Did you hear that Creatives, ThundaFund is in Kenya!

Published on: Aug 30, 2019


Earlier this month, HEVA, GIZ and Thundafund successfully partnered to host a kick-off workshop on rewards-based crowdfunding as part of Thundafund’s expansion into the region. Thundafund is now inviting creatives to apply for this innovative opportunity to raise funds on the platform and be part of its first Kenyan cohort.


What is crowdfunding? 

Crowdfunding is an online way of raising money for your projects via small contributions by a large number of people. Creatives worldwide are using crowdfunding every day to bring their dreams to life, popular crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter and IndieGoGo – Thundafund is the first to specialize and incorporate mobile payments.


What is Thundafund?

Thundafund is Africa’s largest ‘Rewards-Based’ crowdfunding platform with over 600 successfully funded projects. Together with GIZ, Thundafund has expanded into Kenya to support creatives through this innovative method of funding.

Thundafund allows a large number of people to each pledge small amounts of money into a project or idea. They are paid back with a project related reward produced through the project itself.  These small amounts soon add up to the capital required, simply due to the crowd factor.


Join the first cohort!!

Thundafund will be selecting its first cohort of creatives who will benefit from:

  • Bootcamp training from Kenyan influencers, crowdfunding experts and capacity building professionals to prepare participants on their upcoming campaigns
  • Collaboration with other participants through the twinning process
  • One on one coaching from the Thundafund team
  • Opportunities for matching funds & other incentives


Who Should Apply?

  • Creatives who have a good idea for a project with a funding need of at least KES 25,000
  • Creatives who have a network to reach out to fund and share their project
  • Creatives with a commitment to running a 30 day campaign from 27 September


I’m interested, what next?

  • If you’d simply like more information, send an email to matt@thundafund.africa and winter@thundafund.africa. Include your phone number so we can get in touch easily
  • To apply, go ahead and register at www.thundafund.com/signup. Don’t worry, you don’t have to submit, only register at this stage – we’ll be in touch with further information
  • The first cohort will be selected by 7th September based on information during registration.
  • Crowdfunding Bootcamp will take place on 14th September – leaving 2 weeks to prepare campaigns to go live


Creatives, what are you waiting for! Sign up and spread the word!



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