Published on: May 29, 2019

The Creative Blog, took stock of the current graphic design trends by asking some of the leading designers and studio head to identify the biggest movements of 201 and what they think will be in trend this year.

  1. The ‘Little Big Idea’

2017 design theme was big impact with simple ideas, executed with intelligence and insight to create real, radical impact. It’s predicted that in 2018, elegant logic will be the only way to cut through, if it is as chaotic, channel-hopping and crazy as 2017 was.

  1. Braver Colours

2017 can be categorised as a year of colour, with graphic designers making big and bold choices. In an effort to inspire positivity, there has been an influx of bright colours, often with flat graphics and only one or two colours used at any one time. This trend is predicted to hold strong this year, as bright colours help content to stand out from the meme-filled social media.

  1. Hyper brand distillation

Throughout 2017, design has been getting simpler and yet richer. In a world where user experience is king, complex brand systems get in the way of the content. Function overrides superfluous design details, and every brand asset needs to earn its place. So brands are striving to streamline their core assets, but looking to pack more meaning and distinctiveness into each element. This often starts with the name.

  1. Flat Graphics in Packaging

Packaging design has made a move towards simplicity in 2017. Simplicity through the use of flat graphics can be seen across all packaging categories. This does not necessarily mean minimalism but instead a stripping back of layers, detailing, text and tone to hone in on the core information and graphics. These are then treated in a simple, deconstructed manner. Featuring just the core information and intriguing illustrations, the contrast of its simplicity with the complexity of its competitors’ designs has ensured both distinctiveness and standout.

  1. 3D Modelling in Typography

3D modelling is the new frontier of graphic design. This has especially been seen in type design, but also in pattern generation. A potential future trend, One-colour 3D design is growing in popularity. There has been more and more product marketing that uses the same bold background colour as the featured product itself: the product leaps off the screen thanks to the volume created by the 3D techniques.

  1. Hand-drawn Elements Continue

Hand-drawn images have been particularly big in 2017, and the rise of black and white lettering is not surprising. The personal touch that they provide to branding and marketing is undeniable. In a world ever-more dominated by screens, there is just something appealing about the hand-drawn that resonates with many. There is a movement away from the very technical and a return to an artisan approach, which is seen across everything. There has also been a move away from polished photography to more gritty, real-world photographs. This may all stems from the Millennial generation looking for design that has a bit more integrity, and the manifestation of physical art in graphic design has really struck a chord.