Published on: Jun 14, 2019


Being left breastless nearly 4 years ago from breast cancer was certainly life changing. But one thing that didn’t cross my mind initially was just how difficult it would be to get dressed. I knew my body had changed but I honestly thought that I’d be able to just throw on all of my old clothes without a worry. I couldn’t quite believe that the permanent personal changes that breast cancer was making to me, also included my wardrobe.

I always loved fashion pre-breast cancer and found myself completely lost when nothing that I had previously worn fit me properly. I also couldn’t believe that there was very little out there as far as support goes for women who have had a mastectomy and are looking for fashion. There were plenty of things that I guess you would call ‘comfortable clothes’ but what struck me was that women who have had a mastectomy are virtually forced into losing their sense of fashion and style just because they no longer have breasts.

This idea didn’t sit well with me and after deciding not to reconstruct my breasts, I knew I would have to find a way to bring style back into my wardrobe. What I have come to learn over the course of the past four years is that there are still plenty of stylish fashion options out there for breastless women, they are just harder to find. In mainstream clothing stores, you have to know what you are looking for and seek these items out without getting down about the things you can no longer wear. After all, let’s face it, everyone is really restricted in some way or another in shops due to their particular body features, so don’t let that part worry you.

Top 10 Tips for Breastless Women

  1. Off the shoulder tops and dresses looks great.
  2. High necklines with detail work well.
  3. Patterned fabric distracts the eye from the breastless chest.
  4. Frills give great coverage of the chest area.
  5. Jewellery is a great option for disguising the flat chest.
  6. Scarves are stylish and also cover the chest well.
  7. Detailed jackets draw the eye.
  8. Avoid deep V necklines or gaping cowl necklines.
  9. Block colours and tight tops make the chest more obvious.
  10. A combination of loose, patterned and frills tops work wonders.

Despite the fact that shopping is in some ways harder than it was before, now that I know what I am looking for, I can again feel excited about finding on trend, stylish fashion items that make me feel breastless and beautiful. For more tips, go to www.leavemebreastless.com  and embrace your new normal!