Africa No Filter Grant For Filmmakers

Published on: Aug 09, 2022

Are you an African filmmaker working on the final stage of your film project?

Well, you’re in luck! Africa No Filter’s next grant call-out will be aimed exclusively at filmmakers.

Film is a powerful medium which has the immense potential to inform, educate, raise social awareness and entertain. Africa No Filter wants to partner with storytellers who want to tell stories that contribute to shifting the stereotypical and harmful narratives through The Last Mile Fund.

The grant will be open to applicants in the continent, and the diaspora will fund narrative-changing films that are in the final stages of production. Films must have appealing storylines that address a prevailing negative stereotype about or within Africa or reflect a refreshing, more contemporary and nuanced narrative of the continent, along with a storyline that is compelling to a broad audience both at the pan-African level and internationally.

Applicants will be expected to show evidence that the film is in the final stages of completion, including links to a rough cut.

For more information on this grant, join their community.

ANF grants support emerging and established artists, scholars, authors, poets, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, curators, publishers, musicians, journalists, and arts, culture and media organisations that are already challenging stereotypes about Africa.

They offer grants directly and indirectly through intermediaries as part of their work of strengthening the narrative change ecosystem by developing robust research and nuanced storytelling about Africa.