Reynolds Mungai, Design, Brand and Marketing Strategist

Published on: Oct 25, 2019

Following this article on How Creatives Bill for Commissioned Work, we thought to interview a few creatives to understand their creative businesses. These creatives are also featured as rewards on our crowdfunding campaign on Thundafund.

Name: Reynolds M. Mungai

Age: 25

  1. Creative skill/line of work: Design, Brand & Marketing strategy
  2. How long has the business been up: 3 years
  3. Description of business: We specialize in data-driven strategy and design for brands in various industries. we also offer conversion rate optimization, marketing & growth solutions for ecommerce brands.
  4.  Background: I merge data analytics and strategy with creative design to ensure brands and marketing campaigns achieve more. through marketing and growth strategies such as conversion rate optimization, performance analysis and ui/ux design; i have been able to assist in the development of ecommerce and other digital brands for over 5 years.
  5. Idea: Due to the lack of an all-rounded data-driven design and brand development consultancy
  6. What are your biggest challenges: pitching data-driven design to clients since they do not really understand the value
  7. How do clients find you: referrals and social media
  8. What do you take into consideration when billing: scope of the project, timelines and impact
  9. Do you see a need for a platform like CreativeList? yes Why? it provides a resource for brands and individuals to connect with service providers and provides a pool of clients for creatives.


rates: it depends on the project, we can provide a rate card on request

average number of clients per month: 5-10

type of clients: both brands and individuals or just one


social media:

instagram: @rmpartners

other social links: