Published on: Sep 30, 2019

Meet Edwina Ndiba, a  Film and Theater Costume Designer

What inspires you? 

ART, Art inspires me… I’m attracted to anything with an artistic concept.

What is your greatest creative challenge?

My creative challenge is mostly fusing everything together and making everything one and make sense; the makeup, accessories, outfit and the photographic feel must all give one message, not create questions

What is your process from concept to finished product? 

Its kind of like film making…  I get an idea, sometimes with the help of friends, we meet physically to lock the idea down  and know exactly what we want to do, next is now looking for the right photographer or one with a type of feel that your concept needs, a stylist and a good makeup artist follows, because with professional modeling makeup is a vital tool. We pick a location according to the concept, then we go ahead and shoot on a day that we are all free, to avoid hurrying and having half baked work. Lastly is coming up with a name, hashtag and caption. Also the post processing which I love because it brings out a kind of artistic feel to the picture as well.


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