Published on: Mar 05, 2020

‘Art is about communicating through our work’
What part of yourself goes into your art?
I can’t say actually but I’m always at peace whenever I’m drawing its more like I find peace in it.
What inspires you?
My mother, she has always been my inspiration right from the beginning.. Children also and girls, especially their natural hair not the fixed one.. I always love, respect and cherish girls who either braid their hair or go totally natural. To me they look complete.
What project are you currently working on?
None for now… School is in session so no or less drawing but that doesn’t stop me from improving myself.
What is integral to the work of an artists?
Well I’ll say photography course I for one always want to take pictures of anything or anyone I find interesting in whatever things or state they are in. But since I don’t have the means to I end up downloading picture instead.
What role does the artist have in society?
As an artist we tend to communicate to others through our works.. We either promote one’s culture or believe, enlighten others or express oneself and so on.
Do you think the Creative Industry is sustainable in Africa?
Yes, absolutely if much consideration would be put toward it.



Published on: Mar 04, 2020

Remember every interview you give to a blog, magazine, or podcast is your chance to market yourself and your business.

At the end of last year we directed people to self-service Q&A google form links. We have a received a ton of responses, the problem is they are one liners. This is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with the public, yes and no answers won’t cut it.

So here is a brief guide on how to give a great interview.

1. Have your story ready; frame the story of your work, with key highlights, milestones, challenges and achievements. people love hearing stories about people’s journeys.

What prompted you to pursue your chosen field? What problem are you trying to solve and why is it important? It doesn’t matter how the question is asked to you, you can always fit this in.

2. Read or listen to past interviews done by your interviewer. Understand their target audience and frame your answers in a way that fits them. Knowing this will help you determine how much explanation you’ll need to give to make your work understandable.

3. Be Afrika gives you Q&A forms to fill. Sit with the questions, take your time to craft your answers. Think about what you want to communicate, you have the time. Give us all the information you can.

Market yourself properly. Don’t forget, you are in control.

Here are the links

Creative Business

Performing Arts

Art (Digital, Illustration, Paint, Pencil etc)


Fashion & Beauty