Published on: Oct 24, 2019

I didn’t choose this career, I believe It chose me. I have always been interested and passionate about Art. I remember always drawing when I was 6 years old and Art is the only thing that helps me disconnect with the exterior world and let my imagination carry me away. Art is something I can’t live without, almost like my shadow.

I am inspired by Life, my experiences, Science, Fashion, Music, The Universe, Spirituality and Nature, an endless
source of inspiration. In addition to that, I’m drawn by my inner-me, my mood, and the moment of the day; It’s
therapeutic and it’s just my way of releasing my creative spirit. I am also inspired by my fellow independent artists;
They inspire me to create more. I have worked on a series of collages for Urban Tribe Movement an awesome social
network for people using business, art and technology to further diversity & inclusivity.

I have also worked for VIDA, a Google Ventures backed company that brings artists and makers together from around the world to create original, inspiring apparel in a socially conscious way. I have worked on a collection of silk scarves. In addition, I have collaborated with different artists in designing their album/mixtapes covers. It was a pleasure working on Emmanuel Jal’s album cover, Kôba Building a France based west African rapper, Fredy N, a talented singer from France and Guetts a rapper from London.

Stay tuned for more collaborations.

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