Funding Opportunity: The Radio and Audio Funding Award (RAFA) 2020

Published on: Jul 03, 2020


The Radio and Audio Funding Award (RAFA) is awarded annually to an emerging audio producer based anywhere in the world to produce an original radio or audio documentary which fulfils the core criteria detailed below. This year, a main award of £6,000 plus mentorship from a top industry professional will be awarded to an audio documentary-maker to produce a feature-length programme. We will also be awarding £1,000 each to our four runner-ups.

The Whickers were established in 2015 to fund and recognise original and innovative documentary. They seek to use the generous legacy of their namesake, pioneering broadcaster Alan Whicker, to support emerging film and audio documentary-makers in the funding and production of director led programmes. The Whickers are comprised of two annual awards: the Film & TV Funding Award and the Radio and Audio Funding Award.

The Whickers were inspired by Alan Whicker to encourage the making of quality documentaries by emerging film and audio talent. The Whickers recognise that today’s documentary-makers operate in challenging circumstances. Money is scarce and commissioners are reluctant to green light without a celebrity name fronting a subject with which they often have little connection. Alan Whicker, who felt the best shot of himself was the back of his head, abhorred this trend.

Whicker and his contemporaries wrote the grammar of television documentary. They were given support and opportunities, and often allowed to learn on the job – a situation which is not replicated today. Whicker was apolitical; he sought to intrigue and stimulate, but not to influence. He strived to uncover the unusual as well as to entertain, and he understood the need to engage a mass television audience by employing light and shade in his work. Through The Whickers, we seek to use Alan Whicker’s legacy to further his vision, and to support documentary talent from around the world to take the first step up a ladder which is increasingly difficult to climb.


Please make sure that your project meets the criteria and the terms and conditions of the RAFA (Radio and Audio Funding Award)

Applications for 2020 are now open and will close on 31st July 2020. Click here to apply