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Small Boats Annual 2014

Rescue Minor

From military rescue vessel to family electric launch

atkins sailboat plans

Shallow draft, center console, room for a family, and an electric motor make this Rescue Minor, built by students at the Great Lakes Boat Building School, an ideal boat for Michigan’s Les Cheneaux Islands.

A   couple of years ago, Bill Hunt of Aspen, Colorado, was looking for a boat with a very shallow draft. Hunt is a summer resident of Michigan’s Les Cheneaux Islands, and his home waters of Lakes Huron and Michigan currently have lower water levels than normal. Due to a combination of human and environmental factors the lakes are about 2 ‘  below mean level. As a result, many areas in the Les Cheneaux Islands have become inaccessible or hazardous for deep-draft boats. For his purposes, Hunt settled on a modified version of Rescue Minor.

William Atkin designed the Rescue Minor in 1942 as a military launch capable of rescuing wounded soldiers and sailors at speed from very shallow waters. The Atkin website ( describes the design as a “tunnel-stern V-bottom Seabright skiff.” Besides the Rescue Minor, the Atkins designed several other tunnel-hulled boats, from a 17 ‘  utility scow to a 50 ‘  houseboat.

Atkin’s Rescue Minor is 19 ‘ 6 “  long and with two people aboard draws only 6 “ , even at top speed. How is this possible for an inboard-powered craft of this size, considering the placement of the motor, shaft angles, prop size, and so forth? The answer is found in Atkin’s incorporation of a “box keel” into the hull. This type of keel takes the form of a smaller flat-bottomed boat beneath the much bigger main hull.

At the forward sections, the hull looks like a typical double-chined powerboat. About two-thirds of the way aft, however, the hull’s transition to the box keel becomes evident. The flat bottom continues in a straight line, forming the narrower flat bottom of the box keel. The upper chine continues in a fair curve to the lower transom corners. The lower chine, however, narrows and rises aft, forming the joint at the hull’s centerline where the top of the box keel sides meet the hull bottom. The result forms a tunnel stern.

The box keel comes to point quite a bit before the transom and just in front of the propeller. The propeller extends no lower than the bottom of the box keel, so it is protected in shallow waters. When the boat is at rest the propeller is partly out of the water. As the boat starts to move through the water, the water runs past the sides of the box keel into the cavity holding the propeller. The wash of the water in these channels immerses the propeller completely, resulting in a very easy motion through the water. The Rescue Minor is a fast boat that rests upright on a beach, moves smoothly through chop, and is very fuel-efficient; some owners report figures of over 25 mpg.

atkins sailboat plans

The Rescue Minor’s box keel directs water to the finely formed horn timber that supports the propeller.

T he second-year students in the Wood/Epoxy Composite program of the Great Lakes Boat Building School in Cedarville, Michigan, took on the construction of the new boat,  NEPENTHE ,  as their major project for the year. Kees Prins, their instructor, considered the longstanding heritage of runabout designs of the Les Cheneaux Islands and the characteristics of the waters of upper Lake Huron in his revision of the Atkin design. He kept everything below the waterline exactly as drawn, but revised the topsides lines of   NEPENTHE .

Prins introduced more flare in the bow, provided a bit more sweep to the sheer, and reshaped the stern, curving the transom and adding a pleasing amount of tumblehome aft. Hunt preferred to have a center console for better balance when driving the boat solo, so Prins fitted\ seating for four adults along with storage for their gear around this centerpiece.

Beyond these structural modifications,  NEPENTHE   also differs in its means of propulsion, using an electric motor instead of an internal-combustion engine. The motor for  NEPENTHE  is a 6.5-hp, 48-volt standard brush-type, which has a range of 24 nautical miles at 6 knots or 50 nautical miles at 5 knots. Given the pristine natural beauty of the area and the proximity of the 13 major islands in the Les Cheneaux archipelago, those ranges work very well with convenient charging in several locations.

atkins sailboat plans

NEPENTHE’s center console hides three of her four batteries along with the charger and motor controller.

The motor requires 700 lbs of batteries, resulting in a challenge for Prins and his students to accommodate and balance them all in the hull. The four 255AH  AGM  (absorbed glass mat) batteries each weigh 175 lbs. The builders placed one battery in the forward compartment and three under the console. The boat floats nicely on her lines, although the battery weight caused the draft to increase from the as-designed 6 “  to 8 “ , with a total displacement of 1,800 lbs. The class estimates that the plywood-epoxy hull itself weighs about 400 lbs less than a hull built exactly as drawn by Atkin, offsetting the additional weight of the batteries somewhat.

The students began lofting the boat in early October 2012. After lofting, they built a strongback and positioned along it  3 ⁄ 4 “  Douglas-fir frames 24 “  on center. The 1 ½ “ -square sternpost and the floor timbers of  3 ⁄ 8 ”  marine plywood came next, followed by the laminated, curved transom. Installing the four laminated Douglas-­fir chine logs, two at the top of the box keel and two at the chine, and the  ¾ “  marine-plywood bottom was a bit tricky, as the hull requires a good bit of twist in these pieces as they run from the stem to the start of the tunnel. The students determined that it could be done without breaking the plywood or having to kerf it. The tunnel’s shape at the after end of the hull required a unique horn timber, carefully crafted from sapele by one of the students to funnel the water coming past the box keel onto the blades of the protected propeller.

Next came the topsides. Instead of the  ¾ “  marine plywood specified on the plans, the class used glued strakes of 3⁄8 “  marine plywood. After the planking was finished, the class reinforced the entire exterior with fiberglass cloth set in epoxy. Then they flipped the boat right-side up and work began on the interior. The sapele inner keel reinforces the rudderpost and propeller shaft. The students installed a stainless-steel rudder, as called for in Atkin’s original design, driven by a cable steering system.

There are watertight bulkheads forward and aft, which add strength and provide storage space and buoyancy in the boat’s ends. The flotation volume is sufficient, even considering the weight of the batteries and motor, for the boat to have positive flotation if swamped. To determine the placement of the batteries, the class considered the boat’s trim foremost, but also took into account the layout of the console and seating arrangement. They built plywood mockups of several console arrangements and conferred with the owner in deciding on the best design. Putting three of the four batteries and the motor controller and charger near the center of the boat under the tilting console resolved this key issue. Then they laid out the remaining seating around the console, making enough room for four adults to sit comfortably in the boat.

atkins sailboat plans

Kees Prins’s modifications to the Rescue Minor included a center console, seating for four adults, electric power, and flotation compartments forward and aft.

T he class launched  NEPENTHE  a couple of days before their June 6 graduation, so they had an opportunity to cruise the waterways and enjoy the quiet pace of the boat. Hunt and his family have been well satisfied with both the performance and the quality of the finished craft. He knew that the electric propulsion system would not get the boat anywhere close to its planing speed of 18 knots, but he preferred the quiet-running electric drive, combined with Rescue Minor’s size and shallow draft, as the best combination for him and his family. He has found that even in a 1 ‘  to 2 ‘  chop, the boat cuts through the water without pounding, tracks very well, and is relatively dry at cruising speed. Part of this stability and tracking is related to placing the heavy batteries low in the boat. Hunt has found that the partially submerged prop cavitates when reversing, and can be a challenge; however, he solves the issue by keeping weight in the stern when backing down.

In terms of improvements, Hunt has suggested that he would like to change to a more sophisticated battery system when the pricing becomes reasonable. A lighter battery, such as lithium-ion, or even a switch to an internal-combustion engine, would reduce the weight and raise the center of gravity with resulting changes in handling. It would also give the boat more range and speed. Given the space allocated for the conventional batteries, this is a change that could easily be made at a future date.

The project was a most rewarding accomplishment for the students as well as their instructor, and one that satisfied a very discerning client. And in the end, what could be better than a beautiful summer’s day gliding into shallow waters in which the family can splash and play, then silently heading for home with the lap of water on the strakes, the wind and the eagles above as the only sounds. Perhaps that’s why Hunt named the boat  NEPENTHE , after an ancient Greek medicinal compound formulated to help people forget their cares and worries.

Plans no longer available from Atkin Boat Plans, plans will eventually be offered through Mystic Seaport . More information available from Great Lakes Boat Building School.

atkins sailboat plans

The sectional views below show how the underbody of William Atkin’s Rescue Minor changes drastically in shape from bow to stern. At right, the top body plan is by Kees Prins and the bottom one is by William Atkin. Prins kept the underbody exactly the same, but above the waterline he hollowed the bow sections slightly and added significant tumblehome to the stern.

atkins sailboat plans

Particulars: LOA 19′ 6″ LWL 19′ 0″ Beam 5′ 8″ Draft 8″ Displ 1,800 lbs Power 48-volt, 6-hp electric motor

atkins sailboat plans

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Comments (4)

How can you do a whole article about Rescue Minor and not even mention Robb White?

Atkin designed quite a few boats with this bottom configuration (but without the “tunnel” effect). He called them Seabright skiffs. His work for the war included a 350′ tanker with the Seabright skiff underbody. Don’t know whether this was ever built. He loved the idea of decent speed with modest horsepower. Typically, he claimed speeds of around 17 mph using motors of very modest horsepower. “Happy Clam,” a plan I no longer possess (alas), was about his smallest at 17′, and called for a 6-hp motor. That appeared in How to Build 20 Boats , and his son John Atkin had a hand in the design (he may have actually been the sole designer).

Atkin also designed a number of boats, both round and V-bottom, that promised similar speeds. He always incorporated a bit of “hog” in the after part of the keel. I suspect that is what enabled the claimed speeds. These seem to be more of a fast displacement hull than a true planing hull.

The builders did a beautiful job of the reverse deadrise that forms the tunnel. I imagine this was the trickiest part of the build.

For Rescue Minor he calls for a motor of 91 cubic inches, but I don’t know how this translates to horsepower. The design as I have it was in vol. 38 of MoTor BoatinG’s Ideal Series.

I’m very happy to see Great Lakes Boat Building School mentioned in an article! They’re excellent people doing great work in Michigan’s upper peninsula, a very interesting place to mess about in boats. I am also a sucker for Atkins boats and electric propulsion and Lake Huron so this article is tailor made for me. Thank you!

I built a Rescue Minor several years ago. As with NEPENTHE, I modified the Atkin design to include a center console. My Rescue Minor, PEGGY ANN, uses a 25-hp diesel engine placed according to the plans. I have several observations: 1. With the engine placed according to the plans, the stern rides lower in the water than expected. 2. Atkin does not specify chine spray rails. They are needed. 3. With the flat bottom she does not ride a following angled sea well and tends to shimmy off the wave. I added a 2″ longitudinal keel from bow to end of box keel. 4. The biggest problem is the internal lower transom corners. Because of the tunnel design, any moisture that accumulates in these corners has no place to go. You need to include removable drains in these corners (these can be a thru threaded bolt) to drain these areas when you’re out of the water. Otherwise the boat will rot from the inside out. 5. She handles well enough but I would not want to take this craft out of protected waters. The freeboard is way to low. How Atkin could think that this vessel could take three sailors out to ships at sea in any kind of sea is just madness.

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atkins sailboat plans

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atkins sailboat plans

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Designs by William and John Atkin Commentary by Mike OBrien

When I was a boy, commercial watermen kept low-powered inboard skiffs . Summer people used outboard motors. The professionals knew that small inboards ran quieter, were more reliable, and stretched a gallon of fuel miles farther than the cranky outboards of that era. Since that time, four decades of relentless outboard motor development have rendered small inboard skiffs virtually extinct.

Be that as it may, skiffs of the type shown here continue to offer some advantages. They carry their engine weight low and amidships — far better for a boat's handling than clamping the motor's mass high on the transom. The engine itself is protected, more or less, from salt water and theft.

Small inboards (with the exception of some air-cooled industrial engines) tend to produce pleasant sounds. Even if the amplitude of their noise equals that of outboards, the lower firing frequency contributes to a skipper's peace of mind. Some of us are also inclined to think that inboard skiffs look better than their outboard cousins. A modern, stylist-designed outboard motor hooked onto a traditional skiff can create an aesthetic Armageddon.

We should say up front that, unless you have access to an historic chunk of cast iron (such as the 6-horse-power Palmer specified here) or are willing to borrow the motor from your lawn mower, these rigs aren't inexpensive. This flaw, combined with the competition's easier maneuverability at low speeds and more convenient servicing (unscrew the motor, carry it to the dealer), might well have hastened the decline of the breed.

In profile above the waterline, our first little inboard boat looks to be a Sea Bright skiff, but it's not — not exactly. In fact, this design can claim descent from such wildly divergent ancestors as the Cape Ann dory , the Japanese sampan, and the Jersey skiff. Her story begins with Joshua Slocum (yes, "the" Joshua Slocum: controversial circumnavigator, author, and extraordinary seaman).

In 1887, Slocum and his wife and their two sons found themselves shipwrecked on the coast of Brazil. In need of a way home, the Captain built the 35-foot three-masted "canoe" Liberdade, and the family sailed her some 5,500 miles to New York. Years later, William and John Atkin received an old blueprint from a client. The faded, freehand lines had been drawn by Slocum's elder son, Victor, and they represented his rendition of Liberdadeus hull shape . Although Captain Slocum was said to have based his escape vehicle on a cross between a Cape Ann dory and a sampan, Victor and the Atkins apparently viewed it as a Jersey skiff. In any case, the Atkins reworked the old lines, reduced the scale, and turned out this nifty 15-foot inboard skiff. We can see the Cape Ann influence in her sections and the Jersey heritage in her overall appearance and construction. Perhaps the sampan influence was more apparent in the rigging and detailing of the original boat.

The most obvious difference between Victor Slocum and the deceptively dissimilar Sea Bright skiffs is the former's use of a common skeg in place of a box dead-wood. On the beach, skeg- built boats tend to pitch, roll, and dig in. Sea Bright skiffs stand up straight and

Two Low-Powered Inboard Skiffs slide over the sand like sleds. Performance differences when fully afloat are likely to be more subtle. At any rate, the Slocum, with her high and buoyant ends, ought to be happy in summer waves and moderate surf — and the skeg will make for easier construction. Setting up a box deadwood looks simple in the hands of old-time boatbuilder Charlie Hankins and his peers, but builders trying it for the first time might want to close their shop doors.

For planking this skiff, the Atkins specify %-inch-thick cedar over %-inch-square steam-bent white oak frames on 8-inch centers. Bronze screws fasten the hood ends of the planks to the stem. Copper nails riveted over burrs are used at, and between, the frames. No sealant or caulking need be employed in planking up the sides, because the soft cedar strakes will work into each other to keep the skiff tight. The bottom, which is planked fore-and-aft with 7/»-inch cedar, should have its seams caulked with three or four strands of cotton.

For power, the Atkins suggest a 6-horsepower Palmer Baby Huskie (now long out of production) turning a 10-inch-diameter wheel with 6-inch pitch. Predicted performance is "a good 8 mph."

If Victor Slocum is a buoyant cork, XLNC (Excellency, right?) is a knife. With a beam of only 4 feet 4 inches on a length of 19 feet 2 inches, this flat-bottomed Atkin skiff promises speeds of more than 13 mph when pushed by an engine of 6 horsepower turning an 8-inch (diameter) by 7-inch (pitch) wheel.

The construction here is straightforward, in the style of most traditional skiffs. Four lapped %-inch white cedar strakes make up each side. They are fitted and fastened in the same manner as the Slocum's, but they'll be even easier to hang because ofXLNC's gentle curves and straight sections. The bottom goes together as would that for a cross-planked rowing skiff. It is more robust, with -/4-inch cedar planking, a %-inch by 6-inch white oak keelson, a couple of /i-inch by 4-inch sister keelsons, and three 2 Winch by 4-inch white oak floor timbers (which support 3-inch-square white oak engine beds).

Long, slender powerboats are easy to like, and we can — as did the Atkins — make cogent arguments supporting their superiority. All else (particularly power and displacement) being equal, the longer, narrower skiff will tend to be faster and will throw less spray than will a shorter boat. Longer skiffs, if properly designed, will provide a more comfortable ride through the harbor chop, and they make better working platforms. Their easier curves allow for easier construction. (Is there anything in this world more difficult to plank up than a squat, apple-cheeked dinghy ?)

All logic aside, there is something compelling about a long, narrow boat running at low rpm and high speed — making little fuss and less noise.

As Billy Atkin might have said: There you have it, Shipmates, two good little skiffs. Build them exactly as drawn, and they won't disappoint you.

Plans for Victor Slocum and XLNC can be ordered from Atkin Boat Plans , P.O. Box 3005, Noroton, CT 06820.


Victor Slocum LOA 15'0" Beam 5'1" Draft 1'2"

Philip Bolger Boat Plans

L VIII Two Low-Powered Inboard Skiffs

XLNC LOA 19'2" Beam 4'4" Draft l'O" Power 6 hp

77ze s/ettrfer XLNC

promises easy speed with low power.

Bolger Box Keel Boats

XLNC goes together as a simple, flat-bottomed skiff with a particularly robust bottom.

William Atkins Boat Designs

Continue reading here: Designs by Accumar Headwater Boats and GlenL Marine Commentary by Mike OBrien

Was this article helpful?

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Readers' Questions

Are atkin boat designs relevant today?
Yes, Atkin boat designs remain relevant today. Many of the Atkin boat designs remain popular among classic boat enthusiasts and many of them are still in production today. Atkin designs are renowned for their classic lines, traditional construction, and reliable performance.
Have john atkin boat designs ever been built in florida?
Yes, boats designed by John Atkin have been built in Florida. Examples include the Atkin Cutter built at the Wooden Boat Works in Key Largo, and a Piver trimaran built in Marathon.

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The NBA champion Boston Celtics will be celebrated in Boston on Friday, June 21, with a rolling rally parade.

The parade will begin at 11 a.m. on Friday in front of the TD Garden at the corner of Causeway Street and Legends Way. It will then pass by City Hall Plaza and the Boston Common on Tremont Street before ending on Boylston Street near the Hynes Convention Center, city officials said.

Celtics players will ride in the city’s Duck Boats, which has become a tradition this century. The 2024 Celtics are the city’s 13th champions among its four major sports teams — the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins. The Celtics’ win was the first champion from that group of teams since the 2019 Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl.

Officials said parking on some streets will be prohibited starting just after midnight Friday morning, and vehicles will start getting towed after that point. Streets along the route will be closed to vehicles starting at 9 a.m.

The MBTA will have additional service on all lines, and a modified commuter rail schedule will be in place. Anyone heading into the city for the parade or for any other reason was urged to take public transportation. Officials said riders should consider buying roundtrip tickets in advance.

>> Link: City of Boston parade information

The parade will happen at the end of an expected heat wave this week. High temperatures are expected to be lower Friday than earlier in the week, but it is still expected to be hot. Officials urged people to hydrate properly and seek out shade if they start feeling bad.

Police and other first responders will be stationed along the route if anyone needs help, officials said.

The victory Monday night was the team’s first in 16 years and the franchise’s 18th overall, which is an NBA record.

2024 NBA Finals - Game Five

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Atkins Boat Plans

Discussion in ' Boat Design ' started by Pjitty , Jul 28, 2013 .


Pjitty Junior Member , this boat in particular, is it all that Atkins says it is. How does it stack up to modern boats in seaworthyness, and efficiency. Appreciate any input... Joe  


PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

Seaworthyness is more a function of skippering skill, though certain features can make a boat safer, such as self draining cockpits, bridge decks, etc. That boat will be fine if you aren't in a big hurry or try to over power her. In Billy's day a 250 CID engine would only have 50 - 75 HP or so. This is a big, fairly heavy by modern standards, powerboat of a type not seen in generations. She'll be comfortable in a rough patch of water, just don't expect to go very fast.  
Thank You for your input... Joe  


Scaled down version Atkins rescue minor

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Atkins Retreat


Atkins Little Hughey


Atkins Hardtack using an outboard


Small boat cabin roof design


leveraging large light format 3d printing boat parts

Kaden Griffin

Back of boat too high for outboard


Moulded Depth Open boats


If Space X can catch a rocket, why not a boat?


How stable would this 2 story houseboat near San Francisco be?

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Government officials plan to spend billions on septic problem threatening US Northeast: 'We're all at enormous risk'

A layer of toxic, scummy algae on top of a crystal-clear pond may not seem like a sewage problem — but in Cape Cod, it is .

What's happening?

Over the years, millions of visitors and residents on the Cape have generated wastewater that has flowed into septic tanks, as reported by Boston public radio station WBUR. Those tanks leach the water back out into the ground. And now, an excess of accumulated wastewater , rich with nitrogen and phosphorus, is feeding dangerous levels of toxic algal blooms in the Cape's waterways .

Andrew Gottlieb, of the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, told WBUR , "People like Cape Cod and want to come to Cape Cod, and to a certain extent, they're loving it to death."

In order to address the issue, Massachusetts introduced strict new regulations on septic systems for Cape communities, per the radio station. But these projects are not going to be cheap.

One town's new treatment plant has a $34 million price tag . Another is spending $54 million on phase one of its plan, and a third is migrating from septic tanks to sewage pipes for an estimated $1.4 billion .

Why is this concerning?

Toxic algal blooms are dangerous to humans, causing everything from mild illness to liver damage and seizures if ingested or inhaled, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They're equally harmful to animals, particularly the fish and plants in the water.

Watch now: Uber-wealthy couple makes unprecedented move with $300 million land

"We've seen a significant deterioration of our bays to the point where they're designated as impaired, where we don't have shellfish, we don't have finfish," Mark Ells, Barnstable town manager, told WBUR.

Also of concern is that global heating , as the Environmental Protection Agency explained, is compounding the blooms, signaling an even more dangerous future if changes aren't made quickly.

"What do you need to grow plants? Heat and water and nutrients. We've added the nutrients and we're turning up the heat," Gottlieb told WBUR. "So those two things have come together and are really causing problems."

"Most of our own personal financial wellbeing is intimately tied to the Cape continuing to be an attractive place to live," he added. "And so, as individuals we're all at an enormous risk."

What's being done?

Several communities are looking at low-cost ways to filter out groundwater pollution in order to stave off the blooms, including using oyster beds and cranberry bogs, and even experimenting with " pee-cycling " to fertilize crops, as reported by WBUR.

But many concerned residents aren't waiting for slow fixes from local governments. Instead, they're taking solutions into their own hands , installing private septic systems . But this also costs tens of thousands of dollars.

"This is a really expensive process," resident Pat Uhlman told WBUR. "But the Cape economy is still people coming here in the summer. If they can't swim in our ponds, they can't swim in our ocean, they can't boat, there's not going to be any reason for them to come here."

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More than 1,000 students pledge not to work at Google and Amazon due to Project Nimbus

Wired reports that more than 1,100 people who identified themselves as STEM students and young workers have taken the pledge to refuse jobs from the companies "for powering Israel's Apartheid system and genocide against Palestinians."

The case for Willie Mays as baseball's GOAT

Willie Mays was a legend. To some, he was also the GOAT.

How extreme heat affects the body — and who's most at risk

Millions of Americans are under heat alerts this week. Here's how extreme heat affects the body and who is most at risk.

Baseball world mourns death of Willie Mays

The Say Hey Kid's legacy was visible as his death was announced.

Giants legend Willie Mays dies at 93

One of the legends of baseball has died.

Yankees star Aaron Judge pulled from win over Orioles early after being hit in hand by pitch

Aaron Judge avoided a fractured hand after he was hit by a fastball on Tuesday.

U.S. Olympic swimming trials: Regan Smith shatters world record in 100-meter backstroke

Smith went 57.13 in Tuesday’s final, shattering Australian Kaylee McKeown’s previous mark by two full tenths.

Fans are 'Hot to Go' for Chappell Roan. Photos, videos show crowds clamoring for pop's rising star.

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Target shoppers are buying these $8 sandals in every color: 'They look like Birkenstocks'

Cute? Check. Comfy? Check. Waterproof? Check! It's no wonder customers are smitten: 'Easy to wear for several hours.'

Amazon faces nearly $6 million in fines over California labor law violations

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Junkyard Gem: 2003 Ford Focus ZTS Centennial Edition

A 2003 Ford Focus sedan with the Centennial Edition packaging commemorating Ford's 100th anniversary, found in a Denver-area junkyard.

Koenigsegg tells Jesko owners to stop driving after $3 million car burns

Koenigsegg has issued a stop-sale for all 28 cars.

New Crab Nebula image captured by James Webb Space Telescope offers unique glimpse at 'unusual' ancient structure

No, that isn’t Old Bay seasoning. It’s dust from the outer shell of the supernova explosion, and it’s being seen in high resolution for the very first time.

Stock market today: S&P 500, Nasdaq notch records as Nvidia takes crown from Microsoft as most valuable stock

Techs are continuing to lead an AI-driven rally that investors simply can't afford to miss out on.

Fisker files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware

Fisker, maker of the battery-electric Ocean and Henrik Fisker's second try at starting an automaker, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware.

Quicken Simplifi subscriptions are half off right now

Quicken Simplifi, one of Engadget’s favorite budgeting apps, is on sale for half off. The user-friendly money management service is on sale for $2 per month, billed annually at $24.

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Why Robert Whittaker accepted a likely 'harder fight' vs. Ikram Aliskerov after Chimaev withdrawal

Beating an unranked and unknown guy like Aliskerov provides a limited boost for someone of Whittaker’s existing renown. But losing to a guy like that? It could be a catastrophic setback at this point in his career.

Atkin & Co - Individualized Designs for Unregimented Yachtmen. Established 1906

  • Little Boats
  • Rowboats & Outboards
  • Under 20 feet
  • Over 20 feet
  • Under 27 feet
  • Over 27 feet
  • Under 18 feet
  • 18 feet to 22 feet
  • 22 feet to 30 feet
  • Over 30 feet
  • Miscellaneous Designs
  • Index of Design by Name
  • The Sea Remains the Same - The Atkin Design Legacy
  • Pat Atkin's Art


- 11' 5/8" Class AU Racer
  - 12' Flat-Bottom Outboard Skiff
  - 12' 1" Flat-Bottom Outboard Skiff
  - 12' 1" Aluminum Skiff
  - 12' 2" Rowing and Sailing Punt
  - 13' 4" Swampscott Rowing Dory
- 13' 9" Outboard Fisherman
  - 13' 11" Swampscott Rowing Dory
- 14' Flat-Bottom Outboard Skiff
  - 14' Flat-Bottom Outboard Skiff
  - 14' V-Bottom Rowboat
  - 14' 1" Class CU Utility Runabout
  - 14' 7" Fast Low-Powered Outboard Skiff
  - 14' 10" Flat-Bottom Outboard Skiff
  - 14' 10" Flat-Bottom Outboard Skiff
  - 15' 3" Flat-Bottom Outboard Punt
  - 15' 6" Rowing (Pulling) Boat
  - 15' 7" Rowing and Sailing Boat
- 16' Flat-Bottom Rowboat
  - 16' Flat-Bottom Rowboat
- 16' V-Bottom Outboard Fisherman or Utility
  - 16' 6 3/8" Flat-Bottom Outboard Skiff
  - 17' Flat-Bottom Outboard Skiff
  - 17' 2" Dory Skiff
  - 20' V-Bottom Cruiser
  - 20' 11' Banks Dory
  - 21' 10" Flat-Bottom Shelter Cabin Utility
- 22' V-Bottom Bassboat
- 22' Houseboat-Cabin Cruiser
- 22' V-Bottom Sedan Cruiser
  - 22' 1" V-Bottom Metal Day Cruiser

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Thirty things I’m hearing and watching for on MLB trade deadline with 50 days to go

Believe it or not, the MLB trade deadline is 50 days away. What can we expect, beyond the unexpected, this year?

I’ve been talking, texting and emailing with front-office executives, as well as others across baseball, to gauge how the trade market is shaping up. Here are 30 things I’m hearing, watching for, or thinking about with 50 days until the July 30 deadline.

1. The best starting pitchers expected to be traded at the deadline are Jesús Luzardo of the Marlins , Luis Severino of the Mets , Tyler Anderson of the Angels , Erick Fedde and Garrett Crochet of the White Sox , Jack Flaherty of the Tigers and Trevor Williams of the Nationals if he’s healthy and pitching well. (Williams is on the injured list with a flexor muscle strain after posting a 2.22 ERA over 11 starts.) However, asking prices are exorbitant for most of them and rightfully so because the market for difference-making starters is so thin.


2. Pete Alonso is expected to be the biggest power bat traded at the deadline. The Astros , Mariners , Yankees , Giants , Cubs and Twins are possible landing spots for the three-time All-Star. If the Mets trade Alonso, they will still make a concerted effort to re-sign him this offseason. They love the Polar Bear, and he loves New York.

3. Other notable hitters who are expected to be moved include the A’s Brent Rooker , the Nationals’ Lane Thomas, the Marlins’ Josh Bell and the Angels’ Taylor Ward . Rooker won’t be eligible for free agency until after the 2027 season.

4. A.J. Preller, the wheeler-dealer president of baseball operations of the Padres , is doing what he always does — trying to make another blockbuster deal to land a difference-making starter such as Jesús Luzardo or Garrett Crochet. The Padres are also trying to fine-tune their bench and add a right-handed reliever.

atkins sailboat plans

5. The sellers in this year’s trade market are expected to include the White Sox, Marlins, Rockies , Mets, Angels and A’s. In addition, there are several teams that could go either way (buying or selling), including the Nationals, Pirates , Cardinals , Rays , Blue Jays , Red Sox and Tigers.

6. The White Sox have no untouchables on their major-league roster. They’re willing to trade all of their best players including outfielders Luis Robert Jr. , Eloy Jiménez and Tommy Pham as well as starters Garrett Crochet and Erick Fedde and reliever Michael Kopech . Bottom line: They’re going to have a fire sale and aim to add as many good prospects as they can and make as many trades as possible.

7. The designated hitters most likely to be traded are J.D. Martinez of the Mets and Brent Rooker of the A’s.

8. The best closers expected to be dealt include the Marlins’ Tanner Scott , the Nationals’ Kyle Finnegan and possibly the Cardinals’ Ryan Helsley and the Blue Jays’ Jordan Romano if either of those teams decides to sell.

9. The Pirates feel they’re gaining momentum as rookie starters Paul Skenes and Jared Jones have the front office believing if they can improve the offense, the team could be surprise contenders this year (and if not, for sure next year). They’re searching for offensive upgrades at several positions including the outfield. Don’t expect trades for All-Stars, but they will look to add players who are better than what they’re running out there now.

10. Teams continue to contact the A’s about closer Mason Miller , but Oakland has little interest in moving the 25-year-old unless someone wants to make an outrageous offer and force its hand. Teams such as the Orioles and Dodgers have enough in their farm systems to make that kind of trade, but I’m told it’s still highly unlikely he’ll be dealt. However, teams do believe the A’s could move relievers Austin Adams or Lucas Erceg if in return they could land everyday position-player prospects who are close to the majors.

11. The Cardinals plan on buying at the deadline; acquiring another veteran starting pitcher is their main — and only — current target. However, if things go south, don’t be surprised if they deal veteran first baseman Paul Goldschmidt , who will be a free agent after this season, and closer Ryan Helsley, who would immediately become the best-available closer on the market and could fetch a huge return. In that scenario, Goldschmidt going to the Astros, Mariners or Yankees could make sense, and Helsley heading to the Orioles or Dodgers would be a game-changer for either club. Helsley is under team control through next season.

12. The Yankees will be monitoring the right side of their infield with hopes that first baseman Anthony Rizzo (.624 OPS) and second baseman Gleyber Torres (.640) start providing more offensive production than they have over the first two-plus months of the season. If they don’t, the Yankees will at least consider upgrading there at the deadline. Also, don’t be surprised if New York adds bullpen depth.

13. The Orioles are focused on improving their bullpen but plan on doing it without giving up any of their top four or five prospects. They’re also looking to add a right-handed-hitting fourth outfielder type with Tommy Pham of the White Sox being a possibility. (Pham is expected to have a short stint on the IL after spraining his left ankle about a week ago.)

atkins sailboat plans

14. The Dodgers are searching for both quality and depth additions for the bullpen as well as an upgrade for the outfield and bottom part of their lineup, which has struggled for most of the year.

15. The Phillies have been the National League’s best team but aren’t resting on their laurels. They’re looking to improve their overall outfield and have interest in Luis Robert Jr. and Tommy Pham. The Phillies and White Sox do match up well on a blockbuster-type deal. Robert is under team control through 2027 on a club-friendly deal. The Phillies are in on outfielder Jake McCarthy of the Diamondbacks as well. It’s believed they could also add a reliever.

16. Three years ago, the Braves lost Ronald Acuña Jr. to a season-ending ACL tear but went on to win the World Series because president of baseball ops Alex Anthopoulos landed four outfielders ( Joc Pederson , Jorge Soler , Eddie Rosario , Adam Duvall ) at the trade deadline. This year, they lost Acuña to another season-ending ACL tear, this one to his left knee , and will try to follow a similar formula at the deadline. Although Anthopoulos probably won’t get four new outfielders, don’t be surprised if he lands one or two again this year. The Braves are also monitoring the market for a veteran back-of-the-rotation starting pitcher in case none of their young starters step up and adequately fill the fifth spot in the rotation.

17. The Guardians are scouring both leagues for a middle-of-the-rotation type starting pitcher and a corner outfield to lengthen their lineup with more pop.

18. It’s no surprise the Mariners are looking for a corner bat, just as they have the past several years. The M’s have the rotation to go all the way, but know they need to improve their offense if they want to pop Champagne in late October. They also want to add another impact reliever.

19. The Rangers’ best moves aren’t expected to be trades but rather just activating players from the IL. Texas is looking forward to reinstating starters Jacob deGrom , Tyler Mahle , Cody Bradford and Max Scherzer and third baseman Josh Jung from the IL at various points over the next couple of months.

Max Scherzer has yet to pitch this season in the majors. @Ken_Rosenthal has more on the timetable for his return, following a rehabilitation start on Sunday. — FOX Sports: MLB (@MLBONFOX) June 11, 2024

20. The Royals want to boost the back end of their bullpen and are also looking for a corner outfield bat. General manager J.J. Picollo has been aggressive early in his search to fill both needs, according to multiple front-office executives.

atkins sailboat plans

21. The Brewers are looking for pitching, pitching and more pitching, including both starting and bullpen depth. They feel their offense and defense are good enough to win the NL Central but that they need pitching reinforcements.

22. The Diamondbacks are monitoring their injured starting pitchers — Zac Gallen (hamstring strain), Eduardo Rodriguez (shoulder strain) and Merrill Kelly (shoulder strain) — and hoping they all return by the trade deadline; however, if one or two don’t get healthy, the D-Backs will weigh trades for another starter. They’re also in the market for bullpen depth.

23. Red Sox chief baseball officer Craig Breslow is searching for more starting pitching and a short-term solution for shortstop.

24. The Cubs are searching for more offensive help at catcher with the Rockies’ Elias Díaz a strong trade possibility. Interestingly, they’ve also touched base with the Mets on Pete Alonso and the Blue Jays on Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

25. The Giants are searching for a long-term answer at shortstop as well as a short-term answer for center field with the loss of Jung Hoo Lee to season-ending shoulder surgery .

26. The Tigers won’t trade Tarik Skubal but they’ll listen on Jack Flaherty, who is having a strong season with Detroit. Flaherty (3.22 ERA, 11.64 strikeouts per nine innings) could bring back a haul.

27. Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins doesn’t think it makes sense to trade shortstop Bo Bichette and/or first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. because he’d much rather sign both to long-term extensions. However, if the Blue Jays can’t do that by the trade deadline, they’d be foolish not to shop both. One rival executive believes a deadline trade involving either one will only happen if Atkins is replaced.

28. The Nationals are holding off on calling up some of their top prospects because they’re hoping to deal several veteran players such as Lane Thomas , Eddie Rosario, Nick Senzel , Joey Gallo , Jesse Winker and Joey Meneses with the idea that if they can, it will allow them to promote prospects in August and September.

29. The Rockies don’t plan to be too aggressive at the trade deadline, which has been their modus operandi for the past several years, but that hasn’t stopped teams from calling about the availability of catcher Elias Díaz and third baseman Ryan McMahon . It will be interesting to see if Colorado adjusts that stance this year.

30. It’s possible there won’t be a single managerial change before the trade deadline but the managers on the hottest seats include Pedro Grifol of the White Sox , Bud Black of the Rockies, Oli Marmol of the Cardinals and John Schneider of the Blue Jays. However, each of them has received a vote of confidence from the front office despite their team’s struggles. Can MLB go a full season without a manager getting fired?


MLB trade deadline tiers: Buyers, sellers and those in between — plus needs for all 30 teams


Bowden: My early All-Star team picks for the American League and National League


The top 100 potential MLB free agents for 2024-25 offseason — with options galore

(Top image: Dan Goldfarb / The Athletic . Photos: Vaughn Ridley / Getty Images; Brace Hemmelgarn / Minnesota Twins / Getty Images; G Fiume/ Getty Images)

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Jim Bowden

Jim Bowden , a national writer for The Athletic MLB, was formerly the Sr. VP and general manager for the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals for a combined 16 years, including being named the 1999 MLB Executive of the Year by Baseball America. He is the lead MLB Analyst and Insider for CBS Sports-HQ and a regular talk-show host on SiriusXM for the MLB Network and Fantasy channels. Follow him on twitter: @JimBowdenGM Follow Jim on Twitter @ JimBowdenGM

Here’s the latest on the Celtics’ championship parade, which is scheduled for Friday

Fans celebrate the NBA title at The Greatest Bar.

When will the Celtics’ NBA championship parade be held? Clear your schedules, and plan to take the day off on Friday.

On Tuesday morning, Mayor Michelle Wu’s office confirmed that the parade will be held 11 a.m. Friday, starting in front of TD Garden on Causeway Street, traveling past City Hall Plaza and the Boston Common on Tremont Street, and ending on Boylston Street by the Hynes Convention Center. Read more here.

Police Commissioner Michael Cox reminded residents “there is no public drinking or use of marijuana on the route in any way.” He also said there should be no climbing on mailboxes, light poles, or signs. If fans do not get down from those areas when asked by police, they could be arrested, he said.

Friday is when the temperatures are expected to cool slightly after a hot week forecast in Boston .


Boston blew out the Dallas Mavericks, 106-88, in Game 5 at TD Garden to set off what should be a celebratory week in the region.

Celtics parade in Boston: All the details you need to know

  • Date and time: Friday, June 21 beginning at 11 a.m.
  • Location: The parade route will run from in front of TD Garden on Causeway Street, past City Hall Plaza and the Boston Common on Tremont Street, and end on Boylston Street by the Hynes Convention Center.
  • Forecast: The temperature is expected to be in the mid-80s. Keep up with the latest forecast here .
  • Getting there: Wu urged residents to take public transit on Friday as the MBTA will be increasing service on all transit lines. Parking on certain streets in the West End, Downton, and Back Bay will be closed just after midnight on Friday morning, Wu said.
  • Road closures: Streets along the parade route will be shut down to traffic starting at 9 a.m. Friday morning, Wu said. A list of closed street is available on the city’s website .

What is the route for the Celtics parade?

The parade will run from in front of TD Garden on Causeway Street, past City Hall Plaza and the Boston Common on Tremont Street, and end on Boylston Street by the Hynes Convention Center.

Here’s the full route:

Why does the Celtics parade start in the morning?

Fans can expect the duck boats to begin their slow roll around 11 a.m., the usual start time for the dozen other parades Boston Duck Tours has held between February of 2002 and February 2019 for the Patriots (six), Red Sox (four), Bruins (one), and Celtics (one).

Ed Davis, the former Boston Police Commissioner in the middle of the Title Town parade run that included the Celtics’ 2008 rolling rally, said that a morning start is a hedge against adult-beverage-fueled unruliness.

“From a police perspective, having something in the morning, it’s less likely to have violence associated with it because of alcohol consumption and things like that, so it just makes it a safer time,” said Davis.

How many duck boats does it take?

Cindy Brown, CEO of Boston Duck Tours, said Friday that the company is expecting to deploy anywhere from the high teens to 25 vehicles to transport Celtics players, coaches, staffers, and assorted Green legends through throngs of fans on a route that will wind its way from TD Garden to Hynes Convention Center.

Besides Boston Police officers, State Police, and officers from Boston-adjacent towns will likely be called to duty for the celebration.

The company will run a full schedule-through the day before, and then spend the evening and overnight preparing the duck boats for a parade. That includes taking out the seats on the top deck and installing a platform high enough for the celebrants to be seen over the railing as the convoy slowly moves past the throngs of spectators.

Boston Duck Tours doesn’t get paid for the use of its boats and it doesn’t pay the city or the team to use its boats. The company will have to cancel pre-booked tours on the day of the parade and swallow a day’s worth of revenue that is “far into six figures,” said Brown.

“Obviously the marketing opportunity and the pure joy for our staff to be involved in something so important to the city is worth it,” said Brown.

Michael Silverman can be reached at [email protected] . Katie McInerney can be reached at [email protected] . Follow her @k8tmac . Emma can be reached at [email protected] or on X @_EmmaHealy_ .


  1. Atkin Ingrid

    atkins sailboat plans

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  1. Atkin & Co.

    [email protected]. +1 (860) 572 5360. The name Atkin has long been associated with the best in basic boats. If you are looking for "the right little boat" to build -- or have built -- or if you just like to dream over boat plans -- you'll be delighted with the wooden boat design collections of John (1918-1999) and William (1882 ...

  2. Atkin & Co.

    Atkin & Co Boat Plans, boat designs, boat building, William Atkin, John Atkin, Billy Atkin, small boats, good boats


    Haven - 29' 9" V-Bottom Raised-Deck Rescue Boat H. C. O. - 12' 1" Aluminum Outboard Skiff Heart's Desire - 23' Flat-Bottom Cabin Utility Heart's Desire II - 22' 10" V-Bottom Seabright Skiff Cutter Helga - 20' 2" Leeboard Cruising Knockabout Henry Johnson James - 50' 3" Harbor Tugboat Herald of the Morning - 18' Weekend Shanty Boat

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    Atkin Boat Plans. 2,219 likes. Individualized Designs For Unregimented Yachtsmen. Established 1906

  5. Plans by designer

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Mouse started life as a one-sheeter, that is, an exercise to develop the smallest, cheapest possible boat. ... Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Respected boat designer John Welsford challenged me with this brief: 'The kids, 9 and 11 had been hounding their dad (a fairly handy guy with ...

  6. Atkin Ingrid

    Atkin said of her: "Ingrid is a big boat. She has all the characteristics usually associated with seagoing ability. She is the kind of boat that behaves in rough water. She can be depended upon to sail herself. She is ableness personified. And equal to any situation." That was exactly what I was looking for!

  7. [email protected]. From the time William Atkin left a budding career in civil engineering to take up boatbuilding and designing in 1906, until his son John's death in 1999, the Atkin drawing boards spawned over 900 designs. This group is for the discussion of those designs and the boats built from them. If you set out to build an Atkin boat ...

  8. Rescue Minor

    The Rescue Minor is a fast boat that rests upright on a beach, moves smoothly through chop, and is very fuel-efficient; some owners report figures of over 25 mpg. Kees Prins. The Rescue Minor's box keel directs water to the finely formed horn timber that supports the propeller. The second-year students in the Wood/Epoxy Composite program of ...

  9. Designs by William and John Atkin Commentary by Mike OBrien

    For power, the Atkins suggest a 6-horsepower Palmer Baby Huskie (now long out of production) turning a 10-inch-diameter wheel with 6-inch pitch. ... Plans for Victor Slocum and XLNC can be ordered from Atkin Boat Plans, P.O. Box 3005, Noroton, CT 06820. Particulars. Victor Slocum LOA 15'0" Beam 5'1" Draft 1'2" Power 6 hp. L VIII Two Low-Powered ...

  10. What's your favorite Atkin design?

    08-22-2002, 12:35 PM. Given the attention John and William Atkin's designs get in issue 168 of our illustrious sponsors' publication and given the staggering number of Atkin designs out there, this seems like a good time to ask this question. Mine is Russell R., a 22x6 day-cruiser, for its easily driven hull and classic lapstrake looks.

  11. Atkin Boat Plans

    Atkin & Co Boat Plans, boat designs, boat building, William Atkin, John Atkin, Billy Atkin, small boats, good boats

  12. PDF A 21' Seabright Tunnel boat

    The Atkins tunnel shape is derived from the Seabright Skiff. The Seabright Skiff is a hull with a wide box keel. ... The plywood layout was calculated to minimize waste: we show the nesting of all parts on the plans. However, this is an intricate boat using a relatively large number of plywood sheets for it's size.

  13. Scaling Atkin Boat Plan

    Re: Scaling Atkin Boat Plan The Atkins drew some wonderful boats. On the one I'm building I do occasionally scale from the plans. For example the varying depths of the floor timbers needed to be scaled from the plans and then an educated decision made. Many things were left to the builder's judgement.

  14. Atkin's Two Brothers, a 28' 9½" LOA raised deck pirogue-rigged

    I've always thought there are a lot of classic boat plans on the Atkin & Co website, but I couldn't find Two Brothers, a 28' 9½" LOA raised deck pirogue-rigged Seabright Skiff by Billy and John for MoToR BoatinG Magazine in 1952. So here she is in MoToR BoatinG Magazine, Vol. 90, № 5, nov. 1952, at page 40+41+42 & page 74+75+76+77, with a bit of trouble even the handwritten offsets ...

  15. Atkin & Co.

    Sailboats 30' and Over. DOLLY VARDEN - 22' V-Bottom Seabright Skiff Cruising Knockabout. ABIE PORPOISE - 22' 4" Auxiliary Banks Dory. AMOS BROWN - 22' 4 3/4" V-Bottom Sloop. FLORENCE OAKLAND - 22' 5" V-Bottom Schooner. MERRY WEATHER - 22' 7 1/2" Pirogue-Rigged Keel Dory.

  16. Choose a Weight Loss Diet

    When participating in an Atkins diet plan, you'll need to calculate net carbs. Atkins Plan Example Days. Once you choose a plan, explore Atkins bars, shakes, treats, and frozen meals to help reach your goals even easier

  17. Atkin & Co.

    Teach 's water line length is 13 feet 6 inches; her breadth is 4 feet 8 inches, and draft 2 feet. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 3½ inches, least freeboard, 1 foot 4 inches, and at the stern, 1 foot 9½ inches. Her sail area is 136 square feet. Lead ballast on the keel weighs 480 pounds with approximately 50 pounds of ballast inside for ...

  18. Celtics parade to be held Friday; See additional information here

    Boston announces plans for Duck Boat parade to celebrate NBA champion Celtics. Share Copy Link. Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Updated: 2:46 PM EDT Jun 18, 2024 GET LOCAL BREAKING NEWS ...

  19. Boat designs from Atkins

    Looking at maximizing the available space, I was looking at the cat boats from Atkins. Looks like one can buy the plans from Mystic seaport museum for a boat a $100, that isn't much if the plans are good. Obviously the duo are well known and respected. I also love the lines of some of their designs with yesteryear charm. For eg:

  20. Atkins Boat Plans

    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder. Seaworthyness is more a function of skippering skill, though certain features can make a boat safer, such as self draining cockpits, bridge decks, etc. That boat will be fine if you aren't in a big hurry or try to over power her. In Billy's day a 250 CID engine would only have 50 - 75 HP or so.

  21. Missing swimmer: Missing boater found in Lake Michigan after small boat

    On Sunday, two women sailed from Evanston in a 12-foot sailboat, before it capsized at dusk. Around 2 a.m. Monday, one of the women swam about two miles to the shore of Tower Road Beach asking for ...

  22. Government officials plan to spend billions on septic problem ...

    Government officials plan to spend billions on septic problem threatening US Northeast: 'We're all at enormous risk' Jenny Allison June 18, 2024 at 10:00 PM · 3 min read

  23. Atkin & Co.

    Atkin & Co Boat Plans, boat designs, boat building, William Atkin, John Atkin, Billy Atkin, small boats, good boats

  24. Atkin's Skiff

    Here are the lines for XLNC; 19'-2" x 4'-4". Perhaps a better choice would be "Mitty Ann", again, a similar flat-bottomed skiff but 20' x 5'-8". Wm. Atkin turned out one design a month for Motor Boating for many years, and did a lot of "theme and variations" work; a good thing for us now. He recommends a 12 hp motor under 270# for this boat ...

  25. Thirty things I'm hearing and watching for on MLB trade deadline with

    Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins doesn't think it makes sense to trade shortstop Bo Bichette and/or first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. because he'd much rather sign both to long-term extensions ...

  26. Atkins Island Princess Schooner

    A couple of observations. A boat that can carry a properly shaped sail in challenging conditions will out point a boat that can't ...despite how well engineered the rig may be for "normal" conditions. We were being out pointed by a very nice Hinckley ketch that was being driven hard, and were just able to point a tad higher than a reefed cat boat.

  27. Boston Celtics parade 2024: Celebration tentatively scheduled for Friday

    Clear your schedules, and maybe plan to take the day off on Friday. On Tuesday morning, Mayor Michelle Wu's office confirmed that the parade will be held 11 a.m. Friday, starting in front of TD ...