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Handcrafted Model Ships - Wooden model sailboats and sailing ships

Wooen model sail boats, since 1954, handcrafted model ships guarantees the lowest price, the highest quality and a 100% money back guarantee on sail boats., decorate your home, or give as a gift to someone special our large selection of sail boats., shop with confidence and showcase your passion for model sailboats with fast and free shipping on orders over $99.

Wooden American Paradise Model Sailboat 9

Sail Boat Models

Sleek beauties designed to cruise through the sea with speed, agility, and grace, sailboats are the true essence of nautical life. From historic sailboats, to centerpieces and proud America’s Cup winners, Handcrafted Model Ships offers charming sailboat models for collectors, home and office décor, and wonderful gift ideas.

Basic sailing ship models are available in a wide range of colors, enabling them to match the décor of any room. They are a perfect addition to any seashore or beach décor theme, and make great gifts. Display them in a bedroom, family room, sunroom or liven up an office with their fun and playful presence. These models also make excellent themed centerpieces of events and receptions.

Fine-crafted décor yachts models add a touch of class and a nautical flair to any room with their quality workmanship. They combine elegance with a subtle presence that makes them an ideal addition to family rooms, dens or offices, as well as meeting rooms and other common areas.

Premium-quality replica yachts are produced with exquisite details to appeal to collectors and yachtsmen alike. These museum-quality model yachts are crafted to the highest standards, delivering an enviable display that will be a highlight of any room’s collection of nautical décor and artifacts. 

Recreational sailing is a sport and pastime enjoyed by people around the world. Docks and marinas may be found along any stretch of coastline, lakeshore or riverfront, offering both coastal and inland enthusiasts the opportunity to take to catch the breeze and take to the water.

Historically, sailboats have been working boats for millennia. While royalty, nobles and aristocrats may have occasionally maintained vessels for personal use, these were primarily barges, such as the famous pleasure barges of Queen Elizabeth at Leichester or Queen Cleopatra on the Nile, intended for lakes or rivers. Sailing remained a difficult and dangerous business, and boating an occupation for the working class.

The coming of the steamboat and the Industrial Era changed the status of the sailboat from working vessel to pleasure craft. Increasingly powerful steam (and later diesel) engines rendered sails obsolete within a matter of decades, while advancing production technology enabled the construction of inexpensive sailboats on an industrial scale. Sailing was rapidly transformed in the common view from a profession to a pastime, and simultaneously the cost of purchasing a small boat became increasingly affordable for the middle-class.

As the middle-class enjoyed recreational day-sailing in small boats, certain types of large sailing ships, such as the windjammer class of ocean cargo ships or many fishing and whaling trawlers, continued to operate as working vessels. Meanwhile, the wealthy upper-classes turn their attention to the intermediate and rapidly expanding class of boats known as yachts.

“Jacht” was a Dutch term originally referring to a class of light, fast sailing ships used by the Dutch Navy to pursue pirates and outlaws in the shallow waters of Holland and the Low Countries. Similar vessels also served as customs inspectors or pilot boats, and when merchants recognized the speed and ability of these small boats to intercept larger tall ships at sea, they became to build private yachts in order to greet their inbound trade ships. Other wealthy individuals began building jachts for pleasure trips, which attracted the attention of King Charles II of England in the mid-17th century. When the king chose a jacht for his official conveyance back to England for the Restoration in 1660 following the English Civil War, the term “yacht” entered the English vocabulary.

Charles II had become an avid sport sailor during his time in the Netherlands, and commissioned the construction of an additional 24 royal yachts throughout his reign, sparking an interest in yachting among English aristocracy. Yacht reviews and regattas were already common in Holland, and these events passed to Britain and then spread throughout the aristocracy of mainland Europe. Yachts varied greatly in size, from small private pleasure boats to larger royal yachts to Dutch military vessels approaching the scale of 6th and 5th Rate ships-of-the-line.

In common use, however, the term “yacht” as understood in Britain and spread to continental Europe and the Americas signified exclusively pleasure craft with no commercial or military function. Yacht clubs formed where members could sail, display and race their yachts. One such race was held in 1851, sponsored by the Royal Yacht Squadron as their annual circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight. Fifteen English yachts participated in the regatta, joined by a single American entrant.

Appropriately named the America, this racing yacht was commissioned by members of the fledgling New York Yacht Club and designed as an over-sized pilot-boat. When the America bested her competition in the 53-mile race by finishing 8-minutes ahead of her nearest competitor, Queen Victoria is said to have asked the name of the second-place boat and received the famous reply, “Ah, Your Majesty, there is no second.”

The winning yachtsman returned their trophy to the New York Yacht Club, renaming it the America’s Cup and bestowing it to the club via the Deed of Gift. Other clubs were now able to challenge for possession of the Cup, and America’s Cup challenge races quickly became the most prestigious in yachting. Today it remains the oldest active trophy in international sport, successfully defended by the New York Yacht Club for an astonishing 126 years until the Royal Perth Yacht Club achieve victory with the Australia II, thus ending the longest winning streak in sports history. American yacht clubs have since twice reclaimed the trophy, and it has been held once each by clubs from New Zealand and Switzerland.

Not all races consisted of pleasure boats or purpose-built racing yachts. Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, sailing ships still labored in certain professions, with the professionalism of the crews as well as a the speed and handling of their boats a matter of pride. Working vessels participated in races as well, such as competitive trade-runs by clipper ships or off-season races between working fishing boats. Among the latter, in the early 20th century Canadian schooner Bluenose from Nova Scotia held the International Fisherman’s Trophy against all challengers for 17 straight years, while also winning awards for the largest catch of the season and similar honors as an actively working fishing vessel.

With the advent of diesel powerboats, the last of the working sailboats faded into history. Modest yachts continued to become increasingly affordable for average owners, and the pastime of pleasure-boating increased in popularity. With the addition of inboard engines, yachts could now be enjoyed regardless of weather conditions as either sailed or powered vessels.

Still, to many sailing enthusiasts there is no greater joy that taking personal control of a one-person dinghy and harnessing the wind. Sailboats, whether large or small, are a heart-felt passion for millions and an icon of any day at the seashore.


HANDCRAFTED MODEL SHIPS was founded in 1954 and since then we have expanded our products, websites and brands. Shop and save on all 5 brands/websites and enjoy one shopping cart.

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Sailing ships & tall ship model kits.

A sailing ship is a seagoing craft that is propelled by the wind via the use of sails that are fixed on masts. In Ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean, river and coastal waterways were navigated by early sailing ships.

During the Age of Discovery (15th to 17th century), European sailing ships with primarily square rigs became common as they travelled across oceans between countries and throughout the globe. Although merchant ships made up the majority of sailing vessels, the Age of Sail also witnessed the growth of sizable fleets of heavily armed warships.

Most wooden ship model kits that are stocked by Modelers Central are from the golden age of sailing ships & tall ships. Brands such as Amati, Corel, Vanguard Models & Occre use quality materials and accessories to provide the best experience and the best calibre of details and structure for all sailing & tall ship model kits.

Some of the most popular wooden model ship kits from our Sailing Ship & Tall Ship range are the Clipper Cutter Sark, Endeavour & HMS Victory.

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Shackletons James Caird 1916 Model Boat Kit


HMS Endurance - Shackleton's Ship - Occre Model Ship Kit

Essex Whaling Ship

HMS Terror - Occre Model Ship Kit

ISABELLA – Paddle Steamer 1912

Albatros Schooner - Occre Model Ship Kit

ALBATROS – Schooner

Krait Wooden Model Ship Kit by Modellers Shipyard



Port Jackson Schooner 1803 – Starters Pack

model sailboats

Bluenose 1 – Fishing Schooner 1921

Chinese Junk Amati Model Ship Kit

Chinese Pirate Junk – Qing Dynasty

Brig Perseverance Model Ship Kit by Modellers Shipyard

Colonial Brig Perseverance 1807 – Starters Pack

model sailboats


Mary Byrne 1826 Admiralty Model 1

Mary Byrne Admiralty 1826 Model

Polaris Model Ship Starters Pack

POLARIS – Starters Pack

model sailboats

Adventure Pirate Ship 1760


HMA Submarine AE1 /AE2

HMS Sirius Cross Section

HMS Sirius 1786 Cross Section



HMS Bounty Launch - Occre Model Ship Kit

HMS Bounty Launch

model sailboats

HMS Revenge

Pirate Ship Adventure Amati Model Ship Kit

ADVENTURE – Pirate Ship 1760 – Starters Pack

model sailboats

Santa Maria Carrack 1492

Duyfken Model Ship Kit


Palamos Starter Pack

Palamos Starter Pack

model sailboats

RMS Titanic

model sailboats

Pinta Caravel of Columbus 1492

model sailboats

Nina Caravel of Columbus 1492


HMS SUPPLY – First Fleet 1788

Mississippi Paddle Steamer - Occre Model Boat Kits

MISSISSIPPI – Paddle Steamer

model sailboats

Greek Bireme – Ancient Warship 480BC

Bluenose 1 Fishing Schooner Amati Model Ship Kit

BLUENOSE 1 – Fishing Schooner 1921 – Starters Pack

Ulises Steam Tug - Occre Model Ship Kit

ULISES – Steam Tug

model sailboats

Robert E. Lee River Steamboat 1870

Golden Hind Model Ship Occre 3

Golden Hind

HMS Victory - Mid Ship Cross Section - Corel Model Ship Kit

HMS VICTORY – Mid Ship Cross Section

Ranger - Corel Model Ship Kit

RANGER – American Cutter 1823

Santisima Trinidad Cross Section Kit - Occre Model Ship Kit




Golden Star - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

GOLDEN STAR – English Brig

model sailboats

Hunter Q-Ship – British Navy

model sailboats

Endurance & James Caird Model Ship Combo

Lady Nelson Model Ship Kit by Victory Models

LADY NELSON – 18th Century Cutter – Starters Pack

Matthew Turner Brigantine Model Ship Kit by Modellers Shipyard

Matthew Turner – Starters Pack

model sailboats

HMS Fly – Upgrade Set

Aurora Spanish Brig - Occre Model Ship Kit

AURORA – Spanish Brig



model sailboats

HMS FLY – Swan Class 1776

Amalfi Fishing Boat - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

Amalfi Fishing Boat

model sailboats

THERMOPYLAE – Tea Clipper 1868

Black Falcon - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

BLACK FALCON – 18th Century Brig

Mayflower - Amati Model Ship Kit

Mayflower – English Galleon 1620

HM Cutter Mermaid Model Ship Kit

HM Cutter Mermaid 1817 – Starters Pack


LONGBOAT – HMS Sirius 1786

HMS Victory Deluxe Bow Section - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

HMS VICTORY – Bow Section Deluxe

HMS Racehorse - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits


Matthew Turner Brigantine

Matthew Turner Brigantine

Bosphorous Cutter - Turk Model Wooden Model Ship Kits


Blue Shadow - Mamoli Model Ship Kit

BLUE SHADOW – United States Navy Brig 1778

America - Mamoli Model Ship Kit

Yacht America – Schooner 1851

HMS Victory - Corel Model Ship Kit

HMS VICTORY – Nelson’s Flagship 1805

HMS Greyhound - Corel Model Ship Kit

HMS GREYHOUND – 20 Gun Frigate 1720

Bohuslan Passenger Ship - Nordic Class Boats - Modelers Central

Bohuslan Passenger Ship

model sailboats

LADY NELSON – 18th Century Cutter

Lynx - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

LYNX – Baltimore Schooner 1812

USS Consitition Cross Section - Mamoli Model Ship Kit

USS CONSTITUTION – Cross Section 1797

Rattlesnake - Mamoli Model Ship Kit

RATTLESNAKE – 20 guns Privateer Ship

HMS Bounty - Mamoli Model Ship Kit

HMS BOUNTY – 18th Century British Frigate

Virgin of the Sea Fishing Boat - Disar

VIRGIN OF THE SEA – Fishing Boat

Santiago De Compostela Galleon - Disar


Scotland - Corel Model Ship Kit

SCOTLAND – Baltic Ketch Yacht 1775

model sailboats

RMS Titanic – Olympic Class 1912

Viking Ship Junior

Viking Ship (Junior)

Sloop Norfolk Model Ship Kit by Modellers Shipyard

Colonial Sloop Norfolk 1798 – Starters Pack

model sailboats

CAZADOR – Spanish Xebec

Corsair Brig - Occre Model Ship Kit - Modelers Central


Dragon Model Yacht Kit by Corel

DRAGON CLASS YACHT – International Class

Tugboat Liman 2 - Turk Model Wooden Model Ship Kit


USS Constitution - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

USS CONSTITUTION – American Frigate 1797

HMS Shine - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

HMS SHINE – English Cutter 1712

Mercator - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

MERCATOR – Belgium Sail Training Ship 1932

Achilles - Mantua Model Ship Kit

ACHILLES – American Pilot Cutter 1815

CSS Alabama - Mamoli Model Ship Kit

CSS ALABAMA – Steam and sail sloop of war 1862

Black Prince - Mamoli Model Ship Kit

BLACK PRINCE – Privateer schooner 1775

HMS Beagle - Mamoli - Model Ship Kit

HMS BEAGLE – Darwin’s Brig

Half Moon - Corel Model Ship Kit

HALF MOON – 17th Century Galleon

HMS Bellona - Corel Model Ship Kit

HMS BELLONA – 74 Gun Ship

model sailboats

HMS Terror & HMS Erebus Combo

Amerigo Vespucci Model Ship Kits - Occre

Amerigo Vespucci

Rayo Combat Station Wooden Model Ship Kit – Disar

Rayo Combat Station

Bounty with Cutaway Hull - Occre Model Ship Kit

BOUNTY – With Cutaway Hull

Santisima Trinidad Occre Model Ship

SANTISIMA TRINIDAD – 1st Rate Ship of the Line

Dos Amigos Brigantine Schooner 1830 - Occre Model Ship Kit

DOS AMIGOS – Brigantine Schooner 1830

La Candelaria Bomb Vessel - Occre Model Ship Kit


model sailboats

POLACCA – Venetian Cargo Ship 1750

Capri Motor Yacht - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

Capri Motor Yacht

Police Motor Boat - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

POLICE – Motor Boat

HM Endeavour - Mantua Wooden Model Ship Kits

HM ENDEAVOUR – Bark 1768

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