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AZZAM Yacht – The World’s Biggest Superyacht is 180m Long

AZZAM yacht is the largest superyacht in the world, with an impressive length of 179.7 metres (590 ft), making her more than 15 metres longer than FULK AL SALAMAH, which is in second place on the list.

a2 2

AZZAM yacht interior

The interior design of the AZZAM yacht is attributed to the French designer Christophe Leoni who is surprisingly not incredibly experienced in designing superyachts.

While exact details on the interior layout of the massive yacht have not been released to the public, it is known that Sheikh Khalifa requested a lot of wood furniture as well as intricate mother-of-pearl elements to be incorporated into all parts of the yacht.

More than a year’s worth of production of pearls was used in the interior design of AZZAM.

The interior has been described as being inspired by the Empire style reminiscent of the 19th century and incorporates numerous valuable artworks which are on display onboard AZZAM.

She can welcome an estimated 36 guests and over 80 crew members, which is one of the highest numbers in her size category.

The AZZAM yacht reportedly has 18 guest cabins with a massive owner’s suite that spans across several rooms.

According to rumors, the suite was constructed to be bulletproof, and there is a designated missile defense system installed onboard the AZZAM yacht although it is unclear whether this is accurate.

One of her most notable features is her custom-designed golf room which allows guests to practice their swings without even having to step foot outside.

She also has a large gym, a spa, several pools, jacuzzis, and a beauty salon on board.

Her main saloon is supposed to be one of a kind and one of the largest ever constructed on a private yacht. At 29 meters (95 ft) by 18 meters (59 ft), it is larger than a tennis court and offers unobstructed views of the outside due to its floor-to-ceiling windows.

There are no pillars to support the saloon, which gives it an open feel but requires additional ceiling beams and 7-centimeter thick custom-made windows.

A large and fast yacht-like AZZAM is bound to generate a lot of noise when underway.

To ensure a comfortable experience for guests onboard, engineers installed special software which keeps vibrations and engine sounds to a minimum.

This means that the large chandelier in the main saloon doesn’t rattle even when the yacht is underway.

a6 1


The AZZAM yacht might be the longest yacht in the world, but she is technically not the largest. DILBAR actually has a higher displacement and weight even though she is more than 23 meters (75 ft) shorter than AZZAM.

This impressive yacht was built by Luerssen in Bremen, Germany, and officially launched in November of 2013.

In March 2014, she briefly returned to Germany for some additional work. She has a 20.8-meter (68.3 ft) beam, a 4.5-meter (14.9 ft) draft, and a total weight of 13,136 tons.

AZZAM is powered by twin gas turbine engines and two additional diesel MTU engines and can carry more than 1 million liters of fuel onboard.

Despite her size, she can reach impressive top speeds of 30 knots which can be attributed to her relatively low draft, although her average cruising speed only lies at 12 knots.

The yacht has several cruising modes, including a sprint setting as well as a long-distance mode.

azzam yacht front view

The exterior of the AZZAM yacht was developed by Nauta Yachts, which specializes in combining practical functions design with aesthetics and sleek yacht design. AZZAM is their largest and probably most well-known project. 

The AZZAM yacht took more than four years, and 4,000 people collectively worked for 6 million hours to complete it.

The exterior is all-white with a streamlined design that is meant to make AZZAM appear smaller than she actually is when seen from further away.

On the bow, a large helipad is available for guests to arrive and depart in style and the yacht carries at least one helicopter at all times.

The aft is reserved for a spacious swimming platform, although AZZAM does not have a beach club in this location like many other vessels of her size category.

As is to be expected for such a high-profile superyacht, AZZAM does not have a lot of open-air deck space and is designed to protect the privacy of its owners.

There are no visible pools or much seating, which suggests that the spacious interior of AZZAM is reserved for entertainment and common spaces.

Total price of US $600 million for the luxury AZZAM yacht.

Her annual running costs of US $50 to 75 million are not surprising, considering she is the largest private yacht in the world.

Azzam Yacht Docking in Gibraltar

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  • Christophe Leoni
  • Emir of Abu Dhabi
  • Nauta Yachts

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biggest super yacht azzam

  • Impressions

biggest super yacht azzam

The world´s longest yacht, at 180.65 meters, with a top speed of over 30 knots, Azzam is a truly extraordinary luxury gigayacht. Her outstanding characteristics even include her exceptionally short building time of less than three years from keel laying to delivery, in 2013. Engineer and principal designer Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi set out to build a large yacht with an innovative and timeless design that would be able to travel at high speed in warm and shallow waters. The bold and elegant exterior by Nauta Yachts incorporates many elements of visionary modern design. Renowned French designer Christophe Leoni conceived a sophisticated interior with luxurious décor inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century.

biggest super yacht azzam

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biggest super yacht azzam

biggest super yacht azzam

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biggest super yacht azzam

Introducing Project Azzam: The World's Largest Yacht

By Ben Roberts

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Project Azzam, the superyacht project shrouded in mystery, has finally been revealed. Standing at an unconfirmed length of over 180m, this impressive vessel is the next in line for the title of world's largest luxury yacht.

Currently in construction at the Lürssen Yachts facility in Germany, this floating behemoth is officially set to become the largest yacht in the world once she has been completed.

Very little is known about this project, however sources have informed us that Lürssen has had to move the new Top 100 yacht to their floating dock in an attempt to attach the bow.

When the bow is attached, the yacht will then be assembled in the floating dock which sources say is up to 220m long.

Her exact length remains unconfirmed at this moment in time, all we do know is that she is bigger than Eclipse and could be anywhere between the rumoured 180m and up.

Exterior design by Nauta Yachts , Project Azzam will undoubtedly remain shrouded in mystery; however, we look forward to bringing you the updates on the world's largest yacht, every step of the way.

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Azzam: The World’s Largest Superyacht

  • By Yachting Staff
  • Updated: April 5, 2016

Lurssen Azzam

Want to learn more about the Azzam? Click here.

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World's largest superyacht is now also the fastest.

biggest super yacht azzam

Building the largest superyacht in the world apparently wasn't enough for the owner of Azzam. They also wanted the fastest.

Yachting executives say that Azzam, the largest yacht in the world at 590 feet, recently went through its first set of sea trials in the North Sea. The boat hit a staggering 31.5 knots, or about 37 miles per hour. At that speed it's believed to be the fastest yacht longer than 300 feet.

And that's not even top speed. Engineers say Azzam—with 94,000 horsepower driving giant water jets instead of propellers—can go even faster in deeper water. The 31.5 knot speed was recorded in water only about 60 feet deep.

"It can easily do more than 32 knots in deeper water," said one executive close to the project.

Viking Yachts Sees Comeback

Azzam was officially launched in April but won't be delivered to its owner until sometime this fall since it still needs to undergo further tests and finish work. The yacht, which cost more than $600 million to build, is believed to be owned by the royal family of the United Arab Emirates.

( Read More: Owning a Yacht, One Share at a Time)

Representatives for Lurssen, the company that built Azzam, declined any comment about the boat.

Azzam is nearly 30 percent faster than similarly sized yachts. Eclipse, the second-largest yacht at 536 feet, hits a top speed of about 22 knots. Rising Sun, the 453 foot megayacht built for Larry Ellison and now owned by David Geffen, hits top speeds of about 28 knots.

(Read More: The Booming Business of Shipping Yachts )

There are smaller yachts that are faster, of course. A yacht called The World is Not Enough, a 140-footer built by the serial yacht builder John Staluppi, hit a top speed of 70 knots. But it's one-fourth the size of Azzam.

Fortuna, the yacht built for King Juan Carlos of Spain, hit 68 knots.

No descriptions or images of Azzam's interior are available, though we know it's in the hands of French interior designer Christophe Leoni, who's using a "turn-of-the-century Empire style."

—By CNBC's Robert Frank. Follow him on Twitter @robtfrank .

Robert Frank

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The Ultimate Guide to Azzam Yacht: Specs, Design, and More

Ian Fortey

The Azzam was launched in 2013. She quickly became world famous for her incredible design and unheard of size. Even years later the Azzam remains the biggest yacht in the world. The designer has surpassed calling it a superyacht or even a mega yacht and has settled on the term gigayacht. 

Who is the Azzam Yacht Owner?

biggest super yacht azzam

Azzam was owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was the second president of the United Arab Emirates until his death in 2022. He had a family fortune of $150 billion and was one of the richest people in the world. His assets were estimated by Forbes to be in the range of $830 billion which is almost unbelievable. 

Since his death it is unclear who the current owner of Azzam might be since he had eight children and a wife. The yacht may still be in the family or they may have sold it. 

How Much Did Yacht Azzam Cost?

biggest super yacht azzam

It’s believed that the yacht came with an initial price tag, back in 2013, of $605 million. Though obviously reflecting the size of the yacht, the price is also believed to be elevated due to how it was built. After the initial design, the yacht was built in just three years which is an exceptionally short building time for a project of this size. Rumor has it that 4,000 people worked on the speed build and so some of that money went into ensuring it was built not just to standard but quickly as well. 

For a truly mind-blowing bit of trivia, someone took the time to determine the number of man hours that went into the building and did the math on how long it would have took one person by themselves to build the yacht. For it to have been delivered to the owner at the same time in 2013, the builder would have had to start making the yacht back in the year 1737 BC. That’s 3,750 years.

Can You Charter the Azzam

biggest super yacht azzam

Interestingly enough you can probably find charter listings for the Azzam on the internet. If you can, you’ll also see that there are no available dates. The Azzam seems to have been listed as a charter yacht as something of a trick to avoid certain taxes. In Europe, charter yachts are exempt from a number of taxes so as long as it’s listed as a charter it’s cheaper to operate, even if no one is ever really allowed to charter it. 

How Big is the Azzam Yacht?

biggest super yacht azzam

Azzam holds the title of the longest yacht in the world as of 2023, a title it has held since it was launched back in 2013. In fact, it was only surpassed in length in 2019 by a research and exploration vessel called REV Ocean which straddles the line between a yacht and something else and isn’t, strictly speaking, classified as a private yacht. 

Azzam clocks in at 180 meters in length which works out to an astounding 590 feet. The displacement is 13,136 gross tons. The beam is 68 feet but it only has a 14 feet draft. For a yacht its size, the Azzam was able to navigate some relatively shallow waters. 

How Fast is Azzam and What Engines Does it Use

biggest super yacht azzam

The Azzam superyacht has a top speed listed at an impressive 32 knots, something you might not expect from such a large vessel. It’s powered by 2 Diesel 17,524 kW (23,500 hp) engines and 2 Gas Turbine engines with an output of 17,524 kW (23,500 hp).That’s a total of about 47,000 horsepower that was forced out through two Wartsila axial flow Modular waterjets and two boosters. It’s designed to easily travel warm and shallow waters

One source says it’s actually pulling 97,000 hp and that, at top speed, she can burn through 13 tonnes of fuel per hour. In any event, she’s able to cross an entire ocean without worrying about needing to refuel.

Inside the Azzam: Design and Features

biggest super yacht azzam

Azzam was built by German shipyard Lurssen, builders of many of the world’s biggest superyachts. The bold and elegant exterior design is courtesy of Nauta Yachts while the interior, described as an innovative and timeless design, was handled by Christopher Leoni. It’s said he focused on luxurious décor inspired by the Empire style.

There’s a 95 footlong main salon in the yacht that has a totally open design and no pillars. This room also features a chandelier that was designed such that, even at full speed, it won’t rattle. The furniture on board features marquetry in mother of pearl. Word is it used an entire year’s production worth of it. 

There is room for 36 guests on board plus an owner’s suite. A crew of 60 maintain the yacht while it’s underway.

biggest super yacht azzam

You have to assume a yacht of this size has a lot going for it. The sheer size of the Azzam ensured it had room for a lot of features, including stuff you’d not see on many yachts. Some of the known features of the Azzam include:

  • An on-board submarine
  • An on-board golf training room
  • Fully equipped gym
  • A large tender garage
  • Swimming pool
  • An entire missile defense system that can be deployed if the yacht is attacked
  • An entirely bulletproof master suite

These are just a few of the known features. As you can imagine, a motor yacht with a bulletproof master suite and a missile defense system is one that was also built with privacy and security in mind. As such there are only limited details about what is available inside and very few photos of it as well. 

The Bottom Line

The mega yacht known as Azzam was owned by the president of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan until his death in 2022. It is currently unknown who has possession of the vessel. Despite being built in 2013, the yacht remains the longest yacht in the world at an astounding 590 feet.

It was never built to be the largest on purpose and, in fact, designers had to add considerable length in the production process to make sure everything fit and functioned properly which boosted it to the size it is now. 

At a price of over $600 million, it’s also one of the most expensive yachts ever build. The details of the interior are limited but it’s known to have remarkable defensive capabilities including a missile defense system.

One of the most remarkable features of the interior layout is a 95 foot long lounge area that has no support pillars as part of a visionary modern design. The beams in the ceiling are a meter thick as a result and the large, glass windows/walls were built to handle extreme stress with 7 cm thick glass.

' src=

My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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These Are the 5 Biggest Superyachts in the World

By Brett Berk

Rendering of a superyacht sailing along a city coastline

Yachts, as with most other things connected to the ultrarich—apartments, shopping sprees, bank accounts—are getting bigger. And while price, nautically speaking, usually scales with size, that’s not always the case. So there’s, oddly enough, less overlap between this list and our recent list of the  World’s Most Expensive Superyachts than one might expect.

There are reasons behind this. Interestingly, some of the biggest superyachts in the world have become so stunningly large that they can no longer maintain status as belonging to a single family or dynasty. The largest ones have become condominiums or charterable research vessels—playthings for the ultrawealthy.

Still, superyachts offer a kind of privacy that it is nearly impossible to come by on land. Pencil towers have entrances on public streets and elevators with other residents. Even a castle surrounded by a moat is in view, comparatively. A superyacht, on the other hand, is essentially a private island, an oasis. So as long as the rich keep getting richer, the yachts will keep getting bigger. For now, these are the five biggest superyachts in the world.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's the private luxury yacht Eclipse anchors during winter season in Bodrum of Mugla...

5. Eclipse (533 ft)

In 2010, as  Eclipse sailed out of the Hamburg harbor, where it was constructed by notable German shipbuilder Blohm+Voss, it was the world’s largest ship. In the intervening decade or so, it’s slid to the fifth position. Commissioned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich—whose ties to Putin have caused him to be sanctioned—it allegedly traded hands last year, though this may be simply a dodge to avoid it being seized. Features of the $600 million Terence Disdale–designed ship include 17 staterooms, a 185-foot deck on the massive primary suite, a gym, a spa, an immense swimming pool, and a half-dozen on-board tenders for shuttling guests in and out of port and excursions. If those don’t suffice, there is also a helicopter pad with room for three choppers.

The Fulk al Salamah yacht of Sultan Qaboos

4. Fulk Al Salamah (538 ft)

Like many superyachts, ownership and much else about Fulk Al Salamah —Ship of Peace—is unclear. It is suspected that it belongs to the Omani royal family, a part of their fleet of extortionately expensive conveyances. Built by Mariotti in Genoa in 2016 and designed by local team Studio de Jorio, it contains a beach club (a swim platform, often with a pool and lounge area), beauty salon, and a sizable helicopter deck, though it’s unclear if this deck has room for more choppers than the Eclipse, despite its additional five feet of overall length.

the United Arab Emirates presidential megayacht Azzam in the Cadiz harbor

3. Azzam (597 ft)

Azzam holds the title of largest privately owned superyacht, a position it has maintained since it was completed at a cost of $600 million by Lürssen Yachts in Lemwerder, Germany, ten years ago. Designed by Nauta of Milan with interiors by French decorator Christophe Leoni, the ship is reportedly owned by a member of the royal family of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayah. Prominent features include Empire-style furnishings and interiors, and a pair of massive diesel engines coupled with a pair of gas turbines, allowing high-speed travel and an immense range between refuelings. The Sheikh must be somewhat paranoid—or have good reason to fear attack—because the yacht also includes a high tech security system including a missile system and bulletproof master suite.

Gray superyacht in front of mountains capped with snow

2. REV Ocean (600 ft)

The acronym in this giant yacht’s title stands for Research and Expedition Vessel, and this $350 million ship is outfitted to do just that. Groups that charter it head out to sea and use its state of the art scientific equipment to dive into trenches in its transparent-domed submersibles, arrange whale pod viewings in its helicopters, conduct seabed mapping and coring with its sonar and drilling systems, view documentaries in its 35-person theater, and even listen in on or record the conversations of ocean mammals with its underwater hydrophone. Funded by the Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke, designed in Norway by Espen Øino, and built by Norwegian constructor Vard, it is slated to be completed in 2024. Over 100 groups applied for the maiden voyage, with preference given for scientific research and conservation missions—54 scientists can be accommodated onboard. Though it seems that private charters with the proper scientific supervision may also be allowed. Any profits made by chartering are returned to the funder’s One Healthy Ocean initiative.

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By Sam Cochran

Rendering of a superyacht sailing along a city coastline

1. Somnio (728ft)

Referred to as the world’s first yacht liner, this floating giant—the name is Latin for dream—combines features of a superyacht, a cruise ship, and a condominium. Under construction by the Norwegian ship-building company Vard, with an expected completion date in the middle of 2024, the $600 million project will feature 39 private residences designed by Winch and Tilberg, both of Sweden. Each will include bespoke features including a gym, kitchen, library, and indoor and outdoor dining areas. Of course, apartments, which start in the eight-figure range, are available by invite only. Both the owners list and the planned route at sea are closely guarded secrets.

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An All-Black Kitchen Anchors the Interior Scheme of This Modern Farmhouse

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  1. AZZAM Yacht • Emir of Abu Dhabi $600M Superyacht

    The Azzam yacht can accommodate 36 guests and a crew of 60. The yacht is now believed to be owned by the current Emir and President of the UAE, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Azzam is worth approximately $600 million and has an annual running cost of around $50 million. The yacht is usually docked at her home port in Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi.

  2. AZZAM Yacht

    AZZAM yacht is the largest superyacht in the world, with an impressive length of 179.7 metres (590 ft), making her more than 15 metres longer than FULK AL SALAMAH, which is in second place on the list. Name: Azzam. Length: 180 metres. Guests:

  3. Azzam: 10 facts about Lürssen's 180m superyacht

    For six years from her launch in April 2013, the superyacht Azzam stood as the world's largest private yacht. At 180m overall, Azzam was eclipsed only in 2019 when the research and expedition vessel REV Ocean was unveiled - and then by only three metres. To Azzam' s owner - and exterior designer Nauta Design - size was never the ...

  4. 180.6m Azzam Superyacht

    Length 180.6m. Year2013. Azzam. 2013. |. Motor Yacht. M/Y Azzam, the largest Superyacht in the world at 180 metres, was launched by Lurssen, the world's leading shipyard for large luxury yacht building. A world-class team was personally assembled and directed in all areas of development of this sophisticated project by Eng. Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi.

  5. Azzam (2013 yacht)

    Azzam (Arabic: عزام, literally "Resolute") is a private superyacht built by German shipyard Lürssen Yachts. Azzam was launched on 5 April 2013. At 180 metres (590 ft) in length, she is the longest private motor yacht in the world. She has a beam of 20.8 metres (68 ft) and an unusually shallow draft of 4.3 m (14 ft 1 in). The yacht was delivered on 9 September 2013.

  6. Move over Abramovich: Meet 'Azzam', the world's largest ...

    The Azzam is the latest in a line of vessels to have held the mantle of world's largest yacht. Prior to the Eclipse, the 482-foot Prince Abdulaziz , owned by the Saudi royal family, held the ...

  7. World's longest-ever bespoke gigayacht Azzam

    Azzam. The world´s longest yacht, at 180.65 meters, with a top speed of over 30 knots, Azzam is a truly extraordinary luxury gigayacht. Her outstanding characteristics even include her exceptionally short building time of less than three years from keel laying to delivery, in 2013. Engineer and principal designer Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi set out ...

  8. Azzam: Behind the design of the world's largest superyacht

    In October 2013, Lürssen shipyard delivered the largest privately owned superyacht in the world, 180 metre Azzam. With a staggering 13,000GT (approx), the all-white yacht has held its title unchallenged for nearly seven years. Although this reign will come to an end with the delivery of 183 metre REV, it is a project that has captured the attention and imagination of those who have laid eyes ...

  9. Iconic yachts: Inside the design journey of Lürssen's record-breaking

    At the time of her launch in 2013, 180m Azzam was both the longest and biggest yacht in the world - a crown she was to wear for six years. It was only the launch of expedition vessel REV Ocean in late 2019 that pushed Azzam into second place, while her huge volume of 13,136GT is only eclipsed by Dilbar (2016). In her livery of pure white ...

  10. Lurssen Launch Azzam: The Largest Yacht in the World

    Designed by Nauta Yachts and meticulously constructed by Lürssen Yachts under the personal guidance of Engineer Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi, Azzam will be ranked as the largest yacht in the world, surpassing the world revered Eclipse.. Closely guarded details surrounding this incredible yacht have also emerged today after the yard released a statement regarding the completion of the spectacular ...

  11. INSIDE AZZAM -- The World's Largest Yacht ($600 million)

    "AZZAM" is the world's largest super yacht EVER - Built by LURSSEN Yachts, she comes in at 180 meters. In this exclusive tour we'll take a look at her featur...

  12. Introducing Project Azzam: The World's Largest Yacht

    VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Project Azzam, the superyacht project shrouded in mystery, has finally been revealed. Standing at an unconfirmed length of over 180m, this impressive vessel is the next in line for the title of world's largest luxury yacht.

  13. World's largest Superyacht (by length) the 180.61m AZZAM ...

    Azzam arriving and docking in the port of Gibraltar, 5/9/2021, you will also see Superyacht Nord departinghttps://www.superyachtfan.com/yacht/azzam/

  14. Lürssen, Superyacht, Azzam

    On April 5, 2013, Lürssen launched the 590-foot Azzam, which overtakes the 536-foot Blohm + Voss Eclipse as the world's largest superyacht. Lürssen said the project has taken over 28 months since the initial steel was cut. Courtesy Lurssen. Multiple news reports indicate that the cost to build Azzam is $620 million.

  15. World's largest superyacht is now also the fastest

    Yachting executives say Azzam, the largest yacht in the world at 590 feet, recently went through its first set of sea trials. It hit a staggering 31.5 knots—or about 37 miles per hour—making ...

  16. How Big Is The World's Largest Superyacht?

    The 580-foot-long Azzam has been is the largest superyacht in the world since it was launched ... Home Depot Co-Founder's yacht DreAMBoat made the list of the world's largest super yachts this year.

  17. Discover the World's Largest Superyachts: Unrivaled Luxury, Engineering

    # 1 - Azzam (180.5 meter / 593 ft) - cost price $ 400,000,000 The yacht Azzam is considered to be the World's largest yacht. Owner: Emir of Abu Dhabi. Azzam was owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. (He died in 2022) He was the Emir of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan was one of the world's wealthiest royal.

  18. Azzam World's largest Superyacht (by length)

    The mind-boggling Azzam Superyacht, its technology and engineering was completed by Lürssen.Norte Yacht created the exterior design and Kristoff Leone put th...

  19. The top 25 largest yachts in the world

    Read on to discover our official list of the largest, privately owned yachts in the world. 1. Azzam | 180.6m. In October 2013, Lürssen delivered the largest privately owned superyacht in the world in the form Azzam. Originally, she was designed to be 145 metres, but in the process of optimisation grew to 180 metres.

  20. The Ultimate Guide to Azzam Yacht: Specs, Design, and More

    The Azzam was launched in 2013. She quickly became world famous for her incredible design and unheard of size. Even years later the Azzam remains the biggest yacht in the world. The designer has surpassed calling it a superyacht or even a mega yacht and has settled on the term gigayacht. Who is the Azzam Yacht Owner?

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    Tour the World's Biggest Superyacht. Designed by the Latvian-based firm Latitude Yachts, Valkyrie aims to be 751 feet long, a length that would shatter the current record of 591 feet. By Tim ...

  22. $600,000,000 World Largest Super Yacht

    It's undoubtedly a masterpiece. Released in 2013, the Azzam Superyacht costs around A$605 million. With its release, it dethroned Roman Abramovich's Eclipse ...

  23. These Are the 5 Biggest Superyachts in the World

    Azzam holds the title of largest privately owned superyacht, a position it has maintained since it was completed at a cost of $600 million by Lürssen Yachts in Lemwerder, Germany, ten years ago ...