trimaran neel 50

  2. Neel trimaran

    trimaran neel 50

  3. Boat Review by Multihulls World of: Trimaran Neel 50

    trimaran neel 50


    trimaran neel 50

  5. Neel 50 : trimaran performant aux volumes spacieux

    trimaran neel 50

  6. The Cruising Trimaran Neel 50: Innovative Design And Utmost Comfort

    trimaran neel 50


  1. Corsair 37 Carbon Trimaran SILVERCHILLER: CinqueCento 2011 / 02

  2. Neel 45 Trimaran

  3. नीलकमल वैष्णव- CHHATTISGARHI JAS GEET-कौन विधि-CG NAVRATRI SONG-NEW HIT VIDEO-2017AVM9301523929

  4. Trimaran Neel 45

  5. Neel 52 Trimaran Tour! Fast and Spacious #boattour

  6. A FIRST! NEEL 43 and NEEL 47 sailing together in the Mediterranean


  1. Neel-trimarans

    NEEL-TRIMARANS and its dealer network are organising the PRIVATE DAYS in La Rochelle from March 2, to March 4, 2023 Awards News Uncategorized NEEL 43 elected among the top 10 boats of 2023 by SAIL Magazine

  2. Neel boats for sale

    Find Neel boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Neel boats to choose from. ... Kaikki 25 km 50 km 100 km 200 km 300 km 500 km 1000 km 2000 km 5000 km. from your location. Condition. All. New. Used. Length. to. ft. m. Price. to. USD. ... NEEL TRIMARANS | Port Ginesta, Barcelona. Request Info ...

  3. Performance

    NEEL trimarans are conceived for fast cruising. With an average cruising speed of around 10 knots, over 200 nautical miles are easily achievable each 24 hours. Speeds from 15 to 18 knots are often reached when the breeze freshens. Weight centering is managed in order to limit pitching. The centre hull is rockered to facilitate tacking.

  4. Neel 52

    The NEEL 52 features the renowned Cockloon® , an impressive interior/exterior living space made possible by the wide opening between the cockpit and the saloon.It also incorporates the Full Beam Cockpit®, an extra-wide cockpit with multiple seating configurations that can be rearranged to take full advantage of the different vistas.

  5. Boat Review by Multihulls World of: Trimaran Neel 50

    Articles about the Neel 50. Available in issue # 116. Boat Test price 5.00€ Inc. tax. Purchase. We might as well say it straight away: the Neel bears absolutely no resemblance to the other multihulls aboard which I have had the opportunity to sail until now. It offers more than one distinctive feature.

  6. Neel 50

    This trimaran is a brilliant idea! Yet Eric Bruneel's concept is simple: to offer the performance of a trimaran and the comfort and accommodation of a cruising catamaran. In the end, the Neel 50 is perhaps the multihull of the future. The platform is incredible, its area (more than 50m2) is impressive, and, once aboard, all you want to do is ...

  7. Neel 52 trimaran review

    The first generation of Neel trimarans, including the Neel 51 launched in 2017, set a new standard in combining handling that echoes that of a monohull with accommodation of a scale that can only ...

  8. NEEL 50 Trimaran

    NEEL 50 Trimaran - Boat Review. By CHARL DU PLESSIS for Prestige Magazine ( Eric Bruneel is an accountant and celebrated sailor, and has been part of the management team of the French manufacturer, Fountaine Pajot, since 1983. The experience gained from all these facets of his life come together in the exciting design of ...

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    Offering the best selection of Neel boats to choose from. ... Neel; Neel Trimaran boats for sale. Save Search. Clear Filter Make / Model: All Neel Category: Sail - Trimaran. ... Country-MQ. Martinique. Country-NZ. New Zealand. Country-PF. French Polynesia. All. All 25 miles 50 miles 100 miles 200 miles 300 miles 500 miles 1000 miles 2000 miles ...


    The NEEL 50's broad width (36.7ft or 11.18m) brings optimal stability in high seas and its PVC foam sandwich construction and anti-collision partitions make the trimaran unsinkable and even lighter than water, claimed the distributor. Three fins protect the hulls, rudder and propeller, while the main fin enables the NEEL 50 to land on a ramp ...

  11. Neel Trimarans

    Neel Trimarans is a manufacturer of trimarans based in La Rochelle, France. ... Design of the NEEL 50 prototype, validation of the concept and first communications on the NEEL-TRIMARANS brand. 2011. Design and production of the NEEL 45, the company's first production boat. CE certification of the world's first deep-sea cruising trimaran.

  12. The Cruising Trimaran Neel 50: Innovative Design And Utmost Comfort

    The Neel 50 trimaran can be described as a vessel that is above all the rest in many different categories. Breaking free of past layout plans of cruising trimarans, the Neel 50 connects the two wings at cockpit level with a living platform, which gives it an innovative look and feel all its own. Open spaces and airy living on the Neel 50 can be ...

  13. New and used technical specifications Neel 50 NEEL TRIMARANS

    Builder : NEEL TRIMARANS; Test of theNeel 50 Finance your Neel 50 Articles about the Neel 50 Specifications. Builder. NEEL TRIMARANS overall length 15.24m / 50'0'' Beam 11.20m / 36'9'' Displacement 10.00t / 22,046lbs. Naval architect Fortabat Yacht Design. Rigging and Sails. Mainsail 95m 2 / 1023sq ft.

  14. New and used Neel boats for sale

    Neel Trimarans, founded in 2009 by Eric Bruneel, is a French boat manufacturer specialising in the production of trimarans. ... Initially gaining attention with the introduction of the Neel 50, the company has expanded its model range to include the Neel 45, Neel 51, Neel 65, and Neel 47. These models are characterised by their balanced sailing ...

  15. New Neel 52

    The NEEL 52 is a beautifully-sized, fast, and voluminous trimaran. It therefore offers a vast range of sailing possibilities. Everything's possible, from peaceful cruising to long-distance travel and rally racing. The various configurations of the NEEL 52 (4, 5, 6 double cabins), with 0,1,2 crew positions are suited to individual owners or ...

  16. History and values

    2010 Design of the NEEL 50 prototype, validation of the concept and first communications on the NEEL-TRIMARANS brand. 2011 Design and production of the NEEL 45, the company's first production boat. CE certification of the world's first deep-sea cruising trimaran. 2012 NEEL 45 is launched. It will sell more than 26 models.

  17. 2024 NEEL 52 Trimaran Boat Review

    And when you have 52 feet LOA to work with, you can imagine how comfortable and practical you can make a bluewater cruiser. The NEEL 52 absolutely makes life on three hulls worth investigating. Specifications: LOA: 52' 0". Beam: 28' 10". Draft: 6'3". Air draft: 79' 0" - 81'0" (alum/carbon) Displacement: 29,762 lbs.

  18. NEEL Trimarans / Consult with your official dealer Aeroyacht

    NEEL TRIMARANS. The NEEL-TRIMARANS Range consist of the award-winning NEEL 43, NEEL 47, the new NEEL 52 and NEEL 65 trimarans. They are highly innovative cruising multihulls that dare us to rethink the merits of catamarans and monohulls. These unique cruising yachts seem to take the best features of monohulls as well as catamarans - to create ...

  19. Neel boats for sale

    50. Contact. 305-563-3415. ... Boat Review: Neel 45 Trimaran. Reviews. NEEL 45: Creature Comfort meets High Performance Trimaran Sailing. More Neel Reviews Neel By Model. Neel 47 20 Listings. Neel 43 14 Listings. Neel NEEL 47 8 Listings. Neel 51 7 Listings. Neel 45 5 Listings. Neel 52 5 Listings.

  20. Neel 65

    The NEEL 65 has inherited all the qualities of NEEL-TRIMARANS in terms of comfort, excellent sailing characteristics, the finesse of its steering and its high performance. More pictures. ... 39,50 ft: Standard air draught: 88,56 ft: Draught: 5,9 ft: Half load displacement 49 600 lbs: Full battened mainsail: 1 227 sq ft: Furling genoa: 1000 sq ft:

  21. Buy 2009 Neel 50Ft Trimaran

    This vessel was designed and built by the Neel shipyard in 2009. Key features 2009 Neel 50Ft Trimaran: length 15.24 meters, beam 11.15 meters and max boat draft 1.07 meters. Hull key features 2009 Neel 50Ft Trimaran: hull material - fiberglass. 1 x Volvo engine: fuel type - diesel. 2009 Neel 50Ft Trimaran can cover a distance at a cruising ...

  22. NEEL Trimarans Owners Community

    For the grand opening, 80 people gathered for a cocktail party in the presence of the godfather of NEEL 43 and winner of the Vendée Globe 2021, Yannick Bestaven, who also owns a NEEL 47 trimaran. The next stage will bring together a fleet of NEEL trimarans on the water, an opportunity to sail together.

  23. Neel 43

    The NEEL 43, Lombard-designed, is even more innovative and impressive, and with a marked move towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials, NEEL-TRIMARANS has confirmed its determined commitment to respecting the environment.