Published on: May 15, 2019

Tell us something about yourself?

My name is Nice Wanjeri Thuo- Thuo is my father; I am married to Titus Wainaina so sometimes I go by the name Nice Wanjeri Wainaina or Nice Wanjeri Thuo. I am a mother to a six year old daughter Natasha Nyawira and I am an actress by profession. I love swimming, dancing, singing and socializing because I am very talkative.

Who are the people in your field that you admire?

Well… in Kenya there are quite a few people that I admire, one of them being Jacky Vike (Awinja) not because of her character as Awinja but because of her personality as Jacky Vike; she is one person who has never changed irrespective of having more resources. I feel that she is someone I would want to be like in future.

There is also Raymond Wafula who has had one of the longest spanning careers in acting; he is very disciplined as is definitely one person I would love to emulate. The other person would have to be my boss Lucy Mwangi who is a top producer in Kenya and one of the Executive Producers of Aunty Boss.

Internationally I would have to go with Kerry Washington…I love her acting! If only I can be half the actress that she is and of course Taraji P. Henson a.k.a cookie Lyon… I mean who doesn’t want to be cookie?

How do you incorporate creativity in your free time?

I always tell people I can’t write even to save my life! I am not a writer but I will say I have this ability where if I hear an idea, I am able to easily build-up on it but the idea has to originally be from someone else, that way I am able to creatively add my own flair to it.

What artists, bloggers, writers, actors and shows do you admire?

When it comes to artists, I personally admire Jacqueline Nyaminde (Wilbroda), Eve D’Souza who is an all round awesome person contrary to what many people may think and also Maqbul Mohammed; those are the artists I can say I admire the most and not just because they are in Aunty Boss.

I don’t know a lot of writers but I know Abel Mutua, the writer of ‘Sue and Johnnie’ a local series production, he also wrote the first season of ‘The Real House helps of Kawangware’ he is good!… his humor in writing is just exceptional.

Internationally I would have to go with Shonda Rhimes she is phenomenal and of course, Tyler Perry. Unfortunately I don’t know of any bloggers but when it comes to TV shows, I absolutely love drama and comedy; naturally as I am a comedic actress, I am however not a fan of action films. Some of the shows that I admire include: ‘Scandal’, ‘If loving you is wrong’, ‘Young and hungry’ and finally ‘Aunty Boss’.

What are some of your favorite tech tools to use and why?

My phone! My phone is bae in fact; my husband says I am addicted to my phone even though I beg to differ but I genuinely love my phone, hhmm… TV as well; if you can classify that as a technology tool, I love to keep up with the latest shows.

How do you stay relevant in the industry?

By listening to people and asking for advice on how I can improve my craft. I do not know it all and I must admit I am not afraid of showcasing naivety at whatever level in fact, I always tell my boss not to limit my character when writing about “Shiru” because I believe that I can do whatever is required of me as a character, that’s how I manage to grow as an actress and that’s how I ensure that I stay relevant.

Another way I manage to stay relevant is by always bringing my A-game, I may be sick on that day but my audience does not want to see that! They expect me to deliver. My slogan for always being on my A-game is “act as if it’s your last day on Earth” or better yet, “Act as if you are going to be winning an Oscar the next minute”.

What is the biggest creative challenge you have faced in your career?

Wow! There was a time when I was doing a Kikuyu show and I was given the role of a stripper for a stage play Oh my God! That has got to be my most challenging role and my director at the time kept telling me that he does not want to see me as Nice but as Tiffany the stripper character. Do you know I actually had to look for videos and practice dancing like one at home before going to work…Of course I would make sure I do this while my daughter isn’t in the house; At some point I actually thought of giving up on that role but I pushed through and delivered but for sure, that has got to be the biggest challenge I have faced in my career thus far.

What are some of the projects you are working on right now?

Well…Kameme TV and Inooro TV have opened their stations so I am doing more of vernacular shows. I am doing a Kikuyu show called “Micii ni ndogo”; a drama series that airs every Saturday at 6:30pm on Inooro TV. I am totally different form Shiru in this show and that’s what I like about it. My projects revolve around acting but I also sell clothes just as a side-hustle.

How do you respond to criticism?

I always remind myself that you don’t need to be loved/liked by everyone for you to feel like you are doing a good job; I personally don’t take things to heart.

What makes you unique?

Maybe the fact that I am not picky with my roles, of course that does not mean that I will settle for just anything but I can as very many different characters, the only similarity you will probably pick-up on is just my voice. I can make you believe I am an old woman; I can make you believe I have six children; I can make you believe I am a house help e.t.c I will always do my research on the character that you want me to play so my uniqueness is definitely in my ability to play different characters well.

What would you say to youth who want to be in your industry?

For starters, acting is not easy! Young people often tend to think that you can be a star in a day, it’s not like that at all…you have to take baby steps to get to where you want. You also need to have passion for this industry, don’t get into this field just for the money. In fact, the money in most cases is not as much and what keeps us going as actors is passion for the craft.

You should definitely be passionate about acting because this field is not for the weak, there is criticism, there are people who will approach you with ulterior motives and there people that will approach you promising to pay you a certain amount for a role and then fail to do so; It’s basically very easy to quite if you are not passionate.