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  1. 10 Best Small Sailboats (Under 20 Feet)

    Catalina 16.5. jlodrummer. Catalina Yachts are synonymous with bigger boats but they have some great and smaller boats too such as Catalina 16.5. This is one of the best small sailboats that are ideal for family outings given that it has a big and roomy cockpit, as well as a large storage locker.

  2. Best Small Sailboats, Beginner and Trailerable Sailboats

    To experience the pure joy of sheeting in and scooting off across a lake, bay, or even the open ocean, there's nothing better than a small sailboat - we're talking sailboats under 25 feet. You can literally reach out and touch the water as it flows past. You instantly feel every puff of breeze and sense every change in trim.

  3. An Easy Guide to the 8 Best (And Funnest) Small Sailboats

    Its enduring popularity, strong class association, and supportive community make it a beloved classic in the world of small sailboats, embodying a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and inclusivity for sailors of all levels. 8. Hobie Cat. Start a fun hobby with the Hobbie Cat. Length: 16.7ft / 5.04 m.

  4. Best Pocket Cruiser Sailboats, Small Cruising Sailboats

    Balboa 26. Balboa 26 Courtesy Of Matts G. Djos. First splashed in 1969, the Balboa 26 continues to enjoy a strong following among budget-minded cruisers. Built sturdy and heavy, all of the boat's stress points are reinforced. The spacious cockpit comfortably seats 4 and is self bailing, ensuring that sailors stay dry.

  5. Best Small Sailboats for Beginners

    Without mentioning specific models and brands, it's difficult to outline which small boats are best but here are things to look for in good teaching boats. Some of the best small sailboats for beginners include: Boats with tillers steering. Boats with no winches. Sailing dinghies.

  6. 11 Best Small Sailboat Brands: How to Choose Your Next Daysailer or

    The Best Sailboats Under 25 Feet. Pocket cruiser: Cornish Crabber 24. British manufacturer Cornish Crabber has been producing beautiful, traditional style small sailboats for decades, ensuring they honor their heritage both in the construction style and appearance of their boats. The Cornish Crabber 24 is the most iconic of their range and ...

  7. 5 best small sailboats for sailing around the world

    Vancouver 28. Photo credit: A sensible small boat with a "go-anywhere" attitude, this pocket cruiser was designed with ocean sailors in mind. One of the best cruising sailboats under 40 feet, the Vancouver 28 is great sailing in a small package. Hull Type:Full keel with transom hung rudder.

  8. Best Daysailers Under 20 Feet

    Small daysailers can offer daytime rides that match an array of aesthetic sensibilities, budget caps, and requirements for portability, security, ... The small boat has seating for six but can be singlehanded and even raced short-handed. Two hundred boats were ordered the first year the model was launched, and 40 years later, approximately ...

  9. Best Small Sailboats and Daysailers

    Catalina 16.5. The Catalina 16.5 sits right in the middle of Catalina Yachts' line of small sailboats, which range from the 12.5 to the 22 Capri and Sport, and it comes in both an easy-to-trailer centerboard model and a shoal-draft fixed-keel configuration. With the fiberglass board up, the 17-foot-2-inch boat draws ...

  10. Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere

    Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere. John Vigor turns the spotlight on twenty seaworthy sailboats that are at home on the ocean in all weather. These are old fiberglass boats, mostly of traditional design and strong construction. All are small, from 20 feet to 32 feet overall, but all have crossed oceans, and all are cheap.

  11. Best Small Cruising Sailboats

    The best budget small cruiser sailboats include the Catalina 22 for its versatility, Hunter 27 for durability, Beneteau First 20 for performance, West Wight Potter 19 for compactness, Compac Sun Cat for ease of use, MacGregor 26 for adaptability, and Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 for comfort and style. As a seasoned sailor with years of navigating ...

  12. Shallow-water Beach Cruising in a Small Sailboat

    It is a beach cruising or cruiser-camping boat that can access cruising grounds that those sailing boats with fixed keels can only dream about. Less is More. I started sailing small shallow-draft boats after having owned keelboats for 30 years. Confined to the marked channels in the Intracoastal Waterway while nearby estuaries and shallow coves ...

  13. 25 of the best small sailing boat designs

    Contessa 32. Assent 's performance in the 1979 Fastnet Race makes the Contessa 32 a worth entry in the 25 best small sailing boat designs list. Credit: Nic Compton. Designed by David Sadler as a bigger alternative to the popular Contessa 26, the Contessa 32 was built by Jeremy Rogers in Lymington from 1970.

  14. Best Small Sailboats for Beginners: Discover My Three Favorites and Set

    Here are my top three picks of best small sailboat for beginners: Sunfish. Hunter 15. Catalina 16.5. If I had to pick one, I would go for Hunter 15 sailboat because it has the the best safety features. The Hunter 15 sailboat is also easy to operate, plus you can dock with no problem.

  15. Best Small and Trailerable Sailboats

    West Wight Potter 15. The West Wight Potter 15 is one of the best small trailerable and seaworthy 15-foot sailboats of all time. It's easy to handle and great for both coastal and offshore cruising. She has an aluminum mast and tiller, a small cabin that comfortably sleeps a couple and also we can't miss referring to her elegant design.

  16. 14 Great Small Cruising Boats & Pocket Cruisers

    Galeon Yachts 375 GTO: mid-size boat with plenty of below-deck space. Aquila 42: sleek power catamaran ready to entertain. Azimut Verve 42: small, yet mighty yacht ready for open water. Hinckley Yachts 35: luxury picnic cruiser with range. Beneteau Gran Turismo 45: sleek cruising yacht with all the amenities.

  17. What are the Best Small Bluewater Sailboats? Cruisers Top Picks

    The Pardeys are icons of small sailboat cruising. Having sailed over 200,000 nautical miles and circumnavigated both east and westbound on their home-built, engine-free, sub-30-feet cutters, they are among the most recognized sailors in the world. They're also known as "America's first couple of cruising.".

  18. 12 Perfect Small Sailboats

    Keep scrolling to read on for the best small sailboat picks. Hunter 22. Hunter 22 is a clever boat for a very fair price. It retains the hull of its predecessor- Hunter 216, featuring an open transom and a large cockpit. However, it is made of fiberglass with balsa-cored topsides and a solid bottom section.

  19. Small Sailboat Types: Sail Smaller and Savor It All

    The term "small sailboat" encompasses a wide range of sailboat models. Generally, if a boat is less than 25 feet long, has a mast, rudder, and sail, and can be towed on a trailer, it is considered a small sailboat. ... Its blend of modern technology and traditional appearance is highlighted by an open cockpit. Catalina 22 Sport: The Catalina 22 ...

  20. Best Small Sailboats Under 20 Feet

    Smaller boats are easy to navigate and not a hassle to maintain compared to larger yachts, which is why many choose sailboats under 20 feet as the ideal starter boat. From the Catalina 16.5 to the Beneteau First 20 or the Marlow Hunter 15, there are many smaller sailboats under 20 feet that offer beginner or expert sailors great value for money ...

  21. Best Small Sailboats To Sail Around The World

    Nicholson 35. Now somewhat legendary, the tough and dependable Nicholson 35 first appeared in 1971, and between then and 1985, some 228 boats were launched. Built to Lloyds' specifications with a hand-laid solid GRP hull, she boasts a fully encapsulated lead fin keel and full-depth skeg. She has an alluring sheer with nicely balanced ...

  22. 17 Sailboat Types Explained: How To Recognize Them

    Dinghies are the smallest and most simple sailboats around. They are your typical training sailboats. Small boats with an open hull, with just one mast and one sail. Perfect for learning the ways of the wind. On average, they are between 6 and 20 ft long. Mostly sailed single-handed (solo). There's no special rigging, just the mainsail.

  23. Sailboats for Sale

    A dinghy is a type of small open sailboat, more akin to a day sailer. Characterized for their short length overall and light weight, which also makes them very easy to handle, sailing dinghies are used for recreation, youth sailing programs, sail training, and tending a larger vessel. Ketch. A ketch is a type of sailing yacht with two masts.

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