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Catamaran & Boat Trips in Malaga: schedules and prices

Taking a boat trip around Malaga and its bay has become a must , an essential attraction for any traveler or tourist who comes to the city. In addition, thanks to the excellent climate of the city, it can be done almost all year round. Take a Catamaran in Malaga for Sightseeing Cruises & Boat Trips is an alternative way of contemplating the city, its profiles and its most representative buildings.

There are many options to get to know Malaga from the sea, from quiet rides in small boats, tourist boats, sailboats to catamarans, party-oriented boats or renting a boat for the most daring.

Next, we detail the companies that offer catamarans in Malaga, the best boat trips in Malaga and useful information to be able to choose the one that suits you best.

The opening of Muelle Uno has further promoted these activities, with all the companies located in the area of the port of Malaga in front of the Center Pompidou Málaga.

Table of Contents

Boat trips around Malaga: list, schedules and prices.

All the boat trips around Malaga follow the same pattern: one hour long (or 90 minutes in high season), with a variable route (east-west) depending on the sea , but which will allow us to observe Malaga from another point of view. It is a delight to observe the Ferris wheel, the Cathedral, the Alcazaba or the Gibralfaro castle from the sea.

The prices of the boat trips through Malaga from Muelle Uno (Pier One) have been unified , in almost all cases, at €12 for adults and €8 for children, although in cases of special departures to see the sunset of Malaga from the sea the prices increase up to 20-25€/person.


Boat Trips in Malaga are located at Muelle Uno

If you are looking for the typical boat trip in Malaga, with two languages available (English and Spanish) and with multiple schedules, this is your option . It is the company City Sightseeing , the company of the famous red tourist buses of the cities, which have now been added to the offer of boat trips in Malaga with the Red Boat boat. It is a catamaran, but due to its characteristics I have preferred to keep it in the category of boats.

Of course, it will not be the most relaxed option (capacity for 150 people), if you are looking to have some tranquility on the boat trip through the bay of Malaga.

City Sightseeing Malaga Boat – Schedule and prices.

  • 1-hour walk through the port and bay of Malaga.
  • Location: Dock One. Paseo del Muelle 2, Port of Malaga.
  • Web: Tourist boat in Malaga
  • Monday to Sunday: at 1:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • Meeting point: tourist bus stop 6
  • €12 adults.
  • €8 children (4-12 years).
  • Free children 0-4 years.

It includes:

  • Boat ride for 1 hour
  • Audio guide in 2 languages
  • Panoramic views of the bay of Malaga
  • Flexible ticket, 12 months validity.

Boat trips in Malaga

Boat trips in Malaga

Malaga Catamaran Cruises.

The Catamaran is the preferred option for young people and adults looking for a ride around the bay of Malaga in a modern boat. In addition, the catamaran is suitable for private charter trips, birthdays, bachelorette and bachelorette parties, weddings, corporate events and or traditional excursions.

Mundo Marino Malaga – Hours and prices.

The Mundo Marino company offers various services in Malaga, which depart according to the day of the week and the season.

Catamaran around Malaga bay.

  • Location: Pier One – Port of Malaga.
  • Web: Mundo Marino – Catamaran
  • Brief description: Enjoy a 1-hour boat trip through the wonderful bay of the city of Malaga , where you can enjoy the city and its view from the sea.
  • Departures: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Some Fridays and Sundays.
  • Departure times: 14:00 and 16:00.
  • €10 Over 65 years.
  • €8 children (4-10 years).
  • Free children 0-3 years.

Sunset over the port and bay of Malaga.

  • Brief description: Enjoy a 1 hour and a half walk through the wonderful bay of the city of Malaga to see the sunset and the sunset.
  • Departures: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Some Fridays and Sundays.
  • June-July: 20:30
  • August: 20:00
  • September: 19:30
  • October: 7:00 p.m.
  • November-March: 17:30.
  • €20 adults.
  • €17 Over 65 years.
  • €14 children (4-10 years).

Mundo Marino offers other options with barbecue, baths, sunset, etc. you can check them on their website.

Special Sunset in Malaga from the Mundo Marino catamaran.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, a new outing is offered that combines the best of seeing the sunset in Malaga from the catamaran with DJ music, a show and a lightshow.

  • €25 adults.
  • €22 Over 65 years.
  • €18 children (4-10 years).



Fly Blue Malaga.

The Fly-Blue company offers several services in Malaga with its catamaran, which depart depending on the day of the week and the season.

Catamaran ride through the bay of Malaga.

  • 1-hour catamaran ride through the port and bay of Malaga.
  • Web: Fly-Blue – Catamaran
  • High Season Hours (March – November): Departures at 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
  • €10 children (4-12 years).

For sunset, you have the schedule of 20:30, where the price of the Catamaran ride through Malaga is increased by 20% up to €15 per adult.

Catamaran ride through the bay of Malaga and to take a bath in the sea.

  • 1 hour and a half trip on a catamaran through the port and bay of Malaga.
  • High Season Hours (March – November): Departures at 12:30 and 16:30.
  • €15 adults.
  • €12 children (4-12 years).

Boat rental in Malaga.

If you are not convinced by these options for boat trips in Malaga and what you are looking for is to rent your own boat or catamaran, here are some options:

  • Malaga Charter:
  • Sail & Fun:

Catamaran rental in Malaga

  • Nautal:
  • Malaga Catamaran Sea:

And here I leave you some catamaran rental rates in Malaga that will serve as a reference:

  • 2 hours: €390
  • 4 hours: €500
  • 8 hours: €950
  • Weekend: €1900 (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)


Views from Muelle Uno (Pier one)

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10 Best Malaga Catamaran Tours [2024]

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Are you planning to book your Malaga catamaran tour?

In that case, you’re at the right place!

I live right next to Malaga and have been on two of Malaga catamaran cruises . That means that I know all the details and options available, and will help you choose the best tour for you!

In the article below, you will find the 10 best Malaga catamaran tours, which I have reviewed in detail and included only the best-rated trips .

malaga catamaran tour

Don’t have time to read the whole article? In that case, choose the best option available! This Malaga sunset sailing catamaran trip is one of the most affordable options and includes a FREE glass of Cava !

Table of Contents

Malaga Catamaran Tour Options

One of the best things to do in the heart of the Costa del Sol is booking a catamaran ride!

This fun day out not just for sea lovers will allow you to explore the coastline without crowded beaches .

You can book the perfect experience for the whole family, in advance, with lots of options for the best sailing tour . 

No matter if you’re looking for a 3-hour lunch cruise, a short sailing trip just to enjoy the spectacular views or a catamaran trip with swimming, you can choose from the most popular options available below.

Instead of wasting your time checking all the tour operators and local websites, I have done the research for you and shared my picks with the best reviews below.

Best Picks for Your Malaga Catamaran Tour

Catamaran parked in port of Malaga

Sunset Cruise with Cava

malaga catamaran tour 2

Cruise & Swim

malaga catamaran tour 3

Swim & Paella Lunch

10 best malaga catamaran tour options for 2024.

All of these catamaran tours depart from the port of Málaga (Muelle Uno area).

All of these trips are shared catamaran tours (not private tours). In high season (summer) many of these cruises will be sold out. If that is the case, you can check any other options from this list.

You can find more details about the catamaran facilities at the bottom of the article.

1. Malaga Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with a Glass of Cava

guest boarding a catamaran cruise in port of Malaga

Rating: 4.4 / 5

Tour length: 1.5 hours, price: check here.

Watch the sun glide behind the horizon as you sip your FREE glass of Cava. This sunset catamaran cruise in Malaga is the most popular option as it combines stunning sunset views with a relaxing cruise. The perfect way to start your evening in Malaga!

This cruise has the best rating out of all the available options, and comes at a very affordable price.

It only runs 4 times a week and it’s very popular, so make sure you book your spot early ! The tour has a flexible cancellation policy, giving you lots of flexibility in case your plans change. You can also reserve your spot now and pay later.

Guests on board have complimented the cleanliness of the catamaran, lots of seating options and very reasonably priced drinks at the bar. You can check more reviews here .

‘A great experience, that you can not miss! The trip started on time. There are 2 floors with seats all around the catamaran. There’s a bar at the lower floor and performance area with speakers on the upper floor. The singer with the guitar player was marvellous. She kept us entertaining through out. After a while they served us the drinks, glasses of cava was included and then there was also other drinks to buy. We circled around until sunset and watched the sun go down with beautiful Spanish music and drinks. The weather was fantastic and everything seems magical.’ (verified review)

2. Malaga Catamaran City Sailing Trip

guest boarding a catamaran cruise in port of Malaga

Tour Length: 1 hour

This popular catamaran tour runs 5 times a week during the day, giving you lots of options to explore the bay of Malaga from a new vantage point.

Hop on board this luxury catamaran with lots of seating options, or lounge in the net area to get some sun while you explore the coastline.

This modern catamaran has a fully stocked bar and all the facilities you need for a perfect trip on the Mediterranean Sea.

This one hour cruise is the perfect way to spend the day away from the crowds, enjoying the cool sea breeze. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some dolphins!

Check out one of the recent reviews for this trip below, and see the rest of them here .

‘I went on this cruise with my 5-yr old daughter. It was easy to book, easy to find the boat and all arrangements were good. We did the 1-hour cruise, which was a perfect length. It was nice to see Malaga’s coastline, lovely to sit on the netting on the catamaran so we could watch the fish below through the gaps. The atmosphere was very pleasant, there was chillout music but not too loud, and the cruise was thoroughly enjoyable. I’d warmly recommend.’

3. Malaga Catamaran Cruise with Swimming Stop

Fly blue catamaran parked in puerto de Malaga

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Fancy a dip in the Mediterranean Sea?

In that case, you need to hop on this Malaga catamaran that will take you to the bay of Malaga, for a cruise to remember.

This trip has a flexible cancellation policy, perfect for those who are not sure about their plans yet. You can also book now and pay later. This catamaran tour runs 7 days a week, giving you lots of options to pick a date that works for you.

Here is one of the most recent reviews for this trip, but you can check all of them here .

‘It was one of the fun activities in Malaga. If you like swimming in the deep water, you will enjoy it a lot even though it is only 20-30 min. Still fun! If you want to sit over the net, you’d better arrive earlier otherwise it will be already taken XD.’ (traveller from Denmark)

4. Malaga Catamaran with Swimming & Paella Lunch

sailboats in Malaga port

Rating: 4 / 5

Tour length: 3 hours.

This is one of the longest catamaran tours available in Malaga, and combines two of my favourite things – food & views!

Sail the bay of Malaga on board this modern catamaran. Stop for a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean Sea, followed by an authentic Paella lunch on board. How is that for a perfect day?

Check the latest verified traveller reviews for this trip and see more here .

‘The catamaran day sail with swimming and bbq was so much fun. There was plenty of time for swimming. The food and drink was very good as well. The staff and crew were personable and attentive. We even had the sails raised which was a great experience.’ (traveller from United States)

5. Malaga Sunset Catamaran Trip

guest boarding a catamaran cruise in port of Malaga

If you wanted to experience the most popular tour – sunset cruise on catamaran, but missed out on your spot, fear not!

This is the same cruise as the bestselling option, but it does not have a complimentary glass of cava included. That shouldn’t be an issue in this case, as you have a fully stocked bar available on board, with reasonably priced drinks available throughout the cruise.

This catamaran tour runs 7 days a week, giving you plenty of options to book the evening that works for you. It also has a flexible cancellation policy and book now pay later option.

Check the latest review below, and see more here .

‘Wow!! So beautiful to see the sun setting and gleaming over the water. Sitting on the Catamaran nets watching the water beneath you with a glass of Wine in hand, just perfect. The crew were amazing, we had a DJ playing a mix of music that everyone could relate to. It’s a must do!!’ (traveller from Australia)

6. Malaga Nightime Stargazing Catamaran Tour

guest boarding a catamaran cruise in port of Malaga

Rating: new (not rating)

This is a brand new tour is available for the first time this year, and it’s a good one.

It’s something you won’t find in any of the other cities of Costa del Sol.

Board this luxury catamaran after the sun has gone down, and venture out to the see to watch the night sky, with an expert guide on board. You will also receive a complimentary glass of cava.

The perfect romantic night idea for those staying in Malaga!

7. Malaga Catamaran Boat Party

on board of a catamaran in malaga

Rating: new (no rating)

If you fancy a bit of action, then this tour is definitely for you !

This party catamaran runs every Friday. On two floors of the catamaran you can listen to a DJ playing urban, pop and hits music for 3 hours, while you sail the clear waters of Mediterranean Sea.

This tour has a free cancellation policy, which is perfect in case your plans change. You can also reserve now and pay for your spot later.

Check availability for this party boat by clicking the button below.

8. Malaga Catamaran Sunset Cruise with Champagne & Dinner

Muelle Uno in Malaga

Rating: 4/5

Sunset, champagne and dinner, all in one package.

How does that sound?

This catamaran tour is the perfect choice for you if you would like to combine a sunset cruise with a dinner in Muelle Uno.

This package deal includes a sunset cruise on a luxury catamaran, with free glass of Champagne or sparkling water, and a 3 course meal in a local restaurant in the port (set menu).

Check the deal options and menu for the restaurant deal by clicking the button below.

9. Three Hour Malaga Catamaran Tour with Paella Lunch

view from a catamaran arriving in Malaga port

Embark on an adventure on board of a luxury catamaran, that will take you sailing along the coastline of Malaga for 3 hours.

After you enjoy the cool sea breeze, you can sunbathe on the net loungers and later enjoy a Paella lunch available on board, and included in your ticket!

This trip runs only twice a week, so make sure you check availability in advance. Click the button below where you will get all the details.

10. Malaga Catamaran Cruise & Dinner Experience

guest boarding a catamaran cruise in port of Malaga

Rating: 4.5/5

Combine the best of both worlds in just one experience – this combined tour includes a day catamaran sailing experience with free BBQ lunch on board, and one drink per person served for lunch.

Later, as you disembark, you can take a stroll through Malaga before returning to the port for your 4 course meal, included in this experience. This meal is served at one of the local restaurants and consists of a set menu.

This cruise & dinner experience is only available 2 times per week, so make sure you book your spot so you don’t miss out!

Malaga Catamaran Tour Tips

I have been on two catamaran tours in Malaga, and here are some practical tips you should be aware of before booking your tour.


All of the catamarans that run trips from Malaga have pretty much identical facilities . You have seating on the main floor of the boat, with toilets at the end or front, and a bar located in the middle.

From the bar, you can get a soft drink, and alcohol, including small snacks.

The bar service usually starts as soon as the boat departs from the port. On the top floor, there are more seating options available.

In the front of the catamaran, you will find a mesh net (usually four of them), which gets taken pretty much immediately as people board the boat. 

Remember that you will be spending a lot of time in the sun, so wear comfortable clothes, a hat and bring some sunscreen.

I have not had any issue with sea sickness while on board, but I know other people have. This was a cruise in early autumn, which is unlikely to happen in the summer months.


In the summer months, catamaran sailing trips are very popular and they tend to sell out quite quickly . A lot of these trips are also running only a few days per week, so keep that in mind and book your tickets in advance.

You can also buy tickets on the spot, but you might end up paying more, or there won’t be tickets available. 


You can take kids of any age on a catamaran tour, the access for a pram is not an issue at all, and there is lots of space to navigate with a pram.

The toilets on the catamaran are really tiny and there is no baby-changing facility.

It does also get pretty windy, so keep that in mind and wrap up the little ones. 

on board of a catamaran cruise in malaga

Malaga Catamaran Tour: Frequent Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions about booking catamaran cruises in Malaga!

What are the best Malaga boat tours and cruises?

The most popular option for a Malaga catamaran cruise is a sunset cruise with a glass of cava included – book here . If you’re looking for an option with food on board, there is a cruise that includes a free Paella lunch too. You can book it here .

How should I choose a catamaran cruise?

You need to check the availability first. Most cruises only run a few times per week, so choosing one that’s still available will be important.

You can choose between day cruises or sunset cruises . Day cruises are perfect for swimming, and sunset cruises offer a more romantic experience better for couples.

Can you get sick on Malaga catamaran cruise?

It is unlikely you will get sick on a catamaran cruise, but it could happen if there is a bit of a wind and bigger waves.

If you’re worried, take some travel sickness medicine about 30 minutes before you board the catamaran.

Can you book a dinner cruise in Malaga?

Yes, you can book a dinner cruise in Malaga . There are not as many options as day cruises, but a couple of cruise companies offer a sunset cruise combined with a dinner in a local restaurant.

You can check the details here .

What is the best sunset catamaran cruise in Malaga?

The most popular option is a catamaran tour by a local company which includes a free glass of cava.

It’s incredibly popular, so make sure you buy your tickets in advance to avoid disapointment. You can check the availability and prices here .

Where do Malaga catamaran tours depart from?

All the cruises from Malaga depart from the port of Malaga, next to Muelle Uno promenade.

You can’t miss them as they are parked right next to the pathway close to the restaurants.

Do I need to book Malaga catamaran cruise in advance?

Yes, you should book your Malaga catamaran cruise in advance, especially in the summer.

They do sell tickets on the spot, but often the seats are all taken and the cruises get quite busy. Getting a ticket in advance will guarantee you get a spot on the cruise.

I also recommend getting to the dock early, so you can choose the best seats on the catamaran. Especially if you’re planning to sunbath and want to sit on the net, you need to be one of the first ones to get on the boat.

What is the best swimming cruise in Malaga?

The most popular option is this cruise , which has a short swimming stop as part of the cruise experience.

Final Thoughts

Exploring Malaga on board of a luxury catamaran is one of the best ways to experience the city!

The best time to explore Malaga on a catamaran is in the spring and summer, when the sea is still very calm, so you will get a very smooth sailing experience.

Still not sure which one to book? I added my top choice in the box below.

Happy sailing!

You still haven’t decided on your cruise?

You can’t go wrong by booking the best option available – this Malaga sunset sailing catamaran trip is one of the most affordable options and includes a FREE glass of Cava !

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – if you decide to book using one of the links, I will earn a small commission that helps me run this site. This is at no extra cost to you.

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