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Mid Size Power Boats

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Full Chapter One

Hatteras 53

Convertible, motor yacht & extended deckhouse, by david pascoe.

Without doubt, the 53 Hatteras Motor Yacht is the most successful medium sized motor yacht ever built, with over 600 of them between their various incarnations. The main flavors are the standard motor yacht, cockpit motor yacht, the extended deckhouse (ED) version of the early 1980's, and the 53 Convertible which is the same hull. They were in production from 1971 to 1989, a full nineteen years.

My view of why this yacht was so popular is a combination of excellent quality, good design, and a fair price. It certainly didn't have anything to do with performance because it is a relatively poor performer. Coming in at a whopping 55,000 lbs. in its original version, you need 1600 HP or more to move this yacht at the kind of speeds people like to have today. Instead, you're only going to get 850 from a pair of 8V71's or 924 from the 6V92's found only in the 1983-84 models of the motor yacht. In all the years of its production, the weight never changed much.


The hulls and superstructure are built like a tank with the bottoms about an inch thick with balsa cored sides and decks. The coring is rarely a problem unless someone has drilled the decks full of holes and improperly attached equipment. Quite often you'll find that the pedestal seats on the sport fish bridge have let water into the core, and this will be notable from water dripping out of the aft housetop overhand in the outboard corners. Or you'll see green mold, water stains or cracks here. Shown nearby is a photo of one that survived Andrew after taking out a dock and mangling a concrete sea wall with little damage to the boat.

And, of course, you'll probably find the famous Hatteras blisters on the bottom, but with laminates this thick, who really cares? Hatteras probably should have taken out a patent on the blistering process.

Speed wise, you could only describe these boats as just plain doggy, if you're a speed freak. If you want to cruise at 20 knots or better, these boats aren't for you. They're just too heavy to make them go any faster. People have managed to squeeze another two knots out of the 53 convertible by adding 3-4" chine extensions, and a lot of them have them.

All things considered, these are first rate production motor yachts, although you'll find the electrical systems in the North American Rockwell boats from the second half of the 1970's leave a bit to be desired. Other than that, these boats have no major problems. Nor should they after Hatteras had 19 years to work out the bugs. That's the advantage of long-term production.

The primary weak point is the 8V71TI engines which have a poor turbocharger/intercooler system. The two part AirResearch turbos are held together with acorn clamps that frequently crack and leak. And the intercoolers are notorious for getting clogged up with sludge and causing high engine temperatures. Plus the venerable 8V71 was never intended to put out this much power, so its being run on the edge  of her power range. The Allison M20 gearboxes were another weak point. They had trouble with getting adequate lube oil to the upper shaft bearings, which was a design defect. Many of these got a fixit kit installed after the boxes went bang.

Most of these boats through the early 80's had upsweep, water jacketed risers. Which means that if the riser leaks, as it eventually will, the water runs into the engine. Many of these systems were revised, others were not. Best to look for one that has insulated risers.

Leaking windows in these boats were not much of a problem except for the Convertible front windshields, many of which have been removed and filled in. The anodized frames don't last forever and a lot of them will have holes in them which can be repaired in most cases by just welding up the pitted holes. This happens because nobody ever bothers to clean out the salt and debris from  the bottom of the slide tracks.

All models have dual control stations, so you don't have to look around for this feature. Another good point for folks in bad weather climates is that visibility from the lower station is quite good.

With her 15'10" beam this is a big 53 footer and the layout takes maximum advantage of that space. Most people love the galley down layout with the dinette opposite which is great for informal meals.  And the galley is big enough, and well enough equipped with a full sized Moderm Maid range top, oven and dishwasher for the serious chef, while still having adequate counter space as well as plenty of storage space.  The owner's stateroom is adequate but the guest stateroom is cramped and many prefer to use the forward crew or guest stateroom instead, despite the upper and lower berths. Heads and shower size is more than adequate.

Seaworthiness? I hear a lot of captains complaining that this isn't a good sea boat. To which I respond, "compared to what?" A lot of these guys get off multimillion dollar custom yachts and complain how these boats handle. Apples and oranges. These are not designed as passage makers, nor do they have the fuel range. If you want the accommodations that a full bow gives, this is what you get. In my view, it handles okay, and does especially good in a short 3' chop where most folks in this size boat have trouble. The deep entry hull design is one of the reasons she doesn't go so fast. Being built like a tank means that it doesn't bob like a cork. She's a slow roller and she'll throw water like a busted fire hydrant.

The style of the earlier models is definitely pass, so the prices have come way down and a lot of people who can't afford a boat this size have purchased them. That means that they can't afford to maintain them either. Which means that you can find them at very good prices, but the older ones are essentially restoration projects. The ED models are still very popular and command good prices. Also, they changed the hull shape a bit so you'll get a little better speed out the 1980's models. If you want to know the specifics, call Hatteras.

Taken altogether, the popularity of this yacht is well deserved.

53 Convertible was discontinued in 1983 with the introduction of the more efficiently designed hulls of the 52 and 55 Convertibles. You'd think the convertible, being the same hull would weigh less than the motor yacht without a superstructure. But it doesn't; it weighs more at around 61,000 lbs. Part of the additional weight comes from the usual 12V71TI's and Twin Disc or Allision M20 gear boxes. Where the rest of it comes from I haven't the slightest idea.

Hatteras 53 Convertible survived hurricane Andrew with virtually no structural damage.

This is one of the ways we get to find out just how well built a boat really is. In the 160 MPH winds of hurricane Andrew, this 53 Convertible  took out several 12" dock pilings and the bottom battered against the concrete seawall  with virtually no structural damage resulting to the hull. Nor did the windows blow out or suffer from any major leaks.

Shown above is a photo of a late model 53 that survived hurricane Andrew after taking out some 12" pilings and battering the hell out of a concrete seawall without much damaging the boat. When it comes to talking hull strength, I often draw my conclusions on situations like this, not just tapping around a bit with a hammer.

The standard 650 HP engines are just barely adequate for this boat, and generally give good service. But a lot of folks have souped them up, sometimes correctly, often not, so you find engines going "bang" a little more frequently than they should. At least you don't have to tear the boat apart to get at them as there are plenty of hatches above so they can be lifted right up.

Undoubtedly the most popular large sport fish ever built, its still a neat boat in my view. With much of the weight further aft, her performance is quite a bit better than the motor yacht, and I love to watch one these thing plowing through the tide rip heading out Port Everglades with a halo of rainbows glittering in the sun. She does throw a bit of water. On the later models they added propeller pockets which lowered the shaft angle and supposedly gave a little better speed.

For a long time I thought they were terribly squatty until one day I realized that that is partly an illusion presented by the unusually low cockpit, magnified by a very high freeboard forward. My view is that these are all-around neat boats, just that they don't perform by today's standard. The strong suit of the layout is a huge cockpit, salon and bridge, with the forward accommodations being sacrificed for these spaces, as is appropriate for a real sport fisherman. Not quite as macho as a Bertram of the same genre, this is still a muscle boat with interiors that are hardly plush.

The main flavors were galley up and galley down, with more of the former in later years, and more of the later in early years. All had transom doors that never worked so good. Plus the optional tackle centers had too much wood in them. Later models come with a built in bow pulpit, and all have transom doors. Earlier models have a bridge layout that's not nearly as nice as the 1980's models. Nor are they known as leakers, despite the forward windshields which needed infrequent rebedding.  The window frames do support the bridge, and boats that have been abused will often have cracked window glass. Otherwise, its not much of a problem.

Aside from forward windshields, there are few faults to be found with these boats. The age old problem of broken forward cabin soles appears in many, particularly when there is a built in washer/dryer combo up forward, but this is no big deal. A little more serious, and frequently overlooked, is the fact that the engine room vents pull a lot of salt spray in that can really wreck equipment and engines. If you buy one, you need to install filters on the vents.

The hull/deck joint back aft is a bit weak and you'll often find a lot stress cracks in this area. At least it doesn't have those horrible aluminum rub rails like Bertram used. Rather have cracks than that unsightly stuff. Even in the early years the cockpits were full Fiberglas liners, and although the hatches were kind of crummy, at least it isn't wood like a Bertram. The bait wells aren't too swift either, being narrow and deep. With fuel tanks on center line, there isn't much storage under this large deck which is very low to the water, which definitely is nice. Nor does that fact have the tendency to sink these boats.

For some strange reason, Hatteras never did a very good engine room layout in these boats, and this never changed throughout all the years of production. The engine room is big enough, but also feels cramped with accessibility not as good as you'd expect in a boat this size. Perhaps that's why E.R. maintenance in these boats tends to be substandard compared to others. Things are hard to get to, and a bit disorganized to boot. At least the generator isn't under the cockpit deck. Its shoved back against the aft bulkhead where you can only reach one side of it.  And whereas the wiring in the 53 Motor Yacht is nice and neat, for some strange reason in the convertible it is messy.

During the early 1990's quite a few people poured a lot of money into some of these boats. That wasn't a particularly good investment. While a lot of them thought they'd get their money out, they didn't. That means that there were (or are) a lot of good deals to be had on 53's that are all dolled up, including some weird paint jobs like blue or yellow hulls.

If you want a big, serious sport fisherman, but find a new one way out of reach, the 53 Convertible is still worthy of consideration.

hatteras 53 yachtfish

David Pascoe - Biography

David Pascoe is a second generation marine surveyor in his family who began his surveying career at age 16 as an apprentice in 1965 as the era of wooden boats was drawing to a close.

Certified by the National Association of Marine Surveyors in 1972, he has conducted over 5,000 pre purchase surveys in addition to having conducted hundreds of boating accident investigations, including fires, sinkings, hull failures and machinery failure analysis.

Over forty years of knowledge and experience are brought to bear in following books. David Pascoe is the author of:

  • " Mid Size Power Boats " (2003)
  • " Buyers’ Guide to Outboard Boats " (2002)
  • " Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats " (2001, 2nd Edition - 2005)
  • " Marine Investigations " (2004).

In addition to readers in the United States, boaters and boat industry professionals worldwide from nearly 80 countries have purchased David Pascoe's books, since introduction of his first book in 2001.

In 2012, David Pascoe has retired from marine surveying business at age 65.

On November 23rd, 2018, David Pascoe has passed away at age 71.

Biography - Long version

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Mid Size Power Boats

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Mid Size Power Boats

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129 New and Used Hatteras

Hatteras Convertible

Panama City, Florida (United States of America)


United Yacht Sales

Many a fisherman will tell you their choice of sport fishers is the "Hatteras". This is one of very few available with "twin Cat 3208 turbo intercooled diesels (375HP)" (reported re-power with ...

Hatteras 45C

Marathon , Florida (United States of America)

Sunshine Cruising Yachts

Beautiful lines and solid construction highlight some of the best of this one's many benefits. A Classic Hatteras Convertible Sportfish with old school charm. Already located...

Hatteras 40 Double cabin

Stock Island, Florida (United States of America)

1987 Hatteras Double Cabin - EVELYN ROSE These 2 staterooms2 head layout makes a perfectliveaboard and a Perfect Great Loop boat. Located in beautiful Stock Islan...

Hatteras 58 Long Range Cruiser

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (United States of America)

Neraida II is one of the few 58’ Long Range Cruisers manufactured by Hatteras Yachts with the preferred Detroit Diesel 6-71 mains. This vessel has a long list of changes and updates which inclu...

Hatteras 53 Extended Deck Motor Yacht

Palm Coast, Florida (United States of America)

Fascination is a Hatteras 53 Extended Deck Flybridge Motor Yacht. One of the most popular size Hatteras yachts ever built, with roomy, comfortable accommodations for extended safe cruising. Th...

Hatteras 63 Motor Yacht

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (United States of America)

Hatteras 63 Motor Yacht Now and then you get the opportunity to step aboard a gem of a yacht that offers timeless appeal and quality of craftmanship that is rarely found in today's market. "E...

Hatteras 52 Convertible

Miami FL (United States of America)

Denison Yacht Sales

"Gray Ghost" 52 Hatteras is a sport fishing yacht produced by Hatteras Yachts, a renowned American yacht manufacturer. The 52 is one of the most popular models in the Hatteras sport fishing lin...

Hatteras Sportfish

Charleston SC (United States of America)

Owner has spent over $150K in the past year. (Recent 2023 Bottom Job, Stabilizers, Prop speed Wax and Detail ) This 70 Hatteras Sportfish is a great fishing/family cruiser --- stabilized wi...

Hatteras Double Cabin Motor Yacht

New Bern, North Carolina (United States of America)

Beaufort Yacht Sales

Classic live aboard or vacation rental Accommodation Private head with separate shower Teak interior Spacious main salon Four large side windows(02/2022) ...

Hatteras 64'

Belfast, ME (United States of America)

Relentless Yacht | 64' Hatteras 2007 Lowest Priced 64 Hatteras Motor Yacht on the Market! Upgraded C32 Caterpillar Engines 1550HP Each 2x 21.5kW Onan Generators with ~1400 hou...

Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht

Jupiter, FL, (United States of America)

Waterfront Yacht Brokerage

The 60 Motor Yacht incorporates original design concepts, a spacious interior and intuitive features that make this an ideal boat for the owner-operator. The 60 Motor Yacht features a wide-open ...

Hatteras Yacht Fish

Saint Petersburg, Florida (United States of America)

Frank Gordon Yacht Sales

HUGE PRICE DROP Classic Hatteras 58 Yacht Fish that has just been completely re-fit inside and out, with elegant Hargrave lines, restored original teak interior, and upgraded designer finishes. ...

Hatteras 53 YACHTFISH

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (United States of America)

1979 Hatteras 53 LRC Yachtfish Price reduction April 18th, 2024 Providence is a truly unique 53' Yachtfish with Long Range Cruising capability. Hatteras quality, comfort, and style. She benefits...

Hatteras 58 Fisherman

Clear Lake Shores, Texas (United States of America)

- Stock #Fisherman project boat, no engines, LED Lighting, newer teak paneling! 1979 hatteras 58 foot Yachtfish Use it as a perfect 3 stateroom live aboard Houseboat. Engines a...

Hatteras Hatteras 80 Sl

Port Canaveral, Florida (United States of America)

Northrop and Johnson

SPECIAL FEATURES 1. Accommodations for 8 guests in 4 beautifully appointed cabins, including a full-beam master located amidship on the lower deck. 2. Interior updated in 2022 to incl...

Hatteras 58 Yacht Fisherman

Miami, Florida (United States of America)

Yacht Sales International

1975 Hatteras 58 Yacht Fish This well-maintained 3 cabin, 3 head 58' Hatteras has been refit in 2019, including modern flooring, LED lighting and plush upholstery throughout. Recently serviced...

Hatteras Cockpit Motor Yacht

Staurt , Florida (United States of America)

Atlantic Yacht & Ship Inc

Featured Atlantic Yacht and Ship, specialists in Motor Yachts, is proud to offer this 78' 1989 Hatteras Motor Yacht for sale in Staurt , Florida. Take a look at these images and videos, or dow...

Hatteras 75

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This Beautiful 80' Hatteras 2014 is the Perfect Motor Yacht! Are you looking for the perfect boat to take on your next adventure? Look no further than this amazing 80 Hatteras 2014, listed by C...

Hatteras 53 Motor Yacht

Mystic, Connecticut (United States of America)

Brewer Yacht Sales

MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION- Seller is relocating and wants boat SOLD Accommodations Forward you have an upper and lower berth to starboard with a vanity to port with storage drawers followed by ...

Hatteras 43 Motor Yacht

Richmond Hill, Georgia (United States of America)

"All In" recently completed Americas Great Loop! A true testament to its durability and cruising capabilities, this Hatteras 43 MY has successfully navigated the Iconic Great Loop, spanning ove...

Hatteras 53

Tarpon Springs, Florida (United States of America)

Tampa Yacht Sales, INC

Known as the Classic Sportfish, envied by all others of its day, this beautifully maintained 53-foot Hatteras is still in demand and defies her age. Her trademark long foredeck and sweeping she...

Hatteras 70 Cockpit Motor Yacht

Rick Obey Yacht Sales

Recently generously contributed to AMIKids and will soon be available for 3 year lease w/ purchase option, and interest free terms to qualified individuals. Presenting "Lumber...

Hatteras Freshwater Convertible

Algonac MI (United States of America)

PRELIMINARY LISTING A TRUE FRESHWATER - GREAT LAKES HATTERAS 50' CONVERTIBLE "Transition" Features the preferred Detroit Diesel 1271's with Low Hours. Her very knowable owners have Adde...

Hatteras 72 Motor Yacht

- Samsung Smart Flat Screen TV - Sony stereo receiver - Samsung DVD player - Large curved sofa - Ottoman - (2) Large chairs - (2) additional chairs -forward - Perlick Ice Maker - Glass t...

Hatteras 68 CPMY

San Diego, California (United States of America)

Yacht Zero Inc

LLC Owned - Beautiful Hatteras Owner has found his new boat and is Open To All Offers Vessel has been maintained by professional yacht management company Current management company offer Chart...

Punta Gorda, Florida (United States of America)

- Stock #Offshore Tournament Fishing or Luxury Cruising - Low Hours on Detroit 8v92TT Diesels - 3 Staterooms-2 Baths This classic 1985 Hatteras 52 Convertible Sportfish is full...

Hatteras 32 Flybridge Fisherman

Newport, North Carolina (United States of America)

- Stock #Beautiful Classic Hatteras History Priced to Sell! The current owners has owned this boat for about four years. They have used and enjoyed the boat taking it out to a ...

* Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.


Hatteras excels even in the most demanding conditions, cutting confidently through waters that the lesser boats dare not enter. Hatteras is one of the best-known brands in the marine industry with more than 5 decades of innovative boat design and engineering. It has satisfied the most challenging boaters for generations and has a legacy of iconic products unequalled in the marine industry.

Willis Slane visualized a new breed of a fishing boat over 59 years ago and he turned it into a reality. Thus, Hatteras was built, with a might that was strong enough to tame the waves off Cape Hatteras. Knit Wits, the 40-foot fiberglass yacht with convex and modified-V hull revolutionized the boating industry and Hatteras yachts became the standard to which all others were judged, over and under the waterline. Hatteras has furnished a level of craftsmanship that focuses on perfecting every detail and exceeds their customers’ expectations. Hatteras set the benchmark of quality and innovation that many aspire. Hatteras is an uncompromising union of perseverance, inspired design, modernism, and unequalled workmanship.

The Hatteras brand exceeds every expectation and consists of a dauntless spirit that is visible in the work of the people who pour their heart and expertise into building every single legendary vessel, resulting in a long list of patents and accolades. Hatteras’s relationship with customers doesn’t end when the keys are handed over. That’s just the beginning. They are there for their customers always.

Hatteras produce two yacht specifications: 1. Motor Yachts 2. Sportfish Yachts


1. Who founded Hatteras and when was it founded? Hatteras was founded by Willis Slane in the year 1959. 2. Where is the Headquarters of Hatteras located? The Hatteras headquarters is in North Carolina, U.S.A. 3. What is the name of the parent company of Hatteras? The name of the parent company of Hatteras is Brunswick Corporation. 4. What are the special features of the Hatteras Motor yacht range? Hatteras motor yacht range delivers the promise of life without limits with its innovative design that exceeds expectations. It utilizes a bold form to merge indoor and outdoor spaces for ample entertainment areas. The motor yacht range has four models. 1.) 100 RPH - 102'0" Hatteras 100 Raised Pilothouse motor yacht sets a new standard of excellence in its class with its striking combination of innovation, performance, classic style boat and extremely beautiful details. 2.) M75 - 74'6" Hatteras M75 delivers legendary performance boat . Its quality and craftsmanship meet unmatched sophistication and uncompromising style, delivering a new standard of elegance. 3.) M90 - 91'9" Hatteras M90 strikes a perfect balance between dramatic form and ingenious smart-ship automation design, resulting in an astounding experience aboard. 4.) M60 - 60'11" Hatteras M60 is an ideal choice for an owner-operator because of its ease of use. It is sleek, sporty and deceptively spacious. 5. What are the special features of Hatteras Sportfish yacht range? Hatteras Sportfish yacht range delivers a smooth ride with its perfect balance of weight, speed and hull design resulting in convertibles that are engineered to excel in higher seas at higher speeds. There are eight models in the sportfish range. 1.) GT70 - 70'6" Hatteras GT70 excels under tough conditions, offers a host of features and amenities that define the premium sportfish category and is a perfect yacht for a tournament angler who aspires more. It delivers unrivaled muscle, performance, and amenities for a tournament-ready vessel. 2.) GT45X - 44'7" Hatteras GT45X is both sturdy and agile, intended to inspire confidence in every skipper, giving them an experience that is far beyond expectations. It is engineered with power and performance and is an ideal yacht for an owner-operator. 3.) GT63 - 63'10" Hatteras GT63 is the definition of craftsmanship which is tailored from helm to cockpit with abundant features. The GT63 is a bold and innovative concept that outshines all other boats in its class with its classic Carolina styling. 4.) GT45X Flybridge - 44'7" Hatteras GT45X Flybridge Boat is tournament-ready and has professional features that contain a state-of-the-art upper helm, providing an experience like no other Flybridge. It is perfect for the owner-captain to take offshore adventures to newer stretch. 5.) GT59 - 59'9" Hatteras GT59 is designed with seasoned anglers in mind with the most reliable and comfortable ride under sixty feet. This vessel is a sleek convertible, designed for speed, built for battle with an outstanding seakeeping ability giving the most comfortable ride in its class. 6.) GT45X Tower - 44'7" Hatteras GT45X Tower is an agile sportfish cruiser and is competition ready that elevates the experience of every angler who demands more. It provides a perfect setup that is expertly crafted for expert anglers, with a supremely comfortable and spacious environment for entertainment. 7.) GT54 - 53'10" Hatteras GT54 is powerful, furnished with instinctive features and trophy-ready rigging that meets every anglers expectation. It offers comfort, performance, convenience and balances an exceptionally agile responsiveness with an intensely comfortable ride. 8.) GT45X OPEN - 44'7" Hatteras GT45X Open ensures an ideal experience for anglers as well as cruisers  and is the newest model in the Hatteras GT45 Express series. It is sturdy with many features, delivering speed and comfort with a matchless performance for the entire family.  


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  • Hatteras 64' 3
  • Hatteras 65 convertible 1
  • Hatteras 65 long range cruiser 1
  • Hatteras 65' 1
  • Hatteras 68 convertible 5
  • Hatteras 68 cpmy 1
  • Hatteras 68' 2
  • Hatteras 70 cockpit motor yacht 2
  • Hatteras 70 convertible 1
  • Hatteras 70' 2
  • Hatteras 70' cockpit motor yacht 1
  • Hatteras 70' convertible 1
  • Hatteras 72 motor yacht 1
  • Hatteras 74' 1
  • Hatteras 75 1
  • Hatteras 75' 1
  • Hatteras 77 cockpit motor yacht 1
  • Hatteras 80 2
  • Hatteras 80 motor yacht 2
  • Hatteras 82 convertible 1
  • Hatteras 82' 1
  • Hatteras 92 1
  • Hatteras 92 elite 1
  • Hatteras Cockpit motor yacht 2
  • Hatteras Convertible 8
  • Hatteras Custom 1
  • Hatteras Deluxe sportfisherman 1
  • Hatteras Double cabin 1
  • Hatteras Double cabin motor yacht 1
  • Hatteras Freshwater convertible 1
  • Hatteras Hatteras 80 sl 3
  • Hatteras M90 panacera 1
  • Hatteras Motor yacht 1
  • Hatteras Motor yacht 74 1
  • Hatteras Motoryacht 1
  • Hatteras Raised pilothouse motor yacht 1
  • Hatteras Sport deck 2
  • Hatteras Sport deck motor yacht 1
  • Hatteras Sport fish convertible 1
  • Hatteras Sportfish 2
  • Hatteras Tri-deck motoryacht 1
  • Hatteras Yacht fish 1
  • Hatteras Yachtfisherman 1


  • Hatteras in Greece 4
  • Hatteras in Italy 5
  • Hatteras in United States of America 106


  • Hatteras in California (5)
  • Hatteras in Connecticut (4)
  • Hatteras in Florida (65)
  • Hatteras in South Carolina (6)


  • Hatteras Convertible Boats 23
  • Hatteras Flybridge Boats 5
  • Hatteras Motor Yachts 8
  • Hatteras Power Boats 62
  • Hatteras Sport Fishing Boats 43


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