Piga Story na Dalberg Media and Merck for Bilharzia

Published on: Oct 28, 2020


Dalberg Media is looking for participants for the Bilharzia Storytelling Lab in January 2021.The Bilharzia Storytelling Lab will bring together 20 community leaders and innovative storytellers in Kenya. Over three weeks, participants will develop a storytelling product that can support Bilharzia (also known as Schistosomiasis) elimination efforts in Kenya. 

The Bilharzia Storytelling Lab is hosted and sponsored by Merck who actively supports the efforts of achieving the targets of WHO’s NTD Roadmap 2030, which ultimately ensures the global elimination of Schistosomiasis.  Merck has provided more than 1 billion tablets to date but wants to support more initiatives for prevention and treatment of the disease.

Over the course of five days (January 9th, 16th and 28th-30th 2021), participants will be guided through an innovation lab to arrive at a strong pitch. The innovation lab will be a unique opportunity for you to get acquainted with a new toolkit in innovation and design thinking to solve complex issues, become part of a valuable network of experts, mentors, and discover new opportunities for collaboration with experts, mentors and organizations on a national and global level. The process will be supported by Merck and experts in storytelling, media production and health promotion.

On the final day of the innovation lab, Merck will select the best concept and fund the project with a seed implementation support of 10,000 USD. That means the storytellers get the chance for their concept to be viewed on TV, heard on the radio, seen on the streets of Kenya and potentially be upscaled to other countries. The storytellers will make a difference by creating impactful stories and spark behavioral change that will enable high-risk groups to better prevent and control Bilharzia.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in participating in this exciting opportunity, please encourage them to apply here. You can find more details in the attached file.

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions at luise.jochimsen@dalberg.com.