Published on: Sep 06, 2022

How did you get into film?
I started film when I was young. I started off as an actress then I became a film maker.

You also have an interest in Radio, how did you get into that as well?
Initially I was not very interested in radio but with my increased confidence and exposure, I now believe that I have interesting content to captivate different audiences. This I believe can help me thrive in radio as well.

What difference do you see in yourself from the film time you were on a set to now?
The difference is that I have improved and learnt more and I am now ready to be a part of any film set both locally and regionally and perform well.

What is your creative process?
First I conduct extensive research. After that, I write the concept for the project, bearing in mind the timeline,
resources available and budget. I also believe in strong partnerships so I get in touch with potential partners who I can collaborate with.

What has been your greatest challenge?
My greatest challenge has been the fact that I have to hire equipment when I get jobs. Equipment costs in Kenya are very high so very few of us can afford to purchase.

Do you feel like the Kenyan Entertainment Industry is a sustainable career?
It is a sustainable career especially since there are so many channels and platforms to broadcast/air our content. The fact that social media has grown tremendously also provides us with avenues to create and market our content.

What kind of support do you feel the government needs to give to grow the film industry?
The support that I would need the government to provide fund for youth in the creative/film industry, scrap taxes on film equipment and provide both international and local film marketing exposures.

What would make the Kenyan industry unique? How do we create our own brand and identity?
First, we as Kenyans need to tell our own stories. This will help us create our own brand and create some level of unity among us. Support in the industry is also key. Not just working with the big names but also mentoring the upcoming talent from youth in the industry will go a long way in establishing our own identity.

How do you hope to be an inspiration to those that will come after you?
David Kariuki
Boniface Mwangi
Doreen Adhiambo
I hope to inspire people by showing them nothing in this life comes easy and hard work paysa lot plus I plan
to open a media school to harness the talent in my community and mentor particularly the youth.

What makes you unique?
The fact that I am my own person with values and principles. Also the fact that I am a go-getter and I am not afraid to work hard or go the extra mile to achieve my goals.