talking about this · 220 were here. German family owned business in third generation! Brokerage, new build and charter yachts. ⚓️

The new Drettmann Motor Yachts (DMY) range starts at 21 m up to 37 m, offering new ideas and innovations like a Beach Club and Spa. The vessel has a host of interesting and innovative features for an excellent value for money.

50 years of yacht sales: Deutsche Yachten member Drettmann Yachts from Bremen celebrates a big anniversary. The history of Drettmann Yachts began relatively unspectacularly and, like so many companies, in a garage. Traute and Dierk Drettmann started there in 1970 with the sale of used boats, then four years later they took over the representation

Drettmann Yachts GmbH, die Bootshändler Porträtseite mit Kontaktinformationen und den aktuellen Angeboten von Drettmann Yachts GmbH.

Markeninformation, produktionsgeschichte verschiedener modelle von yachten und booten. Kontakte und vorschläge für den hersteller Drettmann. Verkauf, Charter und vermietung von yachten von Drettmann

Ende 2014 begann er die Zusammenarbeit mit dem renommierten Unternehmen Drettmann Yachts GmbH in Bremen. Diese positive Zusammenarbeit brachte neue Erfahrungen auch im Bereich von Neu- und Gebrauchtbooten ab 50 Fuß.

Moscow luxury cars rental service (car hire)

Moscow car rental service

Luxury cars rental (car hire) in Moscow

Russia luxury car hire service

- Moscow cars hire

is the capital and largest city of Russia.

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is the second-largest city in Russia.

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is a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Black Sea coast, a summer beach resort in Russia.

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is a city in Siberia, southern Russia, bisected by the Ob River.

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alternatively romanized Ekaterinburg, is the fourth-largest city in Russia and the administrative centre of Sverdlovsk Oblast.

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is the second-largest city on the Crimean Peninsula, and the capital of the Republic of Crimea.

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is the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan, an the industrial and economic center in Russia.

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is a city and the administrative center of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, located on the Yenisei River.

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Would you like to drive a Lamborghini , Ferrari , Aston Martin or Bentley in Moscow? Prestige Car Hire may be a lot cheaper than you think. Russia Luxury Car Hire in Moscow, we specialize in world class executive, sports and exotic cars in the EU area as well as rentals from Moscow Airport (Flughafen). Whether you are looking to hire a Audi , Maserati , Mercedes , BMW , Hummer , Jaguar , Lamborghini , Porsche , Range Rover , or even a Rolls Royce with a private chauffeur you have come to the right place. We treat all our clients with the red carpet service and are happy to deliver your car to any chosen location. If you are looking for luxury car hire at any place all over Moscow we have a special collection & drop-off service. You can feel confident renting first class, immaculate cars as our range of rental cars is chosen from our very own fleet. We are not agents and this ensures that you benefit from the most complete and extensive way to enjoy driving. You may wish to hire the car for a day or two; a long weekend, or a couple of weeks rental or even long-term; the choice is yours.

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Moscow luxury cars rental services (car hire)

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Luxury cars rental (car hire) in Moscow

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Luxury cars rental (car hire) in Moscow

635th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

635-й зенитно-ракетный полк

Military Unit: 86646

Activated 1953 in Stepanshchino, Moscow Oblast - initially as the 1945th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment for Special Use and from 1955 as the 635th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment for Special Use.

1953 to 1984 equipped with 60 S-25 (SA-1) launchers:

  • Launch area: 55 15 43N, 38 32 13E (US designation: Moscow SAM site E14-1)
  • Support area: 55 16 50N, 38 32 28E
  • Guidance area: 55 16 31N, 38 30 38E

1984 converted to the S-300PT (SA-10) with three independent battalions:

  • 1st independent Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion (Bessonovo, Moscow Oblast) - 55 09 34N, 38 22 26E
  • 2nd independent Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion and HQ (Stepanshchino, Moscow Oblast) - 55 15 31N, 38 32 23E
  • 3rd independent Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion (Shcherbovo, Moscow Oblast) - 55 22 32N, 38 43 33E

Disbanded 1.5.98.


  • 1st Special Air Defence Corps , 1953 - 1.6.88
  • 86th Air Defence Division , 1.6.88 - 1.10.94
  • 86th Air Defence Brigade , 1.10.94 - 1.10.95
  • 86th Air Defence Division , 1.10.95 - 1.5.98


  1. Neel-trimarans

    NEEL-TRIMARANS and its dealer network are organising the PRIVATE DAYS in La Rochelle from March 2, to March 4, 2023 Awards News Uncategorized NEEL 43 elected among the top 10 boats of 2023 by SAIL Magazine

  2. Home

    The all-carbon-fiber Rapido 40 trimaran is a sailor's dream boat: quick, stable and ready for ... Read more. May 07, 2024. Rapido host much anticipated launch of first Rapido 53XS, Sails Mag... Rapido Trimarans hosted the much-anticipated launch of the first Rapido 53XS, by Sails Magazine, 1 May 2024.

  3. The Complete List of Trimarans

    These boats are wicked fast, capable of reaching speeds of 20+ knots, and were made for skilled sailors seeking solid construction and high performance vessels, not for beginners. At a glance: Models: Pulse 600, Sprint 750 MKII, Dash 750 MKII, Corsair 28, Cruze 970, Corsair 37, Corsair 42. Cabin: Yes.

  4. Corsair Marine Trimarans

    Discover our range of trailerable and foldable trimarans suitable for regatta racing and family cruising. The worlds favorite tailerable trimaran builder, suited to day sailing, family cruising and racing. ... Corsair 880 Trimaran | 2022 Boat Review by Multihulls World. Read Article. Corsair 880 - Drive Out, Fold Out, Thrill Out, Chill Out.

  5. 210 Sunreef Power

    ASK ABOUT THIS YACHT. The 210 Sunreef Power Trimaran is the avant-garde of superyacht design and the ultimate expression of engineering expertise. An ambitious 210ft three-hulled concept, it fully utilizes the space within and between the hulls to reach a living area of nearly 1000m². The vessel's outdoor social area features an immense ...

  6. Leen-trimarans

    LEEN-TRIMARANS The call to travel Designed by experts and enthusiasts, they bring together all the qualities of yachts designed for demanding owners: elegance, performance, comfort, great autonomy, safety and remarkable sea passage. Their modern and refined lines ensure a unique and timeless look. DISCOVER THE News News LEEN 51: Discover the new model of the […]

  7. Rapido 60

    Boat anomaly: Rapido 40 Trimaran, No Frills Sailing, 19 April 2023 Rapido 40 - Fast, foldable and worry free!, Multihulls World magazine, No. 189, May-July 2023 Shipyard Focus: Rapido Trimarans , by Kevin Green, Multihulls World, August / September 2022.

  8. RAPIDO 50

    Boat anomaly: Rapido 40 Trimaran, No Frills Sailing, 19 April 2023 Rapido 40 - Fast, foldable and worry free!, Multihulls World magazine, No. 189, May-July 2023 Shipyard Focus: Rapido Trimarans , by Kevin Green, Multihulls World, August / September 2022.

  9. Dragonfly

    The Dragonfly 28 sets new standards for the possibilities of a sailing boat. The perfect boat does not exist - but the Dragonfly 28 is very close to this ideal. New facelift design for all Dragonfly 28 models. The Dragonfly 28 comes in both a Touring and Sport version, and, introducing 2016 the new Dragonfly 28 Performance version

  10. Trimaran

    Contact. Overall length: 6.99 m. Width: 5.95, 2.44 m. Draft: 1.16, 0.38 m. LIBERTIST 703. 7 Meter Cruiser-Racer Trimaran, Perfect for Inland and Coastal Water Sailing. The 703 can serve as a safe vessel for amateur racing, as well as a comfortable boat for a several-day trips for a maximum ...

  11. 16 Best Trimarans For Sailing Around The World (And a Few For

    Like other trimarans under the Dragonfly brand, this 25-foot (7.62-meter) trimaran is great for both racing and short term cruising. However, this high-performance boat delivers easy handling, making it perfect for couples looking to take a ride out over the weekend and seasoned sailors looking for an exhilarating racing adventure.

  12. Trimaran boats for sale

    Designed and assembled by a variety of yacht makers, YachtWorld presently offers a selection of 121 trimaran yachts for sale. Among them, 40 are newly built vessels available for purchase, while the remaining 81 comprise used and custom yachts listed for sale. ... Some of the most notorious, masterful builders of trimaran sailboats currently ...

  13. Sailing Trimarans for Sale

    The Neel 50 and 45 high performance cruising trimarans as well as the legendary Dragonfly folding and swing wing trimarans from 28 to 45′. Neel 45-65′ trimarans. As the largest multihull dealership in the world, Aeroyacht offers fast 24hr competitive quotes on new and pre-owned Trimarans. Call 631-246-6448.

  14. LEEN 56 Power Trimaran / 21 CENTURY TRAWLER MULTIHULL

    Consequently NEEL and LEEN trimarans offer their full experience of having built more than 2000 multihulls. Contact Aeroyacht for more information of the new LEEN Power Yacht Trimaran range. Fill up your tank only once a year. Cuise 3000 nautical miles on your LEEN 56 Power Trimaran. Find out more and contact: + 1 516 818 3113.

  15. Catamaran Dealer I Nautitech, McConaghy, Neel Trimarans

    Aeroyacht is a boutique international catamaran dealership representing top cruising yachts: McConaghy Multihulls, Nautitech Catamarans, Neel Sailing Trimarans and LEEN Power Trimarans Specializing in multihulls, we assist in buying, selling, and maximizing your catamaran experience.Our expert team and comprehensive website provide how-to tips and ensure perfect solutions.

  16. Yachts & Superyachts

    Yachts with Trimaran Hulls. There are currently over 10,800 yachts afloat. The longest yacht in the world is Azzam, measuring 180.61m (592'7'). She was built in 2013 by Lürssen. The largest yacht in the world is Fulk Al Salamah, built by Mariotti in 2016, with a volume of 20,361 GT. On average, yachts are 36m long with a volume of 341 GT.


    An awesome luxury mega sailing trimaran with three decks and car garage of 160 ft. (48m) in carbon with revolutionary energy concept and a spectacular mega motor trimaran of 175 ft. (52m) - built entirely to the owners' preferences in Europe, designed by Jean-Jacques Coste. Sailing Yachts. Motor Yachts


    BLUE COAST YACHTS is the brand, designer, manufacturer and shipyard for luxurious, fast and futuristic "full-custom" made mega power trimaran yachts up to 60m in length for worldwide ocean cruising. Futuristic, luxurious full-custom mega power trimaran yacht for worldwide cruising. 53m, carbon fibre. Designed and built in Europe. View now.

  19. List of sailboat designers and manufacturers

    This is a list of notable sailboat designers and manufacturers, which are described by an article in English Wikipedia. Sailboat design and manufacturing is done by a number of companies and ... Dragonfly Trimarans; Dufour Yachts; Endeavour Yacht Corporation; Ericson Yachts; ETAP Yachting; Freedom Yachts; George Lawley & Son; Grampian Marine ...


    Leen 72 Power Trimaran Hybird The Utimate Adventure Yacht. 3 x cabins - 3 x bathrooms layout | 400 HP CUMMINS QSL 9 straight shaft engine | 5,000 L diesel tank | ... Complete multiplexing of the yacht. 24 volts-15 KW Bow thruster. 1 x 12 volts Optima engine battery. 4-burners induction hob. ... Engine Manufacturer:--Beam: 29 ft. Max Speed ...

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  22. rigging a precision 15 sailboat

    234. With an unobtrusively low centerboard trunk and an elegantly simple swept spreader three-stay rig, the Precision 15 is beautiful both to see and to sail. And at only 390 pounds fully rigged, she's a snap to trailer and launch. You'll enjoy many years of safe and spirited sailing in your Precision 15.

  23. Moscow luxury cars rental services (car hire)

    Luxury car request form. Moscow luxury cars rental services (car hire) E-mail: [email protected] ; Telephone 24/7:+389 72 788 267; All over Moscow. Best price range for VIP luxury cars rental offers a variety of services in Moscow:

  24. 635th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

    635th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment. 635-й зенитно-ракетный полк. Military Unit: 86646. Activated 1953 in Stepanshchino, Moscow Oblast - initially as the 1945th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment for Special Use and from 1955 as the 635th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment for Special Use. 1953 to 1984 equipped with 60 S-25 (SA-1 ...