Published on: May 22, 2020

Nairobi May 1, 2020. The third edition of Kenya’s first curated online live music platform will be hosting more exciting acts from Nairobi Kenya on May 25, 2020 on IGTV, Facebook and YouTube.

This follows the successful launch of edition 1 and 2 of, the first ever online virtual concert that was graced by Kidum and Gravitti respectively.

Speaking about the previous edition, curator and founder Dan Aceda, says, “Videos by StudioTisa have reached over 170k people and over 60k interactions in comments and likes. This performance has surprised me. I also don’t think that it’s possible to do this with a real life show.”

He further adds, “This is confirmation that this is a new way of doing things that we need to change to immediately.”

StudioTISA is a unique online live music platform that’s working to develop, celebrate and elevate the work of young musicians in Kenya from all genres and styles. It is the first platform of this kind to be based anywhere on the continent of Africa, leveraging high quality media production experience, technology and social media to provide a brand-new way to experience and consume music and follow their favorite  artistes.

StudioTISA has a genre blind booking policy that’s geared towards new and emerging acts. It is focused on finding and developing new acts with the potential to deliver live performances of distinguished artistic quality.