Published on: Jun 10, 2019

Through the series, he presents his subjects as royal, powerful female deities, in hopes of changing the negative impression ‘African tradition and beliefs’ imprints in the minds of the world. The negative perception of Africans by Africans themselves and others has to a large extent inhibited advancement

The blocked colour addresses the warped way traditional African culture is viewed: as barbaric and heathen.

Through the use of elements and symbols, these pieces truly dig into a deep societal problem plaguing the African continent. It’s a statement piece that probes the mind in the hopes of making the audience come to the realisation that: It is only when we change our minds that we can change our lives. Xane believes it is now time to break past these walls.

Xane Asiamah (b. 1996) is a self-taught realist artist from Ghana.

Xane’s photo realistic drawings and colorful paintings are created through charcoal, ink, acrylic paint and graphite in layers to create a realistic reference. The beauty of  women, African symbols and culture often inspires his artwork. Xane’s pieces are highly prized and cherished for their highly achieved level of detail and the vibrancy of his paintings. He has been commissioned work from all around the world, featured in local art galleries and exhibitions, and on many websites. Xane believes anyone can draw, but not anyone can become an artist, He advises young artists to push harder to achieve their dreams and is more than willing to help anyone.

His works have been displayed at two Grand exhibitions in Ghana; The Ghana Arts Festival (August 2016) and DISSTEREOTYPE  (August 2017) . He hopes to hold more Exhibitions in the near future; and if possible, his own Art gallery.


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