Published on: Dec 18, 2019

Brief introduction of who you are.

I am Wanja Wohoro a Singer/songwriter and guitarist from Nairobi, Kenya and Sydney, Australia. I began performing and songwriting professionally in 2013. I love the creative arts in all forms but music is how I express myself and communicate best. I am currently writing and hope to soon record my debut album ‘MATRIARCH’, due to be released in early 2018. It is about womanhood, blackness, Kenyan heritage, love and self

What was the inspiration for the first song you wrote/ or piece of music you put together?

One of the first songs that I wrote that I was genuinely proud of and wanted to perform for an audience, that I can recall, was inspired by our complacency as humans. How often we don’t speak out about the things we see and the injustice we witness every day. It was called Wasted Tongue, although I doubt I can remember how the full song goes now!

Describe your first moment on stage, what feeling did you get, were you nervous?

I will say though that playing your own music in front of an audience is a completely unique and new experience for me. You are testing your craft on an audience and seeing how they interact and like your music. I find it more nerve wracking but also much more rewarding playing my own music to an audience. I used to be nervous but now I really try to stay in the moment and communicate the content of the songs to the public. There is nothing better than connecting with people through music that you’ve written.

What are your fondest musical memories?

My fondest musical memories have actually been the things that have been happening in the past few months since crowdfunding for my album. I only became a full-time, committed musician in July of this year. I have had a lot of gigs and a lot of interaction with new people. Some of the encouragement and discussions I have had have changed my perception of myself, music and what it means to be a performer and an artist in the
21st century. I think I will remember this period of creativity, songwriting and performing for the rest of my life, as the springboard that began my whole future career and outlook.

Why did you decide to perform at the African Nouveau?

It will probably be the biggest platform I have played at thus far, and therefore a great opportunity to reach a wider audience of people and have them engage with my music. Really excited to get on stage and share my songs from MATRIARCH, that audience will get to hear my new music for the first time!