Discover: Jeri Muchura Photographer

Published on: May 16, 2019

Jeri Muchura is a Nairobi based portrait photographer who creates gorgeous, timeless, and elegant portraits of women. She is also a documentary photographer and storyteller who loves telling the African/Kenya story from a position of strength as opposed to the current Western narrative.


What are some of your favorite tech tools to use, and why?

My favourite tool of my trade is my camera, lenses and edit softwares. This is what I use to make all my images.


Tell us about something you’ve created.

In my journey as a Kenyan photographer, never have I seen images of people living with albinism in their true beauty. Yes, photos of them do exist, but often, they are part of news-pieces and never in a positive light. It has been my dream to capture images of people living with albinism in a way that has not been showcased yet. It is time for the world to acknowledge that persons living with albinism are no different from them and appreciate their strength and beauty. That’s why I decided to do a shoot called Beyond Color. This helped open the doors to more conversations about the condition. It also gave the ladies I worked opportunities to pursue their passion in modeling.


What is the biggest creative challenge you have faced in your career?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced would have to be maintaining the balance between handling my business i.e making money and doing personal projects to keep my creative juices flowing.


What makes you unique?

I am a Luxury Portrait photographer who predominantly photographs women. I believe that every woman is beautiful and it is my job to provide them with a space to be glammed up and photographed as the gorgeous, strong beauty they are. Being a female photographer is an added advantage because people tend to relax and loosen up faster around me and I’m more intuitive and sensitive of their needs/fears/discomfort during the shoot.