Something new is coming up, and its all about Creative Pride!

Published on: Sep 10, 2018

Pride: Brotherhood is an all-acoustic music concert and art exhibition event designed to serve the youth, engaging them through original art concepts and music to invoke and sustain integritypatriotism and supportinclusive to all; to connect, share and inspire economic empowerment and talent nurturing.

Activities during the event include:

  • Exhibition of creative works: original acoustic music and art: paint, sculptures and craft.
  • Inciting positive attitude towards youth hustle; businesses and entrepreneurship.
  • Advertisements and awareness creation covered by partnering African and International media companies.

The Event provides an avenue for:

  • Selling music and art merchandise
  • Exhibition of raw artistic talent
  • Advertisement of youthful enterprises
  • Information hub on how to start and maintain a hustle
  • Business and social networking

Pride:Brotherhood concert event enables Youths who work towards the betterment of their fellow country-men to meet, identify and appreciate their efforts, sharing their success and challenges while being entertained by exceptional art within African and international contexts.

Participation is Exclusive

Please contact us for more information

For Youths interested in showcasing their Music, Art (paintings, sculptures or Crafts) or run Projected advertisements of their Businesses during the event, please end interest to