1. Corsair 880 Trimaran

    trailerable trimaran sailboats

  2. New Corsair 880 Trailerable Trimaran for Sale

    trailerable trimaran sailboats

  3. New Corsair 880 Trailerable Trimaran for Sale

    trailerable trimaran sailboats

  4. New Corsair 880 Trailerable Trimaran for Sale

    trailerable trimaran sailboats

  5. How Much Space Is On This INCREDIBLY FAST Trailerable TRIMARAN?! [FULL BOAT TOUR]

    trailerable trimaran sailboats

  6. Farrier F-22 Trailerable Trimaran

    trailerable trimaran sailboats


  1. Sailing Trio -one of Ian Farrier’s first production folding Trimarans

  2. Catamaran Nawiatr 700K

  3. Cruising

  4. Sailing the trimaran at the B&B Messabout 2021

  5. Cross 18 Trimaran

  6. Planing in the Magnum 18 trimaran


  1. 6 Best Trailerable Trimarans For Bluewater and Coastal Sailing

    The small size makes it more suitable for daysailing in good weather rather than multiday cruising, although more experienced sailors will of course push the limits of this boat. 6. WindRider 17. The 17.4-foot (5.3-meter) WindRider 17 is one of the more versatile trimarans in the market.

  2. Corsair Marine Trimarans

    The best builder of high performance trimarans. Discover our range of trailerable and foldable trimarans suitable for regatta racing and family cruising. ... Some Corsair trimaran models go from trailer to water in 25 minutes, and with practice even the largest boat models can be done in 40 minutes. Corsair 880 Trimaran | 2022 Boat Review by ...

  3. Corsair Trimaran Corsair 880 29ft sailboat

    CORSAIR 880. This is the legitimate heir to the trimaran revolution started by the Hall-of-Fame F-27 way back in 1986. The pinnacle of trimaran design, this all-new built from the ground up Corsair has full boat systems, an aft cabin to sleep 5 in total, enclosed heads and standing headroom. Corsair 880 trimaran.

  4. 7 Best Trailerable Sailboats for Cruising

    7 Best Trailerable Cruising Sailboats. Catalina 22/25 "Pop-Top". Com-Pac Horizon Cat for Classic Coastal Cruising. Marshall Sanderling — Small, Portable, Classy. West Wight Potter 19 — The Tiny Go-Anywhere Sailboat. Seaward 26RK with Retractable Lead Keel. Corsair F-24 Trimaran - Sporty Sailing.

  5. The Complete List of Trimarans

    Quick, lightweight, roomy, and trailerable, Farrier trimarans are made for versatility to fit every sailor's needs. Different Farrier models are available in plan or kit boat form for those who appreciate building their boat themselves, but of course, also as the full production sail-away boat for the rest of us.

  6. Reviewed: Farrier F-22 Trimaran

    Reviewed: Farrier F-22 Trimaran. You could be forgiven for not realizing the F-22 trimaran is, in fact, a first-rate pocket cruiser. The boat's narrow, plumb-bow entry, powerful amas, sleekly sculpted cabintrunk, expansive cockpit and powerful high-aspect rig all seem to speak to pure performance. A single glance belowdecks, though, is all it ...

  7. Trailerable Boats with Comfort and Speed

    Farrier, who passed away in 2017, created the F-22 as a kind of culmination of all he'd continued to learn about small, trailerable multihulls in the years since he penned the F-27 trimaran, a true trail-blazer and now part of the "Sailboat Hall of Fame.". Another F-22 sidles up alongside a pier in Malta with amas folded in.

  8. corsair 880 trimaran |Trailerable Trimaran Sailboat

    Corsair 880. An all-new Corsair, and the legitimate heir to the trimaran revolution started by the Hall-of-Fame anointed F-27 in 1986. The pinnacle of trimaran design, this built from the ground up Corsair has full boat systems - meaning electric lighting, refrigeration, manual or electric toilet, and even air conditioning is available.

  9. Corsair Sprint 750: Trailerable Sailing Fun

    A fast trimaran brings out the daysailor in all of us. A successful evolution of the Corsair 24, the new Corsair Sprint 750 Mark II is a fast, versatile, trailerable trimaran built for a perfect day of sailing. The Sprint shares the same hull design as its cousin, the Dash 750, with the same large buoyant floats, beams, and folding system.

  10. Corsair 880 Trimaran

    Boat Description. The all-new Corsair 880 brings effortlessly fast performance sailing while being completely safe and comfortable for people of all skill levels. First of all, she features a protected cockpit, high-aspect hulls and foils and a huge unfolded beam. Furthermore, she has full boat systems for cruising comfort including electric ...

  11. Best Trailerable Sailboat Brands to Cruise or Race

    The Best Trailerable Catamaran and Trimaran Sailboat Brands. Nacra: Catamarans are difficult to trailer because their beam is likely to exceed the legal road limits due to their double hull structure. Having said that, small models such as Nacra's lightning fast racing cats will squeeze within the beam limits at 8 foot 5 inches wide including ...

  12. Corsair 760

    This new trailerable trimaran is destined to bring trailer sailing to the next level. Originating from the ever-popular 24 and 750 range this new model has received a radical redesign by our French partners at Perus Yacht Design. The Corsair 760 offers sailors more comfort, performance and safety than our previous 24ft trimaran range.

  13. Dragonfly Trimaran for sale

    Dragonfly Trimarans for Sale in the US Dragonfly Trimarans are built in Denmark to extremely high standards by Quorning Boats. The current Dragonfly range extends from the trailerable 25 and 28 footers, up to the larger 32 and 40 foot models. All Dragonfly Trimarans employ their.

  14. Corsair 760 Specifications

    Corsair 760. STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS AND EQUIPMENT GENERAL: The 760 is an extremely versatile trailerable trimaran offering a comfortable cruising interior with compact galley and pop top.This compact cruising trimaran has been designed to comfortably sleep couples for weekend getaways and with the addition of an optional collapsible dining table will sleep up to 4 making the 760 a performance ...

  15. Corsair Cruze 970 Sailboat Review

    The sporty, foldable, trailerable Corsair Cruze 970 trimaran will routinely knock off double-digit boat speeds. Since 1985 the Corsair 31 has been a familiar trimaran on the racing and cruising scene. At yards in Australia and California, 303 of that model were built, with subtle design tweaks over the years.

  16. Dragonfly 28

    The Dragonfly 28 is a foldable and trailerable 28 ft trimaran, that provides you with all the benefits and features from a trimaran on the water - allowing speeds up to 22+ knots, shallow draft and high comfort while sailing, as the boat is barely heeling.

  17. Pocket Cruisers and Trailer-sailers for Every Sailing Style

    The Voyager 20 measures in at 19ft 10in overall, with a trailer-friendly beam of 7ft 6in, and its base price is $29,995. Pulse 600. Speaking of trailer-friendly, nothing else comes with as potent a blend of portability and punch as a trailerable trimaran. Alliteration aside, Corsair Marine's new Pulse 600 looks like an extremely enjoyable ride.

  18. Why Corsair Trimarans

    The combination of engineering and materials that make Corsair trailerable trimarans so strong, sleek, fast and lightweight also make them incredibly easy to maintain. Moreover, as Corsair trimaran sailboats are seldom stored on the water, there is little need for everything from bottom coatings to anti-mildew sprays.

  19. Multihulls for sale

    Windcraft Multihulls offers a variety of multihull sailboats for sale. We specialize in great sailing trimarans, in particular the sporty trailerable 20-37 ft trimarans built by Corsair Marine, the high quality 25-40 ft. swing wing trimarans built by Dragonfly, and the magnificent 40-60 ft fast ocean ... We specialize in great sailing trimarans ...

  20. 9 Best Trailerable Sailboats

    1) West Wight Potter 15. The West Wight Potter 15 is perhaps one of the most capable 15-foot sailboats around. This neat little vessel is as seaworthy as it is easy to handle, and it's a great choice for all kinds of cruising adventures. The West Wight Potter 15 is a 15-foot sloop with an aluminum mast and tiller.

  21. How Much Space Is On This INCREDIBLY FAST Trailerable TRIMARAN?! [FULL

    Here is a full tour of the brand new Corsair 880 trimaran. It is fast, light, and folds up small enough to go on a trailer. Could this be the perfect boat? T...

  22. Trimaran Trailer Sailing

    An easily trailerable sports boat allows racers to attend regattas and events nationwide, making Corsair trimarans the perfect regatta sailboat for keen racers. 50 on the interstate Trimaran trailer sailing offers significant cost savings when compared to marina fees. Reduced hull maintenance costs also substantially reduces overall expenses.

  23. Trimaran boats for sale

    Trimaran sailing vessels for sale on YachtWorld are offered at a variety of prices from $25,309 on the lower-cost segment of yachts all the way up to $1,565,535 for the most expensive yachts. Find Trimaran boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.