Calling All Creatives! Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change Fund

Published on: Jul 08, 2020


The Prince Claus Fund and the Goethe-Institut are issuing a Call for Proposals how artists can help to find a way to sustainability and to the protection of nature. Applicants may be individuals or cultural practitioners (organizations) coming from countries with weak economies in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.

Initiatives may receive between € 15,000 – € 20,000 each to be used only for project-related expenses (not running costs e.g. in organizations).

The deadline for entries is on July 31, 2020 (17:00, Amsterdam time).

The call is specifically looking for initiatives that:
* Employ new media to re-imagine a more sustainable world, and provide space for different perspectives within the sustainability discussion; the application must contain a new and groundbreaking idea that is well thought through and put together;
* Promote the inclusion of women, indigenous communities and other marginalized groups; it must be linked to the ultimate aim of more inclusive societies, connecting people in ways that resist marginalization, oppression, division, and threat;
* Support innovative & contemporary artistic and cultural interventions that enable local impact while encouraging a global exchange on the culture of sustainability and climate justice as well as challenges to democracy the climate crisis poses;
* Support the development of artistic initiatives that reinforce and rethink traditional knowledge and methods.

The selection of the winners will published by December 2020 at the latest. Projects must start implementation from March 2021, and be implemented by April 2022 at the latest.

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