Published on: Dec 19, 2019

Brief introduction of who you are.

I’m a 24 year old singer-songwriter based in Nairobi. I was born and raised in a village called Sotik, in the Rift Valley, but I moved to Nairobi to pursue my education and musical dreams.

Which famous musicians have you learned from?

Locally Tim Rimbui, Eric Wainaina and Atemi Oyungu are industry heavyweights I’ve personally learnt so much from. The rest of my lessons are from peer artists and watching international acts online.

What was the inspiration for the first song you wrote/ or piece of music you put together?

The first song I remember writing was in primary school with a friend. It was for a CU [ Christian Union] presentation and my class has to sing it. Based on how people reacted I think we did a great job.

Describe your first moment on stage, what feeling did you get, were you nervous?

My grandmother (who is a Kikuyu singer with 4 albums to her name) used to sign me up for church performances when I was young. So that prepared me for my first piece on a bigger stage that was the Kenya
Music Festival where I did a solo classical piece and won at national level when I was 7. I just remember being more hungry than nervous on stage.

What are your fondest musical memories?

My recent performance in Russia at the World Youth Festival tops everything else I think. It was an honor to represent Kenya and Africa in that capacity at the Olympic arena.

Do you have any gigs we should look out for?

My team is working hard behind the scenes on securing a couple of epic opportunities. Dates shall be communicated on my social media.

Why did you decide to perform at the African Nouveau?

AN is one of the proprietors of a solid music culture that’s urban,fresh and very much so African. I have always desired to be a part of this movement and it’s an honor to finally do this for the culture.