migaloo submarine superyacht

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migaloo submarine superyacht

Length overall: 165.8 m Beam: 23.0 m Draft: 8.6 m Range: approx. 15.000 km Submerged duration: approx. 4 weeks Depth: approx. 250 m

 Owner & Guests: e.g. 14-20, acc. to the Owners prefernences

Crew & Staff: e.g. 32-40

Gross Tonnage: approx. 15.000 GT

Luxury Interior Spaces: approx. 1.000 sqm

Owners Interior Spaces: approx. 220 sqm

Crew Interior Spaces: approx. 900 sqm

Spa Interior Spaces: approx. 200 sqm

Shipyard, Construction & Interior Outfitting: acc. to Owners preferences

Owners Representative: MIGALOO

Yacht Management: MIGALOO

Exterior Styling & Interior Design: MIGALOO or up to the Owners preferences

Classification: e.g. DNV / GL Passenger Yacht Code or equivalent

Safety Features (several examples - no claim to completeness):

Design, Construction and Operation according to US SUBSAFE and according to the chosen classification society's (e.g. DNV / GL) standards

Double Hull Construction with several Pressure Hulls

2 Midget Submarines -  accessible from the Main Pressure Hull

Bow and Stern Emergency Locks

Bow and Stern Emergency Indicator Buoy

Redundancy of all relevant systems 

Personal Safety Equipment for Guests and Crew such as Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment (SEIE)

Aft Deck Helipad (D-Value 13 m) and Helicopter Hangar in dedicated Pressure Hull

Propulsion: Diesel Electric & AIP

Speed: 20 knots surfaced, 12 knots submerged

Surface Tender:

e.g. 12.5 m Custom Compass Enclosed Limousine Tender, e.g. 10.5 m Compass Beach Landing Craft, e.g. 6.8 m Pascoe Jet Drive RHIB Work Tender

Submarine Tender & Underwater Exploration:

2 Custom Midget-Submarines (MIGALOO LST - Limo Sub Tender and/or Exploration Sub Tender, length: 17 m), 2 Submersibles, several ROVs and UUVs

Air Tender:

1x Helicopter (e.g Bell 407 or Bell 429), Drones, Hot-Air Balloon

Land Tender:

2x Expedition Vehicles or SUVs or Trucks/Pick-Up

Water Sports & Activities:

3x Sea-Doo GTX LTD 300 Jet-Ski, 2x Sea-Doo GTX LTD 260 Jet-Ski, 4x F5S Seabobs, Zapata-Racing Legend Flyboard, Zapata-Racing Hoverboard, Kayaks, Stand-up Paddleboards, Selection of Kitesurfing Equipment, Selection of Diving Equipment, Wakesurfing Equipment, Waterskiing Equipment, Large Selection of Towing Inflatables, Wetsuits, Protective Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Exploration Equiment, Winter Sports Equipment, Camp Equipment (Tropical and Arctic)

Communications (surfaced): VSAT, GSM Comprehensive Vessel Wide WIFI Network for Internet

Entertainment: Bespoke AV/IT system, Satellite TV, Music Selection, TVs & Interactive Entertainment Walls, Outdoor Cinema, Movie-, Radio Selection and Security System

General Arrangement & Features (Concept Proposal):

migaloo submarine superyacht

The most advanced and innovative yacht design worldwide.

All MIGALOO Private Submersible Superyachts are custom designed to meet the desires and preferences of the Owner.

The preliminary design of the 165M MIGALOO M5 serves as an initial source of inspiration. The Owner is encouraged to modify and customize the design based on specific preferences and requirements. Therefore, the MIGALOOs Owner-centric approach begins with a comprehensive briefing, followed by the development of a General Arrangement (GA) plan and an initial design indication.

Migaloo M5 Private suBmersible fortress - the future of protection

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO represents the future of protection - below the waterline and beyond Military grade protection for the Owner, the guests and any valuables onboard.

MIGALOO cooperates proudly with SAFE , offering ultimate and uncompromising protection for the Owners peace of mind. 

In a world filled with uncertainties, MIGALOO Private Submersible Fortresses redefine preparedness, making them the ultimate solution for any protection scenarios, for submerged travelling to safe areas or in case of any other catastrophic events.

MIGALOOs partner  SAFE describes a Private Submersible Superyacht  as the epitome of security, autonomy, self-reliance and an embodiment of absolute freedom. MIGALOOs Private Submersible Fortresses are more than a means of escape; they are a symbol of resilience and preparedness.

According to MIGALOOs Owners-centric design process, the GA (General Arragement Plan) as well as any special protection feature or health care feature  (e.g. MediSHIELD by Vital RN ) will be included and desigend to the Owners wishes. MIGALOO Private Submersible Fortresses are designed to provide unparalleled peace of mind in the face of global uncertainties, ensuring safety and security for the Owner and the Owners  loved ones.

If the unexpected is the only constant, MIGALOO Private Submersible Fortresses stand as a testament to human ingenuity and the desire for a secure and independent future.

MIGALOO – your sanctuary in the face of uncertainty.

migaloo submarine superyacht

SAFE provides customized security systems using advanced technology for early threat detection, swift client isolation, and thorough mitigation.

With 50 years of success, SAFE has safeguarded high-profile clients, governments, residences, and headquarters globally. Its expert team delivers tailored security solutions, staying ahead with the latest technologies to set industry standards and surpass client expectations.

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Exterior Design - Cruising above & below the waterline

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Exterior Design - Beach Club Experience & Expedition

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Interior Design - Outer Hull Interior

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Main Pressure Hulls

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Surface tender Pressure Hulls

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Land tender Pressure Hulls

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Helicopter Hangar Pressure Hull

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Limo Sub Tender Hangar & Submerged boarding

migaloo submarine superyacht

MIGALOO M5 - Sustainability

migaloo submarine superyacht

unparalled experiences - Discover the unknown

Migaloo general project configuraton.

Custom Design Project Configuraton - Free Download

Click on the picture below and download the MIGALOO General Project Configuration

Select preferred options and add individual wishes and requirements on a curated selection of project-related topics

 Feel free to submit the completed document back to us

Based on the unique configuration, we meticulously analyze the Owner's wishes in detail

 CEO and Designer, Christian Gumpold, would be delighted to arrange a complimentary call to discuss the project and provide recommendations for the next steps

migaloo submarine superyacht

Owners Request

MIGALOO Private Submersible Yachts

0043 664 53 21 400

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Tour the World’s Most Luxurious Submarine Superyacht

By Dave Banks

Photography by Migaloo

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat and Submarine

If yacht owners really want to put everyone at port to shame, they should consider sailing on the Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht. A concept yacht created by Migaloo, an Austrian design and engineering firm, the line of luxury superyachts offers a range of bespoke underwater crafts that vary in size. After sailing the new Migaloo submersible yacht on the water, owners can close up the decks and turn the craft into a fully operational submarine.

“What we are attempting to do is to create a living space where exterior and interior interact in harmony,” says Christian Gumpold, managing director and head of design at Migaloo. With rooms that open to the ocean for dining alfresco while above water, and large viewing galleries for taking in the marine life when submersed, the Migaloo creates that harmony. What’s more, the firm reaffirms its focus on luxury with optional amenities that include helipads, swimming pools, movie theaters, elevators, wine cellars, libraries, and private terraces.

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Aircraft Airplane and Outdoors

The Migaloo submersible yacht moving underwater.

Of course, safety is a major focal point as well. Each superyacht will be built to U.S. Navy SUBSAFE safety standards, which ensure that the interiors will stay watertight and the vessel can recover from unanticipated flooding. According to Migaloo, solitude is a major point of interest for yacht owners, which is why the ability to dive beneath the surface and out of view might have great appeal. “Privacy is a big issue on superyachts,” says Gumpold, “our answer to this concern is simply submerging the vessel into complete privacy.”

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This Massive New Superyacht Doubles as a Submarine That Can Dive 820 Feet Underwater

It's the rare vehicle that even some multi-billionaires can’t afford..

Senior Staff Writer

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The Migaloo M5 Submersible Superyacht surfaced in ice-filled water

A traditional yacht won’t do anymore. Now you need one that can dive deep underwater.

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This New 131-Foot All-Aluminum Superyacht Lets You Take a Dip at Tip and Tail

The Migaloo M5 Submersible Superyacht under water

As impressive as all that may read, we’re only scratching the surface. Migaloo is billing the M5 as the world’s first luxury submersible superyacht. The Graz-based firm promises it will go all out to deliver the sort of amenities its ultra-ultra-rich clientele expect. It intends to work with customers to design the interior of their dreams, but they can expect an opulent dining room with room for 36 guests and panoramic glass walls, a curated wine cellar, and a technologically advanced cinema. There will also be two swimming pools, a jacuzzi and—because this is a superyacht we’re talking about—a helipad.

When the M5 is surfaced, there is also a healthy stable of water toys for the owner and their guests to enjoy. These include five Sea-Doo Jet-Skis, Seabobs, Zapata Racing flyboards and hoverboards, and everything else you need for paddleboarding, kitesurfing, and kayaking. There are also two custom Midget-Submarines, two submersibles, and several ROVs and UUVs. There’s little risk of getting bored onboard the M5.

The Migaloo M5 Submersible Superyacht's dining room

Click here for more photos of the Migaloo M5 submersible superyacht.

The Migaloo M5 Submersible Superyacht in Photos

Bryan Hood is a digital staff writer at Robb Report. Before joining the magazine, he worked for the New York Post, Artinfo and New York magazine, where he covered everything from celebrity gossip to…

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    MIGALOO M5 - MIGALOO Submarines. MIGALOO M5 - 165 M PRIVATE SUBMERSIBLE SUPERYACHT. Main data: Length overall: 165.8 m. Beam: 23.0 m. Draft: 8.6 m. Range: approx. 15.000 km. Submerged duration: approx. 4 weeks. Depth: approx. 250 m. Owner & Guests: e.g. 14-20, acc. to the Owners prefernences. Crew & Staff: e.g. 32-40.

  2. Tour the World’s Most Luxurious Submarine Superyacht

    Innovative Design. Tour the World’s Most Luxurious Submarine Superyacht. The Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht can include helipads, movie theaters, and swimming pools, yet adheres to...

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    Blending superyacht luxury with submarine stealth, the Austrian-designed Migaloo M5 promises to redefine maritime living but at a cost that’ll burn a hole through your pocket. While the M5 has yet to set sail, Migaloo, the company responsible for the M5, is calling the vessel the world’s first luxury super submarine.

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    Motors. Marine. January 25, 2024. This Massive New Superyacht Doubles as a Submarine That Can Dive 820 Feet Underwater. It's the rare vehicle that even some multi-billionaires can’t afford....