Published on: Jul 09, 2019

Guess who is trending, they are. It’s occasionally worthwhile taking a moment to acknowledge that there are still really good bloggers out there who are influencing their respective fields.  Every day the sites below have hundreds of hits due to the content they post. Below is –according to us- some of the best digital platforms in Africa.

Best Digital Marketing

Gotta Quirk South Africa.

We are a border-less agency of over 2400 digital savants, storytellers, technologists, makers and relentlessly curious minds. Across the globe, we are united by a love of making what’s next. Together, we blur the lines between strategy, creativity and technology to discover business and human motivations, and to create solutions that empower both. Ultimately, our approach puts clients and people at the center of everything we do. Because we believe that digital not only has the power to impact brands, but also create amazing human experiences.

Best Blog

Joy Kendi Kenya

Joy Kendi offers a first look at fashion trends including insightful reviews, full collection slideshows, backstage beauty, and street style.

Best Instagrammer

Gareth Pon South Africa

South African Photographer, Filmmaker, and Influencer. Follow his social media accounts, you’ll quickly find that Gareth has the envied job of working for and consulting with big brands, traveling the world while doing so, and all the while maintaining a top-notch Instagram feed.

Music  it’s Popular East African Website Providing to you Entertainment News, New Music(Audio,Video), Celebrities Gossip, Love Tips, Love Stories and Fashion.

Events and Entertainment

Nairobi Now ( is a space where various activities and events taking place in and around Nairobi are posted to create awareness among active seekers about the local arts and culture scene.