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Profile features only apply to
Main Pages (Celebrity Feature)
Discovered (less than 2 years in the industry.)
Afro Art- Visual Art (Incl. Digital Art)
Afro Lens- Creative Photography
Art of Fashion- Fashion Photography, Style and Designer portfolios.
The Artist- Creative Makeup and Body Art.
The Reel- Performance Art
Muse- Models
Mentors- Those with insights on the industry and can give good advise.
Creative Entrepreneur- Those with 5+ years experience in the industry.

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These apply to;
Creative Organisation
Be Story- A feature story that is connected to furthering the African Creative Agenda.
Discovering Africa- A detailed articles about an organisation, person or event that is moving Africa forward in the creative industry.
Creative City, a city that has a brand, and reflects a personality. The city has to be a diversified, sophisticated and internationally oriented cultural industries structure that nurtures and supports a wealth of local and international artistic activity that both are commercial, subsidized and voluntary.