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Meaning of motorboat in English

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  • cabin cruiser
  • dragon boat
  • rubber dinghy
  • While you can take a motorboat, many people prefer to take the original Venetian taxi, the famous gondola.  

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to motorboat something meaning

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Definition of motorboat noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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to motorboat something meaning

motorboat in American English

Motorboat in british english, examples of 'motorboat' in a sentence motorboat, trends of motorboat.

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  • motorbicycle
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Definition of motorboat

Verb - transitive.

  • See more words with the same meaning: sex activities, practices, moves .
: :


Related words

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Definitions include: one of many made up "sex moves" that involve physical abuse of women.
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  • 1.1 Pronunciation


Audio ( ): ( )

motorboating ( uncountable )

  • The act of travelling in a motorboat .
  • ( slang ) The act of placing one's head between a woman's breasts and making the sound of a motorboat with one's lips whilst moving the head from side to side.
  • 2010 , Phil Torcivia, Nice Meeting You , page 183 : (He is referring to her boobs.) Phil: Nice. Dog #1: They are suh-weet! Can you imagine climbing behind that caboose and hanging on to those milk-bags? Dog #2: I'd be motorboating them for hours.
  • 2011 , Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi , A Shore Thing , page 120 : "Mmmm," he mumbled, his face between her boobs, motorboating .
  • 2012 , Alex Langley, The Geek Handbook: Practical Skills and Advice for the Likeable Modern Geek , page 56 : PROBLEM: You accidentally touched your platonic galpal on the boob. SOLUTION: Apologize quickly, making it clear that it was just a slip of the hand. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE: Try to “break the tension” by motorboating your friend's breasts.

to motorboat something meaning

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Synonyms of motorboat

  • as in speedboat
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Thesaurus Definition of motorboat

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • cabin cruiser
  • sportfisherman
  • motor sailer

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“Motorboat.” Thesaurus , Merriam-Webster, Accessed 18 Jul. 2024.

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Nglish: Translation of motorboat for Spanish Speakers

Britannica English: Translation of motorboat for Arabic Speakers Encyclopedia article about motorboat

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What does Motorboat mean?

to motorboat something meaning

Other definitions of Motorboat:

  • To motorboat someone, place your face between their breasts, squishing them together, rock your head side to side (or have them jiggle back and forth), and making an audible "brrrr" noise, which sounds like a motorboat.

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How to use the term Motorboat :

It's doubtful she derives much pleasure other than seeing your amusement when you're motorboating.

Oh, motorboat me harder, baby! Yes, just like that!


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[ moh -ter-boh-ting ]

  • the recreational activity of operating or traveling in a motorboat .
  • a malfunction in audio equipment resulting in sounds like those produced by an outboard motor.

Word History and Origins

Origin of motorboating 1

Example Sentences

I thought about motorboating them, but that seemed a little past the line.

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The motorboat, motorboatable.

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Ten things to know from the King's Speech

Find out what the King's Speech means for you.

to motorboat something meaning

This year’s King’s Speech focuses on creating wealth in every corner of the country, and improving the living standards of working people.    

We’re bringing in more than 35 bills and draft bills to enable economic growth – including a Bill that enforces tough new spending rules.    

The package of bills will focus on growing the economy through speeding up the building of houses and infrastructure, improving transport, creating more jobs and securing clean, green energy – helping to make every part of the country better off.    

New laws will also help to create wealth in every community and hand power back to local leaders who know what is best for their areas.   

Here are ten things to know about our new programme of legislation, and what they mean for you.    

1) Kickstart economic growth  

We are making sure nobody can play fast and loose with public finances – and that we avoid chaos which leaves families with spiralling bills.    

A new Bill will strengthen the role of the Office of Budget Responsibility, meaning significant fiscal announcements must be properly scrutinised and that taxpayers’ money is respected.   

And we will introduce a Bill to ensure the National Wealth Fund will make transformational investments across the UK. 

2) Get Britain building    

We’ll get Britain building, through planning reform, as we speed up the delivery of high-quality housing and infrastructure.    

This will help provide more housing across the country and support sustained economic growth.   

We will also give more rights to people renting their homes, including putting an end to unfair no-fault evictions, and reforming grounds for possession.   

3) Make work pay   

Our Employment Rights Bill is a significant step towards delivering this Government’s plan to make work pay – the biggest upgrade to workers’ rights in a generation.  

We will ban exploitative zero-hours contracts, end fire and rehire, and introduce basic employment rights from day one.  

And through our changes to the Low Pay Commission, we’ll make sure the minimum wage is a genuine living wage. 

4) Hand back power to communities    

New legislation will help to create wealth in every community and hand power back to local leaders.   

We’ll introduce a Bill to move power out of Westminster and back to those who know their areas best - giving local leaders the tools they need to drive growth.   

New laws will give more powers to metro mayors and combined authorities, helping support local plans that bring wealth to communities.    

5) Provide better transport    

We’ll put our rail system back on track with new laws to deliver for passengers.     

New laws will improve the railways by reforming rail franchising, establishing Great British Railways and bringing train operators into public ownership.   

And we’ll introduce a Bill to allow local leaders to take control of their bus services.   

6) Make Britain a clean energy superpower  

We’re committed to making Britain a clean energy superpower by 2030 - helping lower household bills for good over time.    

A new Bill will help set up Great British Energy, a publicly owned clean-power company that will help boost energy security, create jobs and build supply chains in every corner of the UK.   

We’ll also introduce legislation that helps unlock investment in energy infrastructure, supports sustainable aviation fuel production and strengthens the water regulator’s powers.    

7) Strengthen our border  

The government will strengthen the border with a new Bill that modernises the asylum and immigration system, including launching a new Border Security Command.    

The command will deploy more police and investigators to smash the criminal smuggling gangs, tackling the problem at source. The Bill will give law enforcement new enhanced counter-terror style powers to destroy the evil business model of human trafficking.   

8) Take back our streets  

We’ll introduce laws to strengthen community policing, giving the police greater powers to deal with anti-social behaviour and strengthen support for victims.    

New laws will improve the safety and security of public venues and help keep the public safe from terrorism, and we will bring forward plans to halve violence against women and girls.   

9) Break down barriers to opportunity  

We’ll take action to raise educational standards and break down barriers to opportunity.  This includes measures to help people back into employment after the pandemic and a Bill to raise standards in education and promote children’s wellbeing.    

We’ll end tax breaks for private schools - funding 6,500 new teachers – and set up Skills England to make sure we have the highly trained workforce that England needs.    

Our plan also includes reforming the apprenticeship levy and setting out work on legislation to enshrine the full right to equal pay in law.   

And we’ll launch an independent football regulator to ensure greater sustainability in the game and stronger protections for fans.   

10) Improve the NHS   

Our government will take steps to improve the National Health Service for everyone – including reducing waiting times and focusing on prevention.   

We’ll improve mental health provision for young people and make sure it’s given the same attention and focus as physical health and we will modernise the Mental Health Act, so it is fit for the twenty first century, ensuring all patients are treated with dignity and respect.   

Our plan includes introducing legislation to help stop young people smoking and vaping, and to restrict advertising junk food to children, along with the sale of high caffeine energy drinks to children.   

To read the full King’s Speech click here .

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A hero, a firefighter, a Trump supporter. What will Corey Comperatore's death mean?

There are few figures as unifying in america as a firefighter, who shows up when homes are ablaze and loved ones endangered. still, corey comperatore is being laid to rest amid toxic division..

Portrait of Chris Kenning

BUFFALO TOWNSHIP, Pa. – The two-lane road to the fire hall winds past rolling corn fields, a veterans club, a church and a home flying a Trump and two other conservative flags before it dips sharply downhill.

There, next to Little Buffalo Creek, is the Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Department, its bay doors filled with polished firetrucks and, along one interior wall, neat rows of hanging firefighter jackets. Out front, a helmet and jacket hang above memorial flowers, a name stitched in reflective yellow lettering.

Assistant Chief Ricky Heasley leaned over the hood of a truck on Monday, talking over funeral plans for fellow firefighter Corey Comperatore – the only person killed by a would-be assassin who opened fire Saturday at a Trump rally in the county.

“I worked with him for a lot of years,” said Heasley of the engineer who lived in a two-story home near the station and was an outgoing family man who officials said died protecting his wife and children from the sniper’s bullets.

On Thursday, his friends and family will hold a visitation to pay their respects to Comperatore in Freeport, a small town on the Allegheny River, the family announced . It probably will draw large numbers. Funeral services will be held Friday at his longtime Butler County church.

There are few figures as unifying in America as a firefighter, who shows up when your house is ablaze and your loved ones are in danger. They are revered heroes, ingrained in the national consciousness since rushing into the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Yet Comperatore’s family is laying him to rest amid mounting political tensions after the assassination attempt at the Trump rally he attended, another trauma that has further inflamed one of America’s most divisive political moments.

President Joe Biden called his widow to offer condolences. “He was a father,” Biden said later. “He was protecting his family from the bullets that were being fired, and he lost his life. God love him.”

Comperatore’s wife, Helen, declined to talk to Biden. “I didn’t want to talk to him," she told the New York Post . "My husband was a devout Republican and he would not have wanted me to talk to him.”

She added that she didn’t have any ill will toward Biden because “he didn’t do anything bad to my husband. A 20-year-old despicable kid did.”

'God first, his family second': What defined Corey Comperatore

Comperatore had recently turned 50 in the same part of the county where he had grown up, a place of forested hills, cornfields, churches and residential communities that have grown in recent decades.

He was also very interested in politics and a Trump supporter.

That's not uncommon in his county, where 66% voted for Trump in 2020. By contrast, in nearby Allegheny County, anchored by the city of Pittsburgh, that figure was 41%.

His obituary reflects a man steeped in traditional values. He served a decade in the U.S. Army Reserves after his graduation from Freeport High School in Sarver in 1992. He worked at the same place for decades, according to his LinkedIn page, becoming a project and tooling engineer at JSP International , which makes polymers for industries from autos to construction. He was a member of Cabot Church and served in the Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department, including as chief in the early 2000s. 

Brenda and Jim Disantis recalled years ago when Helen, who babysat for them as a teenager, introduced them to her boyfriend, the pair wrote on his obituary page: “I could see the love between them was forever even at their young age,” they said.

The couple, who recently celebrated their 22nd anniversary, according to a church bulletin, raised two daughters, Allyson and Kaylee Comperatore. They lived so near the station he could walk his dogs past it. His heart seemed to many to be wrapped up in his family. "Corey was a girl dad," Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro told reporters. "Corey went to church every Sunday. Corey loved his community and, most especially, Corey loved his family."

Johnston said Comperatore put "God first, his family second and everybody third."

Upset by Trump's loss in 2020, Comperatore got more involved in politics in recent years, said Buffalo Fire colleague and current Chief Kip Johnston. The coming election "meant a lot to him," he said.

So when Trump’s campaign announced a rally scheduled for Saturday, it was natural that he would make the 22-mile drive to the county seat of Butler.

Sniper opens fire, leaving families and a nation in anguish

The gunfire started just as Trump was talking about immigration. Comperatore heard it and yelled, “Get down!”

He piled on top of his family to shield them, according to Shapiro, who said at a news conference that he spoke to Comperatore’s wife after the shooting and recounted what she told him.

The shooter, later identified as Thomas Matthew Crooks , 20, a health aide from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, was shot and killed by Secret Service countersnipers, but not before he opened fire from atop a roof outside the venue, grazing Trump’s ear.

Two other rallygoers were critically wounded: David Dutch, 57, of New Kensington, Pennsylvania; and James Copenhaver, 74, of Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Both remained in the hospital. 

James Sweetland, a doctor from Dubois, Pennsylvania, who was at the rally, rushed to help Comperatore. But the former fire chief had been shot in the head above his ear and didn’t regain consciousness. 

“He was protecting his daughters, his family,” said Sweetland, whose own wife had once been widowed with children. She wasn't at the rally, but she cried when she learned he had died, knowing how painful it could be, he said.

That Comperatore shielded his family didn’t surprise Johnston. "He always made sure everybody came out safe," he said.

But that did little to lessen the pain.  

"Yesterday, time stopped," Allyson Comperatore, his daughter, said on Facebook. "And when it started again my family and I started living a real-life nightmare."

'Impossible' to train for this: An outpouring of support in time of turmoil

Gary Risch Jr., a former volunteer firefighter, hadn't stepped foot in the Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Company for a year and a half. 

But it was the first place he went Sunday morning after the shooting that killed his close friend. Already, black bunting was strewn from the station's sign and across Comperatore's locker. 

Firefighters regularly risk their lives. But this was different.

"For guys like us, we're trained to do this stuff. We're trained to understand it," Risch said. "We're trained not to accept it but to deal with it. But when it's a brother like this, that's this close, it's pretty much impossible to train to deal with this."

A day later, Heasley said many are sending checks to the fire station for the family. He said a fundraiser will be set up for the Comperatore family. 

Already, a larger fundraiser including Comperatore and others wounded in the shooting had raised nearly $5 million from more than 60,000 donations by Tuesday. Elon Musk gave $50,000.

As the nation buzzes with political rhetoric and conspiracy theories amid the search for the shooter's motive, his death is likely to symbolize different things to different people in this complicated political moment. 

But friends and family in the community of Sarver, ahead of this week’s funeral, are focused on the man they lost.

That’s especially true for those who are part of the Buffalo fire department, a place of chicken-dinner fundraisers and close friendship. And now, one lost colleague they won't ever forget.

 "There's a lot of history with him and a lot of great memories and stuff we'll never forget," Risch said. "I mean, they don't get much better than him." 

The nation, too, will never forget.

Contributing: Matthew Rink, Erie Times-News, USA TODAY Network


Amid the Mayhem, Trump Pumped His Fist and Revealed His Instincts

A bloodied Donald J. Trump made Secret Service agents wait while he expressed his defiance. The moment epitomized his visceral connection with his supporters, and his mastery of the modern media age.

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Donald Trump raising his fist as he is surrounded by Secret Service agents, his face visibly bloodied.

By Shawn McCreesh

  • July 13, 2024

Donald J. Trump was back on his feet. He had just been shot at, his white shirt was undone and his red hat was no longer on his head. Blood streaked across his face as riflemen patrolled the perimeter of the stage. A pack of Secret Service agents pressed their bodies against his. “We’ve got to move, we’ve got to move,” one pleaded.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” the former president instructed, his voice a harried — but startlingly clear — command. Reluctantly, they halted. He peered out into the crowd.

And then his arm reached toward the sky, and he began punching the air.

The crowd started to chant — “ U-S-A! U-S-A! ” — as the agents inched Mr. Trump toward the stairs. When they reached the top step, they paused once more, so Mr. Trump could lift his arm a little higher, and pump his fist a little faster. The crowd roared a little louder.

It’s difficult to imagine a moment that more fully epitomizes Mr. Trump’s visceral connection with his supporters, and his mastery of the modern media age.

Mr. Trump would not leave the stage without signaling to his fans that he was OK — even as some were still wailing in fear. And he did not just wave or nod, he raised his fist in defiance above his bloodied face — making an image history will not forget.

He has always been highly conscious of how he looks in big moments, practicing his Clint Eastwood squint and preparing for his mean mug-shot grimace. But there was no time to prepare for this.

This was instinct.

As the agents coaxed him onto his feet, he stammered, “Let me get my shoes on, let me get my shoes on.”

“I got you, sir, I got you, sir,” an agent replied. Mr. Trump rose, his voice uneven at first, still repeating himself: “Let me get my shoes on.”

“Hold that on your head,” an agent told him, “it’s bloody.”

“Sir, we’ve got to move to the cars,” another said.

“Let me get my shoes on,” Mr. Trump said again.

Fierce one moment, he looked drained and stricken the next.

After the agents managed to hustle him off the stage, they led him toward an idling Chevrolet Suburban. He began to clamber inside, but before the door could close, he turned back toward the crowd again. His head appeared more blood-soaked than before. He raised his fist one more time.

Our Coverage of the Trump Rally Shooting

The Investigation : F.B.I. officials told Congress that the 20-year-old gunman who tried to kill Donald Trump used his cellphone and other devices to search for images of Trump and President Biden .

Security Blind Spots : Even as investigators continue to examine what happened at the Trump rally, it is already clear that there were multiple missed opportunities to stop the gunman  before the situation turned deadly.

The Gunman : In interviews, former classmates of the suspect described him as intelligent but solitary , someone who tried to avoid teasing by fellow students.

Secret Service Director : Kimberly Cheatle returned in 2022 to lead the agency she had served for nearly 30 years. Now, the assassination attempt on Trump has thrown her tenure into uncertainty .

Fears of What’s Next : Among voters, there is growing anxiety that America’s political divide is nearly beyond repair, and the shooting only made things worse .


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  4. motorboat

    motorboat (third-person singular simple present motorboats, present participle motorboating, simple past and past participle motorboated) To ride in a motorboat. ( slang, intransitive, transitive) To press one's face between (another person's breasts ); to press one's face between the breasts of (another person) and shake ones head, hum, or ...

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    We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! A complete guide to the word "MOTORBOAT": definitions, pronunciations, synonyms, grammar insights, collocations, examples, and translations.

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  8. Motorboat Definition & Meaning

    Motorboat definition: A boat propelled by an internal-combustion engine or other motor.

  9. MOTORBOAT Definition & Usage Examples

    Motorboat definition: . See examples of MOTORBOAT used in a sentence.

  10. Motorboat

    a boat propelled by an internal-combustion engine. a large motorboat that has a cabin and plumbing and other conveniences necessary for living on board

  11. MOTORBOAT definition in American English

    motorboat in American English. (ˈmoutərˌbout) noun. 1. a boat propelled by an inboard or outboard motor. intransitive verb. 2. to travel in or operate a motorboat. to motorboat from Hyannis to Martha's Vineyard.

  12. motorboat

    motorboat - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

  13. Full Speed Ahead: The Origins of 'Motorboating'

    The Pop Culture Effect. The term came into mainstream use, and dare we say, 'popularity,' primarily through its appearance in pop culture. It was featured prominently in a scene from the 2005 comedy film "Wedding Crashers," where Vince Vaughn's character enthusiastically explains to Owen Wilson's character the pleasures of motorboating.

  14. What does motorboat mean? motorboat Definition. Meaning of motorboat

    motorboat: [verb - transitive] to place one's mouth between a female's breasts, and exhale while turning one's head left and right. This creates a sound similar to a motorboat . See more words with the same meaning: sex activities, practices, moves .

  15. motorboating

    The act of travelling in a motorboat. (slang)The act of placing one's head between a woman's breasts and making the sound of a motorboat with one's lips whilst moving the head from side to side. Verb. [edit] motorboating. presentparticipleand gerundof motorboat. 2010, Phil Torcivia, Nice Meeting You, page 183:

  16. MOTORBOAT Synonyms: 10 Similar Words

    Synonyms for MOTORBOAT: speedboat, powerboat, cruiser, stinkpot, sedan, runabout, cabin cruiser, hydrofoil, sportfisherman, motor sailer

  17. Motorboat » What does Motorboat mean? »

    The meaning of Motorboat is: A slang term for the act of pushing your face between breasts, rocking your head back and forth, and blowing outward, simulating the noise of a boat's motor.. Find more definitions for Motorboat on!

  18. Motorboat Definition & Meaning

    1 ENTRIES FOUND: motorboat (noun) motorboat / ˈ moʊtɚˌboʊt/ noun. plural motorboats. Britannica Dictionary definition of MOTORBOAT. [count] : a boat with a motor — see picture at boat. MOTORBOAT meaning: a boat with a motor.

  19. Motorboat Types: Powerboat Terms, Uses, and Definitions

    The Powerboat Basics Powerboats come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest recreational powerboats are craft such as rigid-hulled or inflatable dinghies and personal watercraft, while the largest recreational power craft include large motor yachts and even mega yachts.But before we get buried in the ins and outs of powerboat types, let's take a look at the basic pieces and parts that make up ...

  20. Motorboating Definition & Meaning

    Motorboating definition: The act of travelling in a motorboat . The act of placing one's head between a woman's breasts and make the sound of a motorboat with one's lips whilst moving the head from side to side.

  21. MOTORBOATING Definition & Meaning

    Motorboating definition: the recreational activity of operating or traveling in a motorboat. . See examples of MOTORBOATING used in a sentence.

  22. Urban Dictionary: motorboat

    v. int. The act of pushing one's face in between two ample breasts, and rocking one's head side to side very rapidly while making a vigorous, lip-vibrating "brrr" sound. n. The sound produced when doing a motorboat.

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