Discover Creative Organization: Community Media Trust

Published on: May 16, 2019

Community Media Trust is a media organization that develops community engagement strategies using participatory media and community communication principles, to support implementation of projects and programs.

Community Media Trust creates relevant, community-friendly media content (film, radio, digital and print) that inspires, educates and entertains communities to achieve knowledge, behavioral and social impact.

Content Processing – Through collecting, mapping and visually presenting interactive baseline data, the context, individual perceptions, patterns and trends and how thematic issues interplay in the target ecosystem become easier to interpret and analyze.

Visualization – From this data analysis, comprehensive messaging and creative briefs are developed and together with a participatory media philosophy, guide visualization of creative and engaging media in suitable formats for the target audience.

Outreach & Impact measurement – Develop both effective community engagement (outreach) strategies using content developed and tools to measure social impact using most significant change, knowledge increase and behavioral intent against baseline data.

Community Media Trust believes communicating effectively with communities and working collaboratively with other stakeholders promotes efficiency and impact of programs and yields the best results for all – donors, implementers and targeted communities. Community Media Trust works with donor communities, CSOs, NGOs, Corporates implementing CSR strategies, Local and national government authorities and local communities. Community Media Trust works anywhere in Kenya and Africa.

One of their most well known projects is ‘ATIENO‘. Directed by June Ndinya, is about the story of a 16-year-old girl from a fishing village in Kisumu who comes to Nairobi to look for employment so that he can provide for a sick father and younger siblings.

She ends up in Mathare slums where she’s forced to do odd jobs and faces many obstacles in the process, but eventually tops them all.

The emotional film has been made by DreamGirls, is part of the WezeshaDada project and hopes to educate girls on HIV/AIDS.

“The film will be used to conduct outreach targeting girls in Nairobi and Kisumu on the relationship between HIV, entrepreneurship and resilience in the face of challenges facing adolescent girls and young women, especially those living in slums and rural areas,” said Community Media Trust. 

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