Published on: May 28, 2019


Art Gallery

Umoja Art Gallery is one of the major art hubs in Uganda. The main objective of this gallery is to enable national and international visitors to revive Uganda’s cultural heritage and to become enamored with multi-centralism, so as to stimulate potential in the artists living in Uganda, to encourage the exchange of artists work through exhibitions and finally to foster the development of art in Uganda.


Uganda has a vibrant music industry that plays a fundamental role in the social and economic lives of many. Uganda, is now ranked number three in Africa as far as music and entertainment is concerned. Uganda is home to over 65 different ethnic groups and tribes, and they form the basis of all indigenous music. The Baganda, being the most prominent tribe in the country, have dominated the culture and music of Uganda over the last two centuries. The first form of popular music to arise out of traditional music was the Kadongo Kamu style of music, which arose out of traditional Ganda music.

Street Art Festival

The first ever AFRI-CANS Street Art & Graffiti Festival took place on the weekend of 25th Nov on the streets of Kampala in Uganda. Afri-cans festival is focused on celebrating, spreading, uplifting the street art /graffiti culture and creating beautiful spaces. It was hosted by Sparrow from Monk256 Crew, the event will showcase a number of local and international urban artists.


Cinema in Uganda

Uganda is often overlooked as a production hub but the country can offer a great deal to international producers. The emerging film industry in Uganda is known as Ugawood or sometimes Kinauganda by the locals. The 2005 production Feelings Struggle directed by Ashraf Ssemwogerere is credited with being the first Ugawood film. Many have asserted that this steadily growing film industry is derived from Hollywood, in the same manner as Nollywood and Bollywood. The country has played hosts for films such as The Last King of Scotland in 2006, African Queen in 1951 & Queen of Katwe in 2016.