Published on: Sep 27, 2018

Every day VC4 has new programs that startups can enroll in.  Here is a list of programs that you’d be interested in. Follow the link for more; VC4


HIVE is a 6-month residency program hosting 20 young artists and creators from all over the world. This team of young creatives form a collaborative expedition to explore and hack the future, developing concrete solutions applied to universal issues. Energy, oceans, mobility, education, quality of life… are the kind of challenges. 5 functional prototypes will be the result of the residency. Art pieces, interactive experiences, technological solutions, social innovations, everything is possible as long as your project contribute to a more desirable future and as you work in a collaborative way!

So, if you are artists, makers, coders, engineers, innovation managers, research scientists or a combination of these, if you want to live a multicultural experience of collaborative creation, apply now! Degrees are not a requirement––self-taught candidates welcome!


The Grindstone Accelerator is a structured entrepreneurship development programme that assists high-growth innovation-driven companies to become sustainable and fundable. Grindstone supplies 10 companies annually with knowledge, networks and funding readiness through growth measurement, gap analysis and deep interventions designed to build a foundation for growth, transfer skills, create relevant business networks and enable these companies to take advantage of market access opportunities.

Business support resources and services will include elements of training, corporate advisory, coaching, mentorship and funding. Specific interventions for each company include doing a YueDiligence assessment, building a partner universe, developing pitch decks and teaser documents, financial modelling, intellectual property assessment, strategic and financial valuation as well as populating a data room.

In addition to Knife Capital’s Funding Readiness Course: Find-Make-Grow-Realise, there will be 6 x 1-day workshops over the year…

  1. Culture & Strategy

  2. Sales & Marketing

  3. Market Positioning & Messaging

  4. IP, Product & Technical

  5. Finance, Valuation and Exit

  6. Legal compliance & HR

Through Grindstone, Knife Capital forms long-term partnerships with scale-up entrepreneurs for a shared upside. The business model is a combination of a capital growth incentive from investing in some participating companies cultivated through the programme (on arms-length funding terms), and market-related transaction fees if a third-party investment is secured. Programme partners contribute in services, time and sponsorship. Partners include ENSafricaFNB BusinessM&C Saatchi Abel, Billybo Group, Think room, MPULL Marketing and Creative CFO.


Brief i-Boot Camp Overview:

Today, the internet has not only become a necessity, but has become a window of opportunity for innovation, progress, and change. Currently, Africa has 167 million internet users, predominately youth, who are using the internet as a tool for growth, leading to a better future. As the number of internet users continues to grow astronomically, going digital will bring about benefits for youth, in particular, more access to education, health care, public services and more opportunities to start effective enterprises. At this year’s YALDA i-Boot Camp, youth will be able to propose innovative strategies beyond conventional approaches that take into consideration rapid digitisation for implementing their ideas.  They will leave with the tools and mindset that will enable them to build viable and sustainable enterprises across African borders thereby enhancing rapid digitization from the bottom-up and interconnectivity in Africa, ultimately contributing to the prosperity of our African continent!