Published on: Dec 20, 2019

Tell us about yourself and your work.​

I’m a creative being whose not afraid to go for what she wants. I started blogging while in campus
after a photography class. I wanted to share my art with others. My online work has evolved to digital marketing where I have worked with amazing brands to share their stories online.

How long have you been engaged in social networking and/or social media channels?​

4 years now​

What does “community management” mean to you?

Community managemnt refers to talking care of people online. Responding to their queries, giving them information, managing their expectations etc. I believe as a digital strangest you’re always managing a community. ​

What is your perception of social media marketing and how do we measure success?​

It’s definitely changed from when social media was relatively new and we were all about followers. Now, I set KPI’s based on engagement/interaction. ​

What ways can a business distinguish themselves?​

By sharing exciting content that is different & could be stylized for ​each platform.

What are your top social media tips?​

Post consistently & reply to every comment.

Photos by Armstrong Too